1964-08-25 - Fine, Show Off the New Apartment
Summary: Kaleb finally visits Maximus to see the new penthouse apartment he 'acquired'
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In the realm of nice places in the city, Maximus cannot settle for a simple /common/ apartment. He has to choose very wisely and pick a place that is gorgeous and rich, yet isn't owned by someone so famous, or with so many kids and relations, that they would be immediately missed. Its also not murder. Its relocation. When he finally has the place, he calls up Kaleb and tells him where it is. Unlike the last place, this one doesn't have the huge lobby, but it does have elevators, and a private entrance where you have to call to be let in the door. This is a place for people who don't want to be messed with.

Kaleb actually got out of his 5th Avenue suite. Max had gone well above and beyond and was, in Kaleb's mind, owed the dignity and respect of the return effort. There was a late start as doing one's hair in the morning takes longer when you sleep in the helmet so you can actually get real sleep. The drive over was a tad nerve wracking but he was there ringing the bell up back in his pressed silver suit with vest sans jacket, but with the vest on and shoes polished. This was a push past the lethargy. An eyebrow went up looking over the place. He liked the parade of doormen and hte huge opulent lobby, but this was ideal for someone that demanded their privacy. Like undercover royalty one would suppose. Lips pressed together and he waited to be rung up

BZZZZT. Kaleb is allowed in. The elevator is pretty obvious, and there's just a simple attendant in the much smaller lobby, to offer people their mail and so on. The woman watches Kaleb walk to the elevators like she's trying to recall exactly how he looks. Can't really blame her there. From there, its a short ride to the top…because only the top for Max, and the elevator opens up into the apartment. Presumably, Max could lock the elevator if he wanted to.

The apartment is in the shape of a square, moving left and right from the elevator, then allll the way around, through the rooms in a linear fashion. It means that he has a broad view on 3 sides, though there is only access to one balcony, and the side that butts up against another building is bereft of windows, of course. Max is not immediately present, but he wanders out soon after,a sly grin on his face. "Sooooo, you made it."

The place is fully furnished, and seems a bit old fashioned, very 1940s-ish, in the style of the cabinets and furniture, but opulent, none-the-less.

Kaleb was happy to stroll in like he was important, because he was, and like he may own the place, which given the Miller's propensities to own large buildings around the world might be a reality. In this case it was not. He wasn't impolite about this but he also never felt the need to chat up the help either much. It might be a personal failing really.

An amused, catlike grin evolved into being on the meticulous Miller. "Well I thought about our discussion and I sat up for a while thinking it over, and after the first restful sleep since I was forcibly sedated? I decided I was in agreement that I was done letting lesser things in the world try to make me weak. Besides, too few truly know how to be excited about new acquisitions." An eyebrow went up and he considered, "Pre-furnished?" He was keen to note the lack of trampled carpeting from a thousand paces moving furniture into place overnight. "Better that way I think. Barring the presence of good taste. But," The Architect in him furrowed a brow and wandered on looking at the balcony view without going out onto it and around the open layout thus far, "I'm groovin with the floor plan. You already know this, but you have good taste. Great find. Tour?" Oh Max, how could you ever fail to tempt the man with new construct to explore? It was alike a whole new toy.

Maximus grinned faintly, and turned to the side. "I will give you the tour…and you wil

Maximus folds his arms behind his own back, his eyes casting down. "No…one might say that I have /no one/ that does anything for me at all. I am capable of sustaining the place but if you are offering to /buy/ it for me?" His eyes dart up and he arches his brows, "I have to say…that seems like a large present, even among royalty. Are you trying to seduce me?"

Kaleb rubbed the edge of his hand along his jaw thoughtfully still considering the view, though glancing back to Max. "No one meaning several people, or no one meaning you're surrounded by people who ask you how you are doing that hope you've learned what the correct answer to give them is?" That one he knew.

