1964-08-29 - The Boys Go Bowling
Summary: In which the boys go bowling.
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There's been altogether too much hanging around the apartment. The evenings have cooled off a bit in the city and the boys were restless. Somehow the topic came around to bowling and they decided to head down to the bowling alley. It's not fancy but it's pretty up to date for the 60s with candlepin on one side and 10 pin bowling on the other side. There are ugly shoes to rent as well as cheap beer.

"What do you think?" Vic says, showing off his ugly rented shoes. "Should I get a pair of these, Kellan? I'll be fending ladies off me with a stick." He's got a cheap beer, he's got a bowling ball. He's even wearing a bowling shirt with a Hawaiian print on it. Someone is ready to knock over some pins.

Kaleb was neither ugly, nor cheap and for that matter, also not inebriated. He was however wearing earplugs and it seemed a great challenge to controll micro cacophonies of sound. Besides seeing Maximus wrestle with rented shoes was always a crowd pleaser and he had a silent bet going with himself on exactly how good Jay was innately at bowling having grown up in the greater Ohio area. All in all he seemed to be doing alright so far and in a good mood. "So Kellan, the contingency plan now has ten pins and borrowed shoes… I think we need to start keeping track of what the Plan's plans keep acquiring and at the end of the year do a scavenger hunt or some rube goldberg device or…something."

Jay, for his part in the recent upheaval of worlds, has been in Kentucky the last week. Helping the family, so it was explained away, during the inevitable return to school chaos that it takes for 7 younger siblings. His return had been uneventful and quiet, leaving the mild-mannered young wingman a little more reserved but otherwise the same as ever—though he's reverted back to hiding his wings in every day situations outside of the apartment.

Money is on Kaleb for that assumption on bowling, though. Jay looks like he knows what he's doing as he gets his ugly bowling shoes on and starts searching for a ball; hefting one up, giving it a swing, putting it back down and grabbing another.

Maximus is still at the counter, "Do you not have /new/ shoes? Can I just…look, just give me some new shoes." He's trying to play by Mutant Town rules and NOT using his powers to abuse the locals. Finally he comes away with a 'newish' pair, though he doesn't look thrilled about it.

"We don't get to keep the shoes," Kellan comments to Kaleb before grinning over at Vic and saying, "You sure are." He reaches over and ruffles Vic's hair affectionately, touseling the curls. He then settles down to lace up his own ugly brown, red, and blue shoes before going over to select his ball. He chooses a green one, about 9lbs, and makes sure his fingers can actually reach. That done, he glances over toward Max and can't help but smile a little amusedly at the struggle for new shoes. He then says to Jay, "It's good to have you back, man."

Vic grins at the ruffling. "Yeah, it's good to see you again, man. You wouldn't believe the week we had." As Maximus comes around with his newish shoes, Vic waves to him. Then he tests the heft of the ball he's chosen. It's as heavy as he can get and he still handles it like it's a soccer ball. "I think the challenge here is going to be accuracy, right?" Like his powers don't don't cover that too.

Kaleb says, "Get to?!" The word he'd have used was had but he seemed alright. Any issue in the cursory custom of renting shoes was lost with Max trying to haggle the attendant. So proud. As pins were concussed in teh echoing hall surrounded by hardwood floors his eye twinged jsut faintly but still, steps, alright. Determined even. Finallyt here was a ball. It was round, it was black, it matched the others and had a helpful little 12 stamped into it. He didn't know what that was necessarily important to but his fingers didn't get stuck in teh holes risking the loss of a thumb to youthful exhuberence. "Ya know if this becomes a thing we should just see about our own shoes. So important question to be asked up front: Cheaty rules or not?" It was Mutant Town. screw it, he didn't care."

Jay tries another ballthis one a solid green in colorand seems satisfied as he strolls back to the gathering, the ball swinging idly down by his hip. A kind looking smile quietly sported over in Kellan's direction, then Vic, mild in nature, but curious. "Crazier than th' last week Ah was around? Y'all look like yer in one piece." He tilts his head to one side and eyeballs Vic, then Kellan, eyes shining with amusement that otherwise remains largely hidden. "Yeah, accuracy. An' try not to chuck it like a rock down to the pins. Ya gotta roll it down there. We'll show ya. Vic never went bowlin'?"

Still, Jay seems somewhat uncertain as he gives Kaleb a look, then over to Kellan again, his tone lowers, "Is he gonna be okay with all the, uh, crashin'?" It could be a loud game after all, and with two guys with modified strength, he was sure he and Vic could smash some pins.

