1964-08-30 - Cat-tastrophe in Hell's Kitchen!
Summary: When Neils, the bouncing cat, gets loose all hell breaks out over Hell's Kitchen. Turns out it's not so bad.
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So, the address Lindon gave proves to be a big old Gilded Age pile of a mansion, way uptown, clinging stubbornly on in the face of newer, smaller encroaching buildings. There's even a small front yard and walk, the former fenced in iron, the latter leading up to a darkly glossy front door. Money, and old money, for it seems well-maintained, and that's a staggering amount of space for Manhattan.

There does not seem to be staff, however, for when Kaleb rings the doorbell, it's Lamont himself who answers, dressed only in a white dress shirt and light gray pants, the remainder of a suit half-removed since he's at home. "Hello," he says, quizzically.

The location, for Kaleb Miller, one of the heirs to the Capstone legacy, was actually deemed 'an appropriate residence'. THe young man might have turned 18 recently but he dresed up to a tee; the slacks and even his waistcoat pressed neat. The stoic expression gave way only to arch an eyebrow just so slightly when Lamont answered his own door?! Odd.

Fingers fixed the cuff on his other sleeve. There were people who were fantastic with diplomacy, courtesy, and genuine human warmth. Kaleb was not one of those people. "Lamont. I don't think we met formally since you were attacked in the street. Kaleb Miller." Direct and to the point in a way that bullets would be proud of him. "I spoke with Lindon about the issue and wanted to know if you'd be willing to speak more…directly about it."

Directness he appreciates, it seems. There's only a raised brow, and then Lamont's stepping aside to usher him in. No staff, indeed, though on the newel post of the main staircase in the hallway sits a Burmese cat, playing guardian. The hall itself is floored in an intricate parquet, and a grand staircase sweeps up to the second floor. There are doors on either side, and it's to the right that he turns, leading Kaleb. "I'm Lamont Cranston," he adds, offering a hand, "As it seems Lindon has told you. And I'd be delighted for any new information on the subject."

Kaleb was a creature of efficiency and seemed to be relieved at the lack of minute bullshit social convention. There was a polite nod accepting the inventation and said no more on the porch. Stepping in he paused halfway into the foyer. His face remained expressionless except his eyes that calculated and added the room: angles, the age and styling of the crown moldings, the window casings, the bannister - skipped over the organic cat- the floor, OH the floor!

Okay that was enough of that for now. "This is a good build." It passed the picky acrhitect in his soul. "Out of curiosity, have to had any further encounters with that entity since?"

It's a parlor to the right - the whole place, the first floor anyhow, seems to be restored Victorian splendor, no concession at all to the twentieth century. The parlor is no exception, though the colors are light enough to keep it from being overcrowded or too dark. "No," he says, softly. "I've had two with it, that I recall. Once before I encountered you." Then he pauses, and belatedly remembering manners, inquires, "Would you care for something to drink?"

Kaleb paused still looking around. It was hard to stay focused, though it was more to the point of taking in the room itself. The question caught him off guard having forgotten about the custom also, though he wasn't unflattered by the hospitality. "Ummm, yes. Please. That'd be great." Not without politeness anyways. He idly followed in the wake of wherever he was led. "Speaking with Lindon it seems I was the only one that heard what they were saying. This is… odd to me, but it is what it is."

There's a kitchen, past a dining room. IT's obviously been modernized - it's all glossy tile and new fixtures. There's a formica table at one end, and it's very clearly where the occupants dine far more often than the dining room. "The things….they spoke?" His tone is calm, but it's clear he's intrigued. And then, far more ordinarily, "….coffee? tea? Juice, milk, soda….or something harder?" He's already set the kettle on for tea, himself. No staff, indeed. Does he rattle around this empty immensity all by himself, save for Lindon?

Kale planted his feet and took a look at the clashing decades. He was about to answr when, *sigh* points deduced for use of formica. Moving onward. A finger flicked at the space next to his ear and a confirmation was given, "Yes, I, um, Hear all sorts of things." He paused and eyed the kettle and answered, "Tea is fine." he paused and added, "Thank you." It was an afterthought but he was making the effort. "They spoke on a strange frequency, which in retrospect may have given me a better idea of why, but short story: They started …what do you even call that? They took over people putting them to sleep and having them dance around like puppets."

"Possession," says Lamont, flatly. He's measuring out loose tea, getting down cups, quite content to at least play at domesticity. "And….indeed, my hearing is perfectly ordinary. Why were they possessing humans?"

"Why did it..they…whatever start commanding it to kill the mutants?" God he haed that word. "Then possessing everyone in that intersection to start killing all the mutants and 'capture the mystic'?" Kaleb's eyebrow arched looking Lamont over curiously. Finally he added, "Not the first I've met. I'll be frank, I don't have any academic appreciation for how it fits together."