The asking if he was buying the placedrew an honest wry grin from him that's been absent for too long. "You know with my month and what happen the last time I dropped a couple million I got accused of assault. I buy you a flat and I'm pretty certain the math says I start an inter-race war for kidnapping a monarch." He paused and considered the very real math of that. He took the moment to look Max top to toe and after a moment back again nodded. "Maybe. Be worth it. Shit might just be worth droppingg the whole building under acquisition and then conveniently forgetting the top floor exists." He winked and took a deep breath. "Goddamit. I was always going to be in dad's back pocket anyways. WHy? You need a present?" He swung a look back to Maximus looking, for the world, dead serious. "I need someone to be fuckin happy this year with somethin."

Ransom suddenly laughs. Its unbalanced. Its confident. There are a few screws loose in it. He takes steps forwards to get closer to Kaleb, "You have no idea what you are doing, Kaleb. You are…grieving, upset, and struggling with your power. /I/ am not going to take advantage of you. No matter how advantageous that might be. I do actually care. A few months from now…if you want to pay for this place, you can do it. I don't deserve it. Not yet, anyway."

Kaleb turned and knew the sound of stress. He didn't understand it, nor professed to. He knew himself and could at best project that onto others to see if anyhting matched his own emotional template to understand and hope that he wasn't too far off. He was really pretty terrible with people. The efort was there to try though, and the consession was appreciated. "Eeeeh money I got. People I don't. But…sure. In a few months? We'll talk on that." An eyebrow went up and he walked over tilting his head. "I do appreciate it though. You coulda turned me into a meat puppet. You didn't. You could have done everything the easy way. Ya didn't. You could have walked away from all my fuckin problems. Ya didn't. You don't have to be here. Ya are." He shrugged. "You deserve at the very least recognition for that. /We/ don't generally get that either but, I mean I appreaciate it. I mean I know you don't /need it/. You're a goddamned genius and a member of a royal family. I'm thinking 'apartment on the upper east side' is not hard to come by other than which one. I'm not stupid I just like to do things when I can, ya know, do em. Sometimes I just like to do these things. I'm shit at thank yous." His jaw set and he looked from Max and to the pictures of what he imagined were not people Max knew in pictures on teh wall. he made a mental note of getting better wall art though. And maybe a rug to go with it. Hrmm.

"Maybe I'd just…rather have something different than a free apartment. Your ex was the one that wanted all the /things/. I do not." Maximus reaches out and tries to touch Kaleb's forearm, "Not that I do not want things…just…that isn't what I think about when I look at you. Instead…I see a man who calls himself a terrible person, because that's easier than the idea of letting someone down while being yourself. But, you aren't a terrible person. You are so generous."

Kaleb didn't flinch from the gesture. The words though creased an expression on his face. They might be a little on the nose. He didn't flinch and he didn't protest either. After a very long pause he admitted carefully, "Life is filled with people wiating to let others down. I've… met my quota with them and thought to be more… careful about who I give opportunity to do this." He paused and thought of current events and his spine slouched a bit with frank admittance, "Look it's not a perfect process, clearly. Really I can't tell if it's generosity or pure arrogance. I dunno."

Maximus leans on the wall for a moment, blue eyes raking over Kaleb again. "I know all about…buying…company. Now you are friends with someone whose company you can't really buy with money. What are you going to do /now/?" His voice sounds shade darker, and also softer, creating an intimacy just in the way he practically breathes the words. He lifts his dark brows. "I like arrogance. I like the showing off. But, honestly, its not going to have the satisfying effect of impressing me the same way it would one of your little temporary tarts." He grins crookedly and tips his chin down.

In all of this that made Kaleb's face split into an amused ear to ear grin with an earnest laugh that followed. "Maximus, why does this feel like a role reversal when we first met in that bar and you went up to me and said," Oh and he did a spot on mimic of Max's voice too, and the hand gestures, going through half the offer he gave Kaleb when he turned down money and he turned down Tanya. The grin held and a small wink followed. Finally he concluded "So…the answer is simple? GO to some strange dangerous as hell pretty island and see if there's anything there to help you put the parts of your life back together." It weirdly put him in a good mood.

