1964-08-14 - You'll never know what they are, DAD
Summary: Spidey and White Widow meet. It could have gone better.
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Friday night. The car is in the garage, Dad is pulling another late-nighter. And Gwen…
Gwen is enjoying her new swinging lifestyle.
In the beginning, she hadn't been able to get it together. She'd had to aim, then fire, then grab the line and swing. It usually took as long as a few seconds between each action. Now…now it was like driving through traffic, weave and pull and push and leap and run…
She could feel almost happy if she hadn't gone to the funeral of the one who had made it possible.
She abruptly decided to make her way towards NYU. She wondered how Petey was doing…

Barely a few days have passed since Peter moved in at New York University. The close proximity to the rest of the city has made it quite a bit easier to stop crime in Manhattan as opposed to when he was living in Queens. In any event, after a long night of butt kicking, thug smashing, and day saving, Spider-Man is now taking it easy upon the top of a van, lying down with his hands cupping his head and his eyes looking up at the skyscraper sky. As they pull in closer to NYU, Peter takes leave, swinging towards his dorm room. Once he arrives he goes through his routine of hiding his suit. He turns on the radio in his cramped little dwelling and begins to tinker with some of his machinery, passing the time here before school starts

Where is it, where is it…ah!
She landed on the roof of the Science Wing, looking around. Where was Pete's dorm? She reached into her backpack, pulling out the map of the campus. Men's Dorms, Men's Dorms…
A sharp sound of breaking glass.
She looked down and saw four guys jumping through a first-floor window into the commons, three of them carrying stuff like microscopes, boxes of chemicals…
Great. The Petey Hunt would have to go on hold.

Robbie, Johnny, Mickey, and Mike were going to get enough money with the science stuff to get high for a MONTH. Robbie was already thinking about the primo reefer he was going to buy when a voice called out, "Uh, boys?"
They stopped, heads rotating wildly, until the saw the speaker. Some girl, all dolled up in spandex and a mask.
"Maybe you should put that stuff back, eh?"

From his dorm room, Peter can hear that there is some form of commotion. He gives a weary sigh and reaches for his suit. No rest for the weary.

Spider-Man takes the long way and shows up at the opposite end of the commons from where Gwen is hanging out. "Listen to the lady," he says, with a voice full of judgement. "Crime doesn't pay. People who buy from criminals, do, but those are bad people. So, you uh, shouldn't do crimes." It felt weird coming off the tongue and he just went with it.

The quartet looked at each other, questioningly. Then Mickey says, "You three have fun with the girl. *I* will pound on that one until candy comes out." He puts down the box, cracking his knuckles. He was the biggest one, easily 250 pounds and all of it muscle.

"I can't deny I'm a little bit disappointed that you're coming at me with one and going at her with three. I'm all for equal rights and all, but I have a reputation to uphold." Spider-Man reacts defensively, leaping up onto the wall, just below the crook of the ceiling. "Yeah, not gonna get into fisticuffs with you, bigguy." He reaches out his wrist and begins to fire webbing at the thug, "Come on, sit. Stay a while."

Mickey hated his life. He thought he was dealing with some kind of weird mime right up to the point the webs came out. He barely had time to realize what was going until he found his feet webbed to the ground. His upper bodt just kept going and hi pinwheeled his arms madly trying to stay upright, and then he was sucking soil as he faceplanted into the grass.

Meanwhile, the other three weren't having much better luck. Mike had just reached for her, and she had grabbed him and just…THREW him. He hit the wall and would have fallen if the webbing hadn't pinned him one foot off the ground. Robbie came next with his crowbar, ready to cave the girl's cowled skull in, only she wasn't there when the crowbat came down and he was being slapped around with blows that hurt. REALLY hurt.

Spidey leaps to the ground to get a better look at Mickey, and perhaps most importantly, checks him for any of the stolen equipment. "This is the part where I convince you to lead a better life. To turn away from sin, crime, and general nastiness."

Johnny tried to sneak up on her while she was exercising corporal punishment on Robbie, but she had just reached out and grabbed him without even looking at him, and took a moment to toss HIM against the wall to land next to Mickey, another clutch of webbing pinning him there. She looked to Robbie, grabbed him, and one second later, he was with the other two.
The girl walked toward them, grabbing their hands to web Robbie's over his eyes, Mike's over his ears, and Johnny's over his mouth.

Spidey folds his arms over his chest and tilts his head at the newcomer. "Another Spider theme? I knew I should have copyrighted this idea back when I first started. Tell me you're here to pay royalties, I could really use the money."

The girl looked over at him. "Oh, you're something ROYAL, all right. Hang on." She turned back to the three on the wall, pointing to Robbie. "See no evil." Then to Mike. "Hear no evil." Then to Johnny. "Speak no evil." Then she swung the finger over the three of them.
She turned her back on them and walked towards…
Holy cow, it's Spider-Man!
"Uhhhh…hi," she says, suddenly self-conscious.

Spider-Man doesn't move a muscle. He's still looking at her with a tilted head and arms all folded in a huffy way over his chest. "Hi," he responds as he taps his foot. "Who are you?"

She says, after a deep breath, "I'm White Widow. I'm still kinda new at this." She looked to the Three Monkeys setup of the three would-be thieves. "Sorry…I hate guys like that and can't help poking fun at them."

"White Widow?" Spider-Man replies, quizzically. "Sheesh, everyone has a gimmick. Point of advice, lady. When you get started in this business make sure you're in it for the long haul. Sometimes people love ya. Sometimes people hate ya. You gotta be doing it for the right reasons or it'll eat you alive."

Widow tilts her head. Wow. She had expected certain things from one of the local heroes. Cameraderie, curiosity…civility?
What she didn't expect was this…attitude.
Without looking away from Spider-Man, she reached out to her left and fired a webline. A lot like Spider-Man's webline actually.
However, he can't claim patent issues with his webshooters, because she had none. The webline was coming from her inner wrist.
"You found me out. I'm just doing this as a summer job. Both the costume and the powers are RENTALS." She tested the line. Pretty solid. "Maybe my reasons are JUST as good as yours. YOU'LL never know what they are, DAD."
And with that, she was off and upward, her mood soured. She didn't feel up to visiting Petey, not while she felt chastened like this.

Spider-Man tilts his head at the trio of bad guys the White Widow has rounded up and looks at them palms up. "Really?"

"You ain't one who is good with the ladies, are ya Spidey?" asks one of the brutes.

"No, I guess not there tough guy." All three of them begin to chuckle before they're unceremoniously quieted through webshots.

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