1964-08-21 - Snapshot of Strudel
Summary: Omnomnom.
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It's one of many bakeries by the same name. All of them feature the excellence of quality and consistency. For a girl used to French patisseries this matters. Vesper hovers near the row of bread loaves cooling on a shelf in their decadence. Will it be focaccia or something adorned in cheese and rosemary? Perhaps a bit of a honey wheat loaf cracked open to expose its softer heart? She hovers there, forgetting the other box on the counter filled with pastries worth their weight in gold. Or saffron because one is an exquisite bun filled by such a precious spice as the glittering gold threads of saffron. She hovers over the selection and goes for the focaccia; why not? It is delicious and soft, a great round disk of goodness in her hands that will have to supply a few meals.

The smells, god the smells! Robbie followed them like a new religion where his gut was the high pontiff of pastry. "Awwww they got the formica bread! Far out!" He may not be able to say it, but the guy loved his food. The smile and excitement were sort of infectious in their own nature which were not at all shy to be shared. He commented in total passing to Vesper like he was picking up in the middle of their conversation that they have never started, "So hard to shop for bread when you're hungry ya know?" To him this was a universal truth. Biting his bottom lip he leaned to peek at the cabinet on the other side of Vesper without bothering her. "Those those little cheese dainish thingies over there?"

The Gallic brunette takes her time to locate just the right loaf. It's not the crispy one with a harder center or pumpernickel. Rye is too heavy. The focaccia loaf joins the glass counter top. Within the case are all the pleasures of the senses with a seasonal focus on apples and apricots as the choices. Plum will soon arrive and fade out to autumn's favoured apples and cranberries. 'Tis the season for New York produce to come into its own. "Two of the strudels, please," she asks. Her voice is soft and accented by the European influences she can no sooner escape than a Bostonian can pronounce an 'R' at the end of words. Her gaze lifts slightly at the man speaking with her. At her. To her. Which is it? "Yes, hunger makes everything look quite good, doesn't it?" Prim, proper, that's her, with a striped scarf floating around her shoulders.

Speedball was not so posh, but he was friendly, and very hungry. Always hungry. Helpfully he held up another finger shortly joined by another one. "Thre-no make that four strudles? Please?" OH the big puppy eyes came out as if to get the interruption excused with a tradeoff of bullshit boyish charm. "I didn't want you to have to dig back into it twice." When the comment was returned the grin warmed easily like he has never met a day that was too terribly bad. "The apple ones I will argue are the best, but in late september? Amazing." Maybe he noticed the accent or is just used to all people in NYC being transient but the assumption was not there when he asked, "You ever hit upstate or Vermont to go after some apples? It's way way neat. Pretty too. I love it. The trees look like they light up on fire but, ya know, without any of the usual impending doom of someone trying to destroy the planet or nothin. Pretty nice all in all. Honestly less hastle too." You know like one might run into on Thursdays in New York in September. Normal stuff.

Posh. A good description for the young lady picking up her preferred snack. She enjoys the scent and sight of the various goodies on sample. Four strudels are an opulent choice for any man. Extravagant, even. It's a lot for a single person to pack away even with an abundant supply of energy required. There's some stuffed by apple and some containing chopped cherries, as preference may be. Still the employee will be happy to box up something for Robbie after serving Vesper. She smiles faintly. All layers are polite, her sunglasses down. "The best in September? That is a bold claim." Her hands are clasped together as she waits on the box to be tied by twine. Money much exchange hands invariably afterwards. It will, a few coins and a dollar bill to cover the free. It's expensive but probably worth it. "Trees lit on fire is a sight I look forward to. They say autumn is nicest here in the state."

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