Maximus makes a humming sound and then turned around, heading inwards, towards another room. If Kaleb follows him, he sees that the more personal areas are back this way, though there's not much of Max yet to be seen, as far as influence. "If you do wish to give me a present…then may I suggest that you come with me when I meet with Pendergast. I think together we could be very compelling." The next room has had its furniture shoved into one side, and two tables are set up, probably to start hosting whatever project Maximus wants to work on.

There was more house and more Max? Of course Kaleb followed. At least the pall of his general mood seems to have abated. "Go with you to talk to him?" An eyebrow arched. Well it had merit. At the very least Pendergast didn't know his assets had much in teh way of meeting aside from the one dinner witnessed. Interesting. Max had his attention. "What are you thinking?" Very curious. Though the room with moved furniture causes his head to tilt. "Buuuut you seem to be a step ahead of me here. Aaaaalright you have my interest."

"Well, he's obviously a man for hire, right? He didn't do anything to you. He just transported you. And you have money…loads of it, in fact. I think that between you…and I…we can turn him to our side. Now I am not saying we actually pay him, but you show up in a new car, slick clothes…drag him around to clubs, and /then/ start asking questions?" Maximus turns and leans in the doorway with a sultry expression, "You'd have him in the palm of your hand…ready to call you boss."

Kaleb tilted his head listening and processing this thoughtfully. "We'll see. He works for my father already and has blackmail on meeee soooo…" He considered this and knew he only had a part of the plan, or Maximus would make it up as they went on. He was a strategist, Kaleb was a facilitator so he trusted him on this. Fingers went up and reached out to maximus' collar and flipped it back down at the edge for him. He fussed. He was fussing. "This a clever ploy to entice me to go shopping it's working… but you know I have no idea how to drive right? That may be a problem." Hhe considered the possibilities and there was a spectrum of emotions from wanting the entire affair with his assailant to be over to the vengeful part of him that wanted Pendergast to suffer to wanting answers. He watched Maximus and squint thoughtfully to him. Kaleb's jaw tightened and an eyebrow arched, "I don't want him in my hand, I want him under heel, Maximus."

"Hmmm. So your father…you know, I think I need to know a little bit more abotu your family. YOu said this person wasn't aware of Kellan's powers, and this is your father? Your own father is your enemy? But this is where all your money comes from, right? Tell me how this all works. I want to know and understand." Maximus speaks quietly while Kaleb is so close to him, and he balls his hands into fists, trying not to get handsy.

Kaleb ran his tongue over his bottom lip thoughtfully trying to figure out where to begin. Eyes curiously found the hundred thousand questions falling from Max's lips and he vaguely wondered if this was what it was like when he got on about things he cared about. So many questions. As Max was hanging in the doorway like a bat Kaleb leaned back against one half of that door jamb. OH where to start. "Iiiiits kinda a long story with a lot of gaps." The natty dressed youg man threw that down as a warning which he knew was throwing cheese into the mousetrap.

The sonic at least seeed to mollow out from his trip across town. "We don't know who our enemies are. We weren't even really aware we had any. I just know, with all certainty, It isn't you. Soooo there's that. You wanna grab food and do this? It's long and delightfully convoluted with more rabbitholes than a-" He stopped and raised his thumb and index finger to his forehead. "I've been spending way too much time around Jay lately. It's involved."

Ransom tilts his head curiously. "There is food here. Come." Then he pushes off the doorway and moves in the other direction, out of the private areas and back into the main ones, the social ones, towards the kitchen. "What does being around Jay have to do with it?" His voice is sharper when he asks about Jay…like he's aware of the feathered man's appeal.

