1964-08-28 - When Men Talk
Summary: After Xi and Jean leave, Warren and Kaleb have a candid talk.
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Kaleb actually returned to the mansion without prompting. Small miracles, or plagues depending on one's outlook of him really. He was there with a purpose looking for Jean, Karma, and if they were there, Dr. McCoy. He had on his usual humorless expression, and two piece suit sans jacket. There was a backpack with his helmet in it replaced for now by some nature of putty in his ears. The inventors have been inventing somewhere.

Karma is here. Karma is usually somewhere around the manor, and never very far from it, less she's been whisked away across the world (or to another world). At the moment, she's carrying a tray of food out of the cafeteria, and heading from the library. Xi'an is back in work mode, now that school's started again. And, being the faculty member she is, she gets to break the rules and eat in the library! She stops, of course, when she spots Kaleb. A broad smile crosses her features. "Bonjour, Kaleb…"

Hallways always seem like the place to go. Kids were running about, attempting to return their books and get back into the swing of school now that everything was in session. Paperwork was doled out among the faculty which, also meant double the work for Jean. Doubly so, her wandering through the hallway was a means of her slacking off on said paperwork and avoiding reading the files of the new admissions. Rubber stamp them all, everyone is welcome.

Seeing Xi'an and Kaleb nearly has her turning around to go the other way, for the fact that she was dressed like.. well.. someones child instead of a teacher. Straight vintage watermelon dress. Ruffled socks. Nice black and white shoes. Nevermind the ponytail she had in her hair..

The thing about hallways, there are so many different rooms that join them all together. So while Kaleb, Xi'an, and Jean come wandering out of various rooms along the expansive hallway, Warren emerges from the Gym dressed in workout clothes with a towel wrapped around his neck as he dabs away some sweat from his brow.

He stops short as he sees the small collection of students and faculty. Seeing Jean turn from Xi'am and Kaleb to wander back in his direction, Warren lifts a hand in a greeting, "Morning, Red. You look…educational."

Kaleb was so completely attuned to all the noises in teh house. The myriad, and neumerous noises from people catching up and bustling about and exploring and being… noisy. His fingers twitched trying to resist just diving into the bag and slapping the helmet on his head and giving up on trying to mitigate all the sounds on his own. For now the earplugs would have to suffice. He was about to greet Xi'an when Jean got a double take and hsi brow furrowed slightly. She he did need to speak with. Still, there was time. "Je ne parle pas du bien. Bonjour %<224> vous, Xi'an." French? French he could do. He didn't know about 'good' but it was definiately morning. "I was going to swing by later and say thank you, but I keep running into you in the hall. Should just get you a credenza for out here."

Xi'an offers Kaleb a soft smile, a touch sympathetic, quite warm. It shows in her eyes. But before she can say much more, she turns to set eyes on Jean. For a moment, her gaze just passes right over! One of the college types that - wait. What. Blink blink. Blink blink. Xi'an's mouth opens, but her brain is decidedly unsure as to which words should come out. Thankfully, Warren is there, stepping in to intervene. "Good morning, Warren," she says. "And good morning, Jean!" she calls. Yes, she saw you, Jean Gray! (And yes, Xi'an looks quite librarian. Pencil skirt, smart blouse, all in muted earth tones. She can be the professional one here!)

Door.. door.. door.. one is opening.. ah crap! The lift upon the tips of her toes has her landing back again, her hand pressing against the back of her neck as she unleashes a smile that doesn't really belong. "Warren!" He was greeted with a wave, then a glance down at her dress with a frown. "One of the seniors is preparing a collection to show at their audition to Julliard. While they know that right now, they do not accept the fashion aspect of learning, he believes that he could at least get a higher education while working with the drama department in the costume area."

Admittedly, the clothing itself was spiffy, form fitting and comfortable. But not the socks. They itch. But it was well made! "Though, good to see you here, I need to ask you a favor if you don't mind?" Being 'caught' as she was, does allow her the chance to take those few steps back, then turning upon the heels of her shoes to carry that path towards Xi'an and Kaleb. Cheerful, even though slightly embarrassed. "Morning you two. Care for some coffee?"

"Oh, no…you look great! It's just a look I don't see on you very often…maybe that is a shame." Warren gives the redhead a grin, flashing those pearly whites that now contrast with the blue skin. "It's a good look on you. A favor? Of course not. What do you need?"

He lets the towel fall from his hand and drop around his neck as he looks past Jean to Xi'an, giving her a wave. "Hey, Xi. Morning." and then a nod to Kaleb before he perks up slightly "Coffee? Did I head someone say coffee? Even better if it has a bit of the Irish to go with it."

