1964-08-30 - Learn to fly again, learn to live so free
Summary: Jean comes over for some radically extreme flying lessons.
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The Worthington Industries building is hard to miss, being one of, if not the, tallest buildings in Manhattan. Towering over the end of Central park, the view from the 103rd floor penthouse is breathtaking, and also out of the view from most prying eyes.

This is the residence of Warren Worthington, who currently out on the balcony sipping on a cup of coffee as he lets the wind wash over him. Currently shirtless, he has his wings outstretched, the metallic feathers 'rustling' as the wind flows through them.

Not morning anymore, but close to it. Jean had a personal favor to ask and what better way to actually do it without hinting but to show up? The open door policy was taken into account, but she did manage to show up with -something-! Something like, fresh bread and a few bottles of milk to cement the occasion, for her to be an attempted professional psychiatrist and school administrator, this was.. so far off the mark it wasn't even funny!

But there was a knock upon the front door as Jean held onto the basket, glancing left and right, then behind her down the long corridor of a hallway. Hell, she knew he was there, but being polite is the -in- thing for now.

Lorna had woken up early and spent the better part of her morning in Mutant Town, as she usually did these days. The volunteer work and hours she put in there kept her moving and distracted. Leaving her physically exhausted by the end of the day, but feeling better about herself. Of course, today, there had been an issue. A supposed 'paperwork' issue where goods and supplies they needed to reinstall water pipes had been 'lost' in transit.

So the green haired mutant had taken it upon herself to go marching up to Warren's penthouse, given that he said he would help with anything, she was taking it to mean anything. Her steps slowed however as she spotted Jean standing in front of the door with various goods in her arms. "Jean?" She blinked, "Hey, you coming to bother Warren too?" She grinned, shoving her hands into her pockets as she stepped over.

It's hard to get up to the penthouse without Warren knowing your coming, seeing as the only way to get there is either to fly in or take his personal elevator. Security had called to let him know that Jean was on the way with Lorna and as the elevator doors open into the little foyer between the main door and elevator, Warren walks back into the room, letting his wings fold back in as he takes a sip of his coffee. "Door's open." he calls, setting the coffee down and moving to grab a shirt.

There was a shift in her weight as she looks to the left, hearing the *Ding* which opened the doors to reveal Lorna. There was a gracious smile, and a lift of the basket to shake in her direction. "Yep! Plus I haven't been here in ages, it's good to get away from the school and more into the city." At times. Sometimes it was a pain, but today the blocks were getting better and better. "What are you doing here?"

But, hearing the voice on the other side of the door prompts her to forgo the conversation just to get inside. The handle was twist and turned, door pushed open so that she could catch it with her hip to hold it open for Lorna to enter. "Good morning!" Jean says chipperly, lifting the basket and tilting her head just a bit. And.. that's all she could really say. Warren was a looker, and Jean was definitely looking, but this was a rather awkward moment, awkward enough for her to blast off away from the door to head straight to the kitchen to put things down/away/in the garbage/wash dishes/dry silverware..

"Oh, well, issues in Mutant Town. A shipment of pipes got 'misplaced' and the delivery guy was claiming I didn't know what I was talking about. I figured Warren's name might get something moving there if he made a few phone calls." Lorna shrugged, stepping in after Jean. Considering that Lorna had been avoiding the school as much as possible…

"But yeah, I get that whole getting into the city thing." She glanced around the penthouse apartment, as she always did, forever impressed by the sweeping vista that was the view from Warren's windows. She grinned as her gaze settled on the shirtless man.

"Well, I guess I get to see you shirtless again far earlier than I ever planned to. Points to you Warren." She for once, didn't blush or share Jean's hurry to the kitchen.

"Morning, Jean" says Warren, giving the redhead a chuckle as he catches her looking, giving her a little wink before she heads off into the little kitchenette area. "Feel free to help yourself to some coffee, the mugs are right there next to the percolator. Are those muffins I smell?"

As the wings fully retract into his back, Warren slips the shirt over his head and glances to Lorna with a smirk. "Yeah, well, at least I am wearing pants, unlike the last time. I'm also much more in charge of my faculties." He grins, picking up his coffee again, lifting it to his lips to take a isp. "So, what can I do for the two of you?"

Yup, there were muffins. Toast. Breaded pastries. Even bread. Sliced bread, with little containers of butter to boot! She says nothing, immediately getting to work in the kitchen, coffee was offered and immediately taken, even though this would be her third cup. The mutant town issues were a bit enough for her to forgo her own personal wishes, so with a shrug of her shoulders she puts on a smile. "I was just here for a little favor, it seems like Lorna's issue is a bit more important at the moment.."

Annnd, with those words, she pulls up a chair to take a seat near the counter, her legs swinging as she idly chews upon her toasted bread, while waiting for her own coffee to cool. Though, at the mention of him being in charge of his faculties.. she couldn't help but turn and -try- not to laugh.

