1964-08-24 - Hotdog!
Summary: Lorna and Warren run into each other. The two have hotdogs and enjoy an afternoon.
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Warren isn't usually out and about in public these days. With all of the changes he has been through, he doesn't like the risk of being recognized and 'outed'. Still, sometimes even the most lavish of penthouse apartments can be stuffy and lonely, and instead of taking to the air, Warren decided to take a stroll through the park instead.

COvered head to toe in a valor tracksuit, his skin is protected from prying eyes, the hoodie of his sweat suit jacket pulled up to even obscure his face. His hands are also covered by a pair of leather gloves, pulled snug with the cuffs under the hem of his sleeves. He is jogging at a slow pace, not to jostle the hood back, rounding one of the corners and heading towards one of the hog dog carts along the trail.


Lorna had just gotten herself a hotdog, loaded up with literally everything she could possibly fit onto it. The air was cool to be chilly in the shade and she'd put on a jean jacket this morning before leaving her father's brownstone. The morning had been spent in Mutant Town, doing odd jobs and the other assorted things that people desperately needed the otherwise went ignored.

Her focus leapt from her lunch break food toward the hooded mutant jogging by. She sensed the iron alloy within and grinned. "Hey!" She waved, after a moment. Figuring that calling out his name in the park might've not been the best of tatics. Besides. She was at least recognizable.


Warren slows as he approaches the hot dog cart, the jog turning into a trot and then into a walk as he gets closer. He glances over at the 'Hey', as he stops entirely, the head under the hood cocking to the side slightly as he gets his bearings on who called out.

Seeing Lorna waving, Warren lets out a little chuckle, starting to stroll over in her direction, forgoing his own hotdog for now. "Well, hello there. Told you Manhattan is a small place. You're going to have to join me for a jog if you eat all that!" he says, motioning to the hot dog with everything in her hand. "Guess me gas just looking at it."


Lorna laughed softly, "It's not typically what people would call a 'small' place." She grinned, shifting her hot dog covered in toppings to her other hand as she licked off ketchup from her fingers.

"And I need it. Like I said, training with my father is hard stuff. Plus I've spent most of the day helping out and doing some heavy lifting on the fire escapes and stuff. You wouldn't believe how much those corode when they're in parts of the city people don't care about." She shook her head and heaved a sigh.

"How are you doing?"


"Yeah, yeah I would. Who do you think is footing the bill for a lot of that cleanup effort?" says Warren with a chuckle. "Still, you have to be careful with those things…but they are good aren't they? In LA, they do hot dogs wrapped in bacon with peppers and onions. Now those…those are to die for."

He grins, the flash of his teeth as he smiles showing under the hood, "I'm alright. Surviving. Taking it one day at a time and all that. You? Your move go alright?"


A reflexive smile crosses Lorna's features as he talks about footing the bill. "Well, color me not surprised that you're helping out like that." She took a bite of the hot dog, her eyebrows shooting upwards as Warren described the differences with those in LA. She paused, swallowing and wiping her hand clean on a napkin she balanced between her fingers.

"Bacon? Wow. That sounds pretty good," She paused, and her nose wrinkled. "At least to me, can't say my father would approve. But he already judges my food choices as being pretty poor." She sighed and grinned again.

"Taking it a day at a time. Yeah.. boy do I get that." She muttered, and shook her head. "The move went fine. I didn't have too much. And it helps that I have my own car and stuff."


"OH…right…Jewish…" Warren mutters apologetically, but then arches a brow. "But you're eating a hot dog anyway, so I guess bacon wouldn't be off the menu for you either. Tell you what, I'm sure I can get make those myself sometime, it can't be that hard. If I do, i'll invite you over. We won't tell you're dad."


Lorna laughed and grinned, "I wasn't raised Jewish, so I'm still learning to humor my father. I ordered something at the dinner the other day and he just was all grumpy. It took me a while to realize it was because he didn't approve of what I was eating." She shrugged lightly, "But then again he does that when I eat too many sweets too."

A pause as she glanced back at the hot dog stand. "Am I keeping you from getting something to eat? Because I don't mind stepping oh what a few feet along with you in line if you want to get something."


Warren glances back towards the cart and shrugs, "I was just going to grab a bottle of water, but now that we have been talking about hot dogs I don't think I am going to be able to resist getting one of those myself."

Warren grins and starts to move the couple of steps towards the cart, telling the vendor he wanted one with everything. before turning back to Lorna, "I'll admit, you already seem happier than even yesterday. Moving was obviously the right option for you."


Lorna walked along side to keep a comfortable distance to maintain the conversation. She grinned as he ordered a hotdog not unlike her own, and she continued to nibble away at the mountain of food in her hand. "Sorry to interupt your work out with talk about food and hotdogs." She grinned, not all that sorry again. The grin faltered however, as he mentioned her being happier.