Kaleb gave a nod back to Warren. He wasn't much for talking on a good day, and less so when conversations started creating more volume so Warren got a nod in return. For a moment his eyes darted around at the corners where walls met moulding met wainescotating, met hardwood floor. Stop… spinning room. Thank you. An eyebrow went up and he found the offer in agreement. "Yeah, um, thanks."

Ever so aware of the man now near her, Xi'an reaches out and wraps the fingers of one hand around the inside of Kaleb's elbow. An amicable, friendly sort of point of contact. And perhaps an anchor to keep him from spinning away. She keeps focused on Jean and Warren. "I was just about to take my lunch," she says, giving a little lift of the tray in her other hand. "But would gladly divert to elsewhere, and join you all," she says. Because, yeah, she's terribly amused by that outfit on Jean.

"Well, start of the school year! Gotta show support!" Both hands raise in fists as she shakes them in a rah-rah motion, even leaning a little to the side for emphasis. Besides, Justin would be glad that at least -someone- was willing to wear watermelon print, right? Guys?

Either way, she shakes her head towards Warren, wanting to put off the favor for now, coffee was on the brain and she was definitely going to hop to it. Though, noticing the way that Xi steadies Kaleb, she figures the best approach would be somewhere quiet. "Lets head to the library. I'll go get the coffee and some sandwiches. It's much quieter in there anyways.." And no irish creme! Schools in session, liquor only after hours! "I'll be back, go on without me!"

Warren glances down at his less than formal gym attire as he looks back to Jean, "Oh, right. School year started. Guess I shouldn't be just wandering around in my gym clothes now, should I. This mean I have to throw on a suit?" He wrinkles his nose bit, rolling his shoulder in a shrug as he looks towards the library.

"Well, you heard the woman. Let's all go to the library…" he says, moving towards the door that separate that room from the hallway, reaching out and snagging a decanter with amber liquid from the little decorative wet bar in the hall.

Kaleb tilted his head to the side leaving his better ear forward for now rather than looking at anyone dead on. "Sure. Can do that."There was a hand at his elbow and he blinked and then blinked to Xi'an adnd was not ingrateful, for the subtle gesture. To Warren he offered, "Warren, don't let me be the barometer of formality or you'll never get out of a suit." Truth. He turnedand followed Xi'an to the library where, hopefully, his head would stop buzzing like a nest of wasps.

"The library?" Xi'an asks, with a moment of wide-eyed horror. "… all of us?" she askes further. That sounds loud and messy! Deep breath in, then back out. She finally nods, and smiles again. Because, well, as much as she might fret for the safety of her books, she does want friends! "Just… please be careful… with the coffee…"

While the others move into the Library, Jean's direction was opposite. Right to the kitchen where the time it takes to brew the coffee would at least give them a chance to settle down. A silver tray was set out, cups lining the edges, the large canter of coffee that would be placed in the middle would be the center piece. Depending on how others liked their coffee, a second tray was set next to it. One filled with spoons, a bowl of cubed sugar, honey, milk and yes.. she's managed a bit of whiskey in a small container off to the side. It was a lovely bit of a setup, and one would think she had the hands of Kali-Ma to carry such an array towards the library.

And in a sense, she does!

For a few moments after (read, thirty minutes), Jean enters into the library, both of the doors held open as both trays orbit her like the sun. She was careful, for she was also one who loved the fragility of the textbooks within. And upon the nearest table, with a few clinks and sings of crystal upon silver upon crystal, both trays were carefully set down upon the long table in front of her, and with a sigh? She flops down upon the chair, not tired but.. the smell of coffee was so great, that it made her tired all the same.

(A rouse from the coffee gods to get one to drink, she bets.)

Having made his way to the library, Warren finds one of the nice leather high-backed chairs and places himself in it, his left hand idly swirling the amber liquid in the 'borrowed' decanter. "So…" he says to pass the time before Jean returns. "I feel funnily underdressed. I wasn't expecting post workout coffee. I feel I should at least put a tie on or something."

Kaleb managed class number one so far. He unshoudered the bag + slick black motorcycle halmet on it withthe pointy ear fixtures on it and leaned his elbows onto the table. Okay telekenesis was pretty amazing however one managed it. His palm rotated around to 'target' the tray to keep the cups and saucers and tray from clinking onto the table when set down. Just in case. "Warren, none of us care and if someone does? Screw them." The hateful one has spoken. To teh coffee he said "Black's fine. Fules my bitterness." There was a faint hint of a grin that suggested he did have a sense of humor about this. "How's the kid we rescued from Congo? Still acclimating I take it?"

"I'd be a bit more worried about… musty smell… than anything else, Warren," Xi'an offers up, with the faintest of smirks on her lips. Shock of shocks, Xi'an doesn't exactly care for the smell of rugged masculinity. Even when it's blue. She's parked herself down at a table, with her little tray in front of her, eating her sandwich ever so daintily. Of course, when the doors open and trays start orbiting the room, her eyes go a little wide. Oh, please don't drop it… And nevermind that it's Jean doing it. She's still going to fret. "Thank you, Jean!" she says, regardless.