Maximus finally joins the rest of the group. "what was that about using powers? Cheating? Haha HEHEHE…do you /really/ want to do that?" His eyes widen and he gives his head a toss, ruffling dark curls against his cheek with the manic motion. Everything about his tone and question suggests…the answer he's expecting is no. "Hello, Jaaaay." He greets the one he hasn't seen in a while. Then he picks his ball out. He ends up picking a 12lber.

"Yeah," Kellan says to Vic. "The goal is to knock over as many pins as you can with one shot. All the pins is a strike. If you hit all the ones in the middle with one on each side that's a split. If there's just one pin then it's a spare.. I think. I haven't bowled in a while." Grinning over at Kaleb he asks, "Does that mean that I get four turns?" If we're using cheaty rules after all. There's a faint flicker of Kellan's expression when Jay observes that they are all in one piece. He glances over toward Vic for a moment but he doesn't open his mouth. Instead he nods to Jay about whether Kaleb will be okay. He lets Kaleb speak for himself, but he seems to think everyone will be fine for a bit anyway.

"Kind of," Vic tells Jay. He grins then and says, "Nah, this is my first time bowling." So many firsts. He shakes his head then and says, "No, no, no, no cheating. I'll handicap myself if I have to. I'll, uh… I'm not sure how to do that." He eyes the lanes, watching other bowlers at their games. "So how do we decide who goes first?"

Kaleb cast a sidelong look at Max and gave him a look that confirmed 'yeah not in that sense'. "Looks like Vic wants a fair game. We can worry about raising stakes when we're better at the game." Le sigh. "Let Jay go first. Pretty certain he can teach anyone anything. And yes, Kellan, technically up to 8 if you all don't clear the first frame." He grinned at his twin and shook his head. "We need a dirty game at some point. It'd get ugly but kidna funny. Definiately needs defined rules on that though." He paused at Jay's concerned and said "Helmet's in teh car if it gets too bad. Earplugs are workin for now. Just do the thing, Jay." There was something in his inner brain that liked even numbers though. He wasn't happy with five. It'd make the lanes lopsided. He looked around for a solution. That… was his thinky face.

Jay had invited Hajime on this outing but he had been worried about coming. Equal parts 'what if the other kids don't like me' and 'what if somehow I'm found out to be hanging out with mutants when I ought not to be', but ultimately, Hajime's desire to make more friends like himself won out in the end. And also, it was Jay. Who could say no to Jay? Due to his worry though, he arrives late. So while the rest of the young men were getting ready to play, Hajime is just walking into the building.

"Eh, hai, Maximus," Jay greets with faint trepidation but aiming for polite neutrality. "How're y'all?" How's the weather? will undoubtedly be next in his list of smalltalk.

Cheaty rules? Jay's brows lift slightly, smiling very slightly. "Nah, Kel. That means you get four entries on the score card an' we average 'em out by the end." Jay teases lightly. "Hey now, not everyone's got useful cheatin' skills here." He nods in solidarity toward Vic and slants a small smile. "It ain't so much about power so much as it is finesse an' aim. Y'aint at that much an advantage. Unless /someone/ thinks that's enough to get all cheaty with it." Casting a speculative look back toward Kaleb. A look which softens back to gentle concern when kaleb reassures him that he'll be okay, then subdued agreeability after a moment as he shrugs and nods.

Jay sits down at the little table to start writing out the scorecard with names, because /everything is fucking analogue/, putting his name first, then Max, Kellan, Vic, Kaleb and…

The winged young man twists a bit in hesitation, his hand hovering over that last slot before they start the game to see if his guest decided to show up. Catching sight of the young oriental fellah, Jay lifts an arm straight into the air to flag Hajime down. "Jim," he doesn't so much shout as he speaks normally, then writes 'Jimmy' down on the scorecard. Turning to face the rest of the group. "So, Ah invited sommun, but he scares easy. So just…" his eyes flick to Max reflexively, then back to the others. "Y'know. Be nice?" Flicks to Kaleb. "Ish."

Maximus arches his brows when he's quasi-singled out to be nice. Then he looks over to Kaleb, then back to Jay. "Mmmm, I am certain everyone will be nice. Or at least civil. Jim, is it? Helloooooo…" he greets in a singsong manner when Hajime comes closer. Then he totally leers at Kaleb while the man is thinking. A grin flicks across his face and then he lifts his chin and tries to pretend like he doesn't care about looking at anyone for a moment.