"I don't know," Lamont admits, without any hesitation at all. "I've never encountered anything like this before," The tea is set to steep, and he comes to sit at the table. "I imagine they wanted to deal with me because of what exactly what happened - I'm able to resist, to fight, if not especially well….and to warn other, stronger practitioners of the threat they pose."

The natty Miller considered this new input. His brow creased and he idly made to take up a seat at the table. "Sounds pissed if you ask me. Lindon said it was trying to remove obstructions from it coming into being. That the arms… tentacles never crossed through before? They almost grabbed my brother but what were they? We know?"

That earns Kaleb another of those dry looks. "It most definitely is 'pissed' as you put it," he says, as he brings the teacups to the table. "What do we know of its nature? Myself, not very much. It's an extradimensional horror of some stripe, and Lindon is looking into it, as well as others I trust. I originally thought it was a set of entities, but now it seems more like a hivemind…."

Kaleb nodded witha thoughtful look taking the teacup with a grateful nod. His manners were not completely errant of him. "So … several creatures. Like ants in a sense. Hmm." There were a score of thoughts but it was clear they didn't have answers to this at present. He sipped his tea and and came to a decision. "I think I might be able to help you. It keeps putting pople to sleep to control them. I can wake them up. Hear them. If this is of aid to you and your… people. They're targeting 'my' people, endangering them, and using them as pawns. You have my vested interest in assisting however might be needed."

He might not be the fastest thinker. Not with something like this to turn over. "Indeed," he allows, adding sugar to his tea - there's a sugarbowl and creamer in the middle of the table, cheerful blue china, midcentury design. "ANd I think it would be." Then he cocks an eye, looks up at Kaleb. "Your people?" he parrots back

Kaleb really, reeeeeally didn't like the 'M' word. His jaw tightened and tried to find some euphamism of language that wasn't beaten into some downtrodden state. There was steel in his spine and he laid it plain. "I'm of an evolved peoples. Some… call us 'Mutant' in the vulger. That creature per Lindon's best guess, is that we are an obstruction to be removed or devoured. We…" He chewed on his words, "are not other people's pawns on this plane or the next. You'll find my help if asked for."

Evolved. But Lamont doesn't challenge the terminology aloud, beyond a beat of pause to take it in. "I see," he says, softly. "I imagine so. The powered are far more likely to obstruct its will, whether that power be from an internal source or study of the mystic arts. They might even augment its own abilities. Well, I do not presume to speak for any assemblage of mystics, but I think I can speak broadly enough to say that at least the ones I know and consider myself allied with would be very grateful indeed."

Kaleb, at the very least, was a creature married to his dignity. There was enough hate in the streets as it were and there was nothing in his manner that suggested that he was about to be laid low by demeaning language aimed towards his people. The tone was not unappreciative for not arguing this point. "And I wasn't elected to any formal office but there are many of us who were there who really enjoy New York being intact. And, you know, the fabric of reason I suppose."

The Shadow purses his lips, lids his eyes. It wouldn't do to let such a dignified creature detect any hint of mockery, even if it's mostly self-directed. "I find myself in that camp, too," he says. There, at least a tinge of humor. He sips from his teacup, delicately. Something high end, and faintly scented with vanilla.

Kaleb managed a faint hint of a grin and relented easily, "Well then you get it. Someone said once, 'If we do our job right no one will know they needed to thank us. It's been a summer for that. Hey, the werewolves are off the street though. It's a start. Now if we can stop the thing from murdering one another in their sleep and taking over reality lowering my property values? Better." He took the act seriously enough to act on it but he wasn't without sense of humor after all perhaps. 1964 was weird, even by supernatural standards.

Weird indeed, even in the supernaturally-expanded lifespan of the one across from him. "Indeed," he says, with a grin in return - it utterly changes that dour, angular face, lighting up the pale eyes and lowering his apparent age by at least half a decade.

Beautiful downtown…Hell's Kitchen?

Well it may not be beautiful, but it had nuisance and a strong sense of community spirit.

…and an outbreak of heroes needing to do hero things in order to keep up the illusion of it being a nice place to live. We work with what we have and try to keep it nice.

With many schools back in session and the riots quelled the streets have embraced being slightly quiet again. That was until a cat went flying down the street. Maybe not flying, but definitely hurdling unnaturally like a rubber ball on the go. A blonde man in his early twenties was hauling ass down the street "Niels, staaaaaaahp you stupid cat!" There was a sigh of frustration, "Maaaan every time you need a bath. Leave that nice, old lady alone!" And by old lady apparently this meant a woman just past 40.

