1964-08-19 - Books Everyone Loves Books
Summary: America and Carol go to a bookstore and plot Avengery things…
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Carol isn't sure if they have real bookstores where America comes from, but one thing that she knows is that they both love literature. And well, Carol can always use more books. So she led her girlfriend to the shop, eager to show off the books to her as she gestures, "Isn't this great?" She grins over at America, hoping that she agrees since… well, sometimes things she takes for granted are hits, and sometimes misses…

"…Huh," America replies. She is looking around, brows gently furrowed, and nodding slowly. "SOme of these look pretty interesting," she allows. "i didn't used to read a ton but I have more time for it than I used to. Um. Do you have any favourites?" Americal ooks to Carol now, shifting her weight slightly as she does. "This *is* pretty cool. Bigger than the ones I am used to."

Carol grins, "Well, good. Me, I like some of the fantasy and science-fiction lately." Leading the way to that section, she grins, "Love some of the things from Asimov. He's really been leading the way with robots and artificial life, America. It's really fascinating to read, especially since Dr. Calvin is awesome." Because, well, strong female protagonists that don't use their looks to succeed are rare even in the 21st century.

"Oh, Asimov. Oh, hey. I've actually… read some books by him once. I'd love to see what we have of his actually." America arches a brow then nodsslowly and turns toward the shelf. She cocks her head slightly to the left. "Okay, I'm sold. Let's take a look." Now, it seems, the excitement is beginning. America is never that excitable so it might not be much of a disappointment that it wasn't immediate.

Carol looks wryly at America, "How is it that I'm the excitable one?" She gives her girlfriend a wink, "Come on, it's up this way." She looks tempted to fly up there, but keeps the secret identity thing in check enough to not do THAT much at least.

America shrugs at this and follows Carol up the stairs with careful steps. "I'm a party animal. You just can't tell," she resplies in her usual soft, laconic tone. Then they approach the shelf of Asimov novels. It's definitely a change. America stares intently as she surveys the selection to find a book for herself. As a girl prone to snap judgments she is certainly taking her time now.

Carol grins, "Oh, I can." She smirks at America and takes advantage of the relative privacy of the bookshelves to snug America as she stands behind her, then looks around for a few other authors that could be interesting. Now that she has a regular paycheck from SHIELD again, she can afford to splurge a little.

America leans into Carol briefly, turning the book she's taken from the shelf over and over in her hands. She tilts her head slightly and then flips open "I, Robot" to the first story. Then the girl is giving a slow nod, tilting her head slightly as she does. "So…" A beat. "Hey, what are you looking at over there?" She asks, turning toward Carol as she tucks her new boo kunder her arm.

Carol grins, "Wow, this is a nice edition of Lord of the Rings… check it out, America." She smiles and pulls out the elegant looking hardback book, all three volumes bound together. "I mean, I have them as separate books, but not like this." She then kisses America lightly, "Good choice."

"Huh. I havent' seem them like that either," America remarks, tilting her head slightly as she does. "That's pretty slick." She rolls her shoulders then and then pause.s "I mean, that's a pretty hep set of pages, you dig?" A beat. "Slang still needs work."

Carol chuckles, "Now I feel like a total square." She winks at America, "Goof." She smiles warmly to her, "I have to admit, I'm a little… worried about America. Not you, the country. The whole mess in Vietnam, I was there you know. With SHIELD. This is… I fear it's going to be crazy before it's all over."

"…I really don't know," America responds earnestly but then she gioves a slow nod. The girl squeezes Carol's hand briefly and then turns back toward the bookshelf. "Huh. The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe? I've never read this one. Hm. Have you?"

Carol Danvers blinks, "No… I don't think I have either." She smiles a little, "Would love to give it a try, though." She returns the squeeze with her fingers, and grins, "We really need to find a few supervillains to punch."

"Yeah," America agrees. "I'm starting to get bored. that's never a good sign for anyone." She shrugs her shoulders at this and then breathes a soft laugh. "ANy ideas as to who we ought to be punching?"

