1964-08-10 - Qualifying Lap
Summary: Akihiro meets Julie at a club. Gotta go fast.
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Julie is at the soon-to-be-old school rock club called 'The Living End,' she's by one of the side-boards, wearing a leather jacket and fairly-well cleaned up, perched on a stool and halfway through a yellow beer. Appropriately-enough, as it happens, the Beach Boys' new hit 'Don't Worry Baby' is on the jukebox, as another, similarly-dressed girl heading out of the place smirks, saying something, and gives her something of green cloth as she passes. "In a while, crocodile," Dizzy says in reply, …she's a bit edgy about something planned, and there's nothing like an impromptu 'cruise night' to help with, well, other things.

Akihiro just came into some cash, so his ruined leathers and worn combat boots are long behind him. Strolling into the club like he owns it, Daken takes a seat at the bar. After a quick glance over the selection he nods towards one of the bourbons, "That Old Ripy will do." From what can be seen of his flesh, it looks like he's had his tattoos touched back up too. Thanks blood money.

Julie is smiling a bit as young folks play pool, drink, and slow-dance. Sighs, a little. Sips her beer as Akihiro turns up and, after a bit, she spots him. Raises a hand in a wave if he looks her way.

"Thank you." Taking his shot Akihiro looks down the bar, only to notice Julie. He gives a slight wave and pushes up off his stool to head down to where she's sitting. "Howdy. How's it going?"

Julie sighs, and smirks, " I guess ask me this time tomorrow or the day after. Yourself?"

"I'm doing alright. Haven't had anyone try and break my nose all night, and there aren't any holes in my jacket." Akihiro shifts slighttly to look over the bar. "Something big happening in the next couple of days?"

Julie nods. "Sorta setting up a little cruise night. You know Lorna, right?" She sips her beer and looks over Akihiro, perhaps for reactions. "Well, we gotta get her out of some trouble, so I figure it's pretty all right if we're not the only custom car on the roads between here and there."

"What happened?" Akihiro's lips curl into a snarl. "Just got my hands on a nice British bike, so I'll be able to keep up." Waving the bartender over he orders himself another shot.

Julie shrugs a little. "I couldn't tell you if I really got it, myself, …basically some rich guys been abducting some of us and …doing experiments. We got a date, time and place we can try and pull a rescue, only, well, hey, it could be a trap and they got a lot of money behind them. Apparently it's two groups that both got a lot of money behind them, actually." She seems to just be putting together some possibilities. "Apart from it sounds like you're the kind of guy who could help, it probably don't hurt that they'd probably have no way of expecting you, if you was interested." She glances around. "I ain't exactly getting this crowd too close to things, but a couple chances to switch cars seemed like a good idea. You any good on four wheels?"

"Yeah." Akihiro's scowl intensifies. He can relate all too well. "But I'm also good at handling this sort of thing too. Just like the nazi doctor in South America." Taking his shot once it comes doesn't seem to cool him off any. "Keep the cops busy long enough a few gunshots won't draw attention, I kill everyone that's not a prisoner. In and out in eight."

Julie nods. Says, quietly. "Kinda presuming there's gonna be guys with guns. And, well, whatever they've been catching people with in the first place. Kinda why I said four wheels, pretty sure Lorna'd already be away from them if she were awake."

"Yeah, it'd be wrong to leave them in there with all those corpses." Akihiro rubs at his jaw. "So yeah, I guess that means I'll find some wheels and join in. Shouldn't take us too long to clear the palce out."

Julie shrugs. "I didn't ask, and I don't know nothing about that. I got a place we can meet up near there, though. Cause that's as far's as I know yet, I just figured we might need some extra help no one knows is coming."

"Well, you've got me on board." Akihiro nods. "I can forgive a lot of things. Human experimentation isn't one of them." He raps a knuckle against the bartop. "As long as they haven't figured out how to use her ability. Otherwise they'll rip the metal out of my bones."

Julie nods, sipping her beer, though eyebrows rise. "Kinda hoping we's gonna stop anyone figuring out how to do that, or turn her blue or something."

"If they're anything like the people that grabbed me, they'll be working fast." Akihiro taps the wood top a few more times before sighing quietly. "Hopefully it's not the same people. If I never go back it'll be too soon."

Julie frowns a little. "I dunno what's wrong with people, sometimes."

"Self interest, usually." Akihiro pushes back onto his feet and pulls a cigarette from his interior pocket. "I'll see you when it's time to ride, or maybe before then. Stay safe out there, yeah?"

Julie nods, gives a little girl-scout salute. "Right. Stay cool, guy."

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