Once everything was in place, Jean set to work on her own bit of coffee, her head shaking just a little at Warren, hiding the smirk because of the words from Xi, keeping her eyes lowered as she pours her own cup of the delicious dark brew. She does take a bit of cream and two lumps of sugars, her eyebrow raising as she looks to Kaleb, and then to the coffee, and back to him again. "You have two hands, pour your own."

With that said, "He's doing fairly well, actually. Even though his english is a bit broken, he's taken to one of the nurses down in the medbay. I think Scarlett is working with him a little bit. I can see if he's up for visitors soon enough."

She takes the spoon and begins to stir, then nods a 'welcome' towards Xi. "One of these days, Xi, we're going to get you out there. Saving souls and what not. Though there is an issue with our latest aquisition.. maybe a few of you can help out with that."

Warren smirks over at Karma and sticks his tongue out at her playfully. "Xi, at least it's not Logan in here after a workout. Compared to his wet dog smell, I smell angelic."

Warren reaches out for one of the coffee cups and pours himself some of the black liquid, then adds a but of the amber liquid from the decanter he appropriated from the hallway. He is going to be sad when he figures out it is only colored water.

"I heard you guys have been going and doing more 'field-trips' recently. Sounds like so far that has worked out ok."

Kaleb sighed squinting at Jean, but he got up and poured his own coffee. Fine. He almost asked a question, but the issue on the table posed to Karma was priority important as it were and instead asked, "What's their deal? They come out scrambled like me or Warren here, or there a different issue?" He murmured to big blue, "Yeah we hit the Congo and team B kicked out to Iceland. Wasn't able to talk to Daire and see how it turned out though."

Xi'an finishes a few more bites of her sandwich, then she rises to fix her own coffee. Sugar, no cream. "Angelic?" she echoes, as she works. There's a smirk on her lips. Yes, that's terribly amusing. Soon as her coffee is fixed, she moves back to her seat, nearish the comfier chairs that everyone else sits at. "I go out!" she says, just a touch defensively. "I was just out with Illyana not more than… two weeks back, was it?" she asks, not entirely sure. "Three?" There's a pause. "I just wanted to make sure all the new students got settled. Want them to know that someone is here they can always turn to," she explains. Then a pause. "Though the cabin fever is setting in. Getting out would be good…" she trails off, as she refocuses on Jean. "Oh? What is it?"

Warren does have a point, Logan can smell particularly gruesome after chopping wood. The thought of that causes Jean to pause, taking in the scent of the coffee to wash away that particular memory before she sips. "Instead of being reactive, I figure we'd be proactive. I've been flying the teams out where they need to go, but eventually we're going to need someone else to pilot. The motion sickness is a killer some days." Thank goodness for downtime.

As Kaleb sums it all up, she does shake her head towards him. "I don't know, to be quite honest. The feelings were intentional. Not.. blank? If that makes any sense." Being an empath sucks. "Both missions though, radio intercepts turned up with something rather odd. Xi, maybe you can decode it for us? I'll send the documents to your office." With that said, she does watch the woman with a little bit of amusement, but it drops almost immediately. "It's not to say that I am not good with talking with people, but I figure it's high time for someone else to do the work other than Charles and I. He's in a special section in the medbay, the nurses felt that he needed to remain blindfolded so that he couldn't see us. But, there is something going down in Iceland and that kid has got to be at the epicenter of it. We didn't grab his partner, we had to leave pretty quickly, but a different approach, a much gentler one would be swell at a time like this."

"I can fly." says Warren matter of factly, before adding since it may not be obvious what he meant. "I mean I can fly a plane. We know I can fly…" He shrugs, lifting the coffee to his lips and taking a sip, lowering it again as he gives it a quizzical look then casts a glance over at Jean. He takes another sip, and then sets it in his lap with a sigh.

"I just don't know how much of a liability I am. I still wake up at night, and have trashed my bed. I've gone through half a dozen mattresses in the last week. Not sure how good I am to any team in that capacity. Last thing I want to do is go then not be able to control myself."

Kaleb furrowed his brow and sat and listened. His right eye twitched as somewhere out of the room two people went running through the hall. He paused from drinking the coffee and as a point set it down a moment. Deep breath. Oookay trying that again. Raising a hand up he flat blocked out all sound from wall. His focus went back to Warren, "We'll get the hang of the new normal eventually. And I might…have a lead getting uncovered as to who asked this shit to happen to you to begin with. I'll be sure to keep you posted." It smacked of conspiracies but still, it was something, and apparently something Kaleb was still looking into on Warren's behalf. "So I'll bite, why blindfolded and are we going to head back for his partner…when?"

