1964-08-30 - Bookstore Banter
Summary: Amanda and Bucky bump into each other at a bookstore and make plans.
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It's a day off, so he's dressed very casually indeed. Buck's there in a long-sleeved blue workshirt, white t-shirt, jeans, workboots. Literally blue collar. He's rummaging through fiction, carrying a copy of the Hobbit in one hand - just browsing idly. There's that little indent between his brows.

It's sort of a day off. Today the circus has deemed the day a practice day. Time for everyone to try new things, bring up new routines. This, sadly, leaves Amanda out. She is the circus fortune teller after all. Not much she can do to change things up. Today she finds herself drawn to the bookstore, if only to find something she can peek at when she has no customers. She hasn't yet found something, just poking her nose through different fictions.

Now he's turned in search of a basket, and nearly bumps into her. Bad situational awareness, it seems. "Sorry, ma'am," he says, politely, taking an unsteady step back, or two.

"Oh, it's not—" Amanda frowns. She takes a step back, looking over the man. "….you were with that… " What follows is a rude word - assumedly, judging by her tone - that isn't in English. Or German. ".. in the park those weeks ago."

Buck peers at her blankly for a moment, blue eyes wide. And then recognition dawns. "Oh, the sorceress. Yeah, Amora." He spreads his hands, shrugs disingenuously. "She's really kind of snooty when it comes to mortals doing magic," he says, matter of fact. "Sorry about that."

Amanda Sefton frowns. "I noticed," she says. "And happy to ignore her own words just because." The unpleasantness of that woman - Amora, apparently - just eats at her thinking about. "She's the kind of person the Winding Way was made for."

By the way his brows cant, he doesn't get it. "Winding Way?" he parrots back at her. "Sorry. I don't know much about real magic. Though it's like I keep running into people who practice it."

Amanda Sefton shakes her head. "Don't worry about it," she insists. "She gets me angry thinking about her. The type of person my mother always wanted to make sure I didn't become." Of course the irony being that Margali Szardos is that kind of person now. Oh well. Her attempt to find something more pleasant to talk about fails, as she doesn't really know much about Bucky - or anything really. "….seen her much since then?"

He pulls a face. "Now and again. She's….kind of an ally, if not someone I'd really call a friend. I'm only a mortal and I don't have any magic so….I think she thinks of me as like….someone else's pet."

Amanda sighs, frowning again. "That's… really awful," she says. "I'm sorry you have to deal with that." She glances to either side, looking at the books surrounding them. "… All right, there must be something more pleasant we can find around here." She then spots the novel in Bucky's hands. "Found something to read?"

Bucky grins, slowly. "Nah. She's kind a lot of the time, and it doesn't hurt me beyond bruising my ego a little." He turns it so she can see it better. "This is for a friend. I'm reading the Lord of the Rings now, which is this big long series that's a sequel to it."

Amanda Sefton looks at the title. She frowns; this is not a word she knows. "…I've never heard of either," she confesses. "But that might be from spending my life in a circus troupe."

There's a gleam in his eyes at that. "Really?" he asks. "You didn't run away and join the circus? You were born into it? Uh, this is like…the HObbit's like a kid's story, but….it's better than that. And the Lord of the Rings is like….norse myths, almost, but more."

Amanda Sefton isn't quite sure how to take the question, but she explains. Honestly, and perhaps a bit bluntly. "I was a baby when my mother was captured during the war," she explains. "She was a fortune teller for a circus. And Roma - a gypsy. When the camp was liberated, she and the others reformed their circus in England, and she brought me along." She looks at the cover presented to her, looking over the author's name, and promptly starts searching the shelves for a copy.

The mention of the camps makes something seal over behind his eyes. "I'm sorry," he says. "I've heard some horror stories by guys who saw them in the war…" He points out the remaining copies on the shelf, tapping them with a gloved finger.

"Aha, thank you." She claims a copy for herself and flips through it a bit, before settling on this. "It happened. I'm not going to hold a grudge against anyone or thing, but I can't forget it, either." Something else her mother told her. She does tug at one of her sleeves a little, reflexively. "I do like mythology," she notes. Might come from dating a valkyrie. "The sequel is like norse?"

Buck bobs his head at that. "Yeah. It's like…." He frowns, searching for words. "I can't say a fairy tale. But….there's magic. There are wizards, and dragons. But it's for grownups, somehow. Good and evil in conflict."

"Sounds perfect." She seaches a little further down for the Lord of the Rings he mentioned as well. "And this one is three volumes?" Normally she'd probably wait to see if she enjoys the Hobbit, but she likes mythology. She so'll take all four.

"Well, there's a one volume one," he notes. "But….yeah, those're all three. I'm getting close to the end of the first volume, and I really like it." There's genuine enthusiasm in his face - it makes him look oddly young.

