1964-08-25 - The Light Goes Out
Summary: Yeddy and Bobbi meet with Lux. It doesn't go well.
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Teddy searched the yellow pages for a hotel and then called and left a message for Lux. If she was free tomorrow, they could meet with someone who'd like to talk to her. She should call that number they gave her if she is. She was and she did so now Teddy and Bobbi are waiting in the hotel room. It's classier than any place Teddy has ever stayed which, admittedly, isn't all that difficult since he's only stayed in relatively cheap ones. But it doesn't charge by the hour and it does have a pool.

Bobbi cast a glance at Teddy as she donned a robe over her black swimsuit and let her hair fall down her back freely. "Okay, so, we meet at the pool. It's public, it has cameras, it's own security team. Swimsuits are great for making it hard to hide weapons. Water makes it awful hard for someone to hide if they're invisible, it ripples after all." She glanced back at Teddy. "Are we clear?" She asked, arching a brow before she tucked a pistol into the pocket of her robe.

And then she was moving out the door and down the hall to the pool.

Harper is not the most trusting of people. On the other hand, when it comes to curiosity killed the cat, she's running a close second. So while a meet may not be her first choice, if Teddy's been sharing information then she wants a chance to see what's going on. She arrived early, already in her own version of a disguise when she checked in. Mousey brown hair, hazel green eyes, and a little chubby around the edges, she looks like someone's daughter in from Kansas to enjoy the big city life as she lies on a lounge chair in a red and white striped one-piece suit. Waiting.

"It has cameras?" Teddy's not so certain of that but he's not going to argue. She never mentioned cameras were a requirement so he never asked when he made the reservation. "Yeah, sure." he agrees as he follows her. Only once they're in the elevator doesn't he change into a swimsuit and some sandals. Being a shapeshifting means never being able to say you don't havea thing to wear.

Bobbi looked side long at him, "They have cameras out by the pool. And in the gift shop. All the higher class ones do. Why do you think I demanded a fancy hotel? So I can get mojitos?" She joked, and shook her head as he morphed his body into having a swimsuit. "That's just unfair." She muttered and stepped out as the elevator ding'ed to the ground floor. She stepped out, and just like that Bobbi Morse looked just like every other blonde on vacation.

She walked with swing to her hips and proud tilt of her jaw. The transformation of body language was the most impressive Bobbi was going to get from one moment to the next. Still, she got out to the pool without incident, waving down one of the staff and asking for a towel with a flippant air. Then she took up position at one of the corners, tucking her robe under her and her towel as she reclined beside the water for a moment.

Harper knows Teddy. And she's seen Bobbi, even if the agent doesn't know it. So she knows when the pair arrives, watching them from beneath the shadows of a broad-brimmed hat that just adds to the whole visiting from the country aesthetic. She doesn't make her move just yet - Teddy said 'someone' wanted to meet with her, and while she recognizes Bobbi, she didn't see her in action enough to make a judgment on whether or not she's trustworthy just yet.

Yeah, Billy hates that too. Teddy just shrugs, not having had a clue why she wanted a classy hotel. Hopefully, this one is classy enough. "That one of those mixed drinks?" Looking around the pool area when they arrive, he moves over to a lounge chair and leans back in it till Lux shows up.

"Yes, one of those mixed drinks, you need to learn what they are. It makes life a lot easier when you can chat up a bartender. Trust me." She offered with a smile.

Then Bobbi rolled her shoulders back as she pulled her sunglasses down, and made her way toward the edge of the pool. Carefully, she perched at the edge, dipping her feet in and splashing every so often. Her hands settling behind her before she flagged down one of the servers and ordered herself just one of those sugary mixed drinks.

Watching only lasts so long. It's not as though a practiced spy like Bobbi is going to give away secrets if Harper waits long enough. So after a moment, she picks up her towel and moves to a lounge chair next to Teddy, offering a small smile. "You don't mind, do you? It's getting awful warm over there." Of course, she's also just setting things up anyhow. There was no real option to decline in there.

"I like beer. And Everclear." Teddy says to Bobbi. "Well, I wouldn't say I really like Everclear but it does give me a buzz after I've had some." Spotting someone walking over, he turns to look then nods. "Sure, not a problem. I don't think the sun is any less warm over here though."

Bobbi reclines, keeping her back to Teddy. Even though Bobbi's practiced gaze caught the sight of the woman coming over, the blonde didn't move from her position by the water. On the contrary, she slid into the water, leveraging her upper body to remain on the pool's edge. She half reclined, and as one of the staff returned with her drink in hand. Bobbi smiled.

"You would be hard pressed to find Everclear sold at a normal bar." She offered lightly toward Teddy.

