1964-08-12 - Love's Convocation
Summary: Amora reunited with Thor after being gone for weeks.
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Amora returned as she was wont to do when in good graces with the court. Without much pomp at all, which was what few people would consider apt for the blonde goddess. Yet she arrived quietly, directing servants with boxes and trunks and other various containers for her goods to be carted about in. She reeked of magic, of the sticky sweet scents of perfumes that others had put on too thickly.

A hand was waved toward the far corner of her room that she usual used while she visited the Asgardian Court, directing a servant to set down a green and gold lacquered trunk and open it. Her manner of dress was more her usual though, dark green and gossamer, a halter top styled gown with a plunging neckline that disapeared into the gold belt at her waist made of interwoven golden circles. Her heels were tall and clearly visible as they peaked out from behind the slitted skirts of the thin silken gown. Golden bracelets and jangled around her wrists, and green beads hung in intricate knots of braids in her hair.

Amora it would seem, had spared little in her wardrobe choice for her departure from the meetings she'd attended. Even if there was a pinch of tension still running in between her shoulder blades. But few would catch it. If any.

Thor was polite enough to give Amora a little time to relax and refresh herself; no one likes to be ambushed minutes after returning from a trip, before they've even had a chance to rest.

A knock comes at the still-open door; a moment later Thor walks in, wearing a sleeveless knee-length tunic of sky blue and darker, baggy trousers beneath it, belted and hemmed in silver ivy.

"Lady Amora, welcome back," he says, flashing a smile at the woman. "I hope your trip was a most productive one," he offers, stopping a few paces into the room. His hair is carefully combed and brushed, a clear sign that his mother's been after his appearance again.

"No, no, more to the right," Amora sighed dramatically as she ordered another servant carrying a heavy set box into the room. Then, of course came the knock. Her lips twitched as she turned about slowly, and with a dramatic flourish dipped into a bow toward the Prince. She rose in the span of a breath, a wide smile pulling at her lips.

Then she was dancing forward on slippered feet, hips swinging as she moved to him and slipped her arms up and over his arms. She was practically vibrating with the urge to run her fingers over his skin and curl her figure against him. "Thor! My prince! How I have missed you so, my beloved." She reached up, threading her fingers through those clean and carefully combed locks. His mother's attempt to clean him up would be undone in minutes if the Enchantress had her way.

Which she usually did.

"T'was as unproductive as one could expect."

Thor's big arms open obligingly and he hoists Amora off her heels, kissing her rather roundly with a pleased grin at her adoring reaction to his arrival. He holds her close, rather effortlessly suspending the leggy Enchantress off the ground; then finally he sets her down and moves to a sturdy, cushioned low chair, dropping heavily into it and grinning up at her.

"Unproductive? A conclave of the gods of love and passion, unable to focus on work?" he asks, with a sly, easy grin dancing on the corner of his mouth. "I am shocked. When the gods of battle meet, we at least set aside our sporting long enough to trade stories of war and discuss threats to the worlds eternal."

Amora returned the affection with all the heat and promise as was physically possible to put into a kiss. She laughed a high, chiming melody as he lifted her up and spun her before settling her back onto the ground. She fluttered dark eyelashes, fluffing up her hair as he settled down heavily into the nearby chair. She followed suit all too quickly, a hand on her hip as she cocked an eyebrow upwards and considered him.

"There was discussion. Perhaps too much of it." She pursed her lips as she sunk down onto his lap.

"Venus was missing." She offered after a moment's consideration.

Thor's easy grin falters as Amora shares the bad news, and his brow slowly furrows at the impact of the statement.

"That bodes ill," he concludes, finally. 'Absent' is a much different word that 'missing', after all. "Strange that Zeus has not put the cry out to the other godly courts, or at least to Odin," Thor muses. "Olympus is not the grand society of Asgard's courts, but the mountain's residents are formidable powers in their own right. What could have transpired to take her from those hallowed halls?"

Amora shrugged wordlessly, "We know naught. Merely that she was due to arrive and after a day it was originally assumed that she was going to be late and arrive in style. After a week? All grew mildly concerned, to say the least. Attempts where made to enquire after her, and no one had seen or heard from her at all." She exhaled a breath, wrapping her arm over his shoulders.

"T'was worriesome. Accusations started to fly. Instead of speaking about peace between our pantheons it nearly came to blows. Cupid was less than pleased to hear the news and left early. The rest of us that remained attempted to make pacts.. but it was all for nothing." She sighed heavily, a small crease forming between her brows.

"It seems whomever fomented the discord between Hel and her kin might also be behind the absence of Venus," Thor suggests, resting his hand on Amora's arm and thinking heavily.

"Bah. I am ill suited for such intrigue," he grunts, shaking his head. "Loki's mind works like a squirrel's, he's far better suited for such espionage. I would prefer a short march and straightforward battle to this skullduggery," he confesses. "And it must be a being of no insignificant power to poach the godlings away one by one, without so much as a whisper of worry."