Kellan chuckles a little as they decide to go for non-cheaty rules. When Jay calls out and flags down Hajime, he turns and looks over at the approaching youth and lifts a hand to wave welcomingly, motioning him over to join the rest. He wanders over next to Vic and gives him a little bit of a shoulder bump. "Looks like Jay's got the order down and we're good to go." He grins and lifts his beer, taking a swallow from it "This is fun!"

Kaleb was innocent!… mostly…. Jay didn't know Kaleb could subliminally back-seat drive though. He cracked a wry, amused grin to his roommate. "Jay, if screaming at solid objects could get them to do my bidding? I'd be a very different man, trust me." Jay brought… people?! Oh sure! Look at Kaleb like he was hosti- okay that was fair. In the end Kaleb relented. "Fine, I'll pretend i'm Kellan. Besides we need a sixth." His eyes looked over Hajime. Iiiinteresting. Everything about Kaleb was judgy, however, he did his best to keep himself from sounding too derisive. "Welcome to the lineup, Jim. S' Max, I'm Kellan, that's Kaleb-" He stopped and squint at his twin like 'did I get teh order right?' "Vic, and you know Jay. There will be a test later."

Kaleb watched the new outlier and he set his ball in teh rack. With a sigh he apologized to Jay, "Sorry I tried, but I can't." Nope, bitchy mode on, and to Jim he squint and asked the critical question, "You're not from Jersey are you?" Because doom on teh bridge and tunnel crowd.

Vic waves to Hajime and says, "Hey, nice to meet you. I'm Vic." Then he's shoulder-nudged, and he grins at Kellan. "I'm sure I'll pick this up quickly. I'm just not sure how hard to throw it." …throw? He glances around at the other lanes. "Roll," he quickly amends. "Roll it. Ha ha, I'm not going to, uh." He stops tossing the ball around like it weighs nothing and puts it on the rack. "So, beer?"

Hajime smiles when Jay greets him, that one was legitimate, it's hard not to smile around the eternal ball of sunshine that Jay seems to be. He raises a hand in greeting to all of the others as he approaches and offers them each a hand to shake. "Hajime, but 'Jimmy' works too." He says, albeit nervously.
He does honestly laugh when Kellan? asks him if he's from Jersey. "No, I promise, scout's honor and all that I'm not from Jersey." He says around a laugh. "East Village."

"Well, for one, y'wouldn't have any reason to keep me around any more," Jay jokes wryly to Kaleb and flashes him a smile as he finishes scrawling out Jimmy's name on the card and stands up. There's a slightly bemused look tossed to Kaleb when he claims to be his twin—to be fair, they were identical and chances were that Hajime would get it wrong at some point. Jay could still only tell the difference by clothes and snark level. The bemused look melts back into a glowing expression when Kaleb gives up, green eyes shining with mirth as he glances down and steps up toward Hajime.

"He's pullin' yer chain. He's Kaleb, his brother's Kellan. But, you know…twins." Jay explains with a small smile to Hajime. "Hey, man. Glad you decided t'come down. Kale woulda tried t'forcibly volunteer some one until Kel made a double, otherwise. You've played this b'fore, right? Ah mean, if ya haven't, that's cool. Ah dunno what sports y'all sort play other than 'math' and that thing with the tiles with flowers on 'em." Oh. Jay. No.

He juts his chin up toward the shoe manager. "Jus' go get yer shoes up there, an' pick a ball. Yer last in the line up, so y'got time."

"And here I was looking forward to Vic getting all confused about them." Maximus answers with some amusement when Jay sorts it out. I have never played this game before..but, I already understand the concept. Its all about angles…velocity, rotation…" He sounds very scientific as he plans his first turn once things are set up. He's watching the other people on the other lanes to judge their form and their success. "And if I do terrible, it is Kaleb's fault, the ball's fault, or the lane." He smiles serenely and hikes an arm up onto one of the chairs set in a semi-circle, then leans on his palm.

There's a little bit of a blink from Kellan over toward Vic when he mentions throwing the ball, then he seems to relax when Vic clarifies that he's going to roll it. There's a smirk for Kaleb when he mis-introduces them and then a grin and a thumbs-up to Jay when Jay corrects the error. Maximus gets a little laugh and Kellan says, "I don't think Vic would be so easily confused." For reasons. "Pretty sure that it will be the ball's fault. Maybe it's lopsided or has a flat spot or.. or probably the lane.. the angle, not level.. there's a lot of possibilities." And one can almost see the probabilities being calculated in his head.

