1964-08-11 - Night Swimming
Summary: Janet goes out for a night swim on the Avengers Mansion's roof, meets Carol, and the newest Avengers
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Everyone has their own little whims every now and then, and right now what took Janet's fancy is a bit of carefree night swimming. What could make night swimming better? Why night swimming on the roof of course! It's awesome being an Avenger! Janet walks out to the rough, wearing a fashionable pink bikini of her own making, and wrapped in a matching robe. She wasn't really expecting for anyone else to be up here at this hour, and so starts by heading directly for the pool.

There's a telltale sparkling nearby, golden motes of light just surrounding Carol Danvers. She's currently in her civvies, looking pretty casual right now as she sits on the roof. She blinks at Janet, and grins, "Bit late for a swim, isn't it?" Her head tilts a bit as she looks… well, honestly, she looks grateful for the distraction it seems.

Hearing someone talking to her, just a moment after noting the sparkly from the corner of her eyes, Janet stops and turns towards Carol, an impish grin spreading on lips. "I'd say considering the peace, quiet, beautiful stars, and utter lack of oogling eyes connected to silver tongues." Walking up to Carol instead of the pool, she extends her hand, "so you're the famous Carol Danvers, huh? Great to finally meet you in person!"

Carol looks a bit sheepish, "Oh God, what did Steve say?" She takes the hand, "But, it's good to meet you too, Miss…?" She tilts her head, and thinks that at least it wasn't TONY saying things about her. Oh God. That would be the WORST.

"Did I mention it was Steve…?" Janet giggles, and leaves it with a playful wink, where's the fun in simply telling? She does look just a little bit dissatisfied when she's not recognized outright, but it's only fair, one would need to be deep into the fashion world to know about her. Well, that or the tabloids, and Carol doesn't the type to care too much for either. "Janet Van Dyne, purveyor of groovy fashion to needy people." She then looks towards the pool, before offering, "care to join me for a night swim? Also…you were military, weren't you? How did they let you in? I thought it was impossible for a woman."

Carol grins, "They can't keep you out if you're good enough, or driven enough. Never saw combat, but I did get recruited by SHIELD pretty early on. That helped my career, with that and the CIA both." She hmms, "Oh, yeah, Janet! Sorry, fashion mags aren't my thing, but I love your style." And she sounds like she means it, as she hmms, "A swim? Well… sure, why not. Guess I should get on a swimsuit though. Otherwise it could be scandalous." With that, she winks at Jan, then zips into the mansion quick.

A bit earlier, this warm summer evening found the two young mutants, Lizzie Mayhugh and Sophie Rousseau, enjoying some time together in the city. Dinner, an early movie, and then a pleasant walk together, taking in the sights and sounds and just enjoying each other's company. And then their wandering brought them in sight of a particular mansion…

"You know, ever since we helped take down Von Doom, we've supposedly been members, but we haven't taken them up on it yet," the taller of the two pretty blondes says to her companion, with a playful grin. "Maybe we ought to at least drop in and see what we've been missing?"

Which leads to, a few minutes later, Lizzie and Sophie stepping out onto the roof, having been directed to the other members currently present by a random member of the house staff.

"Um… hi?" That would be Sophie, looking uncharacteristically unsure of herself.

"Really…?" Janet muses, but all too playfully, if just a sliver of what the tabloids were writting about her was true, there was no way she ever had the drive to make it in the military. "CIA!?" Janet wasn't aware of that part, "so, were you like James Bond and everything?" Yup, she's seen the spy movies, she was inspired by the glamour.

When Carol makes a good effort to note she just momentarily forgot about her, Janet cheers up considerably, and lets her robe fall off her arms, giving a clear view of her pink bikini, "how do you like it? I made it myself! If you like I could make you one as well," Janet offers before laughing heartily at the potential scandal being averted, "oh, it would be a scandal either way, hang around me enough and you'll see how tabloids like to twist things and tell fibs."