Maximus tilts his head curiously. "There is food here. Come." Then he pushes off the doorway and moves in the other direction, out of the private areas and back into the main ones, the social ones, towards the kitchen. "What does being around Jay have to do with it?" His voice is sharper when he asks about Jay…like he's aware of the feathered man's appeal.

Kaleb took his time wandering behind seeming to pay no mind to the sharper tone at all, but definiately noting it. "MY roommate's fromthe south and every metaphor seems to have a cast of farm creatures in it doing something dauntingly ridiculous. Gets the job done." He took a deep breath and said, "I got called in to talk to a councilor today to get checked up on. Came from there. It was… an interesting talk." He looked over Max taking in the consideration of his subtle mood shifs trying to put little pins in them to track the 'why's' but spoke not of it right now. "Ooooh pretty kitchen. You can make it do… things?"

"Ahh…are you asking me if I can cook? No, I do not cook. Others cook for me. But, in this case, I do know how to warm things that have already been cooked." And apparently that means…Chinese food. Maximus moves to the fridge and pulls out several glass bowls that he is keeping his leftovers in. "Sometimes…I do not care to waste the time or the effort to go out." Maximus leans on the counter, casting a glance at Kaleb. "Anything look good?"

Kaleb looked…relieved? when Max declared he didn't do housework. Very relieved. At the question tossed back to him he cracked a faint smile, "Well that's a loaded question if I ever heard one, and the answer is most certainly." That said he popped the covers on the leftovers and peeked in there curiously finally getting his observations past Max and the suit which was the first thing to garner his approval and onto the rice and chicken dish which seemed to find approval with him as well. At least Max got first compliment there. "I decided. I really want my cook back. That said I'd be happy to give you their recomentations." He paused and siad "On second thought Veronica Honniker's chef is also a delight and frankly I don't care for her to have him anymore. We should have him come cook for you. At least then I'll be happy knowing you're getting quality to work with." Spite cook theft. Oh yes, feel Kaleb's postponded jaded wrath, woman.

|ROLL| Maximus +rolls 1d20 for: 16

Maximus stares at Kaleb for a moment and lids his eyes, trying to decide if the man was actually just flirting with him or if that's just him reading way too much into it. He has been trollllllled before! He tips his head sideways and then turns to get out plates. When he sets them on the counter, he gives each one a precarious spin. "Now…your cook…I will take. I have always liked cooks. Fucked a good cook the other night. That's a dead end though. But still. The meal was good." He winks and then starts ladeling out the cold food onto his plate. Its not going in a microwave…that's a bit off yet, but there's a decently sized toaster oven nearby. Also..it seems to be modified. There are weird wires sticking out from it.

Kaleb was at least historically, not usually one for mincing his words and was notoriously blunt to a fault. He was also an exceptionally hard read with little emotional range on the surface. The recount of the week did bring up an eyebrow though. "Seems both our weeks started out in a dead end. Here's to- Um… is that still for food?" Okay the toaster was looking a little…odd. He knew modified structures when he saw them, but odified for what was a different question. His knowledge of design was of a different nature. It did stop him mid conversation and his head tilted. "Max, can I-" He paused and asking permisson of anyone for anything felt weird. he just couldn't do it. "Lemme ask you this," direct declaratives did make him feel better, "If someone were to try to force your hand that would force your hand, and by doing so you would hurt someone you don't want to, or by not doing so you would hurt someone you don't wnat to… how do you… sort that?" He set his jaw and lost himself in watching Max do domestic things entirely in the mundane which, for some reason became really grounding. After a pause his eyes drift to the counter and his shoulders sagged a bit as he mulled over the inevitable choices that would need be made and confessed his conundrum almost inaudibly but carried to Max anyways. It always did, "I don't want to go to war with my own family, Max. It's going to happen though."