Vic grins at Maximus and says, "I was going to see how far he'd take it." Kaleb is given a playful glance. He wouldn't. Would he? "I was going to say, the Kellan I know would get me some french fries before our turns came up because I'm starving." Then he gives the real Kellan a hopeful look. Hope does spring eternal, after all. He turns that easy smile on Jimmy next. "I don't know what Jay's going on about, but it's good to have you with us.

Kaleb was being blamed and corrected… sure but that's not what was importnat most at the moment. Those bright blue eyes were squint on the Asian man's features looking only relieved when he was assured Jim was from 'East Village'. See? He was nice. It was not an assumption of nationalism. Relax. "Oh good. Then we can like you." He quint at his roommate. Funwrecker. Still he let it go. Lightly he rubbed his palms together in a circle picking up on the rest noting back to Max, "Kellan's right. The lane might have a slight pitch to the grade from impact over time. Like… maybe only up to two degrees. It's workable." Yes an engineer and the architect were going to over analyze a community lane. "Vic the ruse wouldd never last. I don't try to make sandwiches." Ever.

Both of their names begin with 'K' too. Hajime was quite likely to screw that up and he thinks he gets a pass. Jay calls him 'Jimmy' after all. When the boy, now named Kaleb backs away from him, Hajime feels himself relax a little. "Jay didn't actually confirm that before he decided to like me, he hasn't been following your rules." He teases gently, winking at Jay.

Hajime tries hard not to sigh at the comment from Jay that comes out, he's sure, unintentionally, rude. He bites back a snide comment because again, Jay doesn't seem to be trying to be a jerk on purpose. "I've played before." And when he turns to go and get some shoes and a ball he may have muttered something under his breath about math not being a sport, but certainly not loud enough for Jay to hear.

Jay seems to be of the opinion along with Kellan on the part of Vic's confusion, nodding mutely with a jut of his chin up toward the 'good' twin as the racist-spouting southern boy ambles up to the ball rack. "Ah think that Kale's been blamed fer enough bogus bologna lately. Maaaybe stick t'the ball bein' flat or the lane off when Ah beat the pants off y'all." Because in Jay's world, it's totally normal to make racist comments about one friend, then jump to the needless defense of another while shittalking over a game. He lifts the ball smoothly, holding it up lightly in his hand to address the rest. "Good, friendly, clean game, gents. We can dirty it up later."


Jay arches his brows up at Hajime when he 'tattles' on him, telling Kaleb that he hasn't been following Kaleb's social protocol re: Jersey. Sharp! Surprised, he whispers a light chuckle. "Ouch. Well. You got me there." Then turns, oblivious to the exasperated sigh and mutter from the asian fellow, back toward their lane. He takes pause, lines up his shot, and strides down the lane like he's done a million times before, with pretty decent form.

"Hajime…" Maximus says it mostly right, with the balls of an Asian inflection on it and everything. Extrapolation would indicate that he might know some Asian language. He narrows his eyes thoughtfully. "I do want a beer. Hajime looks young. Who can /have/ a beer?" Because making them follow the rules is more fun than beating the system.

There's a grin over at Vic as Kellan says, "Your wish is my command." Then he wanders off to leave th eothers to their discussion as he makes his way up to get beers and food for those who want any, pausing to take requests on his way. He's gone for a little bit while the others talk, standing up at the counter putting the order in and then waiting for it to all be placed on trays to bring back.

Vic looks up and asks, "Do we not like people from Jersey?" He looks between Kaleb and Jay, then to Maximus as if he might be able to offer some clarification. To Hajime, he says, "I like just about anyone, Jersey or not." Is Kaleb hearing this? The way Vic just says that aloud where anyone can hear? But then Vic's attention trails after Kellan, his first love going to bring him his second love. "I'm going to go help him carry things," he says. He starts toward Kellan at the counter.

To tell you the truth, Doug was here for the pinball arcade attached to the place — that and the pizza's good. Or he always remembered a pinball arcade and good pizza. But when he gets here, there's one pinball machine and it's out of order. "Damn." But when he looks up, he spies… well you couldn't miss the wings for trying. and the face is familiar. Someone he remembers meeting — a long time ago. He clears his throat, and then says, "Excuse me —" He is looking at Jay, or perhaps more specifically at his wings — "…Are you Joshua Guthrie?" His brow is furrowed, his hands in the pockets of his coat.

