1964-08-10 - Of cars and cares
Summary: Warren visits the garage and has a chat with Diz
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Julie is in the garage with one of the slightly-younger kids, a boy with a pretty substantial lizard tail, and both are in welding glasses. There's a somewhat worn-in-looking '59 Volvo Amazon up on a lift nearby, and the two seem to be working on the exhaust, as the kid's welding up some tacked-together pipes, observing quietly for the moment. "Just nice and smooth, it don't take much."

A shape passes in front of the midday sun, casting a long shadow on the ground. Warren, coming in for a landing near the opening for the garage, sets down lightly and starts to stroll forward towards the building, his large metallic wings folding in on themselves with a metallic scraping sound.

He holds a hand to shadow his eyes from the bright sparks of the welder, "Busy at work, Diz? What mods are you making today?"

Julie gives a little wave, there, "Hey, Warren," she says, stepping back, a bit, with a pat on the kid's shoulder. "Oh, we're just putting a little something together for the librarian. Needs exhaust, so it's a chance for Iggy here to learn about back-flushing, not that you'd really need that on a ride like this." She winks. "But hey, I hear these do OK on the rally stage: you never know who might get the speed bug. So, what's shaking?" She looks back to Iggy, who pauses to wave offhandedly to Warren, and says, "You got it, more of the same'll do it." Then comes on over, pushing up the goggles. "Anyway, news on this end, if you hadn't heard. Thos guys that had you got Lorna, too, and …had Kaleb again for a while. Apparently they're 'selling' her off to someone in Utica, tomorrow, to who knows who. So there's a rescue planned, if you're game."

Warren glances past Dizzy's shoulder to the car on the jack, then back to the mechanic. "You're supeing up Xi'an's ride? She doesn't seem to be the kind that would go for overcharged and speed, but who knows. Maybe that Pietro guy is rubbing off on her." He smirks, combing his fingers through his hair as he takes up a position to lean against he garage opening.

As Dizzy starts to talk about Lorna and Kaleb though, his eyes flash red and the metal of his wings quiver slightly. "What." His tone is flat as he speaks, voice dropping an active or two. "They have gotten more of us…and are selling us off?" His lips curl upwards, the whites of his teeth showing as he snarls, "Oh…i'm game. I will be so very, very happy to 'return' what they were so nice to provide me with."

Julie nods. "I dunno how tough it's gonna get, but they got money behind em and I'd guess neither side trusts the other much, so I assume they're gonna have whatever they use for muscle on hand. I don't know what the Prof's gonna come up with for a plan, but I got some escape routes ready, a change of vehicle or two in case the heat's on us." She hrms, though. "It'd be real good if those Pontiacs were ready, but I got em on order. All the goodies, deleted most of the flash."

Warren's lips remains in that snarl, "Oh, they can bring all the muscle they want, they just need to be prepared to loose them. Permanently." He snorts, "Money isn't going to save them from me. Not by a long shot." He glances behind him, pushing off the wall "Where is Kaleb. I need to talk to him."

Julie hrms. "Not so sure just now, but I could make a call. Only thing is, the whole thing could be a trap. Maybe even to get you back. You been with the Prof, yet, especially about if they did anything to your head or anything?"

Warren shakes his head. "No. I haven't seen Charles yet." Warren shoves his hands into the pockets of his jeans and starts to pace around the entrance to the garage. "You think? If they were going through the trouble to try and get me back, why be this elaborate? Just kidnap me again at home, or at the office. This…they wouldn't even know I would be coming, would they? I mean unless they are in my head. But if that is the case…"

Julie shrugs. "I dunno, maybe I seen too many movies or something, but then again I'm pretty new to all this, myself. Who knows what they coulda done, …or really if Kaleb even knows what he's doing. I don't think so, but he really likes Lorna, who knows what he'd do to get her back. So's, I'm saying, probably best be careful about some of this. A lot of this don't make sense, like, …why'd they make you all dangerous if they couldn't be the ones to use that, you know?"

Warren mutters "Because they didn't expect me to get out without being under their control." quietly, almost to himself as he answers Diz. Saying a little louder and lifting his red eyes to hers, "Because they were likely going to use me as their own weapon. I just managed to get out before whatever they were going to do to control me was implemented." He turns his head, folding his arms over his chest. "Either that, or I am just a ticking time bomb waiting to go off."

Julie nods, and goes over to a parts-washer, wiggling a hand at a padlock to pop it open. Pulls out a wet bottle of beer. "Well, that's why I was thinking maybe the Prof could do his thing. Just to be sure. Care for a beer?"

Warren nods quietly, the red in his eyes fading to a more neutral yellow. "Maybe I shouldn't go on this 'rescue' until I get checked out inside and out. Maybe you're right, Diz." He sighs, looking out of the garage and out onto the grounds. "I just want…" he pauses, taking a deep breath. "I want revenge. Plan and simple revenge."

Julie ahs, "Just saying someone maybe ought to check you out, first, while you're here, and all. I want these guys stopped, too, but you know how vendettas get. And suppose it's your company they're after, who says they don't got cameras and don't mind you croaking a few mooks so they can say you turned into a mutant monster or something? Best just to, you know, play it smart. I guess we could even work something out where we send up a flare if we really need you to come in. Meanwhile, you can probably see a lot from up there that we can't."

Warren sighs, reaching out for the beer and leaning back against the garage opening, bracing his back against it and sliding down till he is sitting on the floor. "Maybe. So many maybes." He presses the bottle to his forehead, rolling the chilled bottle over his skin. "IF they wanted to destroy me, they could have just released video of my escape, unless they just weren't prepped for it. If someone on the board is involved…well…"

Julie takes one for herself, looking back at Iggy between flarings of welding sparks. "Kid's a natural. Probably don't even need the welding glass, cause he's got these kinda extra eyelids, but why mess around." Pops the cap open, then, and nods. "Best to save your taking chances for when you really need to. It's like racing that way, I figure."

"You would likely know better than I, Diz. I've never been much of a racer…though I go faster than any of your cars do now a days." Warren smirks, letting out a little chuckle. "Unless you have cars that can go Mach 1 that I don't know about. Though I would hate to try in corner in one of those if they did exist." He lifts the bottle to his lips and takes a pull from the beer. "I'm by no means the fastest thing up there, but I am certainly faster than I was before."

Julie laughs, a bit. "Never tried my powers at Bonneville, but I figure I'd lose too much traction to get past maybe 250, …course that kinda defeats the purpose."

Warren nods, standing again and taking a pull from his beer. "You're the racer, Diz. I'm just a flyboy. I'll never know as much about cars like you do. Hell, mostly I am just, or was anyway, just a business man who had wings. Now…I guess we will see." He shrugs a shoulder, "I'm going to go see if I can't track down Charles. I'll catch you later. If you need any more parts, just send me an order."

Julie smiles. "We'll see what we need when they get here, mostly, on that. And, let's set up how you can help. I dunno how Kaleb wants to play it, but there's probably a good chance it all goes sidewise somehow. I guess, take it easy and all."

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