Maximus twists a few dials and seems very much conscious of whatever he's doing with the modded toaster. "Yes…you'll see." He sets the timer and then the toaster glows, practically, as it rapidly heats up his plate, first. Its honestly probably not fire safe in any way. The second set of questions, though, gets a more serious look from Maximus and he turns from the glowing toaster to look at the man asking /him/ for moral decision-making advice. "I ah…" He lifts his chin, and his face goes through a few different expressions. "You cannot know where the harm will go. There is no way to predict it. You think you will harm this person, or save this person, and it does not matter. Just…be in the moment." He swallows and flicks a half-hearted grin. "And…perhaps it will be better than your brother killing your parents. It sounds like…maybe not though."

|ROLL| Kaleb +rolls 1d20 for: 4

Kaleb listened. He really listened because if anyones's family was as similarly messed up as his seemed to be? Well he was talking to him. He seemed fully aware Max had flaws, and mistakes, and… well potentially a radium based microwave. Maybe it was because of that he seemed the ideal person to ask and trusted his council.

Kaleb's expression sat parked in neutral with his eyes left to betray his concern for the answer. He leaned back against the counter, his fingers drumming on teh front of the cabinets idly, though making no sound in doing so. And there was the unfortunate but truthful answer. Glance shifted from Maximus, to teh toaster, to the floor. Well damn. "Yeah. I… might wind up being that brother. I told you it's… super complicated. I know we're missing pieces." His lips pressed together and he sat there shuffling through the situation as he knew it trying to sort fact from perceived possibility before presenting this data to the volatile political machine standing next to him. In the end his hand reached out and wrapped around Max's wrist.. His expression didn't shift but something in his features seemed to start shifting mechanical. It wasn't a new innovation, but the very micro signs that he was jsut detaching. Still the hand stayed though on Maxmius' arm, maybe for balance as he warred with his conflicted feelings on the issue. "Sometimes, I really don't like who I have to become, but we all have to become something or we won't be at all I guess." His jaw tightened. He fainlyl had a sign of life that came in teh form of a scowl.

Eyes finally picked up to Maximus with a faintly vindictive look. "Fine. I guess we'll play their game but we'll use our rules then. Pendergast gave me two choices. We'll fine us a third then.This isn't who I wanted to be, but they made me, and now there are consequences I suppose. I know two things though, One They aren't telling me everything. Two? I'm glad I came over."

"No, you are me. You are the one making the movies. Kellan is in hiding. But, you don't know for sure if you can really protect him. However…use me." Max glances at the hand on his wrist, then back to up Kaleb's nearby face. "We can find their secrets…we can discover if your father is as evil as he seems…and if you don't want to live with killing him, believe me, its a burden, then I could do it for you." Though Max doesn't say that he'd do it personally. Maybe he'd just take Kaleb over and pull the trigger. How fucked up would that be?

Kaleb left his hand there. His head was swimming with a number of things but he wasn't losing his balance on this one. It was a hell of a trip to navigate towards center though. Lips pressed togehter until he was faintly chewing o his lower lip as he stood nose to nose with the reality that this may come to pass. The free hand rubbed over his jaw in an idle thoughtfulness. "Max," Slowly his attention grivated up to Max and the reheated Chinese food, "If it's going to hurt you too? Don't do me that favour. That price would be too high for me and the people who depend on you. But we'll leave that possibility on the table." Max's arm got a squeeze saying many things he didn't have word for. He wans't a words guy, but it wasn't required for Max to understand him either.

|ROLL| Maximus +rolls 1d20 for: 12

|ROLL| Maximus +rolls 1d20 for: 9

Maximus loses his grip on how…sane and normal he's being, a bit, when Kaleb displays actual and genuine concern, and holds his wrist like that. He breathes shallow and slow, measuring, mind whirring with things that do and don't make sense. "Currently…no one depends on me…and I do not even know the man, except that he is your adversary, and a danger toyou…and to Kellan. As this unravels, you can be assured that you can no longer keep me /out/. I am /in/." His tone sounds weirdly angry at the end, and then he turns around, pulling on his arm to be freed and twists the dial of the toaster oven and opens the door.

