1964-08-25 - Have You Seen The Light
Summary: Teddy tells Bobbi about a girl he met.
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It's midafternoon and Teddy's seated at a corner table in the cafeteria having a small snack. In this case, about four eggrolls. Unsurprisingly, Chinese food is commonly available to the SHIELD agents. For a change, he looks exactly like himself.

Bobbi came up from the bowels of the SHIELD labs, her hair pulled back and she seemed to be muttering to herself and tappinga pen against a clip board. Something had been occupying the blonde for most of the day, and as usual that meant she was a little distracted. She was slow to recognize one of the younger SHIELD recruits in the cafeteria, but when she did, she smiled and made her way over to him.

"Hey, how's the job treating you? Still counted as a junior agent, yeah? I see you're in one piece at least."

Teddy looks up when he realizes he's the one being spoken to and replays in h is head what his ears heard. "Oh, hey Agent Morse. Yeah, least if they've promoted us no one's said so." It's a given to him that he and Billy will advance at the same rate. "Oh, sure. I'm a little hard to hurt. Unless the headaches from studying count." Gesturing to a chair, he adds "You can sit here if you want."

Bobbi plopped down, setting aside her clip board with a grin, "Trust me, you're not missing much save more paper work and less of a say in where you go if you get a promotion. It's Teddy.. right?" She tilted her head to the side, peering over at him.

"How has life been treating you otherwise? Any problems? I am a senior agent technically, so if something's off you can always come talk to me about it."

Teddy makes a face at the mention of paperwork. "I hate paperwork." he sighs. "And rules and regulations. And laws and all the rest of the studying. Billy's much better at that kind of thing. And yeah, Teddy." Shrugging a shoulder, he says "It's fine. No, no problems." Though he frowns and hesitates a moment. "Well… Actually, I wasn't sure who exactly to mention this to. But I guess you're as good as anyone. I met this girl in the park the other day."

Bobbi twisted around as another agent passed by, snagging herself an eggroll off their plate. She grinned, earned a tsk and an eyeroll before she twisted back around to face Teddy. She grinned, and nibbled away at her stolen eggroll. "Paperwork is the worst. It's one reason why I am more than happy to take field work far away. Less time with me being stuck behind a desk." She nodded to the clipboard. "Lab work is a good second too."

She fell silent for a moment as Teddy hesitated, her brows shooting upwards as she considered him. "..A girl?"

"Well, not a girl girl." Teddy elaborates, holding a hand out at table height. "I mean one more my age, give or take. She's a mutant." Pause. "Well, maybe not a mutant. She's magical for sure but she might also be a mutant. Anyway, she's a spy and an assassin. When she was a kid, this government agency kidnapped her or something and trained her to use her powers to kill people and find more mutants to kidnap."

A blink. Then another followed as Bobbi stared at Teddy. "..Magical..?" She seemed flabergasted by the prospect. The blonde leaned back, and dropped her eggroll to the table top. Nope. She was so not going to eat that again. Too much. Way too much all at once. She pinched the bridge of her nose.

"Slow down. And give me more details. Teddy. What government? Is she still an active agent?"

"Magical." Teddy confirms with a nod. "She always thought she was a mutant but Billy could see the magic around her. But not everything she does uses magic so maybe she is a mutant too. "Oh, our government. America. She ran away from them though since she didn't really like being used that way. She called it Weapon X."

Bobbi exhaled a breath, looking over Teddy. "Magic. Right.." She had interacted with Wanda, but magic? That pushed the scope of her belief. Still, her blue eyed gaze remained on Teddy as she listened to him with care.

"Weapon X?" She pursed her lips as she dragged over her clip board and flipped over whatever was on the front, scribbling down a few notes. "I've heard of that before, somewhere. I don't think I'm familar with it though. I can check our records. What's her name?"

"She calls herself Lux. She can make herself invisible, look different, and other things like that." Teddy answers. "Seems nice enough. She wants to bring them down and I thought that was something we'd want to do too. So I told her I might know some people who might want to talk to her about that."

Bobbi scribbled down the information given to her with a rapid movement of the pen. Then she slowly set her clipboard down and considered Teddy, her lips pursing together. "Thank you for telling me, Teddy, for starters. Two.. I can't make any promises on whether or not I can find anything in our records about this. Or if your clearance will allow me to tell you anything if there is something to find." She folded her hands on top of the table.

"And if it is a sanctioned project for the government then that makes things very, very tricky, to say the least."

