1964-08-09 - Oh no, it's that Pie Guy
Summary: In which Nick, Vinnie, and Ronnie meet at Lace and Nick ends up with a place to stay.
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Fashion, culture, celebrities! Or something at least partially along those lines….sort of. Ronnie might be from money, but she's been loose in New York without supervision long enough to have discovered a few places that are off the beaten path. This being one of them.

Tonight she has decided that she wants to go out, and the best places to get the sort of pagentry she wants to have tonight is Lace. Thus, she drags poor Vinnie in through the door with her, wearing a bright green sheath dress, her hair styled up, heels, pearls, and the bright eagerness of youth.

"No honey, drag QUEEN," comes the voice of the exquisitely sequined man with a stunning black wig and a shimmery pink manicure who waves his drink around demonstratively.

"No, I assure you that he was our King. And that satin gown was surprisingly flattering," Nick says, his own drink held in one hand. He is dressed a little less casually for the club, from the white pressed shirt to the shine of his shoes. And he seems to be engaged in conversation at the bar about one of the Queens who had exited the stage not too long ago wearing a long black satin gown.

Dressing up isn't something Vinnie does well, or very often considering he only has one such outfit that he only brings out for special occasions. Unfortunately this isn't one of those occasions, although he at least makes an effort to not embarrass Ronnie in her chosen attire for the night.

Ditching the usual parka he's opted for a woolen grey overcoat that falls to his knee, worn open over a plain white button-up, while black slacks drape his legs and end just above a pair of brown oxfords. In place of the hood, a black cap is stuffed upon his head, while his eyes are left to hide beahind the usual dark sunglasses.

Despite behing dragged out here by Ronnie, he's being a proper gentleman and leading the way with his arm linked through her own. After holding to door open, he takes one look at the inside of the building and tries to back out, resulting in a faint tug from her that quells any such retreat. Lacking an exit, he instead chooses to take a tacitcal repreieve and leads them over to he bar, where he'll be able to hopefully gulp down enough alchohol to make this number of people somewhat tolerable. Not to mention the many colourful lights about.

It's like…she's come home! So much activity. Ronnie looks around with wide eyes, and a growing smile spreading across her face as she soaks the entire thing up. When she's led towards the bar she glances at Vinnie, her smile widening even more, "It'll be fun. Trust me."

There's an eye-roll at Nick, which is, if we're being honest, the most common reaction that folks have to Nick since his arrival in New York next to the long-suffering sigh. But Nick just grins. He knows very well that no one knows what he's talking about and that seems to be precisely why it doesn't matter. So when he is abandoned at the bar with his drink, he turns his attention back toward the stage and runs a hand through longish blonde hair, pushing it back out of his eyes where it promptly falls back into place in typical unruly fashion. He seems to be intrigued, attention shifting from one person to the next as he tries to study everyone in the place by turns.

"Fun," Vinnie echoes the word, not sounding anywhere near as convincing as Ronnie did. "Right. Okay.." Isn't he darling? Sounds so very excited! Grabbing them each a place at the bar, he settles down and flags down the bartender. "An Old Fashion for me, and she'll.." a gesture is made indicate Ronnie. ".. She'll have the sweetest, most sugary cocktail you have."

Orders placed he glances down the line of the bar, taking in the other patron who are at least sane enough to need a drink admist of all this. It's then that he spots Nick, and stifled a groan. "… it's that fucking pie guy, from the Deli, the other day. God dammnit, what's he doing here?"

Nerves already wearing thin as a result of the terribly bright lights, as soon as Vinnie has a drink in hand, he drains nearly half the glass and gives a long, tired sigh. Which is when all the lights in the main area of the building dim just enough to be tolerable to him. And when given the nature of the establishment, it could certainly be taken for some sort of effect leading up to a new performance.

"Having fun." Ronnie suggests, glancing down the bar towards the source of Vinnie's irritation. Unlike him, well, she doesn't appear to be irritated at all. Instead she lifts a hand up to give him an excited wave, "Hello, Pie Guy! Would you like to join us?"