She glanced away, suddenly awkward. "I'm .. just trying really hard to not think about things. It's easier to ignore it when I'm outside in the sun." A pause as she glanced back to him. "And you're easy to talk to. So that helps. A lot.."


Warren ahhs to himself, reaching into hi pocket to produce a money clip and flipping off a couple of bills to hand to the vendor. "Well, sorry to bring it up then. Next time I will remember to keep my mouth shut..or maybe just stuff it with a dog." He takes a bite of the hotdog, a little mustard dab remaining on his nose after the bite. He starts to walk down the path as he chews and talks, "It's not like I really need the workout. Part of my, uh, gifts is I maintain a pretty low fat ratio. If you ever see me without a shirt on, you'd be able to tell."


Lorna grimaced and shrugged once, "Hey, it's not your fault. I just.. I had a really rough day yesterday actually. And things.. didn't go as I'd hoped." She took another bite of her hotdog. "Don't worry about it. I'll take it as a compliment that I'm a better actress than I thought I was." She exhaled a breath and glanced back his way, hooking an eyebrow upwards.

"Ya know I feel like I'm obligated to make some kind of a comment about seeing you shirtless can have several different meanings or something. I'm not as good at those kind of jokes though.." She grinned, tilting her head to the side.


Warren winces slightly, "Oh…that bad huh?" He reaches over to give Lorna a gentle pat on the shoulder if she allows. "Sorry."

Warren turns and arches a brow at her, "I'm half tempted to see what jokes you can come up with…" he says with a smirk before taking another bite. "But I think your dad would kill me just for even joking about that kind of thing." He shakes his head, smirking and taking another bite of the hot dog. "Besides, from what I have been told, you already have anyway."


Lorna's lips pulled into a thin, twisted smile that was more of a grimace. Even as Warren patted her shoulder. "That bad. That whole going in person thing was…" She trailed off and shook her head, "I'm glad I did it, I tried my best. And sometimes your best isn't good enough and things still go badly. But I know I did everything I could." She took another bite of her hotdog finishing it off.

"And sometimes that's all you can hope for." She finished and glanced back his way. As he smirked however, and continued onto lighter topics she colored faintly.

"Okay, yeah, but I feel like that doesn't count. You weren't all there. And I was very much focused on trying to catch those wings." She coughed lightly into her palm, still faintly pink in her cheekbones. "And honestly, my father is a teddy bear. You don't have to worry about him."


"Yeah…sometimes doing your best is all you can do, even if it doesn't work out as intended." says Warren , giving her shoulder a squeeze before dropping his hand again. "Still, sorry you had to go through it It's never a fun thing to have to go through."

"As for me and my 'rescue' day, i'm glad you were there to help prevent me from doing anything I would have regretted. I may not have been all there, but I would still fee the ramifications once I came back to my senses." He chuckles, "Nothing about Erik reads 'teddy bear' to me. Maybe momma grizzly bear, protecting her cubs…but not teddy. The man could pull my wings off with an afterthought, i'd rather not test his ire."


Lorna glanced sidelone at Warren as squeezed her shoulder and a soft smile came to her lips. "Yeah. But it's better this way. Rather than trying to force things that would only make me unhappy." She shrugged, and wiped her hands off on a napkin, having finished off her hotdog as they slowly ambled through the park. She balled up the napkin and wrapper, throwing it into a trash can in passing.

"I know what it's like to not be 'all there', it's not your fault. And I'm just glad I was able to help out and not hurt you by accident." She smiled his way again, shoving her hands into her pockets. His comments about Erik earned a soft giggle and her smile grew into a toothy grin.

"Pfft, you really don't have to worry about my father. It's my sister you really should worry about."


Finishes off the last few bites of his hot dog, a dab of mustard still hanging out on the tip of his nose that he misses when he wipes off his face. "Duly noted. Don't mess with your sister. In fact, I'll just make it a blanket rule not to mess with your family in general." Warren says with a grin, tossing his own napkin in the trash. "This sounds like the best course of action for my safety."


Lorna continued to laugh softly as they walked, and noted the mustard still on his nose. She gestured with her hand to her own, "Uhm, you've got a little mustard here."

Then continued onwards with the conversation. "You don't have to really worry about my brother Pietro, he's rarely around. And really, my father isn't that bad. He just looks grumpy."


"Do I?" Warren says as he tries to peer at the end of his nose, going crosseyed for a moment. He shrugs, removing one of his gloves and bringing a blue hand up to wipe at the end of his nose. "Thanks. That would have been embarrassing wandering around with that on my nose all day."