Kaleb was relieved that Maximus and Kellan had the whole dealing with people and ordering thing under control. Fewer people to have to endure. Small joys in life. He did confirm though to Max's querry, "Yeah, I'll have a drink with you." He also wanted to have food but moreso he wanted to have standards and had a general, vague distrust of 'bar food'. Maybe. Maybe later. There was a slight glance between Max and Hajime. Curious. It was Vic that snapped his attention from the linguist inflections though. "Vic, we do not like people from Jersey." Kaleb could have stopped at the word 'people' and still spoke truthfully of himself. Kaleb hears that! He hears all these things wether he wants to or not and there was a flash of disapproval in his look not that Vic would heed it. "Vic, Stop being nice to Jersey-ites!" He sighed rubbed the middle of his forehead. God help that mote… "We have a Jay. We don't have a Joshua." He looked up and boggled "Keep gettin called for a Josh and I keep tellin the lady she's got the wrong number." He sighed. WHy do people never listen.

It was interesting enough to hear someone pronounce his name correctly that it eases away any of the grumpiness that had been residual after Jay referring to math as an 'oriental sport'. When he returns with a pair of ridiculous shoes and a 12 pound ball, the slight scowl that had set into his features has been erased. He smiles a little at the way Kaleb corrects the newcomer on what he's sure is Jay's full name. He decides easily he likes this one. "Are there any rules beyond not liking anyone from Jersey that I should be aware of?" He teases as he rejoins the group.

"Ah met Hah-Jimmy in the bar round the corner, so Ah'm pretty sure he's able," Jay comes back from his first ball down the alley, offering Max that ever-present smile touched pleasantly on his face. "Funny story, actually. Nobody what told me th' drinkin' age here is so low. Ah was under the impression that it was 21, just like back home, an' thought the fellahs down at the eight ball just took pity on me. Went /two months/ b'fore Da—a friend mentioned, an' Ah got mah first drink. We're all young things who wouldn't get a snifter of it in Kentucky." Because Good Guy Jay apprently never /thought/ of trying to scam a drink 'illegally'. "Ah'll do a drink."

It's sort of true. Even trying to smother the suckers under a flannel, all the stars in the sky that one could wish on can't really save Jay from the obvious idenification of all those feathers and the construction of his wings. But he tries! And fails, usually. Still, Jay blinks and looks a little put off, a hint on the defensive, struck between curious and uncertain as he looks up and peers over at Doug. There's a very vague strike of recollection there, his brows knitting together a touch. "Ah mean, yeah? But ain't nobody called me 'Josh' in—" His attention is torn away by Kaleb, forest green eyes going wide. "/Kale/," his heart skips a beat and the lump under his shirt fluffs up, squirming against his back in distress as all the other feathers around his legs fan out. "Kaleb Marshall, Ah swear, tell me yer tellin' me tales taller than Paul Bunyon, man. Mah momma just about took me over her knee when Ah got home last week. Said some sassy pants boy was hangin' up on her." If Jay could turn any paler, he would right now, blood draining to his feet. "Mah Christian name is Joshua Zachariah Guthrie, man. C'mon now."

He almost forgets entirely about Doug with his distress, but blinking rapidly and pressing a hand through his hair, Jay turns back to Doug. "Ah'm sorry, Ah just saw my whole life flash before mah eyes. Uh, yeah, Ah'm Joshua Guthrie, but Ah go by 'Jay' these days. Do…Ah know you? Y'look familiar…"

Maximus listens to all these…younger folks than his self that has seen some more years. As the story unfolds…from Kaleb to Jay, it clicks in his mind what has happened. Suddenly, despite Jay's pale face, he bursts out with a bubbling laugh, like a brooke of delight just flowing from him. "He was hanging up on your mother? Is she going to make you move? Get away from this..bad influence?" He points at Kaleb.

"Oh!" Doug blinks. "I'm sorry." He says, "I'm Doug Ramsey. I went to school with Sam — we were friends. Are friends. We met when Sam took everyone to Cumberland—" But they were both younger then, and Doug's eyes were almost completely glued on Jay's sister Paige. Cough. But then he says, cheerfully enough, "Quelle Surprise!" He looks around at all the others, and then says, "Oh! Sorry." He gives a little smile. "I'm Doug. I'm a friend of Jay's older brother, Sam. Which I suppose makes me a friend of Jay's, too. …I've just… been out of the country for several years." As in, he's the friend that took off to Europe to find himself immediately after graduation. He looks at Maximus, suddenly, and frowns. Getting a bad read off of him. He pushes it aside, for now, though.

