1964-08-23 - An Alien and a Torch verses Spiders
Summary: And Spiders got the bad end of the bargain…
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Bikes are cool: working on bikes is very cool. But *racing* bikes is the best thing ever. It's three AM that's the best time to race the city streets— its almost quiet. Of course, its practically begging for a ticket, but that's why Johnny has a lawyer on retainer. Or, rather, the Future Foundation has a lawfirm on retainer specifically to get Johnny out of jail.

Now that Johnny has shown Mike the basics of tuning up his wheels, he invites him out for a midnight race— andthey are speeding through the dark streets, weaving in and out of the meager traffic that there is, until suddenly there's a silver-white giant spider web right in front. Johnny's tries to stop in time but since the threads themselves are oddly invisible at a distance, he doesn't have time: he goes crashing into the web. That should either tear the web apart, or cause a crash, but some odd property of the webbing has him just… stuck, suspended with the wheels burning rubber as they try to force past it. "The hell!" he exclaims from within his helmet, and then half a dozen cat-sized crystal spiders — all of which are white semi-translucent with dark, throbbing veins within — are on him, moving over him and around him and spinning more of the silver threads around him.

A race through the streets at night, now that he's learned some and worked on his bike some to spruce it up and take care of it, seems like the perfect way to spend an evening. And so he races through the streets, keeping pace, though falling behind from time to time as he's still not quite as skilled as Johnny, but he's also been riding for a far shorter time — at least this sort of bike on this particular planet. But still, sailing through the streets past the lights is thrilling, and he enjoys the rush of it. If he gets caught it's going to be a different story for him — but that doesn't seem to stop him at all.

Until the spiderwebs do. He isn't fast enough to stop the bike, but he is fast enough to jump off of it and let it stick in the webs as he tries to back out. Those webs are strong, but he has strength on his side, and he manages to tear himself slowly free as he tries to back out. The bike comes to a halt without him on it, suspended in the webs. He looks over toward Johnny and begins trying to tear his way in that direction.

Johnny is quickly turned into a wiggling cocoon, and he might just need some help here, except for one little fact.

He is not a fly. And the webs are not fireproof. He *explodes*, a burst of flame erupting out of him and vaporizing the 'small', cat-sized spiders, and incinerating the thread that encases him. Rising up, he is a being of pure liquid plasma and flame, which does bad things to the helmet he was wearing— its reduced to molten slag that falls through him to the ground below. "Seriously? Spiderwebs?!" He sounds offended. But then he looks around, and takes stock.

The little spiders might not be dangerous to him, but there's at least six spiders the size of a small horse higher up— and dozens the side of a large dog. And there's at least three people currently cocooned. "Mon-El! Uh, get to the civies. I can't get the web off them without burning them." That said he does lift a hand up and call fire to his palm, flinging out a fireball which rushes off and slams into the webbing just in front of where a pair of dog-spiders is dragging someone, to slow them down. Unfortunately, the web might be susceptible to fire, it does so by disintegrating— it doesn't catch fire and spread.

Mon-El was pulling his way through the webs when Johnny goes up in flames nad easily burns his way free, which is sort of what he had hoped was going to happen, so he stops with that and works on backing out of the webs entirely to take stock of the situation. "Got it," he says and begins to tear his way toward the person being dragged off to rescue them first. Even equipped with super speed and strength, it's a bit of a challenge getting through that webbing which is surprisingly strong.

He does manage to get the first victim free, tearing enough webbing off so that they can move, and then pointing them in any direction away from the webbing. Then he begins to make his way over to the second person. He takes a more round-about route so that he can move as quickly as possible — which is impressively fast, up until he gets to a point in the webbing nearer to where they are and begins tearing his way through.

With Mon-El having the useful ability of not accidentally killing people he's trying to help, Johnny runs interferance to try to keep the bad guys off of him. A horse-spider seems not at all pleased to have prey free prey, so it stalks along the webs towards the prince. "Oh no you don't, you giant … spider… thing." Okay so he's a little out of it, not expecting a spider fight, and so his wit isn't fully powered up. Still, he streaks through the air and slams into the horse-spider, the heat of his flame burning away the webs around them as he pushes the creature through and falls down to grapple with it on the other side. Therein the stalemate begins: the larger spiders are proportionally harder to kill then the smaller ones, and this one is not so impressed with fire. Of course, as its stabby legs strike into the plasma that is Johnny's body to no good effect shows the Torch's low opinion of crystal in return. "This is becoming inconvienent for me." he says conversationally to the alien monstrosity, even as he slams his hand up into the creature and his flames go from red to yellow to incandescent white— and he holds there for a long moment before finally it gets hot enough to melt through the creature … which immediately turns into sand, falling down to the ground, "Whew. Hey, Mon-El, you okay man? The horse-spider thing was giving you looks I'm not okay with."

