1964-08-23 - Wine and Cookies
Summary: Illyana and Lorna plan a day for the beach
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Lorna sighed as she walked along the sidewalk, her arms loaded up with new purchases. New clothes and other assorted odds and ends that she figured she'd want for the coming move to her father's house. New textbooks, to study from on her own, and a new set of sweats, for training. Her old set were so heavily grass stained and dirty it was honestly safer to just get new ones. It wasn't like Erik was stingey when it came to his youngest child's wellfare.

The normally green haired mutant had taken to hair dye again. This time a brown so dark it was more or less black. Once more, she was having the trouble of her natural green hair poking out at odd places after a wash or two. And it showed at her roots and under different places where she'd missed the dye.

It was cooling off rapidly, enough so that a pair of jeans and a tank top were more than comfortable to wear for this time of year. The sun beginning to dip lower on the horizon above.

For a variety of reasons, unknown to most, Illyana is almost never seen without long sleeved shirts and pants. Light clothes, to be sure, but still long. It is in such garb that the blond catches up to Lorna, walking alongside her for several paces before saying anything. "The hair dye again." It's said fairly neutrally. No real judgment in the statement. "What brought that on?" She reaches for some of Lorna's bags, intending to help her carry them.

Lorna flashed Illyana a smile as the blonde came up to her. She passed the bags that the young woman reached for without argument, having lived with Illyana before she knew better than to try. The comment about her hair had her reaching for a strand and she bit her lower lip. "Oh, I dunno. Being targeted as a mutant because of it and being kidnapped and experimented on. You know. Standard stuff." She shrugged and let her hand fall away.

"How have you been?"

"Last night Jean went completely crazy and that cabbie who always shows up when things are getting dangerous almost got himself killed while your boyfriend and some guy with horns and I convinced a kid with a gun to come back to the Academy," Illyana explains in a single breath. "And a few weeks ago I got a bunch of people to help root a damned soul out of Limbo who was trying to get the demons to mutiny. A lot of them did." She hefts the bag up higher onto her shoulder. "A normal summer in the life of Illyana Rasputina. Oh, and we're planning an X-girls trip to Tahiti."

Lorna's lips thinned into a line and she started walking toward a bench off to the side. It was better than trying to walk and talk and keep up with Illyana. "He's not my boyfriend anymore." She muttered, plopping her bag down on her knees. "..We both returned a little too messed up to take care of ourselves. Much less each other. I lashed out at him. He lashed out at me… and .." She threw her hands up.

"That's it." She scowled and heaved a sigh. Then her green eyes returned to consider the blonde beside her. "I don't think I count as an X-girl anymore, Illyana. Not if I drop out."

Illyana purses her lips, then puts an arm around Lorna, hugging her sidelong. "Sorry," she says gently. "I didn't know. And you're always an X-girl, even if you're not at the school." She sighs. "Though I'll miss having you around there, but it's not like I can't drop in whenever I feel like it." She grins in such a way that it might be foreboding if one didn't know her better. "When. Ever. I. Feel. Like. It."

Lorna returned the side hug with her own arm, her lips tugging into a sad smile. "It's okay. I just.. I figure I gotta actually figure out how to get his stuff back to him. I dunno. Maybe I should just drop it at his apartment. Or leave it at the school. I figured.. if he and his brother are going to be attending in the fall.. it's likely better if I'm not around." She grimaced. "They need help with their powers more than I do. And my father is more than willing to train me, so I'm just gonna move into my father's brownstone down here in the city."

Another shrug followed and she withdrew the arm. "I'll miss having you and everyone else around too." She smiled as the blonde mentioned dropping in whenever she felt like it and laughed. "If you drop in completely unannounced I make no promises for what my father will do if he isn't given a phone call ahead of time."

"He's working with us," Illyana notes. "I can take his stuff when we get to your place, bring it back to the school with me. It might be easier on you." She purses her lips. "Lorna, you always have a home there, you know. It's not just me saying that. The Prof would want you to know." Her head tilts slightly. "Your dad's a pussycat. He loves me."

Lorna grimaced, "I still feel like I owe him an apology, I.. blamed him for things that weren't his fault." She shook her head and sighed. "I need to handle it myself. I dunno, I'm just being a coward by avoiding him." She murmured and hung her head slightly, dragging her hand through her hair.

"And I know the school just.. it's never felt like home to me. I dunno. It just.. it feels like some place my father just stashes me whenever he wants to go off on a Nazi hunting job in Europe or South America or something." She shrugged and made a face as Illyana called her father a pussycat.

"Yeah but popping into existence in his kitchen unannounced might surprise him enough that things go flying, you know."

"I don't 'pop into existence,'" says Illyana. "My arrival is preceded by the appearance of a white disk of light. And occasionally the roars of demons." She tilts her head slightly. "Write him a letter, maybe. Kaleb, I mean. I'll drop it off. He was actually a big help yesterday." She huffs out a sigh. "I admit, Frost's place never felt like home to me. I love the Academy. It's where Kitty and Piotr and all the others are. or were. It's home for me. But I understand where you're coming from, Lorna. So I guess, if you don't have a home there, at least you'll have a place to go."

Lorna grimaced, "That sounds like a cowards way out, Yana. To just write him an apology letter? It almost as bad as Julian breaking up with me via his butler." She muttered and rubbed the back of her neck. She wrung her hands on her lap and bit her lower lip. "Miss Frost's academy always felt more like the place I belonged. I took classes that I got into because of my grades. I had a degree to go for. I had training on the side.. and volunteer work here in the city. I knew what to expect." She exhaled a breath.

