1964-08-21 - We All Have Secrets, the Sequel
Summary: Continuation of "We All Have Secrets."
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Cassie Lang blinks, dumbfounded, and turns a bright red, looking around the house. "W..What? You want me to strip down right here? I mean…" Yeah, she's modeled before, but always with clothes on. She's not exactly used to being nude in front of other people. At the though of it she begins to shrink until there's just a pile of clothes on the floor.

Gwen Stacy blinks as she sees Cassie dwindle away to nothing, then says, "Uh, Cassie? I wasn't going to do…anything weird. I just didn't want you to rip your clothing and trash it as a result." She looks down into the pile of clothes. "Uhhhh…Cassie?"

A high-pitched squeaky voice, barely audible, comes from next to the pile of clothes. "I'm down here!" Cassie has shrunk herself down to about one inch in height, standing naked and trying her best to cover herself with her arms. The arm covering her breasts is used to wave up to catch Gwen's attention before promptly returning it. "I wasn't thinking you'd do anything. I'm just… modest."

Gwen Stacy hmms. "Crud. We gotta find you a costume that will shrink and grow with you, or this isn't gonna work." She ponders for a moment. "Maybe we'd just better thing of things to test when we can find that costume. Someone SOMEWHERE can make a costume for that." She snaps her fingers. "I might know someone. Quick, get…uhm…dressed." She immediately turns around. "Let's get the costume first."

Cassie Lang nods and starts to grow and as she does so, she grabs her clothes and scampers off somewhere. Within minutes, she's back to full size and dressed. Feeling a bit less self-conscious, she makes her way over to Gwen. "I don't know how we can do that. I don't even know how, or why, *I* can do this."

Gwen Stacy sits down on the arm of the couch. "I literally woke up like this. I don't know how I got this way. I just know…that I can't do NOTHING. Not while so much wrong is going on. She sighs. "My greatest regret is that I never told my father."

Cassie Lang nods slowly and walks over. "I'm not saying you're wrong. I.. just don't know which direction to go in now. My mom would freak. I'd probably end up being grounded until I'm 30." SHe sighs. "And you did what you thought was best. If your father knew…" She shrugs. "Who knows how he would've reacted, but knowing what's out there, he'd want you as far away from it as possible. All you can do now is your best to keep safe the city that he loved and protected with his very life."

Gwen walked over to Cassie, smiling. "Either that…or he would have wanted me to become a policewoman. He was like that." She sighs, looking somber for a moment, then looks to Cassie. "Well…if you want to, I would like to work with you. We could help each other. I've done this for awhile, and our fathers have a lot they can teach us."

Cassie Lang nods. "Ok. We can try. I mean, that's about all we can do right now. Try." She smiles half-heartedly. "How should we go about doing this?

Gwen thinks for a moment, then snaps her fingers. "I know! My dad was researching the superhuman community. Apparently he was looking to set up a task force to integrate certain members into the NYPD to help with superhuman threats. It was an off-the books project, but he might have a contact who might know who makes costumes for supertypes in New York."

Cassie Lang blinks slowly. "Wow… I.. That seems like quite a fortuitous way to go.. I mean.." She shrugs. "Are we going to be able to do this and stay safe?"

Gwen sighs. "This is not going to be safe…but if we take all the precautions we can, we can get ahead of trouble if it shows up." She winks. "But preparedness comes from practice and training. That's how we will keep others and ourselves safe."

Cassie Lang nods. "I don't mean, safe from danger, or being hurt.. I just mean.." She shrugs again. "I dunno. I just don't want to have anyone else hurt." SHe smiles. "So… we look for a contact? Will they listen to us?"

Gwen smirks. "I think that if we do a little homework, we'll find the person before we have to reach out to them. It's gotta be high-tech, or something to that effect." She looks into Cassie's eyes. "Give me a few days to play around with it. Have you thought about a costume? Like what it will look like, what designs or colors you want to see?"

Cassie Lang nods slowly, looking back at Gwen. "Ok.. no problem… and no rush." :blinks again.. "Um.. no.." She blushes. "How about we see what can be done and then go from there? Try and make it as easy as possible for whomever you get in touch with?"

Gwen Stacy nods. "Okay…but think about what you'd like it to look like. You're going to be fighting bad guys in it." She points to her costume. "I actually was inspired by my gymnastics outfit. Complete freedom of movement, which is what I need. It does have the downside that I can't wear any underclothes. It would show up under the costume, and look very weird…or tacky."