Nightcrawler made sure to see 'his' kids safely off to school; this is the second year that Kurt has been the neighborhood 'babysitter' for the kids during the summer. The parents have gotten over most of their concerns due to the fact that their kids have adult supervision while they're off working and it's free. The kids are learning about acceptance and tolerance for people who may be different from them which is a source of pride for the German. He's about to head down from his perch on the awning of his tenemant building when he catches sight of the cat and then the blonde running after it. Golden eyes blink and he doesn't move from his crouch even as he offers, his voice still holding a strong German accent, "You might be better bribing it with tuna fish, ja?"

She doesn't even know how she ended up down in Hell's Kitchen to be honest. She got off the subway and made her way up, humming as she was reading some notes in a notebook. Those oversized sunglasses almost swallowing her face since her short hair wasn't really framing her face. A slow lick of her lips she'd look up and stopped, blinking. "….well….darn it." Sighing, she'd shove that notebook back in her handbag as she looked around a bit. "I definitely wasn't paying attention. Good job, Gidget….good….job." She stuck out for sure, looking like someone straight out of a Vogue magazine as she rocked an orange and green coiorblaock mod dress and green pumps. Sighing, she'd keep walking until she happened upon the man yelling at a cat. Coming to a stop she would nibble her bottom lip and cleared her throat. "Hi! Sorry!"

This morning, Danny is dressed in a suit, having come down to Hell's Kitchen from the office and coming up from the subway behind Gidget. The jacket and slacks are navy blue, the shirt white, the tie blue, the shoes black and polished. He looks fairly respectable with beard trimmed and hair actually, well, the curls do what they want. It is what it is. He pauses when Gidget comes up short, and says, "Oops. Excuse me," easily avoiding crashing into her with a step to the side. "Are you lost?" he asks, because she seems lost, and then there's a cat flying by with a man in pursuit and he just sort of watches before grinning a bit at Nightcrawler's comment. He'd gotten used to seeing the man about through the summer here and there with the kids, but had never spoken to him. "I think he has the right idea," he nods toward Kurt.

The cat ricocheted off the blue mailbox on the street and up onto the awning of the flower shop across the street tail over tea kettle. Honestly, it seemed to be having a good time of this.

Unlike Danny Robbie was not in a suit but a tunic shirt and a pair of loose jeans like a run away hippie with hygiene. His arms windmilled as he pulled to an abrupt stop as to not crash into Danny and Gidget. Living with a pain in the butt cat teaches one these reflexes. "Hi there I don't suppose you- there he is." He scowled at the cat with a squint before turning his attention up up to Kurt perched aloft.

"Woah, you are the grooviest lookin' dude I seen in a long time man." The grin was almost infectious. He wasn't put off, that was impressive. Then again chasing a rubberized cat might not be stranger to unusual. "Far out man, though… you do have a point." To Danny and Gidget he asked looking not full of hope here, "I don't suppose you're packing a can of tuna in your handbag are ya?"

A sharp-toothed grin is flashed towards Danny as he's agreed with…and even acknowledged without apparent fear or disgust. -This- is why Kurt has faith and hope in people. The lost woman is watched for a moment before he turns back at the other blonde's compliment to him and he stands and gives a little flourished bow. "Danke…und if you wait a moment…" is offered before he disappears in a cloud of acrid smoke. A second or two later he reappears on the street level near the one in the tunic, a can of tuna in his three-fingered, blue hand. "Maybe it will help." If not, it'll be lunch.

He's also dressed casually in a pair of jeans and a button-down shirt. No shoes are worn as they couldn't actually fit his odd-shaped feet and the clothes are worn but clean.

Licking her lips she would blink then turned to look at Danny who was next to her now. Smiling brightly she would chuckle a bit and nodded. "I mean….lost…sort of." She'd look around a bit then sighed. "I think I got off on the wrong stop but this is my off day. I've been wanting to venture out and stuff but…." Trailing off she would then look to the Robbie with a blink. "Um…." A shake of her head as she smiled. "….I have a lot in my purse but food is not one of them." A shrug as she looked to that cat and only up when she heard German accent. A blink as she saw him and just….stepped back. Her hand went to her chest then as her eyes widened at the display. After what she's been experiencing….nothing shocked her. What was she seemingly…offended by. "Um….blue guy…..?" Murmuring she would stare at him then smiled. "….that's probably not good for your feet….." THAT is what she was concerned about. "You might step on something…."

"Fraid not," Danny says when asked if he has any tuna, but then Nightcrawler is off on a mission, returning with the requested canned goods. Glancing over at Speedball, he says, "But it seems this guy's got it under control." Gidget gets a little bit of a grin and he says, "Well, welcome to Hell's Kitchen. It's not where most folks come to spend their off time, but it's an interesting neighborhood with some really great people." And a whole lot of crime and some volatile conditions, but hey who's counting? There's a glance at Nightcrawler's feet and then back at Gidget but he just grins. He's been known to wander around without shoes when not having to deal with business, so he has no room to talk. There's a glance over toward Robbie and he asks, "So, Niels? The cat?" He'd caught that part. "Not fond of bath time I take it?"