At first, Nick doesn't realize that someone is talking to him. It could be because there's quite a bit of noise. Or it could be because no one's ever called him Pie Guy before. But when he turns and happens to catch the motion of Ronnie's wave out of the corner of his eye and realizes that it aimed in his direction, he cracks an amused smile, that is, until he see's Vinnie, and the irritated look on his face, at which point he lifts his drink and then says politely to Ronnie, "I see my reputation preceeds me."

To say Nick is the sole source of Vinnie's irritability in this current moment would be a gross overstatement. Sure, it might not be helping his mood, but he's generally irritable most anywhere there is a high concentration of lights and people. And this place have both those in spades!

When he see's Ronnie lifting that hand of hers to give a wave, he tries to swallow the drink he had just taken, in order to tell her to stop, but it's too late. There's not only a greeting, but an invitation to join them extended as well. Resulting in Vinnie's glancing over at the other man for a split second, before going back to his drink and giving him a wave on over. She's already invited him over, so he may as well entertain the idea for a short while, or else he'll never hear the end of how grumpy he can be at times. As he has many, many times over the years.

"I don't know…does it?" Ronnie wonders, not really knowing more than "pie guy" at this point in time, or she's forgotten anything else shared by Vinnie. She lifts her shoulders in a quick shrug, though, that smile spreading across her face, "I'm Ronnie."

Nick turns a little more fully toward the pair and he extends a hand toward Ronnie to shake and says, "No? Then perhaps it's my failure at proper introduction that preceeds me. I'm Nick. Nice to meet you, Ronnie." He takes her in much as he takes in Vinnie's change of wardrobe from the last time he saw him, and then says to her, "That dress looks lovely on you. I like the green." Then he nods toward the bar and asks, "Can I buy a round for the both of you?" Perhaps unlike their first meeting, Nick seems to keep a little bit of distance this time.

When no one else is looking, Vinnie gives Ronnie's leg a light, harmless smack before going back to his cocktail. As if to inform her of how much of a brat she is. There's no handshaking on Vinnie's part, instead gloved hands keeps hold of the glass, which he tips back and drains dry before setting it soundly on the bar. "Bartender," he calls out, giving a little wave to grab their attention. "Two more Old Fashions, my friend here is paying."

"So nice to meet you Nick." Ronnie replies, shaking his hand in return before she nods, "Sure. Love one." Which is rather funny, since she hasn't even touched her first drink yet. When Vinnie smacks her on the leg she glances at him, "What? Oh." She then glances at Nick, "I'm so sorry, where was my head. This is Vinnie."

Nick lifts two fingers to the bartender to indicate that he is in fact putting the other two on his tab, motioning toward the both of them. Then he sets his own glass down for a refill. He then looks back to Ronnie when she introduces Vinnie and he smiles a little bit crookedly, "Yeah, we met. I annoyed him at the deli. My curiosity got away with me a bit." There's a slight duck of his head then and a bit of a rub at the back of his neck with one hand. "Sorry," he says, to Vinnie.

Rolling his eyes behind dark lens, Vinnie turns to face their now guest and purveyor of drinks, to extended a gloved hand. "Vincent," he offers, correcting the introduction. "And all is forgiven, you're buying me one of the few things that result in my being less irritable." Handshake finished he turns in his seat to watch the stage, placing one hand the pocket of his coat, while the other if left to hang at his side. "Now if someone said I could smoke in here, we'd be one step closer to a good time."

"Why couldn't you smoke in here?" Ronnie wonders, picking up her drink finally to take a sip off it before she glances towards the stage, then back to Nick, "How did your curiosity get the better of you?"