"We know, cherie," Xi'an says, to Warren, with clear amusement on her features yet again. It lasts just amoment before they settle again. Yes, it's serious talk time! Xi'an focuses on Jean, she listens, and she nods. "I'll take a look at the documents," she says. "Though… are you asking me to go speak with this young man?" she asks. Then a little wave to Kaleb. "I also do not understand the blindfold. Not, at least, if I am speaking to him…" Because, well. She could just make him blind. Or erase the memory of her face. Or… oooor…! "I'd like to help however I can."

Jean bobs her head slightly as she considers Warren's request. "Maybe you should speak to Logan. He's no counselor, but he does have a way of dealing with that sort of thing. Maybe it can help." She was attempting to be reassuring, but she does remember the favor that she wanted. "So, flying lessons. Wednesday maybe. Probably Thursday." She points at the air as if she were marking something in the calendar, then pulls her chair back. But for now, her eyes were upon Kaleb and Warren both, she too, was interested in what happened to her friend. That obviously would be the topic of the conversation eventually, once Warren isn't too nonplussed about it. (read: Never).

"Something with his line of sight. We don't know if it's telepathy or not, but he has a way of accessing our powers. That's all I know. So we keep him blindfolded for now until we can find a better way to handle him." She frowns slightly. "I think next week. Possibly in two weeks. I wouldn't mind giving the townfolk time to recover before we strike out again to ask questions." She finally stands from her chair, cup of coffee in hand, then nods to Xi. "If you want to speak with the young man, you can. Nurse Anne is almost done clearing him, Logan gave him a nasty knock on the head. But.. enjoy the rest of the coffee, my appointment is almost here."

A set of parents at the end of the driveway with their three-year old. Who was a cutie! She had ridges on her nose, almost like a bajoran! (Which… weren't thought of yet..) "I'll see you guys soon!"

Kaleb nodded faintly taking in the studious high points of Jean's overview. Efficient; it jived with him. The nature of the kid's genetic expression was curious. "Uhhh did he consenst to being blindfolded?" It was a question getting answered at a later time. Still he sipped his coffee. "Xi'an, I'd be interested in teh radio report. Wish we had a playback. Might be able to pull more out of it for you to see what there is to work with. Sorta…played around with my radio to fix the sound before." His jaw set thoughtfully really considering that kid though. "G'luck, Jean." He wasn't completely impersonable, he was just a porcupine.

"I'll speak with the nurse," Xi'an says to Jean, with a nod. "Good bye, Jean! Just send word if you need more help with anything," she says. Then her attention swings back to Kaleb. "What's what it is? A radio signal?" she asks. There's a considering look, and then a shrug. "Honestly not sure what help I could offer, but… suppose I'll know more when I see it," she decides. "As for consent… afraid that's not always an option, Kaleb."

Warren glances to Jean, "Logan and I have never exactly gotten a long well, Jean. I don't know if he is the person I should be going to to deal with anger issues." He shrugs, taking another sip of his coffee and making a face down at it, "As for flying lessons, you know where I live. Feel free to show up whenever, and I will do what I can to help."

Kaleb said deadpan to Xi'an "Pardon me, but I'm calling bunk on that." Too close to home for him. Warren got an eyebrow raised, "He might be the perfec t person to ask. Scott was able to help me get ideas for dealing with me… situation. Talk to him."

"You may call all the bunks you want to, Kaleb," Xi'an says, as she stares at the younger man for a long moment. Then eyes shift back to Warren, and she gives a small smile. "I'm here, too. I can help with… well. At least help you get a night's sleep," she assures. "Flying lessons would be… interesting. You know, I have a car now?" she asks, with just a touch of pride to that tone.

Warren eyes Kaleb, placing his coffee on the side table next to the chair and folding his arms over his chest. "Maybe. Just might be best to have the med-bay prepped just in case." He runs his fingers through his hair, combing it back from his eyes, "By the way…thanks."

Warren glances over to Xi, "You think? Because I am starting to think the mattress delivery people are wondering just what kind of kinky stuff I am into since they keep having to replace shredded mattresses. I'm running out of excuses to give them." He chuckles, "What kind of car? You getting Dizzy to soup it up for you?"

Kaleb tilted his head to one side with a shrugged expression of some agreement. Warren had a point. "Still, I'd say talk to em." He squint to Xi'an. "There's not enough money in teh world to have me sleep here unless I can nap in teh danger room. The soundproofing is so non-existant." He wasn't going to get into the fact he was still sleeping in the helmet most nights. Warren's comment brought him down off his soapbox though and Echo looked into his half cup of coffee. Finally back to Warren who was now blue and he was till trying to reconsile, "Wish I coulda done more at the time. I am glad you're home though. You, um, you talk to your family yet?"