Speedball blinked arching one eyebrow up up up. Woah okay that was a cool ability. When Nightcrawler returned there was a widening grin, "Man if I had that ability like you do maybe I'd stop being late all the time." He did accept the can and popped it open. A glance over the rim of the tin at Nightcrawler's feet brought him to ask the well dressed woman "You the fashion police?" genuine curiosity there. With a not-at-all conspiratorial tone he looked to Kurt, "I think she's onto us." He was unapologetic about his relaxed appearance.

He paused to eat a bit of the fish out of the can murmuring to himself "ooh good stuff. Neils? You're missing out there buddy." He nodded to Danny. "Yeah, found em in the lab. Why they named him that I dunno." He paused and said to the group idly, "Man this day and age I hope he wasn't ever a person. If he was I'm pretty certain he was 4 because he's a pain. Cute as hell though. Too smart for his own good." There was a sage nod to go with the assessment as he held the can up rather than put it on the ground."

The woman's reaction was more what was expected but seeing as she didn't scream and run…that's a plus. She gets a smile now and Kurt gives her another bow, "Kurt Wagner." A normal enough name. He tilts his head when she mentions his feet and he looks down at them before lifting his head to look back at her, "Well, I try to be careful und my feet are pretty tough. If you know of someone who can make shoes for these, I would be interested in meeting them…" but even then he might not want to wear them. They'd be new and weird-feeling after a lifetime of going barefoot. His yellow eyes then go to Robbie, "Why are you giving a cat a bath? Is…I thought they do not like water? Und…why would the cat be a person?" He looks between those gathered in the discussion then before pointing out, "Maybe if you put the tuna on the ground? I think the cat will have a hard time reaching it there…"

She'd let out a squeak then as she looked around. "Hell's Kitchen?" Good job, girl! Of all he areas to end up in then sighed softly. Gidget would look to Danny and nodded, smiling. "I'm all about meeting people….love it actually. But shoot….being by myself in….this area may not be the wisest." Sighing she would slowly pull off those sunglasses and let those brown eyes peer around a bit. Looking to Kurt and Robbie she'd just laugh a bit then. "…..funny you should say that…." Hanging her shades off the collar of her dress and sighed a bit. "I'm a seamstress….tailor….fashion designer….whatever you want to call me." Giggling then she would sigh as she offer a hand to Kurt. "Hi there! I'm Gidget….Gidget Boileau." A genuine smile would tug at her lips. "As for sure…I'm sure I could finagle something…." A playful wink then as that 5'10" woman would nod at him before looking to Robbie. "Not quite the fashion police but I do work in the industry….so close enough?"

"You'll be fine," Danny assures her. "And I'd be happy to walk you back down to the subway so that you can catch a train to where you were going." He has a kind of easy confidence, optimism. "Danny Rand," he introduces himself to those nearby. He has a certain degree of fame from being the CEO of Rand Corporation and a kid who disappeared for 10 years when his folks' plane crashed in the Himalayas. He was also exonerated of false murder charges, if one paid attention to the news. He then studies Gidget and says, "Really? Do you have a card? I'd be interested in seeing some of your work." Then he glances up and over to Niels to see if the cat is taking the bait or not.

Speedball cracked a lopsided grin to Kurt, "You dunno this cat." It was Gidget's name that reeled his attention back. "Oh no kiddin? I think I heard my mum talkin about you. I think you might of done one of her at some point. Maddie Baldwin? She looked pretty super." His mother was well known on television for both dramatic and comedic timing. There was some gossip there involving a divorce from her politician husband (gasp), but he seemed proud of her all the same. "If so good work, Gidge'" Was he on a first name basis with her? Not likely but that didn't seem to stop the science hippie in the slightest.

Neils was leaping off the top of a two story building and somehow landed with a bounce off the concrete weirdly not dying, and making a flail for the aloft can. It was in this time that Robbie reached up and gently scooped the cat out of the air like lacrosse without a stick. How this thing was unscathed who knows. "Theeeere we go. Stupid cat. Good thing I love your face huh?" While he wasn't letting the cat go again he was letting it eat out of the can as he held it. To Kurt he answered, "I dunno. You're blue, h cat bounces, and three weeks ago there were inter-dimensional dinosaurs rampaging in Brooklyn. Cat could have been a person because valet parking a dinosaur?" He blinked and shook his head, "I honestly got nothing." Danny was given a grin, "You look taller than I imagined you. Danny's right though. The people are pretty groovy, Miss Gidget."

The woman's response was not exactly what he expected. Kurt blinks a moment in surprise before his smile returns, this time a little apologetic, "Ah, that is kind of you, Fraulein Boileau," he does pronounce the French surname decently. "But…I think wearing shoes now would be hard. I do not mind und I would be afraid that I would slip und fall in them." Now, at least, he has a surety in his steps. He listens to the conversation between Mr. Rand in the suit and the woman before he notices the bouncing cat.