Nick does take the extended hand and shakes it, "Vincent," he repeats, using the name the man gives for himself. Then he withdraws his hand and says, "I'm fairly sure you can smoke in here." There are plenty of others doing so, and there's that slight haze in the air that comes from smoke floating under all those lights. Then he says to Ronnie, "The dark clothing in all the heat.. it seemed uncomfortable, and I suddenly found my mind awash with thoughts on ways to improve the situation with the use of alternate materials." He shrugs his shoulders. "I invaded his table to discuss the possibility."

"Some performers tend to prefer you not in some places," is the reply Vinnie gives. With no one seeming to care, the hand in his pocket comes out with a crumpled pack from which a cigarette is taken, stuck between his lips and lit. Holding the pack out for a moment, incase one of the others might want one, he leans back against the counter and continues watching the stage. "He wants to make me something more comfortable to wear, while out in the sun. I think..? I'm not really sure, I was too busy trying to get him out of my hai so that I could finish my meal to pay all too much attention."

Ronnie's brows furrow a bit, not looking like she quite understands how that is even possible. But, she shrugs her shoulders, glancing back and forth between the pair of them, "Why not, though? Wouldn't that be better?"

Nick smiles and shrugs his shoulders at Ronnie's question, and reaches out to take one of the cigarettes from the pack. He fishes a lighter out of his pocket and lights it up before tucking it away again. "The thought of the project intrigued me," he says but then lets it go at that, not seeming interested in dragging that back up again, at least not for the moment. He leans his back against the bar, elbows resting on it as he looks out over the club and watches one of the performers on stage singing her heart out, grinning a little as he takes a drag and lets the smoke curl lazily away from his lips. "She's got one hell of a set of lungs on her," he says offhandedly as the song is belted out.

"She does." Ronnie agrees, beaming when the show starts, sipping her drink as she watches, ignoring the pair for a little while as she just gets wrapped up in the performance for a moment. Eventually she remembers what they had been talking about, blinking at Nick, "How would you even do something like that?"

"Well a parka is made mostly for staving off rain, but it's made of a material that's stifling hot. My thought was, a shirt with a hood that could be pulled up or lowered as needed with enough fabric to help shade the face, but, with a lighter fabric designed to reflect rather than absorb the sun's light which would make it easier to keep cool, and then with a certain connection or bond that would allow it to be light blocking as well so that light doesn't touch the skin, but instead reflects off the fabric and isn't absorbed into it, making it cooler to wear while still offering ample coverage. Gloves perhaps of a similar material. It would just require some research into existing and developing materials, getting ahold of some, and then adapting and fitting the design and testing it," Nick says as though all of that were as simple as walking down the street or stopping in at the the grocer for some bread and milk. He seems perfectly serious, too, as though it were something well within his capabilities.

"What…" Ronnie blinks at Nick, perhaps not understanding half of what he's saying, or how to make any of those things actually happen. But, she does think of something, brightening up after a moment, "Oh! If you need money for that, I can give you the money for it all."

Having been more absorbed in nursing his drink than anything else, Vinnie managed to only catch a small portion of the performance and what's been said. Though he does managed to note the parts about the whole process taking some time, as well as needing to be fitted and tested possible nurmeous time. "That means you're going to need me as a model and test subject, doesn't it? Otherwise how would you know if worked for my… condition." He does not sound happy at the prospect of potentially becoming a glorified guinne pig.

"Well not really," Nick explains to Vinnie. "I can make a single cast of your measurements, and then I can use photosensitive material to represent your skin on the model. Then I just put whatever I've worked on there, expose it to light, and then check to see if the material underneath changed color. If it does, then back to the drawing board. If it doesn't, we have a winner. It's only once the prototype has been tested to not change under exposure to light that I'd make one for you to try out. I mean, I have no interest in using you as a lab rat." He then smiles over at Ronnie and says, "That's kind of you. If it became necessary, perhaps."

"Photo…what?" Ahhh, science, she doesn't seem to know anything about any of it. But she's willing to fund it. She smiles again at Nick, "Sure, just let me know. I'm happy to help." She finishes her drink, setting it down on the bar before she hops to her feet, "Excuse me." Then she swans off towards the restrooms.