Eventually Kellan returns with Vic from picking up the beverages and the food just in time to see the newcomer and catch the tail end of the story. "Heya Doug," Kellan says and says "I'm Kellan, this is Vic." He then sets the trays down on the little tables where the scorecards should go because there isn't a whole lot of other room and he begins passing out the drinks to those who wanted them, and the food to those who wanted that. "Have we started yet? Who's winning? Is it our turn yet?" He glances around. The questions, they start pouring out. "Is Doug playing?"

Vic hangs his head as Kaleb chastises him. "Okay," he says. He won't stop being nice to Jersey-ites, but at least he won't brag about it to other people. He goes over to Kellan to help him carry things, and to be near him, and he says, "Did you know Jay's birth name is Joshua? Kaleb's been hanging up on his mom all this time." Who needs telepathy when one has The Vic Report? He glances to Doug, then. "Hi, we haven't met. I'm Vic."

Kaleb blinked at Jay. It'd be a miracle if someone could figure out how to make Kaleb really understand things like propriety or attrition. Jay's conundrum earned him a blink. "Jay, if she's your mother she should know your name." And then Jay explains and the quint said it all: How terribly unfortunate for you as a child writing that out on everything. I mean really. His eyes drift from Jay to Max arching an eyebrow. He looked back to Jay though wondering. Still though it was his turn to bowl and no negotiating withthe sphere would make it go directionally as he wanted to. Oddly when teh ball concussed the pins (and those 4 pins had it coming) they made no earth shattering kaboom. He brushed his palms off and asnwered his brother, "Yeah, Kell" Oh got there were two of them. At least they dressed dissimilar. he still didn't apologize. He'd more than lkely make it up to Jay, but he didn't apologize.

Max starts laaaaughing at the discovery and Jay goes from pale to rather red, but smiling sheepishly when Max puts all the pieces together. "Ah had to do some, uh, creative explainin'. Ah thought maybe she dialed the number wrong. Ah didn't actually think he was /actually/ hangin' up on her." Jay doesn't /nudge/ Kaleb Miller. Oh no. That would produce wrinkles. But he gestures as if he did, falling just short of contact. Still smiling a bit. "She does know mah name, she just don't care fer mah nickname all that much. Seriously, though, man. Stop hangin' up on mah momma. She /will/ send Sam or Paige up here, an' you better pray it's the one that blows through walls." Because for all the googly eyes Doug may make at Paige, she's not the Guthrie you want after you.

The chatter resumes and introductions are made, Jay swings his attention back to Doug and blinks a second, then lights go on somewhere behind his eyes as recognition sets in. "Oh! Yer Dougie Ramsay, yeah-yeah, Ah remember you. Uhh…the linguist, yeah? You can read, write, understand, like…everythin' ever." Jay smiles brightly as he remembers, warming visibly and extending a hand out to shake. "Ah'm sorry, yeah, Ah remember now. Oh, gosh, Ah'm sorry. Yeah, uh, this is Vic, Kellan, Kaleb, Max an' Jimmy. Ah live with the first three." WHY he doesn't live at the school like the rest of his siblings have in the past is a mystery, but, que sera. "It's real nice t'see you again Doug. You wanna hop in a game?" Jay offers and nods.

"Sorry, sorry, delay of game, Ah know," Jay stammers and rushes on to toss his second ball hastily, then writes his score down on the sheet. "Y'see how Ah split those, Vic? Don't do that."

Maximus stands up and seems very amused. "Well, for that, I will buy a round of beers for everyone. Ahhh…Kaleb…can you help me carry them all?" That's right, he's going to carry something, like a waiter. But…he's been observant to realize that it aint happening unless he does it himself.

Doug shakes hands all around. "It's a pleasure to meet you all. And yes, I'm an Omnilinguist. It's not flashy, like other powers, but it has its uses. It's… grown quite a bit since the last time we met, as well." He holds up a hand to Maximus, and says, "No beer for me, thank you." Then he glances back to Jay, and says, "…Why are you in New York? No, no." He holds up a hand. "Tell me later." He shrugs off his coat, and turns, regarding the lane. "I suppose I could step in for a game, that'd be keen."

Kaleb sighed theatrically as if put out by Jay having legitimate feelings on his mother being hung up on. Really though he was of the mind she should have clarified. He finally relented to Jay's rebuttal at him, "I'll send her… a very nice consolation fruit basket." Likely with instructions on how to better get ahold of people? He wouldn't do that would he? At the request from MAx to help him carry things he offered helpfully, "Yeah I'll help you find some people." It was almost comical seeing the two persons most allergic to manual labour go off to do it. "Kell, let me know if anyone needs anything else?" Because a twinlink neruro network was a great thing to be a part of. "If I'm not back for my next frame? I dunno… look really bitchy down teh lanes at teh pins like they owe you money. They'll prolly think you're me and sacrifice a couple of their own to the point gods." Well at leat he didn't take himself too seriously. There was that.