Well, he's a blue person with a tail…who is he to criticize a bouncing cat? "There were dinosaurs?" Maybe that was when he was in Limbo helping to get rid of demons?

In terms of Hell's Kitchen, he offers, "Do not let the way it looks frighten you. The people here can be very kind und helpful."

"Oh it's fine….maybe this is where I need to find some…..stuff. I'm on a mission to find some crazy fabric. I don't know what it is….but I know what I need it to do." That brow would furrow as she seemed to be in thought. Looking up then she would widen her eyes as she looked up at him. "Like….the Rand Corp?" Those hands would clasp as she smiled brightly. "Oh my goodness it's so nice to meet you!" Gidget wasn't exactly starstruck….she's run into a lot of famous people over the years but she was still excited to meet new people. "And I do!" She'd open her bag as she start to dig through her purse before pulling out a small pink business card with gold lettering. On it was her name, Gidget M. Boileau, and an address in what would be in Midtown. "My mentor lets me have my own cards and stuff. Though I'm technically his apprentice…he's pushing me try and expand on my own…to find my own niche." She'd then sighed a bit.

Looking over to Robbie she would blink but then blushed. "I…." She'd shake her head and seemed shy then. "I'm not that cool. I think my mentor did it. I just helped. Some people are picky about their tailors. I get lucky when he steps up to bat for me and lets me come along. He said I have a talent that needs to be seen so…." A shrug then as she smiled. "But if she knows my name, I guess I did something right….I just try to be helpful and have people look their best and be functional too." A slow lick of her lips as she then nodded. Hearing him she'd laugh. "I see all of this on the news but I don't get out much. I'm in my studio working more than anything and decided it's time to get out outside of just the sewing and the few clubs I go to." Looking to Kurt now she would smile as she chuckled. "No problem. Just an offer. If you ever need them though…just let me know." Giggling she would then look to the cat and just shook her head. This what she gets for leaving her apartment….and honestly, she loves it. Talk of dinosaurs, humans being turned into bouncing cats, blue disappearing people….and here she thought meeting that woman last night was crazy. Then again….these people didn't jump off of a building with her and put her on top of her office.

That cat was Robbie's nemesis and best bud. It was pretty evident. Neils seemed content to eat out of the cat and helpfully he said to Gidget, "Yeaaaaah my mom's a big proponent for the underdogs of the world. She likes promoting other women in the industry when she can." He looked to Nightcrawler as the openly 'outted' person in the conversation offering with encouragement, "She's been helping promote rights and independence for Mutants and other powered persons too. If you got a card I'd be happy to pass that along. Might help? Ad for stuff? Heck we've been working on malleable and heat resistant polymers. I dunno if that'd help you at all, but I can tell Doc if he's looking to test things we know a fabric lady. Might help us out." The words coming out of his face did not match his appearance in the slightest, but apparently he knew people in media and science and thought this was 'neat'? It could go worse. An idea hit him "Ooooh Kurt was it? You ever dooooo, I dunno, product testing?" Uh oh.

Nightcrawler listens to the conversation, crouching somewhat as it's a more comfortable position for his physique. When he's asked about a card he blinks, "A card for what?" before the next question also gets a slow blink. "I do not understand. What is this 'product testing'?" He doesn't know much about fashion except how to wear what he does…and how to alter trousers to allow for his tail.

"Oh! Yeah!" She'd fumble to go back into her handbag and pulled out another card and passed it to him. "That would be….awesome! I'd love to actually meet her or something…." Gidget seemed to be excited but tried to hold it in. She had just met these people and didn't want to get her hopes up too fast. Taking a deep breath she would smile. "And oh my god….I'd love to talk. I'm trying to get a fabric that…I don't even know if it exists. I got my first commission for a project that's really going to text my patience and skills. Plus this fabric needs to do some crazy stuff I think." Stopping there, she didn't want to get too much into it but nodded. "If I could so meet with them…that'd be amazing. I wouldn't have known where to start….so I'm glad I got lost!" Laughing she would try to reign in her excitement as looked to Kurt. "Uh oh…." Snickering she would stay quiet now as she just put a hand to her mouth then.

Speedball took the card and seemed to be pretty relaed as a guy holding a rubberized cat could be while it was eating. Withhte two free fingers he had he accepted the card. Kurt's question got a chuckle and he grinned from Danny & Gidget back to Kurt and said proudly, "Product testing is where someone makes something to be durable under specific conditions…and then we do everything in our power to try to destroy it. I gotta tell you it's the best internship in the world." This man was in Science. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

Danny looks over at Robbie and chuckles when he says he thought Danny was taller than he'd imagined. He gives a little shrug of his shoulders and seems to find that entertaining. Gidget's reaction seems to surprise him, but in a pleasant enough way. He smiles and gives her a nod, "Yes, as in Rand Corporation. It's nice to meet you as well. When she produces the card, he reaches out and takes it to take a look at, turning it over in his fingertips and then he tucks it away within the pocket of his suit. "Well, perhaps I will set up a meeting and I can take a look at some of what you do." Looking back over toward Robbie he arches a brow and asks, "What sort of product testing do you do?" This seems to intrigue him as he glances from the cat to the man and then back again.