Carol hmms, "Well, I heard about this new crew of super-strong people, calling themselves the Wrecking Crew. Haven't tracked them down yet, but I'm working on a few leads… should be an interesting afternoon once I track 'em down, huh?"

"The name is promising," America agrees, tiltign her head slightly. "What sort of stuff have they been up to so far?" She asks, arching a brow as she does.

Carol shakes her head, "Petty stuff, mostly. Some bank robberies and the like. With the whole Vietnam thing, I haven't really had time to focus on it, but there's apparently four of them from what I understand. And they definitely need to get dealt with, as they're a bit out of the weight class of some of the street heroes out there."

"Sounds like we've finally got something to do," America observes before nodding slowly. She akes a deep breath and then holds it for a moment, shifting her gaze to Carol's while she listens. "I can help yo- with the other things. As well…" She pauses for a second. "I don't know if I like this Vietnam thing at all, though. What ae they even doing over there right now…?"

Carol sighs, "It's this whole…" She shakes her head, "Honestly, it's stupid. Russia and China are making moves into Vietnam, and some of the government there is friendly with the United States, so we're protecting ourselves and…" She looks at America, "I just worry that we're starting something we're not going to be able to stop, hon." She then hugs America tight, worrying about her country since… well, she was in the USAF and CIA, she's a patriot that wants what's best for America. Well, both the person and the country.

America nods slowly with a faaway look in her eyes. She returns the hug firmly and leans in close for a few long seconds. Afterwards America breathes a soft sigh and straightens. She doesn't exactly pull away but she turns in the woman's arms so that she can lean agianst her and look at the nearby shelf. A deep breath is taken now and then held. "I guess we'll find out…"

Carol smiles, "Alright. I'll see if I can find a lead on this Wrecking Crew, just to see what they got." She leans down and kisses America lightly on the top of the head, "First thing's first, right?"

"Faces to break," America agrees. After the kiss to the top of her head America lays back into Carol again and allows the taller woman to support her weight. She stays like that for a long moment, trusting the relative privacy behind the shelves. "Be nice to get a bit of a work out anyway. About time."

Carol Danvers nods, "Agreed. And we need to get some work done with the Avengers. Lazing around too much, though I suppose in a way it's good that we don't have too many things going on."

"If it means there's more time for us it's not so bad," America responds. She breathes in deeply an then turns to survey the shelf again. "Okay, so these Narnia boks. We're getting those…"

Carol nods, "Gladly. I think Lewis and Tolkien knew each other, so…" She smiles, "Should be an interesting read. And the Asimov, and the full collection of Lord of the Rings. Didn't even have to go to the fires of Mount Doom for it."

"The Lord of the Rings. A fifteen hundred page epic to return bad jewelry," America responds drily, but she's smiling. Carol already knows she's a fan. "Looks like a good haul," the woman observes then.

Carol Danvers smiles, "Definitely, America. But hopefully we'll be doing more than just reading." She laughs, leading the way back down to the cashier, "Like smashing some villains and rightfully so." Because then she doesn't have to think about quagmires. Avengers good, Wrecking Crew bad. Easy.

"I can't wait to kick some ass again finally," America agrees. She deposits her armful of books i nfront of the cashier and waits patiently while Carol pays. "Two of us can probably handle these guys by ourselves. What do you think?"

Carol nods, "Between you and I, I think we can take 'em out pretty easy. Though I'm almost thinking we need to get a few others on the team together, just to see how they can handle a real fight." She smiles, "But if you want to make this a date, that works for me too." You know, romantic dinner, beat up bad guys, making out afterwards? Perfect evening!

"I think it would make a great date," AMerica replies in a husky voice. "Nothing better than watching you kick the shit out of some entitle douchebag…" She leans in slightly, then pauses and starts toward the door of the shop, bags in hand. "SHould be fun. We can get the team together next time."

Carol smiles, "Alright, then it's settled. Date night by beating up some bad guys." She slips her hand down, taking America's in hers as she walks with her out of the bookstore, "And a nice candlelit dinner afterwards." Maybe she's a bit overconfident, but she's also pretty happy with America there. Plus, well, it's her and America, she feels confident about this.

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