What he pulls out is a very very very heated plate of food. He immediately purses his lips because, this did not work how he planned. The noodles have been turned into crisps…the vegetables are incinerated…and what remains of the chicken is hard and dry. He rallies with a lift of his brow, "Perhaps it needs a little tinkering."

Kaleb was still getting used to this whole actually having people in his corner thing. He did let go of the arm though and looked down at the unhappy plate . He couldn't help it really but there was a laugh rattling around his chest. Wether he was too angry, or things were too serious, or too very real right now? He had to agree, "Hey, I think we all can use a lil tweaking from time to time. Keeps us current." He paused and blinked to the Monarch of Machinery. "Heh that's.. almost funny ebouce electricity…nevermind." He shook his head and seemed mollified by the anger that he didn't have to shower alone.

He watched the rage and the conflicted bitterness of the situation, the disappointment that he was very without a leadership role direct of his own as he enjoyed, and how very, very possessive he was of Kaleb's well being. It was not lost on the newly self-appointed corporate warlord(tm). A nod of agreement followed with a tilt of his head as if that was decided, "Right. Then we take on the world." A glance went from studying Max's face to the toaster a little sad that one couldn't see arcing electrisity and yet relieved, and back.

It was nice that unlike previous experiences when he was not okay the other person would fall apart more. Max tried like hell though and the expression, faint, was not one that patronized him for it, but was grateful. A wry, impish grin formed and his eyes sharpened into a squint withthe idea forming in his head, "Hey, want to instead make other people do this? It kinda is our favourite hobby."

Maximus definitely doesn't fall apart in a counter to Kaleb's own issues. Oddly enough, Kaleb having issues…seeeeems to provoke Maximus into keeping it together /better/, rather than making him worse. Crisis operates under a different set of rules and when its not his own, he's fairly reasonable. Also he keeps getting distracted by Kaleb's lips, so there's that. He tips his head in acknowledgement that things could have gone far better with the food and he garbages it. "Indeed. But…can you tolerate a /restaurant/? That seems…another whole step of noise."

Kaleb finally stopped biting at his lip and blinked at the question. It was a solid concern that hadn't escaped him. There was a moment of hesitation. if they went out it would potentially halt discussion on the political puzzle, unless he got good. The impression Maximus left on him was not lost and still had him s but stunned, it was subtle but notable. He had no doubt if he went to war max would be standing in front of him, not even behind him and it made him forget to answer right away. He blinked again "Oh, um, hey I'm willing to try if you are. If it becomes too much just get me out of there, or just order something. I'm game for whatever."

Maximus wets his lips and steps closer. "Let me control you…and then tell me if the noise is the same, greater, or less? Then we will know if I /could/ get you out of there." He only briefly took over the man that one time…and they weren't experimenting with that, then.

Kaleb was still gunshy as all get out given the week. He was not, however, one to subscribe to hypocracy. He knew he was already in way over his head, and willfully so. He took a deep breath and raised a had to wrap around the back of Maximus' neck giving it a squeeze. Very briefly he leaned forward almost tapping his forehead against his. a brief sharklike grin warmed his expression resigning himself to trusting the Mad monarch. "Get your radio. We'll see won't we?"

Maximus draws in a deep breath through his nose, being so close to the twin. Then he draaags himself away to go to the radio outside the kitchen. He turns it on and it starts playing 1940s stuff..must be the 1960s version of an oldies station. Still…who can complain about that ollllld moody ballad sound from crooners?

