1964-08-10 - When Ultras Marry HYDRA
Summary: SHIELD and local vigilantes are watching a wedding with great interest.
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Marriages used to matter. What I mean to say is that they used to be a bridge between worlds, a combining of forces and of power with expansion to prestige and land. They just don't mean what they used to, now that people marry for love.

That's why today is so important.

In recent months, a South American cartel has been fighting against a HYDRA cell with each group ratcheting up the ante until it has begun to reach a boiling point. Cooler heads seem to have prevailed, however, when Inez Gutierrez and Nikolai Vulchenkov decided to get married. The lady is the daughter of the Ultra's second man in charge, Hector Gutierrez, while Vulchenkov's father is a well placed HYDRA agent from the World War II days. Each group has presented this wedding as a way for cooler heads to prevail and a way for their two houses to combine their forces against the police, the government, SHIELD, and superheroes at large.

The wedding was a lavish one, to be sure. Held at St. Patrick's cathedral, the ceremony had all of the fixins and with all of the pomp and circumstances. Now comes time for the reception and it's just now that the wedding party is sitting down to eat.

Such an alliance is bad news for everyone but especially where HYDRA is involved, SHIELD has an interest. Teddy might be new to the spy game but one thing he's very good at, besides breaking things, is infiltration. The bartender was paid handsomely to go on vacation without telling anyone and Teddy's taken his place. He's mostly kept quiet with the rest of the staff, blaming it on a very late night involving lots of alcohol. With everyone sitting down to eat, he pours a couple of refills then just waits and listens, keeping an eye on things.

A light rain has begun to fall on this area of town, which is no bother to Daredevil. The scarlet clad vigilante sits high upon his perch near the bell tower of the church, just across the street from the posh eatery. Behind his mask, Matt Murdock closes his eyes and focuses upon the conversations over criminal enterprises, foreign leaders, and terrible terrible plans. Even from here Matt can smell all the steel of the guns all of them are packing.

The Best Man's speech is pretty boring, but at least it is better than the Maid of Honor's. That's all we'll say about those too. From there, the Groom stands, already a bit tipsy but clearly proud of the beautiful raven haired beauty he has bagged for a wife. He seems elated. "I just want to say that from the moment I met Inez, I fell in love. I am so lucky and so lucky to have all these family and friends together." Everyone cheers, then they tap the glasses. The Bride and Groom kiss and Inez gets ready for her turn to speak.

Teddy can't help but look bored to death but that's probably staying well within character so no one really seems to notice. It makes for good cover as he keeps an eye on the HYDRA agent and those who might or might not know what he is. And maybe even are agents as well. Clenching his jaw, he tries to stifle the yawn.

Inez gets up and looks a bit nervous. She was born in Honduras and still speaks with a heavy accent. "I just want to thank each and every one of you from the bottom of my heart," she begins. "And especially you, my love." She moves towards her standing groom, presumably for a romantic kiss, but as she approaches she pulls her dress up a bit at the leg.

"Viva La Revolution!" she screams as she puts two shots in Vulchenkov's head, splattering brain all over the black yawning. As if on cue all of the Ultras pull their weapons and have a head start as they begin to blow away some of the HYDRA guys who are looking to take cover and recover.

Broken glass begins to rain down from above as something has broken through the skylight. Daredevil plummets towards the earth trying to draw some of the fire to him instead of between the bitter enemies!

Teddy wasn't expecting that. Was SHIELD expecting that? They better not have since they didn't warn him. Off to the side, he's at least out of the line of fire between the two sides so ducks down and hugs the wall as he makes his way toward the nearest door.

As shots begin to fill up the room, people start going down. Daredevil does what he can to incapacitate people as quickly as possible, and most importantly, he attempts to disarm as many as he can. He dips low to sweep the leg from an Ultra, but he doesn't wait around to see his success. Instead he reaches up to block the swinging arm of the HYDRA agent, whose elbow he breaks with a swift pull push move with his hands.