Lorna snickered softly under her breath as she took a seat and Warren mentioned wearing pants. "Yes, well, lets keep the pants on then. Hmm?" She grinned and leaned back in the chair, glancing toward Jean briefly and back.

"Just a minor issue with a displaced order. I figured if I could bug you to make a few phone calls later and get the supplies moving again, it would be really helpful in making sure the water pipes got to where they needed to be." She shrugged and then nodded to Jean.

"But you can always get to that after you talk to her. An hour or two won't make that much a difference."

"Groovy, muffins! Thanks Jean. God knows I could use a good muffin right now." says Warren as he walks over to the basket of goodies that Jean brought and peers inside. He reaches into grab himself a lemon and poppyseed muffin, picking at the paper wrapper that surrounds it before taking a bite as he turns to look at Lorna.

He swallows the bite and grins at Lorna, "See, now there you go ruining the chance of having any fun at all." He pauses the moment the words leave his lips and raises a hand, "Sorry. Inappropriate joke. Sometimes I can't help what comes tumbling out of my mouth."

He shakes his head and takes another bite of th muffin, swallowing before he utters "Anyway…yeah, I can make a few calls. Shouldn't take very long, Lorna." He turns to Jean, "And what about you, Red? What did you need? Must be something big if you are coming baring baked goods for bribery."

Caught like a deer in headlights, Jean glances towards Lorna and then towards Warren, slightly hoping for the issues with Mutant Town far outweighed her own purpose here. But.. it doesn't. A minor issue that only takes a few phone calls and.. blech. Taking a sip of her coffee finally, she clears her throat, her cheeks reddening just a bit as she swallows down whatever she had in her mouth a bit more forcefully.

"Flying lessons." She says quite bluntly. "I came over for flying lessons." In fact, she glances towards the balcony where he once stood, considering. "You know, up and over the side? Pretty sure I can make myself -not- die.. but then again, an extra hand wouldn't hurt."

Lorna laughed softly again at Warren's words, "Hey I'm not saying I would mind all that much, but I'm pretty sure you're otherwise taken." She drawled and leaned back in her chair, crossing her legs. "And thank you, about the phone calls. It's appreciated." She smiled more gently then, her focus on the blue skinned man for a moment before her gaze swung Jean's way.

She blinked repeatedly, "Wait, flying?" Her brows furrowed, "You can fly Jean?" Her head tilted to the side and she propped her chin up. "I thought you were a telepath."

Warren takes another bite of his muffin and look to Jean, a brow raising as he follows her gaze the back to Jean. "You're talking like the 'throwing you in the deep end' type of lesson, aren't you?", he says suddenly serious. "Like you want me to pick you up, throw you over and it is sink or swim time?" Warren whistles low, taking a sip of his coffee as he stares at Jean for a moment. "Charles would kill me if he found out, or god forbid something happened."

He looks to Lorna, lifting a shoulder in a shrug. "Not at taken as you might suspect, but still probably not the best jokes to make. Sometimes I take the flirting a bit to far." He glances back to Jean, "Do you want some time to think about this? I can make the calls for Lorna and then if you still want to go through with this, I will follow you down to make sure you don't splat."

There was a slight shrug towards Lorna. "I could go into the logistics of my belief that I -can- fly, but it's seriously a bore." Hell, there was a lot of things that she could do that she barely showed anyone, not for the sake of being secretive, but for the sake of her being an all too typical loner asshole! Yay! "But.. no, I'm not just a telepath, I do other things too."

Which means.. awkward flirting in between the two aside, she did have a quick errand to run. "My mind is made up.. but I do need to go next door. There's something I need to do at the Wayne tower." Stuff. Of course. A lot of stuff. "I'll be back!"

Lorna shrugged lightly at Warren's words, "Hey it's not like I haven't seen you naked already. You're fine, Warren. Don't apologize." She mused and pushed her hair back from her features, arching a brow as Warren mentions possibly not being quite as taken as she'd expected. A small huh followed, a faint blush coloring her cheeks as she glanced up to the ceiling.

Then of course, Jean. Yep Jean was there still. Annnd… leaving for something. Okay.

"Well, if you need another person to play catch if you can't quite make it, I can help. We can clip some bits of metal to you and I can always slow you down." She wiggled her fingers. "Plus, I mean, I can fly. Kinda. More levitating and pushing off iron sources and tugging er…" She trailed off as Jean went to leave. She waved.

Her gaze swung back to Warren and she arched a brow.

Warren huhs as he watches Jean rush out the door

Warren stands there, sipping at his coffee in awkward silence as he stares after the closing door for a moment before he slowly turns his attentions to Lorna. "Ok….so. Phone calls. We will deal with Jean's freewill idea when she gets back I guess. Who do you need me to call?" Apparently the solution to awkward conversations is to just ignore them and go on like they didn't happen.