Kaleb watched Max fight leaving and the intensity dialed up to nine. This was a terrifying, and exciting project like hang gliding off a building on fire. He winced trying to loosen his jaw and go back to patient pragmatism and pull his nervous heart rate back down because blood made noise in his ears and that was no good. Hands flexed into fists and shook out again at his sides. As much as it was sheet delight to see max fuss there was science to be had. Kaleb strode over to the radio and crouched in front of it. Curiously his eye twitches faintly until it was on signal. He stood up and took a deep breath looking to Max like 'you ready?' and with no warning slid the dial half off station and cranked the volume up. There was a since of pain, but he was fighting it holding his hands out to try to force the signal to complete and quiet it. His jaw was clamped tight, but he whispered, "k…try it…"

Maximus has been in his mind before, which only makes it easier a second time. Maximus cannot read anything there. He is no Jean Gray. What he can do is wrap the whole thing up and take control of it. He takes charge and Kaleb's own mind would become as a spectator to his body's actions. The action Max tries to get him to do for testing purposes, is bow, run his fingers through his hair, and run his hands down Kaleb's chest. Maximus keeps his own hands to himself at th emoment.

Kaleb had no real way to shout out. His thoughts were locked in his head and it was, goddamn it was like when he was trapped in his body three weeks ago but moving now. The question was what it working? Seep breaths- wait… could he do that? Nope it's fine. It's fiiiiine Max was not Pendergast. And even then…So…so…loud…

Being in Kaleb's head was not unlike being inside a church bell. The static, the popping noises, the hum of the electrisity in the fridge and the lights overhead, and even his own and Max's pulse were fighting for real estate in his head. It was like a busy intersection of noise all in his head at teh same time.

|ROLL| Maximus +rolls 1d20 for: 8

Maximus has issues with sound. It is INCREDIBLY ironic that he's even attracted to Kaleb at all, and some would say there's some sort of…brother-sub thing going on, if it weren't for the face that Kaleb is so unlike his brother that its ridiculous. He knits his brows, but turns Kaleb around and then, lets go. He puts a hand to his head and closes his eyes. "Well? Was it less painful for you…or…worse?"

Kaleb blinked his eyes and turned the radio off-Oh! he was being moved. They were moving. He just took himself a moment and assured, "Ya know, you didn't do too bad. Question is are /you/ ok?" He hesitated and checked himself for a nosebleed. Nope. Was good. Still he was being shoved back out of the kitchen and to the elevator, movingmovingmoving, seeming to wait for an answer but not diminish Max by repeating himself either. "Seriously if you have to drag me out by a foot just take my vest first. I happen to like this one." Save the style, go back for the person. People can heal right, clothes cannot!

Maximus shakes his head as Kaleb aggressively drags them out. "Can I tell you something?" He waits until they are in the elevator to actually say it though, "I have yet to have a dinner with another person actually go /well/." He sucks air through his teeth. "Double deal then…if I start freaking out…then, you drag ME out too."

Kaleb blinked listening. Max's statement made him think of every dinner date he's had in the past month and pressed his lips together in an admonished, but not ultimately helpful expression, "Last one I tried to do I was thrown into the back of a van and scrambled like an egg? I'm going to really try hard not to outdo myself on that one for you. It'd just make everyone unhappy." He was trying to make light of it, but he could see where they could form a damn support group. Thought the thought came to him, "Out of curiosity… why bad?"

"You were at one of them. I basically strong-armed two people already on a date to sit down with me and eat and only one of them was civil, so I had to leave /before/ I even got food." A pause. "Not worse than your experience, however."

Kaleb considered that and considered Max's summary of events. He chewed on the inside of his cheek thoughtfully offering in agreement, "Yeah and that guy is kinda an ass too." He paused with a faint nod, "Yeaaaah, not one of those contests one wants to win really. Shit, by that account you should let me at least make it up to you. Sans… theatrics and abductions, and people plotting against us, aaaand sans overcooked chicken." He had issues with a chef over a chicken he was not inspired to go on about.

"Most of the rest of them are fairly similar…and a strange amount of them involve your…ex? girlfriend." Max shakes his head, curls brushing the side of his face. Then the elevator dings and he walks out like the whole place is his to possess.

Kaleb shook his head and relented, "Yeaaaah funny enough a strange amount of dinners that didn't work ourt for me also involve my ex." The door dinged and the sunglasses went back on. Kaleb hit the world like he jsut didn't give a damn. He almost felt entirely like himself again. Different, but still climbing back behind the wheel at least. "Where we headed?"