"What would all would be required to make a cast of my measurements, exactly?" Vinnie inquires with an eyebrow raised curiously. At Ronnie's confusion he grins, and gives her arm a light pat. "He means something that will react to the sunlight, if it gets touched by it." Despite dropping out of school after he ran away, Vinnie spent a decent amount of time skulking around libraries due to their lacking of people and having plenty of dark corner to tuck ones self away in. So reading became something of a hobby. When she excuses herself though, he watches after her for a moment before turning to glance at Nick out of the corner of his eye and smirks. "That's probably a good thing, since I don't like being poked at."

Nick nods in agreement when Vinnie describes what he meant, and then he smiles and waves as Ronnie heads off and leaves the two of them at the bar. He takes a swallow from his glass and then sets it back down, cigarette still dangling a bit from his fingers. His attention shifts back to Vinnie and he holds up one hand, palm up and says, "No unsolicited poking and/or prodding. I might talk to people who don't seem so inclined, but then I've met some fascinating people that way. But I don't poke without permission." There's a flash of a smile then, and he turns his attention back toward the stage, watching the next act as it begins.

Ronnie's still gone. A girl has to apply her makeup, right? Or make sure that her hair is done…or, entirely be making herself absent from the conversation on purpose.

Taking a drag from his own cigarette, Vinnie gives an amused shake of his head in regards to Nick. "You're something else, Pie Guy." A drink follows his words, and then he takes a moment to watch the current act leave, only for another to come out on stage moments later. "I suppose I'm going to have to thank you if your plans actually prove useful. Defintely not something I do very often, but we'll see." Looking off toward the bathrooms he wonders, "What's taking her so long?"

Nick glances back over his shoulder in Vinnie's direction at that and lofts an eyebrow, smiling a little in amusement, "Not unless you want to. Like I said, projects give me something to do while I sort out my arrangements here in the city. Believe me, there are far less productive things that I could do with my time. Consider yourself doing a public service by keeping me from finding less beneficial idle projects to work on." Then he glances toward the restrooms and says, "Maybe she ran into someone she knows."

Evidently she did not run into anyone, and she does actually return. It's hard to tell if she fixed her makeup or anything since she looks exactly the same as when she bounced off towards the restrooms. She's all smiles as she makes her way back towards the bar, "Did they make me another drink?" Which, might be hard since she didn't order herself another drink before wandering off.

"Like I said, we'll see how things turn out." Vinnie replies with the hint of a smile upon his features. "You mean keeping you from interuptting some other poor fool's meal." A light chuckle and he turns back to the show, sipping idly from his drink, while taking a pull from the cigarette every now and again. When Ronnie gets back he flashes her a warm smile, then goes about sliding a fresh drink toward her spot on the bar. "It would seem some. Try to actually finish this one, though, yeah?" He teases her.

Nick can't help but laugh at that and says to Vinnie, "Perhaps, indeed. See, public service." He lifts his drink in Vinnie's direction and takes another swallow from the glass, before replacing the cigarette to his lips. He gives Ronnie a nod and a smile when she returns, "Welcome back."

"Thank you." Ronnie replies when she retakes her seat, twisting around to settle her purse down on the bar behind her before she picks up her drink, taking a careful sip off it before she smiles even brighter, "What did I miss while I was gone?"

"Probably the only time I'll have been of service to the plublic," Vinnie scoffs, downing the rest of his drink before setting the now empty glass on the bar. Giving a shake of the head he glances over at Ronnie, after she takes a seat, and lifts a single shoulder back in a shrug. "The uhh.. queen before you left did a number, and then this one just walked on stage. So not to much, really. Although I think Nick might be able to give you more specifics, he seems to be paying more attention than I am."

Nick chuckles a little bit at Vinnie and says, "Well there's a first time for most things." He then says to Ronnie, "There was a little jazz number you missed, a true torch song, but I'm not familiar with it, I'm afraid. There's not a lot of music I can recall by name or artist. It wasn't bad." But that's about all that he can give her on what went on up on stage while she was away.