When Sophie arrives, Janet looks surprised, not having been in the Von Doom mission, "did the tabloids post about the night swim as an open invitation?" She just has to wonder, part of the reason she went so late is the potential of not drawing a crowd.

"…Excuse me?" Lizzie looks rather nonplussed when she hears Janet speak, an eyebrow arching. She shifts her gaze from the blonde beside her to the two women already at the pool, tilting her head slightly to the left. Liz is tiny and also incredibly pale. She nearly glows in the moonlight as it falls across her, with every feature in faintly obscured by the effects of being struck the cool light. Fair skin shows fine scars easily and though she has fewer than most girls her age each stands out rather well. Still, she's a pretty girl for all her various flaws.

A dubious look is offered for Sophie's benefit and then she takes a deep breath. Slowly. "Nope. We're supposed to be here," the girl assures quietly before looking around once again. For a moment Elizabeth seems uncertian fo what to say as well but that's typical. She waves at Carol briefly.

Carol zips back out of the mansion, in what might also work as a superhero outfit for the risque. It's a nice form-fitting one piece suit, black in hue with a yellow stylized 'Z' insignia. Carrying a red towel over her shoulders, she grins, "Hey, Sophie! Lizzie! Glad you guys could make it!" She waves towards Janet, "This is Janet Van Dyne, and Janet, these kids did a /lot/ of great work in Latveria when we did our mission there. Especially Sophie. They definitely have pool privileges."

Sophie's confidence is visibly buoyed, first by Lizzie's words, and then by Carol's greeting. Her smile returns, and almost at the same moment, recognition dawns, and her smile brightens even as a little bit of shyness resurges. "Janet… Van Dyne? I'm… It's a pleasure, Ma'am — Miss — um…" She giggles a bit. Apparently someone pays attention to fashion doings? Judging by the tastefully-chic way the young blonde is dressed and her understated makeup, she has at least some eye for it herself.

"Well, if Carol vouches for you, then you gals certainly deserve pool access, so you're heroes?" Janet asks outright, after all, who else would be crazy enough to join the Avengers for heroics in Latveria?

Then she notes Sophie's reaction, finally proper recognition! Janet is all smiles as she extends a friendly hand towards Sophie, "that's me! I take it unlike Carol, you do care for fashion?" She teases lightly, "Janet will do, so long as you tell me your name! You would be Sophie or Lizzie?"

But she doesn't delay long, turning for the pool, "either way, come on in…night swimming is a whole new experience," and with that Janet proceeds to rush into the pool and dive in, splashing water all about.

"That's Sophie. I'm Lizzie," Nyx offers helpfully, lifting a hand. "Hello." She looks around slowly, that expression of hers shifting to a relative implacability. For now Nyx stays close to Sophie and watches intently, her eyes nearly amethyst when the light hits them askance.

"I guess you could call me a hero. Mostly I was just followingng her. And she's all 'We have to do something' and I'm like, 'I want to go back to sleep, get out of my room' … Long story short, apparently we're Avengers now." Liz shrugs at this.

"Anyhow… Yeah. I don't really go swimming during the day. Me'n the sun have an understanding. I stay inside and it doesn't set me on fire like the vampire I secretly am." With that pronouncement Liz takes a deep breath and starts toward hte water. She's wearing a white one piece swimsuit that she doesn't look entirely comfortable in. More than likely Sophie picked it for her.

Carol grins and laughs, "Well…" She runs and leaps up into the air, cheating a bit as she actually flies a few feet up, towards the center of the pool… and then dives in with a mighty *SPLASH!* Frankly, Carol seems to think that if you were in a pool, you shouldn't mind getting splashed. Then she surfaces and grins, "Great idea Jan… this is perfect."