"I can help both of you sleep," Xi'an says, with a faint sigh. It's followed by a soft smile sent over to Kaleb. "And you know that," she tells him. Then she turns to look back to Warren. "Just tell me when you need to rest, and I'll give you rest. I don't need to be there with you," she assures him. "And… we can work on the underlying matters that trouble you. But… I know one good night's rest can do wonders."

"And Dizzy got me the car. Her and her family put it back together or something. It's… adorable. I lov eit," Karma says, with a warm smile.

Warren looks at Kaleb and shakes his head, "Hard to talk to them, since they are dead." He shrugs, "I don't know how they would have handled me being a mutant, let alone blue. Guess I don't have to worry about them now, though. Now I just have to worry about the board, but I have plans in motion that might help with that as well. Lorna is going to talk to her sister about getting me some type of magical charm that will make me look 'normal' for the day to day public me."

He shrugs, turning his attention over to Xi and nods. "No offense, Xi, but i've been poked and prodded enough the last few months to last a lifetime, and I don't really need or want someone poking around in my brain right now. It isn't a pretty place. I haven't even let Jean or Charles in there. For now, i'll stick to alcohol and drinking myself into a stupor."

Kaleb looked to Karma and said "I know you can. It was one of three reasons I'm avoiding residence. The car seems neat though. I have to learn how to drive. I was going to learn but now that's not happening." He squint to Warren. "I didn't mean just your parents, man, but sure." The rest came out and Kaleb tightened his jaw shut. "Well it's one way to do it." And with that he left the entire conversation alone. He did dig out the high tech piece of gadgetry that was electronics in a helmet and offer it to Karma. "Might still take you up on that offer but I don't want to tax you out or build up a dependancy either. I was advised that'd be… a bad idea and potentially turn a hiccup into a handicap. Until then though, check it out. Not quite a car, but pretty groovy. What kinda car they fix you up?"

"I don't need to go into your head, Warren. Believe me, I do not want to be in your head. Anyone's head. The last mind I was in…" Xi'an just stops. Her eyes fall shut and a tremble races up her form. Deep breath! In and out. "Right, so, it just… I'm not Charles or Jean, Warren. I'm… me. And I can just… have you sleep," she tells him. Nevermind the details! She turns to look to Kaleb, and she nods. "It's not… too taxing. It's good for me to exercise, so… I will surely let you know if it's becomes too much. THough I agree…" And she falls quiet, as the helmet is handed over. "Hm!" she makes a curious noise as she inspects it. "It works…?"

Warren raises a brow at Kaleb, "Well, if you didn't mean them then I'm not entirely sure what other family you're talking about. Everyone here already knows, since…you know the whole flying in naked as the day I was born wasn't exactly subtle and I don't have any other family."

He shrugs and turns to Xi, pursing his lips as he debates it and sighs, taking the decanter and taking a swig straight from it. He gives it a betraying look and settles it back onto the table and grumbles, "I'll think about it. If only because if I don't find a way to restrict my nightmares somehow, someone is going to end up hurt if I have any 'company' over."

Kaleb shrugged and let it go as a technicality. "Well depending on how things go we may wind up in the same boat there. I did not know." That was… omnious and far too casual. He did relent to Warren with a furrow of his brow, "Yeah neary killing someone from a dead sleep isn't… ool." Someone might be speaking from a comiserating perspective. There was a pause before there was a genuine encouragement, "We'll get it sorted out. Just gonna be some trial and error. We can't let them win and own our future, man."

Finishing his coffee he got up to refill it because it was (sadly) not pouring itself. There was a pickup of his mood at Xi'an's question, "Somehow, yeah. It I think finds signal to run interfearance on. And the rest I… well I'm not the engineer. He said that the other side allows for unidirectional hearing to help me focus it up. But ya know if I use the higher end of my skills I don't make myself go blind now?" Oh yeah ya know that's a plus. "Withthe earplugs I can manage a real sleep mostly. Not the most comfortable but I'll take what I can to cut the insomnia."

Karma just offers a tight smile. Killing people in your sleep. No, not cool. She does nod along, though. "Just let me know if you'd like to try, Warren. We can do a thirty minute nap. Just let you drift off and stay asleep soundly," she offers. Then she slips out of her chair to stand again, and take up her tray. The helmet is left on the table, of course, for Kaleb. "And I can give you driving lessons," she adds, to Kaleb. "Anyways, I need to get back to work. Good bye, gentlemen."

Warren sighs, setting the decanter of fake whisky onto the side table, "Some shit we just don't have control over, you know?" He shrugs, "Wish I didn't have to worry about the possibility of decapitating someone in bed with me if I had a bad dream, but I do now thanks to these damned abominations on my back. Still, it is what it is so I need to just deal with it."

