1964-08-23 - Establishing Narnia
Summary: In which Billy and Teddy pick a location for a new Planner base….
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Brooklyn. As they appear and the universe orients around them after the teleportation, its quickly obvious that Billy has taken them to Brooklyn. It's an industrial space, lots of warehouses and trucks moving in and around, but Billy nods to one old brick building after a moment, "That's what I'm thinking. The second floor is not used by the company that owns it, and if should be big enough and within our budget." He holds up a key, "Plus private access in back, and a freight elevator that seems to mostly be in good shape. We have to have some sort of cover story as a business— I figure you shapeshifting into a right proper business man aged thing to sign the papers after I fiddle up some fake id stuff will cover it."

Teddy looks around as they arrive then focuses on the building that Billy points out. "Should be good. You'll probably need to reinforce the floor and soundproof it all." At the suggestion, he turns into an older, muscled guy in a suit. An obviously Italian muscled guy in a suit. "The business sells… pinball machines. And we need a place to store them. One where people won't be coming and going unexpectedly and trying to play them. If you know what I mean." Shifting back into Teddy, he gives Billy a grin. "Like that? Let him think we're connected so he doesn't snoop around?"

"Reinforcing the floor may or may not be nessecary, depending on exactly how much I'm willing to twist the space-time continuum." Billy grins, but he nods in approval at the old dude. "Soundproofing for sure, though. A spell on the windows so that someone looking in won't see anything real— I think that'd be better then blocking off the windows entirely, less suspicious. Or am I overthinking that?" he wonders, heading along the alley beside the building, "Oh, and I'll get Dad to come set wards. I still don't know the theorycrafting behind wards to do them myself."

"I think if we walk around a bit, we'll see lots of windows you can't see through." Teddy says, looking around to see if he can spot any. "Besides, we want suspicious if we want to make people think we're connected and it's best to leave us alone."

"True." Billy considers for a long moment as he wanders, "Okay, maybe we don't just sell pinball machines but we *make* them, and obviously we don't want anyone to steal our latest projects." He heads up the stairs in the back, "I told the owner I was an assistant and used some charm to get the key, I have to return it tonight, but I talked him into letting us look around without a tour. Dimples might have been abused in the process."

"Yes, secret pinball machine designs." Teddy agrees. "Which no one ever sees. Perfect. I wouldn't believe it in a minute. What's on the ground floor?" he asks as he follows Billy upstairs.

"What, do you think that's a bad cover story?" Billy hesitates, eyeing Teddy a minute, then shrugging and heading up and unlocking the door to head within. The building itself is a city block long, and about a third of that wide, so long and narrow but with plenty of space. "Something to do with texttiles. I thought getting a second floor would be better because its a little more awkward for people to pay attention to." The space itself is completely empty, with several support pillars but nothing else, "I figure I can conjure up some walls to section it out however we need."

"No, I mean it's perfect. No one will believe it and they'll think we're connected and better leave us alone." Teddy explains. "Exactly what we want." Once inside, he takes in the big empty space and nods. "Good size. We should have a lot of room to spar in, especially using our powers."

"Oh, okay, right." Billy grins dimples at Teddy as he looks around, nodding with some appreciation, "Yeah, there's good room. We can have a proper gym, some sparring space, … I don't know, what all rooms we need, I guess it will partly depend on what the others need. Plus there's a lot of traffic around here so any coming and going will not be noticed much. I still have to talk to Dad about the whole wardrobe thing but I … have a solid idea of how to make it work. I'm calling it a 'standing spell': a spell that casts a spell when triggered."

"Think about what SHIELD has." Teddy suggests. "Gym, training area, conference room. We don't need labs and staff. A place to hang out and relax would be good so we don't need to stuff everyone into our apartment all the time."

"Hm." Billy nods his head thoughtfully, "Though I do think we'll need a lab, just not a super advanced one. Some basic equipment: I had to sneak some of the spider-sand into the SHIELD lab to study it and get an idea of how to make a dimensional door work." His magic is a bit sciency, after all. "I do agree, a hangout center. Hm, a basic kitchen: we might be working late and need to throw together something to munch on."

"Doesn't that take gas lines?" Teddy asks, looking around to see if he can spot anything already here. "And water for that matter. There even a bathroom up here? Warehouse doesn't really need any but if there is one, would be on the ground floor."

"Oh, I was going to twist spacetime for that." explains Billy with a quick grin, "Rent a dingy little apartment— something cheap as possible— and connect the two. We'd use it for bathrooms and kitchen and nothing else." He shakes his head, "I see this space as the… fulcrum, the nexus. The actual base will be something of a… complex, spread over the spacetime continuum." He pauses, "If I can nail the standing spell thing."

Teddy nods. "You will." He doesn't sound like he has any doubt of that. "Just don't break anything while you're experimenting." Looking back at Billy, he thinks a moment. "If you do figure out that spell, does that mean you can give us each a ring or something that'll bring us back here if we want to? No matter where we are?"

Billy comes up short at that, stopping and looking a little uncertain, his head spinning with the implications, "I don't know: I was going to base the standing spells on doorways, even though I don't have to use doors anymore… its still an easier model to attach the spell to. When the door opens, the spell triggers and opens a wormhole while th edoor is open — so its a spell-that-creates-a-spell. In a way its like enchantment, making a magical item? Only its not. The item is just… Well, hrm. If I can get this working then I'll consider, but a portable-movable spell like that might be harder. I don't honestly know."

"Okay, it was just a thought. It could be good to have a quick exit though, especially if you get knocked out or something." Teddy points out. "Just say the magic word and you're back here with whoever you're carrying."

"There *may* and I stress the uncertainty of may, be possible to make a one-use escape… token. Say, a key that fits any lock— that when turned turns the door into a wormhole to some secure spot. The thing is I'm not sure that *here* should be that secure spot." Billy nibbles his lower lip and he considers, "I think it would be more complicated if you could take passengers. I'm good at teleportation, its one of the things I'm confident in… but teleporting unknown people on a trigger by someone else, that's a level of indirection that might be… problematic." He nods, "But I'll think about it. So, let's go talk to the owner, Mister Rossi."

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