"I understand. Top secret stuff and all that." Teddy shrugs and pops the final third of eggroll number two into his mouth. "Well, no one needs to know it's us right?" he asks after a moment. "We can just go destroy whatever place they're using and make sure nothing is left standing then burn the rest down to the ground so they can't kidnap more kids. There's probably more than one place but we can get them all eventually."

Bobbi hesitated as she considered Teddy, "That's a tall order to make and keep our heads, much less avoid getting anything traced back to us. Especially if I start digging around in records for it." She said slowly. "If it's connected to our facilities or not that will add another layer of problems. Do you happen to know what branch of the government it might be connected to?" She exhaled a breath.

"Don't get me wrong here Teddy, I don't approve of kidnapping kids and using them for experiments in the least, but understand that this might be a bigger tangle than either of us realize."

Teddy shakes his head. "No idea. You should talk to Lux. She might know. I asked her to write a report of whatever she knows about them but she doesn't exactly trust me since we only met a couple times. And who likes writing reports, anyway." As for the rest, he looks at Bobbi a moment before shrugging. "If it's the government, it's big. That pretty much goes without saying, right? But if we do nothing, we might as well be saying keep doing what you're doing. Maybe SHIELD can't get involved officially but once we clock out…"

Bobbi sighed, and pinched the bridge of her nose. "Great. I'll try to see what I can find out Teddy, but I'm not making any promises. As far as destroying government facilities, that's going to take a lot of fire power." She pursed her lips, tapping her pen against the clipboard.

"Once I find out more information, I'll let you know and then, and only then, will I start prepping for this. Okay? I'm not going in without having something hard as evidence. If this girl is everything you said then there's a chance that she's playing you."

"Me and Billy have a lot of that covered." Teddy points out. "Though more firepower would be good. No telling who they've kidnapped with what powers." But he nods. "Oh, I know. I didn't tell her anything about us. You should meet her so you can question her yourself."

Bobbi let her hands fall back to the table, "You want me to bring both you and Billy, on an unsanctioned mission, to take out a government installed facility and rescue a bunch of kidnapped kids. Without tracing any of us back to SHIELD." She ticked each point off her hand as she looked up at Teddy, hooking an eyebrow upwards. "That's everything, right? And meeting this girl.. that you just met." She pursed her lips together. "God, this is why I'll never have kids, I swear.." She muttered to herself. Mostly.

"Actually, I was thinking it would be more me and Billy bringing you and whatever other agents want to go on an unsanctioned mission that can't be traced back to SHIELD." Teddy corrects and gives Bobbi a grin. "We knew we'd need more people than we could manage on our own. And how else can you get an impression of her and what she's saying if you don't meet her?"

Bobbi rolled her eyes, and shook her head leveling a finger in his direction. "You're gonna make me go grey by the time I'm forty, you know that?" She tsked and heaved a sigh, picking up her eggroll that she'd dropped in shock a moment before.

"What other agents are you going to bother with this exactly?" She asked after she'd finished off her eggroll, clapping her hands to be free of the crumbs.

"Well, now that we've talked about it, I thought you could take care of that. You know more of them than I do and know better what they can do." Teddy points out. "And you sound like my mom. Except she says fifty. DO you really want to sound like someone's mom?"

Bobbi groaned, rubbing her face now with both hands as she glowered at Teddy opposite of her. "If you make your mother say the same things then maybe it's something to do with your actions." She shot back, quirking a blonde eyebrow upwards.

Bobbi leaned back in her chair, her lips pursed together. "And don't make me regret having encouraged you being signed on as a junior agent. I'll talk to Rogers, maybe Danvers. They can take a hit to their reps if we get found out."

"Okay." Though Teddy doesn't say what he's agreeing to or with. "Do you want me to call her? She gave me a number to call where a message will get to her. She might even make a good agent too, if she's telling the truth."

Bobbi sighed and nodded, "Sure. Set up a time with her. I want a hotel, classy one, with a pool. Otherwise I'm not meeting her." She arched a brow upwards. "Is there anything else that you need from me Teddy?" She leaned forward.

"Because if so I'm going to start changing my retirement benefits."

"A phone?" Teddy asks with a grin. "Should I tell her in a couple hours if she's available? I don't know any hotels. Which are classy ones? And how much do they cost?"

Bobbi shot the boy a dry look, "Give me a day. Let me get some research done first. The phone, you can find in the bullpen. They're all untraceable. I'll leave that part to you. And same with figuring out a hotel. There's some phone books. Or hit the streets. You only need to register the room for the night. I won't be staying there but I need to have access to their pool."

"Of course." Teddy agrees soberly. "A pool's very important when evaluating an assassin who can turn invisible. For tomorrow then." Finishing his last eggroll, he stands up with his plate.

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