He glances at the helmet then back to Kaleb, "Looks like you are at least on the right track. Maybe I need some sort of restraining cage to wear at night, see if I can't contain them that way. Though I am sure that will be as comfortable as a hot poker in the eye."

Kaleb tipped a salute to Xi'an as she whisked herself off. He hovered over Warren's words for a while. His coffee swirreled.Finally he looked at Warren and pointed around the mug. "I may need to pick your brain on something coming up. Businesswise, and in return I'll see about coming up with some ideasfor you. Might have my guy look into it. As for Xi'an, he didn't have to go into my head to disconnect my hearing so I could sleep without having a seizure after I…came back." He didn't elaborate more than that to rehash everything. Warren had an ability to extrapolate the jist of the situation without dwelling on it. She tweaks the conditions, not our brain itself. It's kinda cool actually. But…maybe on the right track. Had to go away to a place to heal up for a while but … yeah. I sure as shit ain't ingrateful, but decapitating your 'guest' might be bad. especially if you want to see them again"

Warren snorts. "That's the thing…to be completely honest I am not even sure I am the one that controls them sometimes. I swear that they move on their own accord without any conscious thought. I think that is what scares me the most of all of it, what if I let her do her thing, and instead of solving the problem it…enhances it. What if my conscious or subconscious is what is actually keeping them in check, and by going in and doing something I just end up…." he slides a finger across his throat. "Last thing I want to do is end up hurting Thea or anyone else like that, man. I'd rather just get them removed entirely if it comes down to it. Maybe I should just to talk to Logan like suggested, but for different reasons."

Kaleb considered this. It wasn't unlike losing control of sonic waves and rupture someone's brain without meaning to. Or blasting their sanity. Whoops. Warren's conundrum did give the architect soem thought. "Danger room. We put her in a contained area. We go to the dangerroom with a cot and we try it out. We observe the situation a few times. You get a nap and if it goes badly we can cite when and why and then address that. but then at least we know and can move towards restoring your quality of life. If not for you but for others too so we cna see and learn. And then you're not in a position of not knowing."

Warren sighs, leaning forward and rubbing his face with his hands. "Maybe. I suppose it couldn't hurt, at the very least, to see what happens. At the very least it will let me know what might happen if I was knocked unconscious in a fight. " He side eyes the decanter again, "I need a drink."

Kaleb poured Warren a coffee and set it down in front of him. Arms folded on the table and he glanced around before he worked to shift the trajectory of acoustics around them to keep their conversation quiet. He spoke frankly in the fmailiar he did with few if any around here. "Wwarren, what happened to us? Others still out there? All shades of terrible. They stole us from us. Are we pissed? yeah, we are pissed as hell. Don't let them control ya any more than they have. We become afraid then they succeed at controling some part of our lives and they still win. That can't happen. Plus you owe it to you as much as I owe fixing my shit to me.We'll try things. We'll mess it up. We'll try more things, but we will not give up. Just gotta go through it methodically…then make them pay dearly, grievously, and perpetually. Suppoing aside you in with me on this?" A eyebrow arched patiently. "I didn't leave you behind before, I'm not gonna start now, but I can't carry ya. This has got to be your choice, but you don't have to do it alone any more than I do." At least Kaleb's accepted that he wasn't alone in the long fight, and wasn't about to let Warren be either.

Warren eyes the coffee. Not exactly what he meant, but it will have to do for the time being. The blue skinned mutant lifts up the cup to his lips and takes a sip as he listens. He is quiet for a long moment before he answers. "Six months. I was in whatever hellhole you found me in for six months. I don't remember any of it. I consider that a blessing, because if I recalled when they took my wings…" He stops, shaking his head and taking another sip of his coffee. "When I first got here, I wanted nothing but to find the place I came from and finish what I started. I…i've been lying to people, Kaleb. I remember more about my escape than I let on. I remember vividly what I did to those people. The rage I felt. The…satisfaction it gave me as I felt their heart's blood wash over me like a baptism into my new 'life' as it were. It took a few days to come down from that, and I am scared that if I let even a part of that loose again, it will consume me."

He takes another sip of coffee, holding the cup in his hands. "I know I need to get a grip on this, because if I don't, I am going to be the monster they were making me into. I'm halfway there already. I just don't want to drag anyone else down with me."