Nightcrawler ahs at the explanation. "I have not done that, but I may be willing to help. How do you wish things to be destroyed?" he's not all that much of a destructive type. The other two seem interested as well so it must be a good thing, right? There's another look to the cat, satisfied that his tuna suggestion worked.

Gidget would chuckle a bit then smiled as she tilted her head as she listened to Kurt and Robbie. Sighing softly, she would hear Danny and turned with a bright smile. "That…would be awesome. I'd love to bring over my most recent portfolio….." She was pretty enthusiastic but she took a deep breath. Tone it down a notch girl…don't scare them off. "And if you tell me what specifically you're looking for….I can totally bring things that suit that. I'm assuming suits….or just casual wear for work?" Looking him over, she would slowly start to walk around him as if studying him. "….you're fit….the suit is well tailored but…." She'd reach out a hand but stopped herself and cleared her throat. "Forgive me….I really love what I do…." Looking to Robbie she'd grin at him then. "Help me figure out how to make a fabric for my client….and I'll make you an outfit for free. I'm willing to put my money where my mouth is."

Speedball stood a little straighter and said "Weeeee are working on a number of things presently. And yes, Dinosaurs. I dunno why they were here. Would be cooler if they breathed fire or something. One flew, it was way super neato. Anyways, the place I'm interning at? I can't get into the details cause contracts and security and boring legal stuff, but I can talk to them about setting that up. Police and fire and people and whoever have to be protected if folks are going around setting the streets on fire fighting werewolves." He added as an aside, "Saw that one on the news. Soooo surreal." It was like this kid had no concept of danger. "Ruined the pizza place and the soda shop though. Huge bummer but the people are mostly okay from what I heard. Anyways, Stuff gets ruined. W e try to make ruin-resistant materials in case stuff happens. I got to try to blow something up the other day. It's a heck of a way to get paid and college credit, lemme tell you. We did successfully keep something from catching on fire though. I call this a start. You been to the World's Faire this summer? Stark Industries and PymTech have been doing some groovy things too. might give you ideas, Miss Gidge'"

Danny pulls out his own card and offers one to Gidget. "Suits," he confirms to her when she asks what sorts of things he is interested it. "They tell me I have to at least attempt to look the part. May as well do it well." When she starts walking around him, he glances over his shoulder at her to watch what she's doing. "But?" he asks when she reaches out and then pulls back her hand. "No, go ahead. I'm curious as to your opinion." Then he looks back to Speedball, nodding a bit when he mentions security and contracts, knowing well enough about that. He does nod about the World's Faire though and says, "Rand Corporation has a presence there, for those who are looking for funding for their own research and development, as well. The company is always looking for new ideas and new talent." But other people really handle that portion.

"World's Fair?" Kurt's pointed ears seem to perk up a little at the mention of that. "Is it here?" Did he miss it? "I have heard of these und I wanted to go to the one in Berlin in '57 but…I was not quite ready to go back there." He only made it back just before he left to the US. "It is here, in New York?"

She'd take note as she heard Robbie. "I have not. I should go but…." Licking her lips she would shrug a bit. "I don't do well in crowds alone. I'd have to find someone to go with or….just have a shot of whiskey before I head out." Gidget was in her own little world for a moment until she was brought back to Danny's voice. Smiling she would turn to face him and put a hand on his shoulder but pulled an arm out gently. "….it's not fitting correctly…." She'd tug at the sleeve as she then started to move her hand down his side then nodded. "You need a slimmer fit….you don't have the frame for anything else really…." She'd look up at him as she stepped back. "If you like my work, I'd have to get you in at my studio at the fashion house and take some correct measurements. It is well made don't get me wrong….but it's not tailored….to you. Clothes should represent a person's personality and to be honest…." A slight shrug then. "You look a bit uncomfortable…." She was called brassy last night for a reason….and here it is. "You need it it make you feel like it's a second skin…." Winking sh would look to Our and then smiled. "Are you going? I'll go if you go! I could use someone to go with!" Well she was an eager beaver wasn't she?

Walking down the street with his hood pulled up over his head and his hands shoved into his pockets, Luke Cage wanders the streets of Hell's Kitchen minding his own business, but being a man of his size and stature makes blending in difficult.

As he wanders the sidewalk, he takes note the people he passes buy, pausing in his tracks for a moment as he notices the blue demon looking one. He snorts, shaking his head and muttering to himself, "At least he isn't green and 9 feet tall."