Kaleb goes home.

Jay smiles sympathetically to Doug over the lack of 'flash' to his powers. "Ah'm two steps away from bein' delicious with bbq sauce. Yer fine, Doug." Reassuring the guy without a second thought, there's an uncertain pause when he asks why Jay is in New York, another vague and uncomfortable twitch of his extra appendages and a nod of relief when Doug cuts him off and promises for /later/ explanation. "That's probably fer the best, thanks. You stayin' at the school?" He welcomes the guy down while they all either break for food or drink or seem to take the game rather lightly. Hanging out, it's an off day.

Jay notes of Kaleb's attempts of righting his wrong while being put out dramatically by it at the same time with gratitude. "Thank you, Kale. She's a good lady." Shaking his head as Kaleb wanders off to /fetch them food/. There's a moment of boggling as he looks over to Vic. "Is kaleb feelin' okay? When does he ever serve /us/?"

"I thought about it but I have a room rented in the city right now, at least till I start working and figure out what I'm going to do next. I didn't really think it would be a good idea to move *back* to the school right away," Doug says, "But I'll be up there a lot, yeah." He crosses his arms, and then says, "So how's your brother? He and I haven't spoken… in a very long time."

"They've probably hit their upper levels of being nice for awhile," Vic tells Jay. "They gotta to off somewhere to be bad where no one's around to make them stop." Not that the idea of being badmouthed by his friend behind his back seems to trouble Vic any. He's all easy smiles with a pep in his step. His first ever shot at bowling doesn't result in a split, so he's got that going for him. And he manages to roll the ball instead of throwing it. However, it hits the lane rolling fast. Woosh! CRASH! One of the pins breaks in half, but he knocks five over. Vic is quiet, then says, "That was too hard."

"In Mutant Town or somewhere else?" Jay asks of Doug casually while he waits for his turn to come around again, though the young man ably keeps score on the sheet for everyone. "He's…" Jay hesitates, then shrugs and casts a polite smile to Doug while the bunch of feathers shoved up under his overshirt twitch a little bit. "He's Sam, yaknow? Can't keep him down." His body language screams that there's more to the story, but Jay's being polite none the less. "What've you been up ta over seas fer so long?"

Jay smiles at Vic while he jokes about Kaleb and Max, eyes turning into tiny crescented moons of green humor. "Gotta purge. Honestly, Ah'm sorta impressed." And he was! No deception there. He claps a couple times to bolster Vic's first attempt at bowling, cheering the guy on. He hoots as he connects with pins, then pauses and tilts his head slightly as one snaps. "Oh. Uh. Yeah…a little hard, pal."

"Oh, traveling. Working as a translator. Living life, loving life." Doug eyes the broken pin, and then he pinches the bridge of his nose. "Well, I'll pay for that, it's all right. It's just a wooden bowling pin." He looks up at Jay and his expression goes a little flat. "If there's a problem between you and your brotherwell, I'd bet my life on him. In fact, I have. More than once. Maybe I can help"

Since someone has to clean up the broken pin, his own turn is a little delayed. "Oh, well… yes, actually. The rents are cheap, and I'm comfortable there. I mean, I don't outwardly express it so sometimes I get looks on the street but *I* know I'm a Mutant."

Vic offers Jay and Douglas both an apologetic look. "I'll do better next time," he promises. To Douglas, he adds, "This is my first time. You said you were with the school? I'll be starting in the Fall." He sits by Kellan with the lane out of commission while someone fetches away the broken pin and replaces it.

Jay still gives Vic an encouraging nod and faint smile, "Yer gettin' the hang of it. Yer aim's good at least. Just gotta get the feel of it." Encouraging. Jay can do encouraging, no problem. He marks the score and notes, de soto, "Yer beatin' Kaleb, so yer ahead of that curve." A friendly game, no pressure, just boosting the motemallow best he can.