Amanda Sefton might think it odd if she had any idea how old he really was. She's always been an awful judge of such things. "Some days are slow in my part of the grounds," she explains with a smile. "It will be nice to have something to read when I need it."

He nods. "I guess I always assumed it be glamorous and exciting, being part of a circus. But every job has its boring and tedious parts," Buck guesses. "Not a travelling circus?"

Amanda Sefton smiles. "Oh yes, we travel. Most of western Europe. We crossed the ocean last November," she explains. "The state of New York was gracious enough to let us set up permanently in Westchester County." Some things have been hard to get used to. Winter feels a lot colder in New York than it ever did in England. But it's been a positive experience so far.

Bucky's grin is brilliant. "I envy you. I, uh…." He pauses. Explaining why and how he saw what he did see of Europe….that'll lead to some uncomfortable explanations. "Always wanted to. What're your favorite places?"

Amanda Sefton considers a moment. "There is a place in England - in Devon. Called Buckland Abbey. I don't know if you've heard of it. I don't think it's popular for tourists." It's not London, obviously. "It houses a simple drum. They say it used to belong to Francis Drake, and he said on his deathbed if England ever needed him, they should sound the drum and he would leave heaven to help his homeland." There's a measure of.. awe? in her voice. Respect, too. A lot of it there. "They say if the drum was ever taken from the abbey, the nearby city would fall. During the war, because of the bombing, they took it and other relics from the abbey. That night, the city was bombed."

He whistles at that, but not in disbelief. "Damn. I figure England's pretty much awash with old magic, right?"

Amanda Sefton nods firmly. "Mother thought so. Management says so." She blinks at herself, flushing faintly. "Ah, that's what we all call the woman that runs the circus. I think she likes it. Makes her sound more ominous." Helps when you're a Linda Hunt lookalike. "I could go on for ages about all the things I looked into while we were in England. It was just so /fascinating/!"

"It does sound sort of threatening and anonymous," Bucky agrees, nodding. "What brought you guys over here?"

"We took a vote and decided we wanted to see America," she admits. She's a little embarrassed by this, cheeks flushing. "Most of us were in the camps during the war, and owe our lives to American soldiers. We came to see the country and provide what thanks we could as performers, making others laugh and cheer and gape in amazement." She realizes how absolutely silly it all sounds, but it's the truth. It'd be hard to not notice that tone in her voice. "You should come by," she insists. "I promise the tarot cards don't bite, though I will apologize in advance for the costume I wear."

He hesitates at that….and then grins. "I'd like that. It's been a really long time since I've seen a circus. And I've got some friends who could definitely use a good show. So you're the fortune teller, huh?"

Still red, Amanda effects a little bow. "That's me," she says with a nod. "Even if I have to do it in the iamge everyone expects from a gypsy." The vardo, the skirts, the hankerchief in her hair, the big hoop earrings… "I've been doing it for.. oh almost five years now."

"Gotta give the rubes what they expect, eh?" Buck doesn't sound the least bit bitter about it. Just a little amused, and sympathetic. "I used to know a guy who started in the circus. Trick archer," he muses. "Can't remember his name…"

"Ooh, we have an archer. He throws knives, too. Taught me how." She wanted to learn archery, but her mother insisted knives were much easier to hide. "Do you have a piece of paper or something to write on? I should give you directions!"

He hunts among his pockets, comes up with a matchbook and a tiny stub of blue colored pencil. Then he offers them both over, helpfully.

"Perfect." Good thing it's easy to find! She scribbles down the directions in very neat printing - to make sure it's legible - then hands the matchbox back. "We're open five days a week, starting a noon. Wednesdays and Sundays are the days we're closed." Explaining her presence here.

Buck tucks it away in his jeans pocket. "I….were we introduced, when we met that last time?" he asks, suddenly. "My memory's pretty bad and ….I don't seem to…"

Amanda Sefton tries not to look terribly relieved; she /thinks/ the man introduced himself as Jack last time, but truthfully she's met so many Johns and Jacks and Thomases via her job lately that they all sort of mash together. She offers a hand. "Amanda."

He all but deflates in relief. "Jack," he says, with a decidedly apologetic air. "Sorry if we were. It….well, it's a long story. But I'll be sure to come by."

"It happens," Amanda assures. "Some people are better with faces than names. You don't need to apologize." A random glance towards the front counter lands her eyes on the clock, and she frowns. "I hate to run on you Jack, but I promised to meet a friend for a meal.. I hope you'll swing by soon. If you come early enough, I'll even give you a behind the scenes tour!" she says, grinning. It may not be much, but she likes the idea of showing people just how amazing the circus is.

That makes Bucky brighten. "I'll be there with bells on," he tells her, offering a little salute. "I love that kind of stuff."

Amanda Sefton grins. "Wonderful! See you then!" And Amanda scampers towards the counter, clutching her books. She pays and leaves moments later, vanishing into the crowd.

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