1964-08-22 - Diamonds are Forever
Summary: Emma's back from her summer vacation!
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Professor Charles Xavier, Headmaster (well, co-headmaster really) of the Xavier Institute is busy relaxing in the backyard gazebo. He has a beer open and in his hand, as classes have started, but he's just taking the time to relax after a long day. While he would like to slip down to New York to unwind, it is a bit of a trip for a weeknight, especially with early classes the next day. So, he kicks back on the bench, enjoying the cool night air and a sense of satisfaction that comes from reaching the minds of the young.

Because even if you're a telepath, that can be a bit of a struggle…

Emma had been on vacation for the better part of the month and what better time to do that when school was mostly out for the summer. It's likely Charles would have sensed Emma's arrival long before he saw her, but she was hard to miss.

Her skin was lightly sun-kissed from time spent in more tropical climates and a pair of large framed sunglasses hid her eyes as she walked through the grounds of the Institute towards the precise bench Charles was sitting at, 'Hello, Charles.' Emma greeted the groovy man telepathically since she didn't wish to raise her voice in greeting at this distance.

Charles blinks, then smiles over at Emma. He nods slightly, speaking telepathically back for the moment, "Why, hello Emma. Vacation seems to have treated you very well." He rises, ever the gentleman, setting the beer down on the bench, as he steps to the archway of the gazebo, "How was it?" He leans slightly against the wooden framework, watching her approach.

"Charles, darling." Emma pushed her sunglasses up on her head as she approached, "It was nothing spectacular, but probably better than spending the summer in Westchester." When she was close enough she leaned over to give Charles a kiss on the cheek, asking, "How about you? Enjoying Logan's private stash?" Her eyebrows raised as she looked towards the can of beer.

Charles laughs a bit, returning the chaste kiss, as he grins, "A fair point, and I understand that you'd want a little space since… well." He chuckles softly, "And actually, that's not Logan's stash, that's mine. He keeps drinking that Canadian swill, and it isn't really a proper beer unless you can chew it." He doesn't really bring up certain things, since, well, even for telepaths it can be awkward.

Actually, make that especially for telepaths.

"A little space?" Emma laughed softly, "I can't imagine why, Charles." It was likely she knew precisely what Xavier was referring to, but she would never let on that she did. Taking a seat on the very same bench Charles had recently been seated at she crossed her right leg over the left before tilting her head to the side slightly, icy blue eyes watching intently, "I'll have to remember that, the next time I want a proper drink, real top shelf beer, it should be chewable. Forget the beer though, how have things been around here? Anything I should be aware of?"

Charles laughs softly and takes his seat at the other end of the bench, picking up the beer and holding the bottle in his hand, "Well, let's see… Logan was abducted by some subterranean mutant lord. Apparently there's a whole kingdom of them and these other people, called 'Subterraneans' imaginatively enough." He glances at Emma, "Jean and Rogue and I went down to rescue him, and we did. It was rather… well, we still have some things to deal with. Classes started, Moira's back in town, and we're getting the field teams organized for more activity in light of recent anti-mutant sentiments." Yeah, he tried to slip Moira being back right in there. Smooth Charles, real smooth.

Emma feigned as much interest as possible in the tale about Logan, "Somehow the fact that Logan was the one to be captured by a kingdom of mole people, doesn't surprise me. Are you sure they weren't his long-lost family? You might have been interrupting a reunion, much like the one it sounds like you and Moira had. Do go on."

Charles actually blushes a bit, which… well, he's a nice guy at heart. The whole 'dream' thing you know. And then he smiles a touch, "Well, there hasn't been too much going on, other than that. Ah, Lorna got possessed briefly by a psychic parasite of some kind, but I managed to exterminate it without much fuss." He then tilts his head towards Emma, "Well, Moira and I did have a very… ah, nice reunion, this is true." And he blushes a little bit, even as he's smiling when he mentions her.

Emma's lips curled into an amused smile as Charles blushed, and while she didn't show it, the man beside her would sense the concern that Emma felt when Lorna was mentioned, "I'm glad to hear you and Moira have gotten so well reacquainted, just try to keep her around this time, Charles." Her hand reaches over to pat Charles' arm gently before she stands up from the bench, "I'd like to be more involved with the field teams, if that's alright with you? I feel there's a great deal more I could offer around here, not just at the Institute."

Charles nods over at Emma, "Well, wasting your potential seems like a bad idea to me. And I'll let you and Jean talk over that, as she's handling the field teams for now. It'd be good to have you out there, Emma, as I'm confident you would do smashingly." And he does mean that, too, smiling up towards her. "Is there anything else you needed? The white wine you hid from the students is still in the proper hiding place."

"Thank you for the vote of confidence, Charles." Emma replied with a hint of a smile before glancing in the direction of the Institute, "I'll speak with Jean and, recover my hidden wine. Enjoy your oatmeal." Turning on heel she left Charles to his beer and smiled fully now that she was out of sight, truly happy to be back here.

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