Amora's fingers reached up to curl into the loose locks of golden hair that tumbled down around his shoulders. Her eyes slipping shut as she curled her own figure around him, her head lowering to rest against his own. "That is much of what I said. As no one else there had seen nor been witness to the distruction the death Gods wrought upon one another. Tis their way, aye, they fight more for power than many.." She trailed off and shook her head.

"It may very well be within her own pantheon though as well. There is too little information to act firmly. You can see why the debates raged and little occured.."

"That is a thought that bodes poor consideration," Thor says, bumping his brow against Amora's when she leans against him. "Admittedly, it had not occurred to me that one amongst us might set Hela's hand against that of Asgard's," he says, scowling heavily at the thought. "But I can think of none who are positioned so well as to effect such duplicity. Hel's vision is second only to Odin's, and she spoke not of the instigator as if they dwelt amongst us. did she?" he asks, trying to rack his memories.

A shrug followed, "Who can say? We know it not. Perhaps Zeus shall handle it. Mayhap she is not truly missing but merely skipped the convocation and told none of where she'd gone. The debates were like such for the better part of the week before everyone agreed it was better to dismiss the assembled to their own homes once more. There was nothing that we could do." Amora sighed heavily, curling her arms around his shoulders.

"I missed you terribly. Tell me you missed me."

"I missed you as well," Thor assures Amora, grinning up at her heart-shaped face and responding dutifully. "Asgard is a lonely and dull place without your presence. It seems little of import has come to pass while you were away, so fret not that you missed any grand occurrances," he tells her.

"Save of course for a lonely clattering around empty halls. The palace has seemed dim for your absence."

Amora practically preened in happiness at his words, happy to switch topics after having covered the important aspects of the convocation of Love gods. She'd heard nothing save the the same cicular arguments over and over again. Thor's words, his bright grin, were a well needed breath of fresh air. She inhaled deeply, her eyes fluttering shut for a moment as she seemed content to merely be in his presence. To pick out the smell of ozone and rain that was so distinctly connected to him.

Her lips pulled wide into another heated smile, while manicured fingers played over his jawline. "I feel much relieved to hear you say that all was quiet. It is indeed better than to hear of chaos and war." She murmured, "How sad for my darling Prince to be in such empty chambers, halls and beds."

"Aye," Thor agrees gravely, grinning up at Amora and holding her comofrtably closer. "I had not realized how silent the halls are in your absence. Your return is a most welcome refrain for normalcy, I must confess," he tells her with a sly grin as his hand squeezes the curve of her hip under the drape of her green dress.

"I take it you missed me as well? Or were you content with your musings and discussion with yon godlings from the other ancient realms?"

Amora shifted on the chair, slipping one leg to either side as she straddled the thunder god. She smiled, delicate hands sliding over his shoulders and the crook of his neck. There she leaned in, fluttering dark eyelashes as she pressed her forehead against his own. The smell of juniper, strawberries and the scent of warm, spiced mead surrounding her.

"Oh, the musings were along the lines of 'Can he not shut up? Do not ask the same question that was posed but a moment before.' And the alike. T'was boring!" She flashed him a grin, "And I thought of you nearly every moment I was away."

"Horrors I can barely fathon," Thor says, gripping Amora's legs just above the knee as she straddles him. His thumb massages the line of her sleek quadricep, fingers curling to caress a hamstring. "I am pleased to see you endured their mindlessness, my Lady. And I confess I found myself frequently contemplating where you were," he admits. "What you were doing. What you were wearing," he says, with a suggestive twinkle in his eyes belied by a boyish grin. "I am pleased to know my thoughts are so heartily reciprocated."

Amora slipped her hands down his shoulders, picking at the tunic's fabric before she wound her hands behind his hand. A toss of golden curls over her shoulder followed as she smirked at him. "Oh well.. you should be quite pleased to know I found them all tepid and boorish. I could do little more than concern myself over thoughts of you." She leaned in close, nipping at his lower lip.

"About all the things I was simply aching to do with you."

Thor aims for a kiss, but Amora neatly avoids it; his hands tease at the gossamer of her silken dress, fingernails sliding along her knees and thighs as she leans in close.

"Indeed?" Thor asks with a bemused tone, though his idle amusement is ruined by the half-octave shift of his rangy basso. "It seems once again we find ourselves in a like mind," he remarks, pulling Amora's busom closer to the broad planes of his chest. "I imagine we would find much accord on the topic were we to exchange notes."

Amora laughed breathlessly, tilting her head back as Thor tugged her closer. She smiled at him from beneath the fringe of black eyelashes. "Indeed! Thus, we simply must compare notes, my love. Tis the only way to truly be certain." She winked, and leaned in to kiss him soundly on the lips once more.

"And then, perhaps, I shall be able to rest soundly." She whispered in a heated tone, dragging her lower lip between her teeth. One of her hands dipping to settle on his own that slid along her thighs.

"Come, show me those notes of your's, my beloved Thunderer."

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