1964-08-18 - One Quiet Night
Summary: One quiet evening, Dizzy and Sage have a little chat.
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Julie is sitting in a beach chair,just outside an open garage bay door, watching the Moon and listening to a transistor radio. She's seeming contemplative, actually, just jotting down some occasional numbers on a steno pad as something comes to her. Sips a beer.

"Enjoying your evening?" When was it that Tessa showed up? Recently? Earlier? Either way she managed to do it silently. She gazes from Julie and her radio up to the moon. "Sometimes I feel like I should look into astronomy," she comments absently, frowning at herself. "I occasionally feel as though I've missed something in all the studying I've done."

Julie smiles, a bit. "Hey, Miss Valentine. I guess, pull up a chair," She glances up, "I dunno how much I know about astronomy, really, but I guess NASA's putting something in geosynchronous orbit, kinda wondering if I'll feel anything standing still up there. Been on the road a while longer, had to go pick something up I stashed getting Lorna back." She winks, waggles a beer bottle in her hand. "Care for a beer?"

She's not (usually) a particularly social person, but Tessa can learn to adapt. She's got to, if she's going to be sticking around. Accepting the invite with a gracious nod, she grabs a chair and sits beside Diz with it. The beer is considered. "Is it warm or cold?" She did spend the better part of the last two decades in England, after all.

Julie ahs, and smiles. Looks at her own bottle. Winks. "I got a supply of ice, you probably don't want this stuff warm if you can help it." Meaning, ordinary 'American beer.' She gets up, finishing the one in hand, and wiggles a finger at a padlock on what looks like some shop equipment, and it is, but also apparently makes a decent ice chest. Since the lock pops and the lid, when she opens it, happens to have beer in it. Go figure. She pops the tops off and brings the two fresh bottles out, offering one over. She's wearing an oversized… for her, sort of Hawaiian style shirt, unbuttoned over a top fashionably tied up under her ribcage, as the evening cools. It's got graphics of a pair of googley eyes on the back, said Hawaiian shirt, though. And the legend "Moon Instruments." Appropriately enough, perhaps. She glances back up to the sky, and says, "Probably nothing to see right now but la bella Luna, but you never know what's gonna come by in orbit these days. Some of it's shiny."

Sage isn't exactly a beer connoisseur, so she accepts Julie's opinion and will take it cold. "Shiniy?" she asks, when accepting the passed over bottle. "That isn't some American slang I'm not familiar with, is it?" Because that could be legitimate. Slang changes so fast! She gazes back up at the moon. "I've often wondered how many things are really up there, orbiting the planet."

Julie smiles, "Nah, no fancy lingo there, I mean, really actually shiny. Some of em reflect sunlight so you see something kinda bright, for a minute or a few seconds, if things are at the right angle for it. " The bottle's an ordinary American brand called Schaeffer. Dizzy shrugs. "Who knows. Sometimes I can kinda sense em, they spin different from the rest of the world, but they ain't so big and they're far away."

"What does the sensation feel like?" Tessa suspects it's one of those things that might be hard to describe, but she's curious nevertheless. A similar question was posed to Xavier all those years ago, when she asked what it felt like to touch another mind with telepathy, as they attempted to determine if she was indeed a telepath without control. The explanation - that Dizzy only means shiny as in shiny objects - is nodded at and Tessa looks… relieved? Something she doesn't need to learn anew. That's good.

Julie shrugs, there. Points up again. "In this case, I wanna find out, kinda. It's like it's real quiet, like you was listening for a bumblebee, stuff in orbit, but, …that don't make sense. It's kind of like seeing and kind of like hearing and kind of like just feeling things, only it's not any of those, really. I dunno if I could really tell you what it's like. She hrms, and reaches in her shirt's pocket for what proves to be… a purple yo-yo. "Ever play with one of these?" She zips it out a little off to the side and back. "I think some of it's kind of like how the string feels and you know where the weight is even if you close your eyes. It's just there. Yaknow? Only it's all around and far away and it ain't a string."

"Vibration-like," Tessa offers. "I understand. It would be like me attempting to tell you how it feels to touch another mind. I could make an analogy," she says, gesturing at the yo-yo. "That might give you an idea, but it might feel inadequate at the same time."

Julie ahs. "Well, if you can do that, maybe you could see for yourself. Or I dunno what it'd look like to you, or even the Prof, or how that sort of thing even works. Probably sounds about the same going both ways that way, I dunno. Like telling blind people about colors or something, all you can do is… try and relate, capiche?" She winks. Yo-yos again. "Kinda why I like these things."

