1964-08-16 - Hello? Anyone Home?
Summary: Thea comes looking for Warren, and finds more than she expected
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She had heard he was back, even that he'd left Xavier's and gone home back to his place. It feels odd, walking to the door after so much time since she saw him last. Business trip.. whatever actually kept him away. Blond hair is loose, tamed into long, loose curls over a silvery blue sundress paired with silver heels. The lipstick is siren red, eyes lined and shadowed. Her heart is beating too fast, and she doesn't have the focus to slow it.

Key in the lock, sliding her loaded totebag off her shoulder as she slides into the penthouse. "Warren? Knock knock surprise? I brought some wine and food for a little reunion?" She'll shut the door behind her, before she prowls deeper into the apartment. "Warren? It's me, Thea. Where are you?"

The moment Thea enters into the apartment she can hear in the far corner of the large penthouse apartment, where the bathroom is, the faint sound of running water is heard coming from what can assume is the shower. The water abruptly shuts off as soon as she starts speaking and a muffled voice is heard coming from that general direction.

"Thea?" Warren says, his voice shaky with a hint of question "Um…I'm in the shower…give me a minute."

"Well, if I had known you were showering, I would have come earlier and joined you." Her voice is warm, teasing, even as she moves to the living room. She'll settle on the couch and start unpacking that tote bag. Wine, some cut up fruit, cheese, crackers. She'll rise to move into the kitchen for wine glasses, humming.

"I know I probably should have come around sooner, but I heard there was commotion at Xavier's, and Logan's missing, and I just.. really wanted to give you some time to settle in and decompress." She'll get the wine open, and pour some into each glass.

"Yeah..well…if you had joined me you might have been in for a bit of a shock. It's probably just as well you didn't." Warren says from the bathroom. "Things have been a bit, complicated, since I got back. You probably should brace yourself for some changes. My business trip didn't exactly go as planned." He pauses for a moment, "I was kidnapped pretty much as soon as the plane landed. I've been…fuck. It's probably best I just do this.."

Warren walks out from behind the wall that separates the bedroom/bathroom area from the rest of the penthouse. Wearing nothing but a towel around his waist, the differences in him are blatantly obvious. Being blue from head to toe, and no longer having large fluffy wings isn't exactly hard to miss. In fact, at the moment there are no wings at all. "I was experimented on. I'd still be there if it wasn't for dumb luck that someone I knew happened to see me at the facility I was being kept in, and arranged for me to escape. I still have to thank him for that."

"Anytime I'm with you, there's a bit of a shock. I'm still learning about how everything works between us.. Still too close to virginity for my own peace of mind.." She trails off as he comes out in just that towel. Color runs from her face as her wineglass is set down in a rush before she can drop it. Pupils dilate in deep brown eyes, her expression is clearly one of shock.

She is on her feet without thought about it, moving towards him but stopping short of touching him. "Your wings… and.. well." Her head tilts, a hint of a smile. "Hate to point it out, but you're severely blue, honey." She shakes her head as though she can clear it that way. "But are you okay? I.. did they hurt you?"

"Well, it certainly didn't tickle when they amputated my wings I would suspect, so it is probably a damn good thing that I don't remember it. Truth is that I don't remember anything from the point I landed in Europe till the point I 'woke up' at Xavier's. The rest is just flashes. Some of pain, mostly of rage and blood."

He reaches up and runs his fingers through his damp hair, "But…this isn't all. Yeah, i'm blue. It was likely a side effect of whatever they did to do this…"

There is the scraping of metal on metal as Warren's new 'wings' emerge from his back, the metal feathers rustling and shaking out as they emerge from his back and stretch out to either side of him. "Say hello to the new me, I guess. I was weaponized for whatever reason. Likely was rescued before they were done with me."

Thea looks at him, those big brown eyes displaying all of the emotion her neutral 'nurse face' doesn't express. She swallows hard, eyes leaving his face to stare at the wings. "Those.. could be a problem." She will inch closer, reaching out to touch one. She's just.. puzzled by the whole thing, and her gaze will go unfocused a moment as her powers try to figure out exactly what all they did.

She blinks herself out of it, looking back to his face. "Hello, new you." She says softly. "Am I still allowed to hug the new you, or would you prefer I not?"

Warren rolls a shoulder into a shrug. "I don't think they will be, not to you anyway. Though, I will admit, sometimes I don't feel like I have full control over them and they have their own agenda. Be careful, the edges are extremely sharp."

He doesn't back away from the touch, and smiles a genuine smile. "OF course you can hug me. I'm still me…mostly. Aside from the wings, a new color and my temper being a bit more hot than it use to be, I am still me, Thea." He opens up his arms, offering the requested hug. "Truth is, I could probably use one."