Speedball nodded to Gidget if he was going. "I get to help demonstrate stuff. You should go. It's a lot of fun actually and yeah through the 15th of Septamber, Kurt." He was still wrestling with squirmy-bouncable cat but Neils seemed to be happy being lazy for now. Good damn thing he was cute. "Heeeeet Luke!" Because who didn't know Luke. Heck, who didn't like Luke?! Robbie upnodded to the neighbourhood local. "Well if he was 9' tall how'd he fit in his pants? They'd be way too short."

Danny allows his arm to be manipulated as Gidget tugs and pulls at the fit of his suit and makes her observations about what he can and can't wear for his form. He doesn't seem to take an offense to it, just smiling with bemusement as she goes about her thing, offering up advice and opinions. When she finishes, he nods his head to her and says, "Then I'll definitely have to get you to help with a few suits," though he chuckles and says, "I'm pretty sure I will always look uncomfortable in a suit — but it's part of the job." There's a glance over toward Luke when the man approaches and comments on Kurt's appearance. Robbie's response makes him chuckle, however. Then he says, "You should both definitely go if you get a chance. It's a lot of fun, to the talk of the World's Faire."

And now Kurt looks at Gidget with surprise. "Are you certain?" Because most people to get a look at him react…well, not so well. And in a large crowd of people? "I would like to go, but I do not want to cause trouble." Turning to the man in the hoodie he tilts his head, "Is green not a good color to be? Und your friend is right. Where would I find trousers to fit if I was that tall?" He feigns naivete for only a moment before he breaks back into his sharp-toothed grin. He's definitely had worse reactions.

"Well…." Gidget would fidget a bit as she licked her lips then tilted her head a bit. "I think I will. Maybe I can find what I need. I"m just hoping to find it sooner than later….." Hearing about Stark industries and PymTech gave her some hope that she can find what she needs. Taking a deep breath she would look to Danny then and chuckled. "Sorry about the hands…." She'd wiggle her fingers and smiled softly. "They're good at what they do and by gosh I can go by feel and blind if need be." Laughing she'd nod and then smiled. "My office number is on the back….of you can drop by and just say you're looking for a consultation. Or I can drag all of my ports over to somewhere that you'd be comfortable." Beaming she'd then nod before seeing the new face. A blink as she heard the comment then looked to Kurt. "Why not?!" She'd wink then as she shifted her handbag on her shoulder. "And even if you were, I can fix them to fit!" Laughing she'd then look to the new face and smiled. "Green…..nice color. Nine feet? Well it'd be nice to meet a man that's actually taller than me…" She'd laugh as she herself stood about 5'10", 5'11".

"You would be surprised." says Luke as he snorts, pushing back the hood on his head as he addresses everyone. "Speaking from someone who just has a 9 foot tall green hulking thing in his bar a couple of nights ago, you would be surprised about how much you can fit into a pair of them pants." Luke shrugs, "It ain't a problem being green, or blue for that matter. It's the damage to my bar. Insurance only covers so much." Luke looks down from his 6'6" frame at Gidget and smiles, "Well, then I guess today is your lucky day. I'm Luke."

Speedball shrugged and walked the enpty tuna can into the nearest trash bin before wrestling the cat that wanted to dive in after it. "Dang it, Neils, knock it off. You still haven't gotten your bath from the last thing you were digging in. I will so chase you with a hose if I have to." He shrugged to Kurt's idea and had to agree with Danny. "I'm with Rand-the-Man here. It's fun and that alone is the reason to go. Can't let other people make you live in fear. Which, speakin of that, Anyone know where the Nelson & Murdoch office is around here?"

"Nothing to be sorry about," Danny says to Gidget, clearly not offended, though he does laugh when she suggests she might be able to go by feel and blind if need be. "Duly noted," he tells her. "I have a friend like that." Then he turns his attention back to the group at large, glancing between Luke and Kurt. Then he says to Robbie, "Yeah, I know where the offices are. Want me to show you? Matt's a friend of mine."

Can she not see? Kurt tilts his head at Gidget for a moment before he lifts a shoulder in a shrug, "Well, if you are certain, then I would be happy to go. I have never been to one und I would like to see it." He's heard stories. The taller, hoodied man approaches and he blinks, "I have not been in a bar in a while…no money for such things, I am afraid." He sounds apologetic that he couldn't support a local business rather than the fact he can't afford to be drinking. "Und last time I was in one, the police did more damage to the bar than I did." There's a glance as Luke smiles at the tall woman…maybe he will have to find another Fair partner?

Robbie and the odd cat are watched again before he asks, "Why must you give the cat a bath? Do they not bathe themselves? Und I am not afraid." He's just trying to watch out for others and would not want them getting hurt because of him. He starts to answer but then Danny seems to have it all set. "I have seen them but I do not remember exactly where the office was."