Sage shakes her head slightly. "I haven't used my telepathy in some time. I'm sure if Charles knew, he'd be aghast. All that training, atrophied away." Well, she assumes. She hasn't tried anything, as she said, in years. She looks down at the bottle in her hand, eventually taking another sip. "Would yuo really wish to be able to feel all those satellites up there, all the time? I imagine that would get a little irritating."

Julie laughs a little. Shakes her head a bit, "Nah, that'd be like getting irritated at knowing where up and down or the North Pole is cause you heard a pigeon, I guess." She points her beer bottle at the sky. "This is more like you're looking for butterflies. I mean, any time a 707 passes over, you kinda know, right? That's got Pratt and Whitneys making bluestreaks of 50,000 RPM or so across the sky all the time."

Now to be fair, Sage could 'read' Dizzy's DNA and get an idea of her capabilities. However, like telepathy, she does not do so without permission. And she doesn't exactly - and hasn't, until now - really made it clear what sort of powers she has. Even if, in this case, she only makes a brief allusion to one of her abilities. She does aha, nodding at Dizzy's explanation. "That would be less irritating," she agrees with a nod.

Julie doesn't necessarily know what to call her abilities in some ways, herself. She can make things spin, obviously, and seems quite an artist at it, at least when it comes to machines and things. Less obvious, perhaps, is the special sense that makes it all work. Apparently it involves casually knowing where the North Pole is that easily. Also, as it happens, being a walking multi-axis gyroscope. "When I was younger, I guess, you know when this stuff comes out, when it started getting too much I'd just kinda spin myself on stuff till I got it together, that's why they been calling me Dizzy since then. Kinda stuck." Glances over. "How bout you, anyway? I guess you're doing all right, but we don't see you too much."

"How about me?" Sage asks, lifting her eyebrows. "I've been studying, mostly. Planning for the school year." Because teaching just one class isn't enough for Tessa Valentine. She's got to push herself. Here she shrugs. "But I guess you meant for a more involved answer, given your own?" Another shrug. "I am a telepath… though perhaps it is more accurate to say my mutation enhanced my brain in various ways, and telepathy was one of those. I arrived in London on a crowded day and the sheer noise somehow.. shocked my telepathy awake. I was fortunate Charles was there."

Julie ahs. "I guess that'd do it. I guess for me it's a good thing I grew up in Brooklyn. Never was sure when it really started, but I got my guesses. "Not from the big city, then, I guess?" She glances up at the stars again. "Out in the desert and stuff you can see a lot more than this…"

"Out in the countryside. A little village that probably wasn't on the maps before the war." The irony is, even with her complete recall, Sage has no idea where the village is. She fled and her powers only kicked in afterwards. As an adult, she came to realize she had no idea where her village was, nor what it was even called. "With an accent that had to go. London is.. judgemental."

Julie ahs. "Well, I guess London kinda had a right, if that's what you're saying, but that ain't no kid's fault. Guess it's good the Prof was there, though. I don't even get how some of what he and you do works, but I guess everyone's got their department that way."

"I think everyone has some aspect of their powers that confuses others," Sage offers. "But I could be wrong." She's sure a lot of it is one of those 'you'd have to experience it yourself. She leans back, finishing the last bit of beer in the bottle before placing it at the foot of her chair. "I am glad Charles was there. He was a an enormous help in a time that could have been very troubling."

Julie nods. "Kinda how I ended up here. He went looking for …folks like us getting out of California after the Sacramento riots. I wasn't there, just thought it was time to get home. Really, I just needed to drive, I guess, thought I'd make the President's funeral, kinda hoped I'd feel better one way or another. Next thing you know you got like the Frost Giants that Ate Brighton Beach and all that."

Sage frowns for a moment, nodding. "Never a dull moment," she says. "You should have seen have desperately people clung to normalcy when the news hit London. People were desperate for something so mundane as a cup of tea." She understands. There's comfort to be had in every day rituals. She stands, fetching the bottle she'd abandoned a moment before. "On the note of rituals, might I trouble you to take a peek at my car? I have business in the city tomorrow, and the engine was making a bizarre noise."

Julie nods. "I guess just tell me which one it is, I'll see about 'er in a few. Between you and me I don't really need the keys," she winks.

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