Shifting back to Doug once more, he shakes his head mildly with a sense of envious wonder in his smile. "Man. That sounds nice. Ah miss tourin', even if it weren't anywhere exotic or interestin'. Nah, the twins have got it, Doug, really. Their family's, well…they're doin' a lot better than a lotta folk." The mention of his brother warrants just another smile and shrug, polite. "No real problem. Hard t'have problems with Sam, y'know?" Sympathetic, but amused over Doug's trouble in Mutant Town, it's a funny little tilt of his head the winged mutant gives him. "Funny, ain't it? Y'get funny looks fer not lookin' funny enough?"

Doug tilts his head and his eyebrows go up. "It doesn't trouble me overmuch. In the burgeoning Mutant subculture, I'm what they call a 'smoothskin' or a 'pinkskin' - I can pass for Homo Sapiens, and I have privilege because of it. It breeds resentment, and rightly so. And I didn't say it was hard to have problems with Sam. It's *easy* to have problems with him. He can be… overbearing." He shrugs and leaves it at that. "You don't need to sugarcoat it for me, Jay."

Then he stretches and says, "Yes. Class of 1960. Mutatis Mutandis, all is change but the heart is forever true. …Go hornets."

Vic has such a broad and brilliant grin, with dimples, even. "That's great," he says to Douglas. "Maybe if you come visit the campus, we'll see you there." To Jay, he says, "I haven't been yet. I can't wait." When they finally sort out the pins, he takes his second shot. This time, there's a lot less POW! behind the release of the ball. His aim is good enough to knock over three pins. Eight out of ten, one casualty. Not bad for his first time. He claps his hands and says, "I didn't break anything!"

Doug goes on to explain certain matters of the Mutant world in his own very intellectually based way and Jay sort of blinks for a moment, holding his breath in order to catch up. When he is able to, there's a sucking in of air and a slowly crawling smile. "Man. You haven't changed a bit, have ya, Doug?" The comment seems to however be a grateful one considering the multitude of changes that Jay's been subject to recently. A knowing look passed off to the friend of his brother's and a waffling sort of non-commital nod. Not very inclined to speak ill of his own brother, in public no less. The 'go hornets' bit makes the mild mannered young man sputter a chortle, startling the sound out of him. "Some cheerleader, huh, Doug?"

But Vic's going up again and Jay hoots for the motemallow when nothing goes crack. "There ya go, Vic. Yet gettin' the hang on this one now."

Doug puts his hand over his heart, and says, "My heart, Jay Guthrie, is black and yellow. Forever." Those being the school colors, and the color of the student training uniforms. Or at least they were. Ergo, the Hornets. Then he looks up, and says, "Well we all change a little bit from day to day, I guess — but I am still me." He waits for the lane to reset, and picks up his ball. He considers it, and then he steps up, and neatly bowls a strike. "…Not bad, haven't lost my touch."

"The school is a wonderful place, where you'll meet the most incredible friends, who'll become more than friends — they'll become your family. In a very real way, Jay's brother Sam is *my* brother — which I suppose would make Jay and I brothers, too. But I won't lean on that point too much — Jay already has plenty of brothers as it is."

He adds, as an afterthought, "And sisters. One of whom was an absolute knockout. How IS Paige?"

Vic comes over all wistful as Douglas describes the school. "I'm going to get a Letterman's sweater," he decides. "I don't know if they have them for secret schools, but if they do…" He get a dreamy look about it. "I wanted to go to school for so long but didn't think I'd be able too. Now I'm going to this school, I can't believe it." When Douglas asks after the knockout Paige, he just grins and glances at Jay for the answer.

Doug's description of the school is met with a distantly polite smile as he writes the scores down. "That…pretty much sounds like Sam's take on it, too. He got real excited th' first summer he came back." Jay nods mildly. "It's the only real reason Momma told him t'take me on up here." Aaaannd then… … … well there the general impression that the hype didn't really hit the mark. Still, he smiles over to Doug and that smile warms when he sees Vic's dreamy look over the matter. Yeah, okay, the motemallow was adorable sometimes, like a golden retriever puppy. "That'd suit you real nice, Vic."

The hard left turn toward his sister has Jay's brows rising slightly, and a shake of his head, bemused by Doug. "Pretty, angry and competative. So, y'know, same ol' Paige we all love an' know."

Doug gives a dreamy little smile. Because he is many things. An intellectual. An adventurer. A hero at heart. And an unapologetic skirt-chasing troublemaking flirt. Illyana accused him of fleeing to Europe because he was running from a half-dozen girls in Salem Center who all thought he was the one. She was not wrong. "Ah — hey! I'm going to go get some sodas." He snap-points. "I'll just get right on that. Jay, remind me to give you the address to my flat, you can swing by and we'll talk tomorrow, okay? I'd like that."

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