Teddy bulks up a bit and hardens his skin to make sure he can't get shot then just hangs out in the doorway to watch. His assignment was only to watch and listen and all he's going to do is watch and listen. "Well, this is a win win scenario." he says to himself. Dashing out, he grabs a waiter who tripped and pulls him through the door. "Run." he advises. "Take the others."

The waiter nods slowly before he realizes now is as good a time as any. He and some of the others make their way to the back, but they find out something that the HYDRA guys are finding out too. All of the doors have been chained shut. From the outside. This entire thing was a hit designed by the Ultras and they aim to eradicate the HYDRA cell and to do it tonight!

Daredevil takes a butt of a shotgun to his face because he slips on some blood, throwing his body off balance. He falls onto his back as the Ultra is about to end his life. By the time the bang is echoing out, however, Daredevil has slid out of the way!

"Hey! Over here!" Teddy calls. He's not sure who the costumed guy is but he's obviously not one of the ones better off dead. Grabbing a serving tray, he frisbees it at the gunman trying to kill him.

It's enough. The movement catches the gunman's eye and he hesitates. It's long enough for Daredevil to go up on to a shoulder and drive his heel right into the Ultra's throat. The man, this one from Nicaragua, staggers as he holds the area of his adam's apple and begins coughing uncontrollably. There's a loud whistle that comes soon after from somewhere in the hall. Looks like the Ultra's are making their getaway before the cops get here!

Already? You'd think the HYDRA agents didn't come armed. Silly of them. But while he's willing to let them kill each other, Teddy's not willing to let the survivors get away afterward. "I don't think so." Hulking up, he charges forward heedless of whatever bullets might end up coming his way. Those in his path, he grabs and tosses against the walls as he heads for their exit point.

Well, they were shooting too, but they were just taken by surprise so the hit was decidedly one sided. There are a couple of shots that come from Ultras towards Teddy, which bounce off harmlessly. As he bumrushes, a pair of them begin to fire over and over at him in an attempt to knock the big man down!

It's going to take a lot more than bullets to even slow Teddy down. "I don't suppose you'd like to surrender?" he asks even as he picks one up and throws him at the other. "No? Didn't think so." Remembering about the costumed guy, he looks to see if he's all right.

The thugs go careening into each other and their guns go scattering. Some of the Ultras have been able to escape but Teddy and Daredevil have gotten to their share of them. A fewer number of HYDRA agents made it, and they outnumber the dead Ultras perhaps 2 to 1. Daredevil, as Teddy stops to look for him, seems fine and is jogging over towards Teddy. "Cops should be here shortly," he mutters, a bit out of breath from the fight. "Thanks for the help."

Teddy shrugs a shoulder. "Couldn't let them get away." he answers. "You should have waited till they were done shooting each other. Do everyone a favor and kill each other off. They were HYDRA, you know." Or maybe not. Was that supposed to be classified?

Daredevil gives a wince, "Really? I figured they were someone, but didn't realize they were HYDRA. I was here for the Ultras." He shakes his head, "I'd prefer them all behind bars then down in the morgue." He "looks" over towards Teddy. "Daredevil."

"Why?" Teddy asks and it's a serious question. Dead they won't bother anyone. Shrinking back down to something more normal sized though still bullet proof, he clasps the hand. "Hulkling. I think I read about you in the news."

"Justice. Or something like that," Daredevil says with a chuckle and a slight shake of the head. It's a concession that Hulkling's point carries some merit, but it's clearly not the Devil's way. "Guess I should count myself lucky you haven't knocked me out, then."

"Kinda seems like justice to me." Teddy says, glancing back toward where the tables were set up. "Yeah, well, I don't believe everything I read. The cops might though and they'll be here soon. You should probably get going before they do if you don't want to get hassled."

Daredevil gives a nod of thanks. "Appreciate it. Thanks again for your help." He lets the justice thing go. If it weren't for the Hulkling, there might be Murdock brain matter splattered all over the tile. He reaches his hands up to fire his billy club upward and a moment later he's shooting up through the skylight.

Darlington's is screwed.

Teddy watches Daredevil take off then stands guard at the one door that wasn't chained shut for the Ultras to make use of. They might break some windows but they're not going through him.

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