"The Institute always.. it just always feels like I'm underfoot. Like I'll never truly fit in. I'm older than the high school kids, but younger than the teachers like Scott and Jean. I'm stuck in this awful middle ground and I didn't grow up there like so many others. I hate it." She bit her lower lip, and fought back the urge to sigh.

"I care about so many people there and I know I'm safe and I love what everyone is there to do.. I just.. I feel like a failure. Like I'll never grow up or be independent if I stay. That I'll just keep making dumb mistakes and have everyone pity me.."

"Lorna, I'm 22. There are a lot of us in that middle ground between kids and teachers. Look, I don't blame you at all for wanting to be someplace you're more comfortable. And it's okay that you're leaving. You want to hang out… just call me. I'm usually at the school." A brow rises. "Who pities you? Getting kidnapped is, like, a weekly event around here. Happens to everybody." Herself included.

Lorna exhaled and shook her head. "And I'm almost nineteen, I think, and I just.. I constantly feel like.. like I dunno." She groaned and rubbed the side of her temple as she leaned back heavily against the bench. "I just need space… away from everyone for a time. I told my father that I wanted to take a year off.. But I honestly don't know what I'll do with myself."

Her green eyes lifted to return toward Illyana and she grimaced again, "I was a wreck Yana when I came back. Still likely am, if I'm being honest. But I just… Gosh, I have no idea what I'm talking about."

Illyana shakes her head. "You're confused. You're tired. You're stressed out. And it's understandable. Remember, Lorna, I was in a similar situation, kind of. It screwed me up pretty well, but if anybody knows what you've gone through…" She trails off. "So take time off and figure out what you want to do. Your dad's letting you stay with him. Great. Any time you need me, I'll be there for you."

Lorna flashed Illyana a grateful smile. "Thanks Yana, I appreciate it. Really. I know you're not the only one that would say that at the school either. There's a lot of great people there that care about me. I know.." She stopped and grimaced again, her lips thinning as she looked down at her lap. "I'll make sure to call you if I'm bored or need you." She finished instead of whatever thought dogged her mind.

Her hands reached out, curling around the shopping bag still on her lap. "Hey, we should.. do something. Or go some where. Just us."

"I'm all for it," Illyana replies, flashing a grin like the cheshire cat. "Local? Distant? Food? Dancing? Movie?" She has no specific ideas, but given the nature of her abilities, it's not at all hard for her to take them wherever they want to go.

Lorna tilted her head to the side in thought, considering. "Well, we could go to a concert. The Beatles are on the West Coast.." She mused, and tapped her chin. "Or we could go to like someplace really far away. Like I dunno, someplace in Europe? Not France. My French is terrible." She hmmed and dragged her hands through her hair.

"Oo, we could look for some haunted castle. In like Ireland! Or maybe hit up London." She grinned, "Oh man, Yana. I can't make the decision. There's too many options."

Illyana taps her lip lightly, considering this, then draws Lorna into the nearest alley. "C'mon. Let's make this quick." She summons a portal. "Drop off your stuff at home, then from there we can make plans. Where are the Beach Boys playing?"

Lorna got up, following after with a grin on her features. "Okay. I dunno where they're at off the top of my head. But I have the guide back at home." She slung her shopping bags higher on her arm and jumped into the portal without a pause. It wasn't the first nor would it be the last time she hopped into one of Illyana's portals.

"Should I get my swimsuit you think? We could hit up a beach some where."

Illyana's gotten pretty good at keeping the time spent in Limbo to a minimum. "Can't hurt. It's always swimsuit weather somewhere. I'll have to stop at home if we're going to the beach, though." She smiles. "I have a new bikini. I'm sure it drives everyone mad."

Lorna laughed, "We have to go to the beach then. I gotta see this new bikini so judgement can be passed on whether or not it's worthy." She joked lightly, her mood rising with something to distract her. "Oh, we should definitely bring some food then. I've got a bunch of stuff at my father's, he really keeps the kitchen well stocked. And he's been putting in more chocolate in the pantry for me." She grinned, it was almost like being an only child, save the fact she had two older siblings who most definitely did not want to live with the family.

"What do you think, chocolate chip cookies and some .. hmm, wine?"

"Good enough," Illyana agrees, glancing at the nearest clock in consideration, doing a few calculations in her head. "How about Hawaii? It's always beach time in Hawaii. Cookies and wine sound like a good plan. And I'll grab some bread and cheese from the kitchen at the Academy."

Lorna continued to grin as they walked, "Sure, I can't say I've been to Hawaii. Pretty sure Billy only ever vaguely goes 'Find us a beach' and we end up on some random one." She shrugged, "Any preferences on white or red? My father has both in the kitchen." Another heft of her shopping bags followed and Lorna seemed to only relax further as they planned out the ideal evening.

"Hmm, anything else?"

"No preference," Illyana says. "If it were vodka I'd have an opinion." She doesn't drink all that much, really, or at least not all that often, but when she does it's almost always her homeland's vice. "Billy. The witch boy, right? He helped me save Firestar from the place where they had her." She pauses. "haven't seen Angelica in ages," she adds in concern before sighing and shaking her head. "I'm gonna pop over to the school, grab my beach stuff, and be back in a couple minutes."

Lorna nodded, "Okay, I'll grab which I find first then." She shrugged, setting her bags down. "Billy is my nephew. But yeah, witch boy, I guess. He's good people." She smiled and as the concern slides over Illyana's features, her own clouded minutely.

"I'll be here getting things together. No rush."

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