"Well, maybe not, but the company's more interesting," Harper replies to Teddy, tucking one arm behind her head and adjusting the set of her hat to wink at him. Is that…flirting? Or is that Harper? Hard to tell at the moment, but it does seem like the sort of game she'd play. "What brought you here?"

"They do have beer though." Teddy points out to Bobbi. "But I'll have to try some different drinks to see which I like." The girl's talking again? "What? Oh. The pool. We like to swim."

Bobbi's focus shifts more fully to the woman who spoke to Teddy and she slowly got up from her dip. She seem languid as she walked over, her drink in hand. "Here, Teddy have a sip of this. Tell me what you think of it. It's their signature drink." It was bright pink and had a slice of lemon playing around in a martini glass.

Her gaze slipped over to the stranger and she smiled, "Hello, I hope my little cousin isn't bothering you too much." The lie slid off her tongue easily, as it were as natural as breathing.

"Bothering?" Harper flashes a grin at Bobbi. "Gosh, no. Nothing bothersome about him." There's even a gap between her front teeth when she smiles. "Except maybe he might be a little dense. Can't tell when a girl's flirting with him." Or clueing him off as to who she is.

The first rule of Teddy is 'Don't acknowledge flirting. It only leads to more.' "I could tell. I was just ignoring it cause I"m not interested and didn't want to have to say so. But I think this might be who we're waiting for." he says to Bobbi. Too much of a coincidence otherwise.

Bobbi shrugged lightly, and made to take her seat. She grabbed her towel, after setting the drink aside. She glanced between the door and smiled. "How sure are you, Teddy?" She asked, arching a brow as she glanced back to the stranger, her figure and frame as relaxed as possible.

Even as her gaze lingered on the strange woman that might be who they were looking for. "So how about it, Miss, are you looking for us or someone else?"

"Well, I'm not sure about you." Harper smiles faintly to Bobbi, leaning back in her lounge chair. "But I did tell him I'd take a meeting." She points a thumb toward Teddy, tucking one leg beneath herself. "You could work on the whole dealing with people thing," she notes to Teddy. "There are actually ways to say no that aren't all that painful for anyone involved."

"I'm not." Teddy admits with a shrug but then adds "Now I am. This is Lux." he tells Bobbi, nodding to the girl. Since he's not sure how to introduce Bobbi, he doesn't. "Or I could just pretend to be dense and completely miss the hints."

Bobbi grinned, "How nice that that's out of the way." Bobbi reclined in her chair, settling back at seeming ease. She folded her legs and looked over Lux. "Teddy told me little about you. So I wanted to meet you myself before anything else was decided. He seems to want to help and thinks that you story is legtimate." She peered over the rims of her sunglasses as she considered the woman.

"Do you have anything that you haven't told him already that you might want to tell me about?"

Harper quirks a brow over at Teddy. "Who said I needed help?" She tilts her head, looking between Bobbi and Teddy for a long moment before she shakes her head. "Sorry, agent, but I think we're here on different missions. Like I told Teddy, I'm not spilling a bunch of operational secrets to people I don't know and have limited reasons to trust, even if I do hope the whole program burns in hell. Especially so, for that matter."

"I didn't say she was intending to destroy it." Teddy notes to Bobbi. "I said we should. She didn't think we could do it. Though if she's calling you agent, she must have an idea of what you are. So maybe she'll be willing to help us."

Bobbi pursed her lips as she eyed the two. "Teddy. Did you volunteer to go above and beyond what this young woman was expecting of you or ever considered from you?" She arched a brow. Her gaze swinging back to Lux.

"I'm not on mission. This is entirely off the books and I came out here on this young man's askance. He wants to destroy this facility that he told me about. My intent here today is merely to have a chat with you about that. Now clearly, it seems that isn't what you were all about. So why did you agree to meet me?"

"Why not?" Harper counters. "I meet you here, and maybe I leave knowing more than I knew before. Some day that might come in handy. Of course, the trade-off is that you might walk away knowing more about me, too. But then, if you're the good guys like Teddy seems to think, then that's not something I need to worry about. If you're not, then I suppose I'd best hope I learned something useful."

"She wasn't expecting anything." Teddy says. "She told about this place. We decided it needed to be stopped. She didn't think we could do it ourselves but we never intended to try doing it ourselves. She'd be a help though if she wanted to come."

Bobbi frowned faintly, "Teddy, if she's not willing to work with us on this, then there's little point in carrying out this meeting any further. If you're not interested in that, please let me know and we'll move on our way. Maybe we'll manage to get this taken care of, maybe we won't. But I'm not a woman interested in wasting time." She sat up, and picked up her drink, sipping at it.

"So. Miss Lux, what shall it be?"