"I'll take your word for it about your family. I met your brother once, for a few seconds anyway. Seemed almost as angry as I was at that point, but I don't know what was his deal. He had just gotten out of the medbay before I did. Wanda, I met the once as well. Erik….him I just tend to avoid. Truth is, you're the only one I really know…and that isn't very well."


Lorna smiled as he went cross eyed and she had to fight off the urge to giggle. She bit her lower lip and glanced away instead. "No problem. I've had a smear of chocolate on my cheek for a whole afternoon after I baked cookies. No one told me. That was embarassing." She murmured and then glanced back toward him as the focus returned to the topic of her family.

"Yeah Pietro was in the medbay for some burns. He'd managed to get into trouble with Wanda somehow. I don't ask.." She murmured and folded her arms in thought. She paused as he mentioned not knowing her particularly well.

"Well, if you want to ask me anything, go for it. I consider us friends. That's what friends do, right? Talk and support each other?"


He chuckles, slipping his hand back into his glove. "I think chocolate is more forgiving than a bright yellow dab of mustard."

"Well, I know I woke up with things drawn on my face in marker curtesy of your brother." Warren says dryly, "At least it wasn't anything too offensive, and he is lucky I was able to get it all off. Otherwise, well…he may have had more than just burns to worry about. I wasn't exactly as forgiving as I am today."

He hrms to himself, moving over to one of the benches lining the path and offering Lorna a seat, "Yes, of course. And I think we are friends as well. You're just a bit younger that I am, so we don't really hang out and talk or anything, not till recently anyway. I guess the first question anyone ever asks one of us is 'how did you find out about your uniqueness'. By the way, the same goes or you, feel free to ask me anything."


Lorna clapped a hand over her lips at the news of what her brother had done to Warren while he slept. "Oh my gosh. Pietro.." She groaned and dragged her hand over her face. "I'm sorry. He.. always does that. Pranks and stuff." A pause, "Also, he's kinda hard to catch. Speedster and all.. so, even if you had wanted to catch him.." She shook her head.

As Warren found a bench and sat, offering her the other free spot she took it, crossing her legs. "Huh. Well. I guess that's fair," She paused and her nose wrinkled faintly. "I actually don't know how old I am. I was adopted out of Poland sometime after the war. So, no birth certificate or anything." She shrugged and exhaled a breath. "And that's kinda tied to knowing I was different. I was, well.. always different. I had green hair as a baby. And for as long as I can remember I've basically been a magnet of some kind or another. My adoptive parents just had me dye my hair, and try not to use my powers. So there was never any sudden 'Ah-ha!' or anything." She dragged a hand through her hair, glancing his way.

"What about you?"


Warren chuckles, shrugging a shoulder. "I guess he was bored. It's fine, no harm, no foul."

He leans back, placing an arm over the back of the bench and stretching out, "That's got to be rough, not knowing how old you are? I mean unless you have some anti-aging capabilities you are obviously not older than twenty or so if I had to guess? I'm sure there would be some way to find out somehow."

He shrugs a shoulder, "When I hit puberty the wings, well my old ones, started to grow in. I made myself a harness to bind them down and never told anyone, not even my parents. Lived that way for years and it wasn't until I went to Xavier's that I let myself be 'free' more."


Lorna shrugged, "We know roughly how old I am. I mean, my father is only in his thirties. And well, he knows when he escaped the camps. So there's a give or take of a few years but that's really it." She murmured, "What bugs me the most is not knowing who my mother was, is. He had no idea I existed. Still wouldn't have figured it out if our powers weren't the same." She sighed heavily and turned her gaze back to Warren.

"Oh.. like Jay. He has a harness still." She murmured, "I've seen it." She grimaced, her lips twisting briefly. "Was it painful to wear? Did.. did your parents ever figure it out?"


"Yeah, I suppose that makes sense about knowing a timeframe around when you were conceived, but how would he not know about your mother. I mean, I'm not doctor, but it takes two…you know? Unless he was a bit of a player…or…you know what. Those are questions likely too personal to be asking to you, or your father and totally none of my business." He raises a hand in surrender, chaining the topic.

"Whose Jay?" asks Warren. "I don't know Jay, so I couldn't say. But yea, it wasn't exactly comfortable, and no, they never knew. They died before I was able to tell them. If I would have ever told them. I don't know how they would have taken it."


Lorna grimaced, "Uhm, my father was a very angry young man when he escaped the camps and that's all I think I need to say about that." She blushed faintly, "But yeah. It just.. it bugs me that I dunno who she was or if she's alive or what." She exhaled a breath, shaking her head. "Maybe I should just ask Wanda to help with that too." She murmured and then glanced back toward Warren.

