1964-08-27 - Under Water Crockery
Summary: Triton and Nick meet and discuss underwater basket wea— err.. crockery.
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There was a long summer in 1964, and one of the many wonders it had was the World's Faire which spanned new innovations in art and science through the months of Summer. The reach of its influence seemed to stretch out to Governer's island where there were demonstrations in glass and sculpture with an emphasis on strange designs where lightening struck the beach and the glass was displayed in strange and reaching shaped. It was here that there was a figure that stuck out like a sore thumb, or fish, taking a close examination of it covered in cowel and some technology allowing the green, fish man to walk on land.

Nick walks along Governor's Island, taking in the displays and the afternoon air. It's not as warm as it had been for the past couple of months, which makes it a more comfortable stroll. There's a pause when he notices Triton standing there. It is the second time in almost as many days that he has managed to stumble upon a member of the royal family while out wandering on his own. There's a slight uptick to one eyebrow, but then, hadn't Maximus told him to go out and meet the others? And thus, he wanders over toward Triton and dips his head a little bit from where he stands. "Intricate and beautiful shapes from so violent a reaction between electricity and sand."

Triton spoke from behind the mask his cousin fashioned that he might enjoy a day above the water. His attention pivoted faintly as his countryman spoke. The expression withthe alien features and the mask was near an impossible read but the tone was one of whimsy considering Nick's assessment. "In a way it reminds me of many of us. A great event that could destroy life in a moment giving rise to, yes, the strange and beautiful. And yet, never a crab trapped inside any of them which I find equally fascinating and very odd." There was a chuckle that was faintly synthesized when he looked to Nick. "Enjoying the dichotomy of nature and art we learn so many things. I'm glad I'm not the only one out enjoying it. What do you feel when you look into it?"

Nick turns his attention back toward the naturally created sculptures, blue eyes taking in each one and then a slightly amused smile touching his lips when Triton mentions nary a crab caught in any of them. "Perhaps the crabs know something that we don't." He then looks back to Triton and says, "Nikandros Aeterne, a pleasure to meet you. Max suggested that I meet the others but I wasn't quite prepared with how quickly I might in fact stumble upon others from my hometown, as it were." It's veiled but obvious enough that Triton would understand what he was talking about. It's unlikely that any of the Royals would have any idea who Nick was. He was merely an artist and an architect, and while a very skilled one, easily overlooked in Attilan.

Triton said plainly with a casual expression of 'yeah, well there's that.' "Crabs love to think they know everything. All they do is really repeat themselves until they confuse everyone and gain agreement." Large black eyes squint to Nick, "Never trust a pile of crabs." There was a kindness and a humor to him. A webbed hand extended to Nick. "Nikandros? Pleasure to meet you. Triton." He knew he was known, but it was polite. "So you spoke with my cousin then? Good. Had you not you'd have missed all of this. There's a wonder of all mechaniations in small sculpture here too. I should bring him back one buuuut I fear he'd just take it apart. Shame, and yet…marvelous."

Nick raises both brows as Triton explains the nuances of crab communication and knowledge. He can't help but smile a bit in amusement and says, "I shall take your advice on this matter." He takes the extended hand, then, and gives it a firm but friendly shake before releasing it. "And you as well." He nods then and says, "I ran into him at the MET while taking in some of the sculpture there. It seems that you and he have that in common." He smiles a little and looks back toward the lightning sculptures thoughtfully, considering. "I could probably create something similar.. though it wouldn't be the same. I wonder, though.." Then he shrugs his shoulders, letting that thought go for the moment.

Triton chuckled and it was almost hard to tell if he was leading Nick on or not but why would anyone lie about crab colonies? The story though was met with a genuine interest. Triton loved listening to people, and their stories and their impressions, and Nick was no exception to this. "The MET? Oh excellent, and no, that doesn't surprise me in th least. He got me into art actually. Some time ago. Next time I find a sunken city I'll see about bringing something back. If you're interested in thousand year old submersed ppottery I'd be happy to keep you looped in as you seem to then be an artist yourself? What do you favour for a medium?" So many curious questions.

"I'm a sculptor," Nick answers Triton and a little amused smile touches his lips. "And I would be more than a little interested in any artifacts you might bring back from a submerged city, pottery or otherwise. I work in a number of different mediums but I enjoy clay and stone for sculpting." Then he glances back toward the glass and says "Though I'm considering doing some work with glass as well after getting some inspiration recently."

Triton arched an eyebrow, or the scaled equivilent. "A sculptor? That's a gift I admit I have no knack for. Shaping the world in one's vision, sharing it for functional and aestetic purpose? Bringing something into creation by applying one's will to personalize the earth itself is a strange and wonderful thing. I did bring a few things back though. The next time you are in town though I would love to share them with you while I am on leave." It seemed a worthy metaphor.

Nick studies Triton for a moment or two and then he nods his head and smiles, "That sounds great. I'd like to see whatever it is that you might have brought back. That's part of why I am here, after all, to learn, to explore, to see new things, experience them, and perhaps find inspiration in them." He gestures toward the expo exhibits out on the island and says, "And here I have found some."

Triton chuckled behind the mask, and for the sake of humans not looking terribly close he kept the hood up still, plus it kept the sun off. "You have at that. We're born thinking we know who we are and it's not until we encounter something new and see how we interpret and adapt to our world that we really know. Art is just amazing for that. Makes one feel. When you head back I'll let them know I asked too speak with you. Turns out I am not a hard person to find." The scout paused and squint at the artist, "Ironic isn't it? Really though there are some other pieces I found and you may be able to, or know, how to aid in its restoration. Could be a very fortunate meeting; for us and the crockery."

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