Cassie Lang nods. "Ok, I'll think about it." Then she stops. "Gymnastics? You too?" She smiles, and then blushes at the idea of no undergarments. "Hmm.. So not only do we need something that shrinks and grows with me, but something that won't chafe the more…. sensitive areas."

Gwen Stacy nods. "And I don't even change size. You can probably work with something more bulky. I move pretty fast, so I don't worry about armor. You, on the other hand…You'll be better off with thicker clothing."

Cassie Lang nods. "Sure. We'll see what the experts say?" She smiles, excited. "We're… actually going to do this.."

Gwen Stacy nods. "Now…we need a cover story. If your parents ask where you are, you need to have something to tell them." She ponders. "Like band practice, or something similar to that."

Cassie Lang raises a brow and smiles. "You… want me to be a part of the band? We'll have to discuss it with Mary Jane and such. But.. won't she need to be… in on it?"

Gwen Stacy nods, then takes a deep breath. "I'm going to tell MJ about me, see how she handles it. I think I need to tell her anyway…if she handles it well, would I have your permission to tell her about you?"

Cassie Lang nods slowly. "Sure.. I mean.. and if you want I can be there.. in case she doesn't take it well?" She reaches out and takes Gwen's hand. "I'll have your back from here on out. Ok?"

Gwen squeezes Cassie's hand. "And I'll have yours. We look out for each other, help each other, challenge each other…" She smiles warmly, then raises an eyebrow. "How about a code name? Have you thought of one for yourself?"

Cassie Lang smiles and nods. "Sure. I mean, we're trusting each other with some pretty deep secrets." At the suggestion of a codename, she hmms, "Well, I could potentially be the size of a statue. How about Lady Liberty? I could wear red, white, and blue?" She shrugs. "Eh.. I think it's overdone. Statue… hmm. Stature?"

Gwen looks thoughtful. "Stature. Hey, it's catchy. From what you've told me, it hints at what you can do. I think only captain America can pull off wearing red, white and blue well." She pauses. "Stature," she says in a firm, almost bold voice. "I like it. The White Widow and Stature." She winks to Cassie. "With a good cover story to keep your parents from finding out, we can do all we can."

Cassie Lang blinks. "White Widow?" She grins. "Where Black Widow and Brown Recluse already being used? Taran Tula?" She chuckles and shakes her head. "Sorry. You're right. It's a great name. It could certainly be worse."

Gwen Stacy chuckles. "Yeah…Black Widow was taken. BELIEVE me, it was taken." She winks. "After we get you the costume, we go from there to training, practice, and tactics. Learn how to work well together. We have a lot to learn, and sooner begun is half done." She chuckles. "And even though we can't tell them…we make our parents proud of us."

Cassie Lang nods and squeezes Gwen's other hand before wrapping her arms around her, hugging tight. "I think he'd be proud of you already. But yes, we'll keep it up." She says, backing off, feeling awkward. "S..sorry."

Gwen's cheeks are flushed, but she is smiling. "Don't feel sorry about it, Cassie. It felt…right, y'know?" She looks around. "Okay, I'm going to switch from the costume to the regular clothing. It's thin enough that I can wear it under my clothing." She reaches for her jeans, sliding them on over her slippers and legs, the smooth material helping to slide them on. She reaches down and pulls off the slippers, putting them in her backpack. "A backpack is good for carrying parts of my costume around. Ever seen a teenager without a backpack?" She tugs the long gloves off, leaving her arms bare to the upper arms before she slides the black t-shirt over her costume.

Cassie Lang nods. "Or a bag of some kind, yeah." She says, watching Gwen pull her regular clothes, rather silent until she finishes. She clears her throat, to bring back her concentration. "Ok. I should head home. My mom will start to get worried, but she'll be fine once she knows I was here with you. Thanks.. for everything, Gwen. I appreciate it."

Gwen nods and smiles reassuringly. "I think you have a lot of potential, Cassie. If you are able to reach it…and do what's right…then I feel like I've done something real." She steps in to hug Cassie lightly. "I'll keep you posted on any new developments, I promise. Take care of yourself, Cass."

Cassie Lang nods and hugs Gwen back. "I'm just a phone call away. Just let your fingers do the walking." She winks and makes her way out of the house.

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