Meanwhile, on the ground, Mike comes into a bit of conflict with two of the dog sized spiders that are not at all thrilled with the idea of him dragging off their coccoon and begin advancing on him from both sides. Fortunately, these are not "lead crystal" spiders and thus he does not have to worry about inconvenient poisoning, or much else for that matter. One of them grabs onto his leg with its pincers, which do a number on his jeans, but does not penetrate his skin. Kicking at the thing, he opts to just let it glom onto his leg while he addresses the other beast. When it leaps for him, he grabs two of its legs and smashes it into the ground as hard as he can. One of the legs come off which only pisses the thing off more as it tries to attack him again. This time he bashes it into the ground harder, and it finally breaks into sand.

The one on his leg merely latches on and seems entirely unwilling to let go. "Really?" Mon-El says as he stares at the thing, "One of us is going to start losing limbs in a minute here." And with that he begins grabbing and breaking off legs. He gets about three twisted off the body, which disintegrate into sand before the thing begins to realize it is not winning this fight and releases him, going for the squishier victim in the coccoon instead. He manages to kick the thing away and get the person inside freed. "Run.. that way.." he gestures away. The five-legged spider attempts to go after her, but Mon-El grabs it and bashes it into the ground until it too disintegrates. Looking up and over at Johnny he gives the double-thumbs-up. "I see you gave it the appropriate answer to its insolence." His grin is broad, but there's another victim to save, and he begins to make his way in that direction.

When the foot soldiers of the spider army seem ineffective against the likes of Mike, one of the heavies stalks towards them. They chew steel casually, but little do they know how ineffective their sharp pointy talons are against the alien. Then again they're quite hard to kill themselves.

Johnny makes a snorting sound, "I don't know that insolence was what I was complaining about, highness; it's more that I'm philosophically opposed to a spider eating you. It would be bad." The grin can be heard on his voice, though how he manages a voice while not having anything as physical as vocal chords is anyone's guess. He pauses in the air a moment, regarding the situation, and then flies through to the edge of the street to burn through the web, and then shoot up quickly to sever an entire side of the webbing… which sends *everything* falling. "Right, so, also, just for the record, its not that I'm afraid of spiders but I hate spiders. I'm an arachnahater."

Mike Matthews laughs over his shoulder at Johnny's response. "Well it would definitely mess up my hair." There's a flash of a grin and a little bit of a wink. "I'm not all that keen on the idea of a spider eating you either, for the record." The man is living plasma. The question of a voice seems moot if one can believe the man-shaped living plasma portion of the equation. Mon-El uses a ledge to jump up to, and make his way over to a portion of the web still hanging and begins to work on tearing free the coccoon stuck within it. He makes quick work of it and manages to get it down to the ground where he begins pulling the third victim three. "I'm not sure that I hate all spiders in general as a blanket statement, but these spiders in particular — I am markedly against." Once the last of the victims is freed, he is faced with the smaller cat-like spiders. These, though they swarm, can't get through his skin. But neither do they withstand being smashed into the pavement any better than their larger counterparts.

"I'd give them indigestion." Johnny says, confidently. As Mon-El works dutifully to free the victims, he calls fire and heat: the temperature of the general vicinity is uncomfortable to most, but when a dog-spider tries to leap Mon-El's way, a whip of flame streaks out from a snapping hand to wrap around it and pull it away, only to be hit by a fireball once its out of range. How exactly Johnny manages 'whips of flame' is something no one is quite certain of, but he manages. In this he's Guardian to Mon-El's Savior, and if the radiating heat is not entirely comfortable for everyone, it makes the moments when he throws another fireball easier. Mostly these roles are because Johnny knows he can't save anyone, so guarding Mike's back lets him participate. "Trust me, Mon-El. You hate spiders. Mostly because no one likes spiders." Pause, "Well they do eat a lot of annoying bugs but those are outside-spiders. Inside-spiders are another matter. But if you must draw a line, drawing the line at 'crystal alien spiders' is acceptable." Another fireball is thrown to crash into those who are hunting the alien.