"That's the problem. The sharp thing. I mean.. sex could be all kinds of tricky.." She will move to hug him tight, head tucking under his chin. She will just breathe and hold him close. "Unless, of course, you don't want that sort of relationship with me anymore, which I could totally understand. You've been through a lot, and.. it changes people." She murmurs the words, just listening to his heartbeat. "I don't care if you're blue, or green or goddamned eggplant, Warren."

Warren blinks slipping one arm around her to hold her close to him, keeping the other to retain the towel around his waist. "I'll be honest…I hadn't even thought about sex. Conveniently for us, unlike my old wings these fold up and withdraw into my back. They will be less in the way, so I suppose in that instance they did me a favor." He lowers his head to offer a kiss to the top of her head before turning and letting his cheek rest there. "As long as they don't decide to interfere it should be ok."

"I'm just saying, if .. if you want to continue the relationship, if.. well, it it comes up again.." Thea is losing that composure, feeling her cheeks flush. "I'll shut up now." She whispers, just rubbing her cheek ever so slightly against his chest. "I am sure you're still dealing with a lot, and catching up on top of that.. you don't need any pressure from me."

Warren lets out a little chuckle, "Why wouldn't I? I'm still me, Thea. As far as I am aware they didn't do anything to change that part of me…physically or mentally." He angles his head to give her another kiss on the top of the head, "You don't have to shut up. I'm sure you have more questions, or comments. It's best to get them out of the way now…unless you prefer me to go and get some pants on first so I am not being distracting."

Thea pulls back, just a little bit, to look up at him. "You're still you, but you've changed, too. You're dealing with some radical physical changes that stare back at you from the mirror, done to you against your will. You said yourself you have some flashbacks… it's a lot to take in, Warren. And the reaction of most people is probably not as matter of fact as mine, because most people are stupid and reactionary." She tilts her head, looking up at him. "Questions? For the love of god, you were kidnapped and experimented on and altered. I should have more questions?"

Warren sighs, "No..no it isn't. Don't get me wrong, I am far from 'ok' with any of this. I'm angry. I can't even put a description to the level of rage I feel inside. I know that I can't walk around like this. The board is going to take one look at me and flip the fuck out. They are going to try and take the company away from me, I just know it. I've been trying to think of ideas, like wearing a ton of concealer and makeup, but I don't know how long that would last, or even if it would fool anyone. I want to find the people that did this, and I want them to pay."

He drops his arm from his back and takes a step away, willing the wings to collapse until they are no longer on display, turning to pace towards the floor to ceiling windows. "They took my life, Thea. They turned me into a killer. I know I killed people…those are the flashes I have. During my escape I must have slaughtered a score of people. Sometimes if feels as though they killed me without killing me. I am just trying to grasp on to what I still can, while I can."

"Perhaps we can find an illusionist, who can make you look the way the board would expect you to look, or use the makeup. Then we find you an assistant that quickly becomes your stand in for all things." She suggest, shrugging. "Or you say you're going to oversee a project away from here, and can only join board meetings via conference call. We will find a way to keep your company, honey."

She moves over to rest her hand on his shoulder. "You see? You have anger, and rage, and a lot to sort through and deal with. And I'm supposed to pester you with my petty questions and concerns? Not how I work, sweetheart."

Warren shrugs a shoulder, "Maybe I am wanting the petty questions and concerns because it takes my mind off of the ones that aren't so petty." he says without missing a beat. "Maybe I would rather not think about how I went off on a young woman today who I just helped rescue from similar people that did this to me. I all but called her weak because she was sitting there crying and depressed instead of angry like me. And to make matters worse, I guess her boyfriend had just walked out on her too. What kind of asshole does something like that, Thea? Apparently me, because I did. I almost wish I could ask Charles to just take it all away, but even if I did he wouldn't. It isn't his way."

Thea will move to slide in front of him, hands moving to cup his face. "Hey, hey.. you can't be so hard on yourself. They hurt you, changed you.. you're allowed some mistakes during adjustment times. You're not an asshole… usually. "There's a note of humor and even a smile. "People react differently to different things." She will lean up, press a light kiss to his mouth. "I'll try to help, all right ? We will get things..less chaotic?"

Warren sighs and nods, combing his fingers through his mess of hair as he pushes some of it away from his eyes. "I know things will pass. Life will move on. It's all still raw and I am, as you say, adjusting." He returns the kiss lightly, "Thank you. I think I am going to need all the help that I can get."

"Why don't you go put on some pants to be less distracting, and then we can have wine and snack, and have some sort of totally distracting, boring, every day conversation. I can put you to sleep with tales of my overnight shifts this week."

Warren nods. "Alright. Pants it is, then wine." Warren lets a small smile form on his lips, leaning down to place a last kiss on Thea's before wandering off towards the bedroom to get dressed. "I make no promises that I won't pass out in your lap though. You may just have to accept that."

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