"Okay." Ronnie replies with a bright smile, taking a large swallow from her drink before she sets it down, picking her purse up to start digging around in it. After a moment she comes up with a handful of cinnamon hard candies, offering them each one. "I wonder how many performers they have tonight."

Taking a one of the candies when offered, Vinnie finishes off the rest of his cigarette in one long drag and ashes it out in an nearby tray, before popping the candy into his mouth. "Thanks," he says, reaching over to give her leg a light squeeze before tucking both into his pocket now that he's free of drink and smoke. "No idea, don't come to places like this much. Only when you drag me out."

Nick shakes his head and says, "No idea. Never been to a place like this before," with a grin over at Ronnie. He takes one of the candies as well with a dip of his head to her and an easy smile. He tucks it into the small pocket in his jacket for safekeeping while he slowly finishes his drink and his smoke. "Do you come to these sorts of places with shows often?" he asks of Ronnie, curiously.

"Oh, I love them!" Ronnie replies, dropping all but one of the candies back into her purse, the wrapper being carefully pulled off it before she pops it into her mouth, the candy, not the wrapper. After a moment she sets her purse back down on the bar, an arm curling around one of Vinnie's to give him a quick hug before she nods towards the stage, "I like these shows, and Broadway, and then there's the Met." She pauses, tucking the candy against one cheek, "That's the Opera here…Daddy has like…tickets to them any time I want to go, or something. So I've been there and Broadway a lot."

"If I had to choose, I think I prefer being dragged to the ones on Broadway the most." Despite all the bright lights, they are quite decent shows. Vinnie smiles and relaxes a slight be more after being given the hug, and tries to focus on the performance instead of the lighting and throngs of people about. Idlying he wonders, "Nick," giving the man a sideways glance. "You said you're a recent arrival? Where are you staying if you don't mind my asking?"

Nick continues to smoke his cigarette, careful to let the smoke curl out and away from them, to join the rest of the haze in the air as they talk. When it's finally burned down, he ashes it out and then leans one elbow against the bar. "What is Broadway?" he asks, glancing between them both for some sort of explanation as to why that's the one that least offends Vinnie's sensibilities. When asked where he's staying, he lifts his glass and gestures vaguely with it. "Wherever I decide to get a room for the night. Usually whatever motel is closest to where I end up my evening."

Ronnie glances slowly over towards Nick, her eyes widening slowly. It might be the question of what is Broadway, or it might be at that he's essentially homeless. Likely the second as she glances then towards Vinnie, waiting.

"You've never heard of Broadway before? It's practically famous." It is famous actually, but that's besides the point. Vinnie cocks his head to the side and stares at Nick for a moment. "You've at least heard of the Musical 'Oklahoma!', right? The originally production was done at the Broadway Theatre twenty-one years ago. I remember going with my mother when I was a kid, and whenever I go it reminds me of her." Alright enough sharing! Realizing his said all that to a practical stranger, Vinnie takes what's left of Ronnie's drink and downs it in one go. "If you need a place to stay while you're looking for one of your own, you can use my apartment. It isn't much, but you could stay free of charge. You seem like a decent enough guy." Grinning he adds, "Plus, there'd be no need to worry about putting me out of home, Ronnie's roommates moved on so I can just stay with her until you get your place."

Nick shakes his head when Vinnie asks about Oklahoma!. It's not something he's had any exposure to, and so his look is suitably blank. But when Vinnie talks about his memory of going, he says, "My mother and I have never particularly gotten along," after a moment of introspection. He glances at Vinnie then and both eyebrows go up. They've gone from please-kindly-fuck-off-you-and-your-pie to a rent-free place to crash. He glances between Vinnie and Ronnie and he says, "Well, that's awful kind of you. But I'm really okay at the motel." He rubs a bit at the back of his neck with one hand.