"Heart burn at the very least, very bad heart burn," Mon-El replies, not having trouble with the proximity of the fire and the heat, though the people he frees might be sweating it out a bit — but hey, they're not dead! This is something that another dog-sized spider seems to notice and begins taking off down the street after the retreating victims. Mon-El gives chase and essentially tackles it to the ground and, while sitting on it, begins to de-limb the critter until it is just a very angry carapace with snapping jaws. "I'm talking about the ones that eat centipedes, because fuck centipedes. Way too many legs. Crystal alien centipedes? I'm out.. just.. out." He glances back as the fireball connects with the ones that were following him and he side-steps away from those. "I think we got all the people.." He looks into the webs, and around the area, to check and see if there are any more folk caught up in webs to be saved.

"Let me state here, firmly, and for the record, I am against anything with more then four appendages." Johnny states fervently, even as he watches the flight of the remaining spiders. Fireballs left and right are sent to answer their departure, because, really, he's stated his position. He flies on over to Mon-El, and settles to the ground and the flame is extinguished. "Arms, legs, I don't care, if there's more then four you have an obligation to prove you are not a menace from beyond dark space." He nods, "Right, we got the " Pause. Johnny just then notices as he glances down, he's wearing only a pair of black briefs. The clothes he was in was burned away, "Right." He notes, "So, people, I wasn't wearing one of my fireproof outfits." But he shrugs, and goes for what is important his bike. As he nears it, his expression becomes a bit of a glower, "Damnit, the axle was bent." He bursts into flame, though just flame that settles in red around his body, not the liquid-plasma he is sometimes.

"What about Octopi? Or Squid?" Mon-El asks, though he's grinning the whole time, clearly just egging Johnny on at this point. When Johnny comes to land nearby, he chuckles a little bit and says, "Well, to be fair.. we weren't expecting tonight to turn into a full-on plasma sort of night when we started out." His own clothes are torn all over from the spiders, but he himself doesn't have a mark on him. He wanders over toward the bikes and he pulls his own free from the webbing. It's going to need a bit of love, but is mostly intact. Looking over at Johnny's bike, he frowns a bit and asks, "Want me to see if I can straighten it a bit?" His is mostly okay, scraped up from sliding across the ground, but the webbing caught most of the momentum before it fell.

"_Everyone_ knows octopi are evil overlords striving for global ambitions." replies Johnny with a voice that is both amused and absent: he's looking for something else that needs killing. But he adds, "Yeah, I need to get Reed to make me a helmet. Not that I go all flame on while in a helmet usually, but even I am not stupid enough to ride without one." He eyes his bike a long moment and shakes his head, "The bent metal can't be bent back in place no matter how strong you are— or, rather, it can, but the metal itself would be weakened. I have to replace it. Buuut, if you could carry it back to Baxter? I'll get a new one and ride one of my other bikes until I get a replacement axel." The tone of voice clearly says: sads, this is my favorite.

Mike Matthews glances around, looking to see if any of the spiders decided to linger, seeing if there were any trapped people that they hadn't noticed, but for the moment he doesn't see anything, and so he looks back toward the bike. "Yeah, I can carry it back. That's no problem. You'll get it fixed up in no time." He has every confidence of that. "Besides, you still owe me a finish to this race." He grins and clasps Johnny's shoulder, giving it a firm squeeze. "Going to fly back? I can take care of both bikes." Besides, if riding without a helmet is off the table — riding nearly naked is probably not a good plan either.

Not that Mon-El minds at all watching Johnny stand around in his briefs. Not at all.

For all taht Johnny is…exposed, he has no shame, no embarassment, and if he even felt for a moment a thought that him being so exposed was a problem? That thought got vetoed and sent back to committee. Johnny nods his head and grins, "Yeah, I'll fly back, get pants, meet you in the private garrage." He reaches out to pat Mike's shoulder in return, grinning, "The better to not create new stories in the tabloids. Meet you there? It'll take ordering a new part to fix, but I'll get the lady fixed, for sure. And if anything needs fixing in yours, I'll help you out." He pauses, winks, and then flashes to red as flame envelops him and he shoots up into the sky. Apparently he assumes Mike'll meet him there, and set their bikes in order.

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