Kaleb held up the fingers on his other hand. "I… got some idea." He paled faintly. Elaborating he offered with sympathy, "Jay explained to mehow you both… and the… yeah. I have some idea. Hell I'm pissed for you. but… still… I'm glad you don't remember it. And yeah, ya know, in a way yes we are monsters. It was pointed to me by a very reliable source tat everyone doing something outstanding is someone else's monster. Jsut… gotta make sure we take the moment to see the dannon is pointed in the right direction. If we don't? Hell we only hurt the things we care about protecting and that's no good. But I was there. You…did what you did to those people and I enabled you to do it and ya know… sometimes? It freaks me out because I don't feel bad. I'm told I should. It was a life, but they were using their lives to take from others. Parasites. Not all people perhaps but those ones. So I guess if you ask me, and you're not but you're gettin this anyways, we can feel bad or accept the situation for what it is: preventing what happened from happening oto teh next fella they get their hands on. We hurt, but it doesn't mean that we can't come out oahead for someone else. Helps me sleep anyways. But hey, sometimes the world needs a monster to fight bigger monsters so people like that nice kid we rescued from teh Congo? Can go on being a nice kid and spare them from needing to do it." He watched Warren for along moment actually opening up on the matter in sincerity. "We can make this noise have a purpose as it's not just going to go away."

"I keep hearing about this Jay. I've never met him. Apparently he is someone like me…like I used to be?" Warren says quietly with a slight shrug. "It was one thing to do what I did because it was necessary to do so for my escape, but the fact that I wanted to do it, the fact that I enjoyed it…that is the part that really worries me." He shrugs again, draining the coffee from his cup. "I don't feel bad for what I did. I'd do it again to get away from that place. But liking it? That disturbs me."

He takes a deep breath and lets it out slowly, "I know we do good. I always tried to do 'good' however I could…but it as 'Angel' or as Warren donating money to the various causes and charities that I could. I still am trying to do the right thing, financially for Mutant Town or with whatever backing I can give the institute…but Charles has that pretty much locked down anyway. You're right though…sometimes the monsters fight the worse ones to protect others. I guess I need to think about it more that way."

Kaleb listened and sat down again drinking his coffee giving Warren the benefit of his full attention. Class started but as usual he moved at his own pace and this felt more important. "Well, few weeks ago they set fire to the streets of Mutant Town. Been working on a restoration there. Could get in on soem of that or… ya know there's people around the glob in the situation we were in. Scared, suffering, hurting, and most of them without the substantial safety net we enjoy having. They don't have kings and diplomats, and chunks of the aristocracy they're have in retainer or anything. Orpheaned kids, some adults, many who can't handle their own shit being seized to be used as 'things'. If you want to get angry, and you need to be a monster come with me and let's go find our actual enemies. Cause buddy, we are fucked. They don't have to be. We can be monsters that still do some good or… maybe just not be monsters and just people enjoying the hell out of some poetic justice." He paused and really mullld that over. At least he seems to have changed his mind on the flavour of the rage on his tongue from before.

Quietly he said, "There's a little kid out there in the hall who's got a mess of things going on her parents are worried will get her barred from opportunities to lead a full life, get attacked in school growing up for being 'different'. We might be someone's monster bt you can still be that kid's fuckin hero, Warren. Think about it and if you're interested, lemme know. You can come with me and Daire and… whoever, and we'll work on figuring out the new normal. We can be okay again. Dirrefent, but okayish. And yes, jay's got these wings that are huge and loud and fluffy and molt on my floor and the ability to heal like crazy. He's my roommate. he helped pull you out of the lake and up oto teh house. Good kid. he's been pullin for your recovery. I guess his brother Sam you might know. I dunno."

Warren nods quietly, contemplating the words being spoken as he looks to the floor. "I've already been funding some of the cleanup efforts in Mutant Town. I'll siphon more if I need to, to get things on better ground there. I've been toying with the idea of just outing myself. Call a press conference, walk out and just show the world who I am. I'd probably loose my company either via the board, or business just drying up because nobody would want to deal with me anymore…but I wouldn't have to fucking hide anymore. It might be worth it."

He smirks, "And then…then I could let the people know I am coming for them. They wouldn't have something to blackmail me over. Talk about freedom."

Kaleb rubbed his thumb along his jaw tilting hea head. "Yeah that's one way to do it." He was holding his breath as Warren spoke of the very thing that scared the hit out of him too. Looking up he nodded slowly. "Could. Could hold that card too. I got someone working on coaching me on…that." His lips pressed togehter and tried to keep teh tone casual. It was waivering, but he straightened the vibretto out of the sound before it reached ears so no one would have to know. "The guy that had me hostage has my DNA on file and knows myfather. Fun fun. He um… made it very clear taht he's willing to blay that out and expose me adn that my father will just have me cut off and I will lose everything for me and my brtoher and likely wind up back in some lab ooooor see Kellan live long enough to be zapped like a potato in some hospital. I ain't even playing that bullshit withthem. So I have… some idea that being blackmailed? Well it sucks. I'm advised to play a long game and see what we cna get on them firt. Apparently everyone having some angle isn't paranoia, it's jsut a fact so maybe… maybe we cna find a way to mitigate the fallout. I wish it was as easy as blowing sunshine up your skrit and going oh you be you, but it doesn't quite just work like that. Maybe someday, but not presently I guess."