"If you think I'm going along with a poorly-planned, under-researched op because you're threatening to do it anyhow? Not only are you about to be disappointed, but your superiors are complete idiots if they give you any resources for it." Harper adjusts her hat, giving Teddy a flat look as she swings her legs to the edge of the chair. "I don't particularly care if a couple groups of spooks want to go at each other, but I'd appreciate it if I didn't become collateral damage."

"You could at least tell us what you know about the place." Teddy suggests. "That way, at least the right spooks win. It's unlikely to be anything official though, not if they're connected to the American government. So it'll end up being a well-planned, well-researched op and you can help with the research end of it even if you don't want to come help light the torches."

Bobbi arched a brow as she looked the woman over. "Vote of confidence there, poorly planned and under-researched." She scoffed and rolled her eyes. "I don't think that you're going to go along with any of this, frankly. But Teddy here is an idealist and wants to be a hero. And you're right, none of my superiors would touch this with a ten foot pole."

She sipped at her drink. "Which is why we're doing this strictly off the books. And why we're not storming the castle sort to speak any time soon. If this group still exists, I doubt that they'll go to ground in the next few days anymore than they already have."

"I'm sorry, your method of convincing me is telling me that you're doing this with no resources?" Harper reaches up to scrub a hand over her face, shaking her head as she stands. "No offense, but when I go after them, I'm going to dismantle them completely. Because if there's one thing I learned there, it's that the best way to bring someone or something down is if they never see you coming. So all due respect, but I'll pass. And you should, too. The spy game's not a game with a lot of room for error. I appreciate the sentiment, but I'd appreciate it a lot more if you didn't tip them off."

"No official resources." Teddy corrects. "There's a difference." Not that they've cleared it with anyone yet but who's counting. "And I think she knows a lot about the spy game so trying to say you're the expert here is… well, not going to work well."

Bobbi remained unmoved from her reclined position, watching the two over her sunglasses as she sipped at her drink. "Honey, didn't I already say I'm pretty sure you're not going to go along with this? Why bother convincing you? But please, continue to tell me how to do my job. I love to hear what other people have to say." She smiled and glanced back toward Teddy.

"And considering what I've learned of you, in oh say the last five minutes, you don't seem to be the type to work with anyone easily. Much less have resources of your own to pull. So when you speak of going after them someday and clearing them out, that's all it'll ever be, I assume. 'Someday'. Like a dream. It's okay. I tell myself I'll have super powers someday. We all should have little dreams."

"Lose the number, Teddy," Harper says over her shoulder, leaving the towel behind and walking back into the hotel. One hand rises to wave, and then as she rounds the corner, she disappears completely.

"Well, that went well." Teddy notes as Lux walks away. "Maybe I should have asked Coulson." he muses.

Bobbi glanced side long at Teddy. "She told me everything I needed to know about how she views the organization. We knows it's larger than just what we'll find at whatever facility it is we dig up. We know it's going to go up into paperwork. Which means there's a trail to follow. She was worried about having resources to back her up. Coulson might've been more convincing but he would've demanded this go on the books in some way." She stretched, and leaned back.

"Of course, those are all assumptions on my part, but I think if you're really set on this Teddy, we can handle it. I'll talk to Carol and Steve. If the Avengers are dropped a few hints here and there.. well, then it's not a SHIELD mission and well.. they're not on the government payroll officially anymore."

"It's just the right thing to do." Teddy tells Bobbi. "And isn't keeping people safe what we're supposed to be doing? Not just the kids they kidnap but whatever they do with them once they're trained. Who knows who they'll try to kill. So yeah, I think we need to do this."

Bobbi peered at Teddy from over the rim of her sunglasses. "Ah, damn, figured you'd be dead set on this kid." She sighed, and sipped at her drink again. "I'll see what I can get my hands on from the archives. Ask around some. I've got a few contacts in the CIA and FBI I might pester over a few drinks. See if I can get them talking." She finished off her drink and set the empty glass aside.

"But we take this slow, already Teddy? No rushing off into the dungeon to save the princess just cause you heard a scream. We do this smart or we don't do this at all. I would prefer not to get thrown in a shallow grave on an off duty pick up mission."

"I don't even know where they are." Teddy points out. "I was hoping that's one thing Lux could help with since she knows at least one of their bases. So yeah, slow is okay." Not like he has a target. "I'll let Billy know what's going on with it."

A shrug followed and Bobbi replaced her sunglasses. "She'll either come chasing after us with answers when she realizes that you're actually set on this, or she won't. Depends on how much she likes you or not." Her lips twitched and she reclined more fully on the lounger-chair.

"In the meantime, the hotel room is paid for. Might as well enjoy the food and the bar while we can."

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