"I like Oklahoma!" Ronnie offers to them both, glancing at Vinnie when he drinks the rest of her drink, her nose twitching just a little before she nods, "Yeah! You can totally stay with Vinnie. Staying in a motel is just…." She shakes her head, nose wrinkling just a bit, "That's not home."

"I'm the same way with my father," Vinnie offers after Nick's admission about not getting along with his mother. "So it happens, but whatever. Right?" Seeing the confused look on the other guy's face after the offering of a place to crash, Vinnie laughs and leans in a little closer to say "Look, just accept the offer. It's really not a big deal and I know what it's like being in an area. Plus," There's a smirk at this point. "She's not going to let this go until you end up agreeing anyway. Heart of gold, this one."

Nick looks from one to the other and then finally he shrugs his shoulders and says, "Okay," conceding the point in the wake of Ronnie's objections and Vinnie's reassurance that it isn't a big deal. "Just until I find some space to set up my studio. Then I will be out of your space." He glances between them to see if these seem to be acceptable terms for the arrangement. He finishes off the remainder of his drink and then fishes around for the mint in his pocket, finally popping it into his mouth.

"Oh! What kind of studio?" Ronnie wonders, seeming to accept his agreement, or his terms, maybe both. Then again, it isn't ''her'' space that she just offered to share, anyways. "I was thinking about taking an art class…or are you like, meaning dance studio?" She glances at Vinnie, giving him a quick smile before leaning over to give his cheek a quick kiss.

"Fine by me," Vinnie nods in agreement once things are finally settled about the spacing sharing and such. The mention of a studio, follow by Ronnie's questions has him opening his mouth to chime in with "He mentioned being an artist, didn't you, Nick? Although I don't remember if you ever said what kind." An expectant look is given to the man, but then he's given a kiss on the cheek and then his whole interviewers' composure is lost. Resulting in his reaching over to boop the tip of Ronnie's nose with a finger.

"Sculpture, and architectural sculpting," Nick says, which explains some of the engineering and structural design fascination. "I just need to find a large enough space, and then I can put my tools in there and start working on some new inspiration." He then pushes away from the bar and smiles at them both. "I should probably let you guys get back to your date now. I think I've done more than enough interrupting over the past couple of days." He grins broadly then and leaves money on the bar more than ample to cover all the dirnks and a generous tip. He then borrows a napkin and a pen from behind the bar to push toward Vinnie. "So I can find where I'm supposed to go," he says.

Her nose twitches just a little at the tap of a finger against her nose, but her smile never wavers, "You want warehouse space, then. Plenty tall enough…yeah?" Ronnie suggests, reaching for the napkin and pen so that she can write down the address for Vinnie, since she's helpful like that."

Before he can manage to take hold of the pen, Ronnie is there first! So Vinnie waits for her to write down the address and simply tells Nick, "Third floor of the building, at the end of the hall. I'll probbaly swing by tonight or tomorrow to pick up some things, but it'll be all yours after that until you find a space of your own."

Nick takes the piece of paper and tucks it into his pocket, "Yeah, I'll meet up with you sometime, to get a key and whatnot. For tonight though, I'll head back to the motel." He grabs another napkin and writes down where he's staying as well as the number. Then he tips his head to both of them and says, "If you need to contact me, or you know, if you come to your senses and realize that this was a bad idea before we see each other next." He dips his head to the pair and then he begins to make his way out toward the door.

"We wont." Ronnie assures Nick, smiling at him once more before she lifts a hand, "Night!" She calls, then turns her attention back to Vinnie, "You should just like, stay with him. Keep him company. You know the neighborhood, afterall."

"See you around," Vinnie says, bowing his head toward Nick as he begins to make an exit. Then, turning to Ronnie he laughs. "What? And share the only bed with him? Get nice and chummy with our new friend?"

Nick lifts a hand to wave to both of them as he heads out through the crowd, catching the sound of Ronnie's voice calling out as he goes. He gives them both a grin over his shoulder, and then he's off into the night.

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