Warren frowns. "These guys really are fucking idiots when it comes down to it, aren't they. They take someone like me, whose only 'crime' is to have wings and the ability to fly…and then they make me fatster, turn my once fluffy normal wings into weapons capable of dealing death and dismemberment. Not only that, but also give me the ability to use them as bladed projectiles? My only guess is that they never expected to loose control of me. They were going to use me as their own personal assassin. Well, fuck him…the joke is on them. Give me this guys name. I'll make sure he can't blackmail you. It will be hard to do without a head."

Kaleb cracked a wry grin. He really really liked not being the only furious person in the room. He was though, while quick to anger, careful by nature. He drank his coffee and shook his head in some amusement, "Yeah it's sort of complicated. A- teh guy works for my father. B? B- he might… not be our enemy. Still figuring out what angle he's on. This might be one of those things like the enemy of my enemy is my frien? I know of someone else that also does business with him but I'll be holding a meeting on it when I can get all my facts out. We'll see where it goes. And if it turns out bad for him? I'm going to jam those needles they put into me so far up his ass he's going to mistake it as the world's angriest cathater. But first? We research. Measure twice, cut once, Warren. You''re a goddamned professional. Don't get sloppy on me because you've turned indiguo. You are aman of dignity with a sense of professionalism to uphold, Sir. Don't ruin that image of you for me." He winked and felt… surprisingly a little better about a number of things, specifically Warren.

"I'm a professional businessman, Kaleb. This isn't business, or at least business that I am familiar with. Not yet, but they decided to bring me into it so I am going to learn." He shrugs a shoulder, "They wanted a weapon, well…guess they got it. They just weren't expecting it to be pointed at them. Guess they should have thought things out better." He smirks, turning his yellow eyes over towards Kaleb, "You have an image of me? Sorry to disappoint, but i'm not perfect. Never have been, never will be."

Kaleb snerked and shook his head, "Ain't that the truth. As for my image of you? Don't put yourself on too high a pedestal there, WOrthington. You get shit done. Go back to being the guy that organizes and gets shit done. Start there. Then we figure out the new normal."

Warren smirks, "You've seen where I live, right? You can't get a much higher pedestal than that!" says Warren, finally managing to crack a genuine smile. "So, I think it is way to late for that."

Kaleb actually laughed and shook his head. The snarking familiarity actually as a welcome thing, some hint of 'normal' anyways. "Yeah like a block down from our place? I do have a business thing I wanted to talk to you about." He held up a hand and shook his head, "When… you're up for it."

Warren smirks. "That was my folks house." says Warren with a grin. "No, man, I live in a penthouse on top of the WI building. About 80 stories up looming over Central Park. As I said, you can't get much higher in this city." There is a brief pause, and then Warren's head cocks to the side, "What kind of business?"

Kaleb nodded steadily, "Yeah I'm familiar." Just because he seemed disinterested in the world doesn't mean he didn't pay attention. His tongue ran throughtfully over his lower lip. "You met my father, he's into corporate and industrial real estate. Capstone Industries has a ton of things going on around the damn globe and I'm pretty certain a lot I'm not even aware of. I wan to start looking into my own projects but I need to learn how some of the fine print works if I'm going to take my part of the company and do… what I intend to do with it."

Warren leans back into his chair and nods, "That..that I know I can do. If you want to bring some of the contrast by I can take a look and see if there is anything 'hidden' in the fine print that shouldn't be in there. I can also have the WI corporate lawyers take a look if you want, but I certainly can walk you through any of that. Just let me know when you want to come by."

Kaleb nodded thoughtfully. "Don't worry, I'm not asking you to run anything. Plus, I can check for opportunities to scoop places that will be good to help 'our' people out. As much as I talk up something something world takeover? I think Magneto was onto something. Fortify first. Have a place to come from. make sure we're putting our energy int eh right place. Be nice to have safe havens around the globe for our people. It's a longterm thought I guess."

Warren hrms. "I'm not sure I am all into the world domination aspect, but I can't argue about safe houses for mutants." He taps his finger against his chin and nods. "I can at least lend a hand with that easily enough. Just let me know when to put some time aside and we will go over your books."

Kaleb chuckled and shrugged, "Not sure I'm all into it either to be honest. That's aloooooot of maintenance. However, I think a few of us withteh resources to pull that down? We might be able to make the future for our kind betetr in a productive sense. In the meantime? We get my head sorted, your wings under new management, and those people rescued." He sighed. "Shit it's going to be a long week." Looking back to Warrenhe finished his coffee and gave him a nod of encouragement. "I'm really not big on trust or askin for help either. Talk to Karma. Let her tkae a stab at helping. You owe you that. Me? I owe me getting to class somewhat withteh illusion of timpliness." He sighed and looked at the hall, glowering a bit at it. So… many people. He was not excited about this. "I'll catch you around."

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