Being able to hit nearly Mach One when you want to is a handy thing. Like, when you're informed that the others you'll be joining are by the pool — on the roof, no less — and the dash home and back to retrieve you and your girlfriend's swimsuits is only about a five-minute round trip. Having been as unsure of the reception they'd get as she was, Sophie had put her street clothes back on over her swimwear, but now, she's smiling, unbuttoning her blouse as she watches Lizzie go in. Moments later, her blouse and skirt set aside and her black pumps under the chair her clothes are draped over, the young blonde is ready to enter the water herself. Her suit is a two-piece, a bit less daring than Janet's but still a /little/ risque by 1964 standards (if totally tame by those of 50-odd years later). The bright tropical print contrasts nicely with her fair skin, and the overall effect is rather nice on her slender, toned dancer's build.

Janet looks surprised at what Lizzie has to say, nodding at Sophie when she's introduced to her, before asking Lizzie, "you're not serious, about the being a vampire part, are you?" Giving her a moment to answer, before sharply stating, "by the way, being an Avenger isn't something to take lightly…just a fair warning, if you're with us, you better be very serious about it." Being a founding member, Janet certainly has a soft spot for the Avengers team, and is super serious about it. Heck, she went out in public against the government when they disbanded the first Avengers team.

After she's jumped in the pool and swam a lap, she stops to lean on the edge, calling out to Carol, "that's one fashionable swimsuit, I love it!"

"No, I'm not actually a vampire," Liz responds, shaking her head slightly as she does so. A deep breath is taken and then slowly exhaled and then the girl is steps into the waer. Up toher knees in an instant, then further. She's pretty shrot and it is most evident now as she descends into the water. Liz breathes a soft sigh and reaches up to run her fingers through her short blonde hair. "I'm serious enough to risk my life," she adds then before shrugging and sinking into the water up to about her chin. "But this really is the only time I usually go swimming."

Carol grins at Janet, "Thanks… but hey, take it easy on the kids. They're good with what they do. Sophie saved us all in Latveria against that jerk Doom." She looks about ready to say something more, when she sees the light go on in one of the upstairs bedrooms. "Um… yeah, guys, I gotta run, but I'll catch you all later." She waves to the three, and then nearly flies out of the pool and into the mansion, snatching her towel along the way!

The more Sophie talks, the more her accent, subtle as it is, becomes noticeable. Not that her English isn't impeccable, and nearly as idiomatic as a native's. But her voice does have a coloring that's hard to place, and you can almost hear the 'u' when she says words like 'colour'. This is what happens when a young French girl learns English from a British tutor, and then lives in New York for the next 8 years.

"I am very serious about wanting to help — To make a difference," the young blonde says. "I have examples to live up to. My parents met in La Resistance," she explains, her native French accent emerging fully for those last two words. "And they did all that they accomplished in the war without the benefit of powers, so." She grins, and looks over to Elizabeth, then turns back to Janet after Carol's praise of what she did against Doom. "I was lucky in Latveria," she says, shaking her head a bit, a little uncomfortable with the amount of credit Carol was giving her. "My powers protected me from the gas Von Doom used to take everyone else down. Once I helped the others get free, they're the ones who won the fight. You should have seen Lizzie carving up Doom's robots." She looks over to her companion again, smiling at her with no small amount of adoration.

"Good to know! Guess I won't be needing a priest to bless the pool water, huh?" Janet laughs, but these days, it is hard to know whether to take someone seriously over such a statement or not. Getting back to the swimming, Janet keeps it casual swim about for the sake of swimming, before noting, "I just want to make sure we're clear that the Avengers isn't an after school club."

As Lizzie further explains her take, Janet seems satisfied, "good, that's the proper attitude." Either she's very easygoing, or Carol's request had something to do with it, but she drops the subject altogether as if it was never an issue. "That's super important…getting taken out really sucks…though I do have an advantage in that department myself."

"He needs to make them out of something tougher," Carol repsonds, shaking her head. That seems to be all she has to offer on the matter for the girl turns her attention to floating in the pool now.she lays back and instead of sinking she's now crossing with the front half of her body more or less exposed. It seems that she intends to stay like this for now. Janet gets a brief nod but otherwise it seems that Lizzie is occupied with whatever it is she's doing. Not that this is atypical of her usual attitude. Finally, however, Liz does add, "Might still want to bless the water though."

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