Gidget laughed a bit then as heard that comment and actually had to look up for once. She'd smile as she offered her hand. "I guess it is. I'm Gidget Boileau…." Her free hand would run through her hair short hair as she chuckled a bit. "And don't get me wrong….I show no discrimination in height. It's usually the guys that get intimidated by my height." Shrugging she'd just seemed to be so matter of fact about it before she continued, looking to Robbie. "Fear? It's more like…..social anxiety in places I'm not familiar with. But the point of me venturing out is to get past that so….I will go….alone if I have to but I will go." That bright smile on her face, she'd cast her glance over to Danny and nodded. "Well just let me know! I'd be happy to help!" Looking to Kurt then she'd smile. "Now just because I said I'd even go alone…don't let that deter you. I wouldn't mind going with you too. Besides….I think I'd like to give my father a heart attack when I tell him I'm going to a fair with a friend that's German. He's French so he might drop right there." Then she'd wink. "I'm kidding…..by the way." So she was more worried about his heritage than his appearance bothering her dad. Sighing, she would just shake her head a bit. "But long story short…yes I'm sure."

Luke Cage chuckles, clutching Gidget's hand in his for a moment before letting it go. "Pleasure to meet you, Gidget. And if I do say so myself, guys that are intimidated by your height probably are using it as an excuse because they lack….confidence. Nothing wrong with being a tall woman, nothing at all."

"So…" Luke says, slipping his hand back into his pocket as he looks around at everyone, "Talking about the fair? Or is this just one of those conversations I should keep my nose out of since I wasn't here at the start of it?"

Speedball showed the paws of the cat, the sharp side of cats as it were, to Kurt, "He's filthy. When you have a cat that keeps landing on rooftops one's mom tends to get bent out of shape when he comes back into her white carpeting. She's a wicked groovy lady, she doesn't need cat prints in her life." At least he was a courteous boarder. His head swiveled at the gathered, "Awww tell your dad you're improving foreign relations through science. It'ds jsut being neighbourly. And yeah Luke we were talking about people who get paid to break things- that are not your bar-" he was very quick to add with a finger held up in his defense, "for cash and valuable prizes. And yes, World's Faire."

"Well, it was good seeing all of you," Danny says to those gathered. He pulls out a small business card of his own and he writes down direction to Matt Murdock's office, which he passes over to Robbie, and then he gives a dip of his head to everyone. "Unfortunately, more meetings today." He then continues on down the sidewalk the way that he had been going before crazy cattery happened.

Nightcrawler's eyes widen at Gidget's apparent tease, but it seems to have hit a bit of a sore spot. He looks stunned for a moment as he tries to figure out the best way to say what he wants to say. "I am Romany…do you know what that is? Zigeuner. Gypsy, I think it is in English. I was five when they caught me und I was eight when I was rescued by American und British soldiers." He's used to being called 'demon' and 'monster' but being equated with those who annihilated millions is actually a new experience. "I was born in Germany und I consider myself of there…but I am -not- one of 'them'." There are few things that can sober him and that was actually one of them. He's been lucky in that most folks he's met in New York immediately presume he was a Survivor until now.

"I am sorry. I do not mean to lecture…that is the right word? I know you did not mean anything…" but he just had to say something. If he had been accused of being a demon, he would have said something as well. "I should…" he takes a step back towards the building he was originally perched on, "It was good to meet all of you und I am glad you found your cat."

"Same here, Luke. And yeah well…." She'd pull her hand back as she trailed off, letting out a laugh. Leaving it at that, she'd just shrug a bit. "…..thanks. At least it's not totally my personality…." Going quiet for a moment she'd then shake her head and smiled. "But pfft….I'm so busy….I'd have to find someone to keep up with me!" Busy? More like she buries herself in her work but that was neither here nor there. Licking her lips she would look around then smiled. "No….they're just telling me I should go to the fair. I'm on the hunt for something and they figured it'd be a good place to start. Plus…I'm trying to get out more so why not go there." Looking to Robbie she would laugh a bit. "Yes….that's one way…." When she heard Kurt she'd bite her lower lip, she would wince a bit then frowned. Looking down she'd fiddle with her handbag and cleared her throat. "I didn't mean any harm just….." She'd stop as she murmured. "….not really caring if you're all blue and stuff…." A shrug as she went quiet then as she watched him leave and just wave to those that were leaving. "….Ma famille est juive … alors je l'ai compris." Stopping she'd catch herself then cleared her throat as she looked around silently.

Danny goes home.

Speedball was still wrestling with squirming cat. "Okay I ahve to go wrangle Neils here into a puddle or something. It was nice chattin you up. I'll call when I got a lead for ya. Luke, Kurt…" Awww well that was awkward and unfortunate. He blinked and rather undaunted he told the cat, "It's okay. They'll work it out. C'mon you"

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