"Jay is a mutant with wings, they're big and reddish. He's been to the school before, but he's kinda.. well he kinda lives with Kaleb and Kellan." Her expression failed and she exhaled a breath. "He's got a healing factor and he's a good person. Maybe you'll run into him sometime." But then she trailed off at Warren's comments about his parents. Her expression clouded and she reached forward a hand to his arm, attempting to give it a gentle squeeze.

"Oh, Warren.. I'm so sorry. That.. that must he really hard."


Warren doesn't flinch away from the touch at all, shrugging a shoulder. "It's alright. For all I know it may have been a blessing in disguise that they never found out. They could have taken one look and disowned me, and then where would I have ended up? Certainly not where I am now."

As she mentions Jay, he lets out a little sound. "Sounds an awful lot like Me…well, the old me. Just with red instead of white. Interesting, maybe I will have to make a point of finding him sometime."

He looks back over at her and nods. "Sounds like your sister can do quite a few amazing things. She may be able to help with that, you would know better than I though."


A weak smile followed and Lorna slowly retracted her hand. "Still, to have the choice taken out of your hands entirely.. It.. I know too many people that have to hide their mutations from their parents. I can't imagine it. Much less when parents disown their own children over it.." She shook her head and exhaled a breath. "And I know that that's common too."

Her gaze drifted down to the sidewalk before them and she nodded. "Yeah, my sister.. and her son, Billy… It's not quite magic, but its close enough. I don't get it. But they can do a lot of crazy things." She glanced back toward him and paused. "I realize that uhm.. maybe you aren't aware about magic being a thing.."


"You mean like actual hocus pocus type magic? I didn't, no…but I can't say it is all that shocking either. Look at what I do, or you can do. That by itself is a kind of magic, isn't it?" says Warren with a shrug. "It would be idiotic and somewhat…what is the word I am looking for…irresponsible? Nah..that's not it. Fuck it, it would be dumb to think that there couldn't be something like that in the world when there are people like us."

He shrugs again, "Yeah, I don't know. My folks were good folks. I would have liked to think that they would have been loving and supporting. I tend to believe they would have been. But, we were also high society, and with that ones a lot of social pressures. They could have had to force me out just for the companies sake. It's one of the main reasons I haven't come out yet myself."


Lorna nodded, "Yeah like hocus pocus type magic. Illyana can do it. My sister, and her husband can. So can her son Billy." She counted them off on her fingers. "So when I meant charm, I literally meant a charm." She smiled, "Trust me when I say that it can get so much weirder. I lived with her for a few weeks once, and oh man," She leaned in.

"Ever heard of Merlin? Like King Arthur? He's real. And he lived with them for a while. He helped me with my Polish lessons." She grinned and leaned back.

As he spoke about his parents she bit her lower lip, "I'm sure your parents would've tried to do what's best for you. I like to think that most people that have kids actually love them and want to do right by them."


Warren arches a brow, "Really? Now that is interesting. The actual Merlin helped you with your Polish? And here I was stuck with Simone for my French tutoring…and I still suck at French."

"Learned a few other things, but my French is still atrocious."

"So, yeah…anyway, I'm sure most parents do. It's just not every day you find out your kid has wings, or can control the weather, or shoot blasts of energy. They probably get overwhelmed and do the best they can, I hope. But, unfortunately there are the ones that don't."


Lorna laughed and nodded, "Yeah, Merlin." She grinned and tucked her hair back behind an ear. "I suck at French too. My father has been pushing for me to learn most European languages since he found out I only learned English in school. I've had to take German, Polish, Italian, French, and I'm pretty sure Spanish is next." She pinched the bridge of her nose and groaned.

"But I swear German is the only one that makes even vague sense to me." She offered Warren another smile as she checked her watch and stood up. "I'm sure it must be hard, but I dunno.. after having gone through surprise! You're adopted.. family just.. it matters a good deal to me. But I guess that's from the inside looking out at that whole powers thing." She shrugged.

"I should likely get back to Mutant Town, and let you finish off your walk. Thanks for chatting with me Warren. If you need anything, give me a call or something."


Warren stands, nodding to Lorna. "Of course. It was good having the chance to talk to you, Lorna. Feel free to give me a call as well." He offers a hug to her, "Let me know how things progress in Mutant Town. If there needs to be any more donations made, I can see to it."


Lorna jumped at the chance for a hug it seemed Lorna was a hugger. She grinned, giving him a squeeze before letting go and stepping back. "I'll let you know. So far, since it's been a while since anything major happened there, it's just standard repairs and service that needs doing. Here's hoping it stays that way. Thank you Warren, take care of yourself." She waved to him, and split off as she made for the direction of Mutant Town proper.

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