Kaleb goes home.

Maximus lifts his hand and settles in the car beside Kaleb. "I truly did have a mind for something Asian. Or seafood. I could eat scallops. I rarely have them." He wets his lips. "No more of Lorna tonight. I want to bask in better company."

Kaleb smiled ruefully and offered to him, "Hey, I'm not the one bringing her up." He dropped into the seat and took the moment to ground himself preparing for road noise and whatever else New York wanted to throw at them. "The better company me or the scallops?" One eye peeked with a hint of amusement. True to his word and the shared requesthe said no more on it. Realyl though I can go for some seafood. They have a fantastic place all the way out in Boston if you can get past it being Boston. I still like it though. We should go out there some time. The food is pretty surreal. Besides, both of us have a string of dinners gone poorly to make up for."

The royal sitting beside Kaleb makes a humming sound and then leans back in his seat, stretching, then slouching. He wears the faintest grin…a sign of reigning sanity for the moment. He is oddly quiet for a few moments and then he says, "There is a seafood place by that hideous female statue…in view of it..by the water." He looks sideways at Kaleb. "I think you just asked me on a date…"

Kaleb rest his head on teh headrest as the car pulled away and rolled a look sideways back to Maximus. He blinked and said as the truest of matter-of-fact statements, "Ya know, a slight foray into trying something too mod aside? I'm still repute as having really good taste ya know." He sighed looking roof-ward to nothing in particular, "Eeeeeveryone wants to second guess me this summer." He shook his head just a bit and looked back to Maximus, "But, yes, I do believe I just did."

"Who is second guessing you now? Not I. I did not think you were suggesting driving to Boston right now. I accept the offer…to go dine there sometime, though. When you feel…secure." For all Max knows, a couple of honks by a trucker and they'll end up in a ditch.

Kaleb watched biting the inside of his cheek a bit. He didn't mean to but he's had, what those who excel at understatement refer to as 'a bad month'. He let out the breath he'd been holding and agreed with a chuckle, "Yeah and I'm not taking off on my brother without saying something either. But good. I'll get on with not falling apart and not letting the world come to an end so we can go." Yeah, that…went well. Okay, good job there, Miller.

Maximus studies Kaleb thoughtfully. He's not good at it either, so, sensing a little struggle from the other man…he's sympathetic. "Or, you can melt down at this red light and…then pull over. Honestly…I am intrigued either way." He teases.

Kaleb warmed a wry grin and shook his head, "naaaah. I try to limit myself to one catastrophe a month. Less someone ruins my shirt." He arched an eyebrow and took humor in his materialism, "I might go to war over that. Maybe. Depends which shirt. I said I'm in, I'm in. Besides, Legal Seafood has dibs on all the big catch when it first hits the harbor. Can sit right on the waterfront and watch the whole thing happen from teh second floor. Hell the whole building's actually original settlement from when the city was first established. Pretty impressive." He could probably go on about the structural signifigance of the joists used too if left unchecked.

Max narrows his eyes at Kaleb. "How is it that everyone always knows all the good places to eat that I have never heard of? Take me, human…and we will finally have a peaceful dinner with another being." Max seems positive. And indeed, as long as Kaleb doesn't order something disgusting that requires Max to mock him, it should go fine. Both of them indulging in rich fare without shame.

Kaleb's grin split ear to ear and a hand splayed across his chest. "OH you did not call me that. Wounding shot." He squint. Never you mind that he lived day to day passing as one, still he didn't seem to take any actual offense. For all it was worth he seemed pleased by the agreement, "It's only about four and a half hour hours. If not now, hell, it's not like I keep a schedule." He paused and eyes Maximus carefully adding things up in his head and offered, "I'm half tempted to say go now, but I'm actually kinda hungry too almost five hours is a bit off."

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