Lorna got up, stretching her arms over her head as she considered. "Yeah.. I dunno why Jean wouldn't start small.. like floating around in a room or on the ground before trying to jump off a building.." She wrinkled her nose and shook her head.

"Well the delivery guy claimed that the shipment for the water pipes didn't exist on his records. When I insisted that I had the right invoice that claimed the pipes were supposed to be delivered along with the other supplies today.. he blew me off. Left after dropping off the boxes in the order that did come in." She grumbled.

"So maybe the delivery company, that lost the pipes or the company that made them. I have the invoices that clearly said they were supposed to ship along with what we did get." She grumbled, and dug into her over the shoulder bag, pulling out several folded pieces of paper.

Warren finishes off the coffee and sets the cup down onto the counter before makings way over to Lorna's side. "Jean isn't one to do things simply. It's the sink or swim philosophy. She thinks that the threat of death will kickstart her into gear quicker. Same principle people use when tossing their kids into the deep end of the pool when teaching them to swim."

He shrugs, leaning over Lorna's shoulder to look at the paperwork when she unfolds it. "Show me the invoices, and what was the name of the driver. Do you have that handy?"

Lorna shrugged lightly, "When my father taught me how to levitate he did it when I was already freaked out and emotional. He figured it would calm me down to give me something to learn. It helped. I didn't need a push out of a building." She murmured. Then again, Lorna's powers worked exactly like her father's.. and most mutants didn't have that. She sighed.

Then, she went over to the coffee table and set out the various papers. "Here's the invoice order that I got for the order of the water pipes from the company. It was bought and paid for there." She pushed the invoice toward Warren, and tapped the bottom. "With the order number and the other supplies that were being shipped with it. We got the other supplies for installing the pipes, but not the pipes." She grimaced. Then she pushed over the paper that came with the supplies that had arrived that day.

"And here, the order claims it's just the supplies. Not the pipes." She shook her head, and her lips thinned. "The delivery guy's name was James Harbor. I demanded it from him when he got short with me. I tried calling his supervisors but I was told that they didn't have anything that looked like water pipes."

"I'm not saying it is the best way to learn, but there is precedent for it. It may not even be a good precedent, but precedent never the less. The adrenal surge may just kickstart something even more than flight. We just have to make sure that if she doesn't get a hold on it, we ease her into a stop. Last thing we want to do is break her neck by suddenly halting her fall." Warren says with a shrugs, "I'm sure she will be fine. Just…don't tell Charles."

Warren turns his attention back to the paperwork and sighs, moving his finger along various lines and matching up order numbers to numbers on the invoices. "Ok, time to make a phone call or two, The pipe manufacturer is someone I have had dealings with in the past, so I should be able to get a new shipment out to you today. Hell, if I raise enough of a stink they will probably have that shit done in hours by taking the materials form another job."

He picks up the invoices and walks over towards a little office area, picking up the receiver on the desk and hitting a button. "Candy? Get me the CEO of Paulson & Co. on the line. Tell him he fucked up one of my orders." He covers up the mouthpiece and wink over to Lorna, "I'll get this sorted out in a jif."

Lorna flashed Warren a grateful grin, as he scouped up the invoices and other paperwork. "Thanks, because they seriously don't give a crap about some volunteer worker demanding them." She combed her fingers through her hair sighing softly. She didn't have to add on 'a mutant volunteer for Mutant Town' at this point it was a given.

Still, as Warren picked up the phone and started talking she couldn't help the smile that came to her expression. Especially as he covered up the mouthpiece. She nodded, getting up to go into the kitchen and swipe one of the muffins Jean had brought over.

Soon enough, Warren starts talking into the phone as he keeps his eye over on Lorna, "Yeah, Jack. No, i'm looking at the damn order invoice right here in my hand and it clearly states that there was supposed to be a shipment of pipe delivered along with the other building materials." A pause as he listens, "No, I don't know where the fuck up came from, other than I didn't get the pipes I ordered." Pause. "I don't care." Pause. "Right, it is for Mutant Town…not that that should matter. If you are telling me this was…No, no I don't want to think you are like that. Prove me wrong." Pause. "Right. Tomorrow? Let me check with my lead contractor."

He covers the phone receiver and grins over at Lorna, "Tomorrow good enough, or do you want me to push for something today?"

The muffled sound of the voice on the other line held Lorna's focus and attention. She shifted on the seat, leaning forward slightly as she watched Warren handle the phone call.

Eventually, she had to clap her hands over her mouth to keep from laughing as Warren's demeanor shifted to that of an irate businessman. It was simply so different than she'd ever seen him portray himself and a giggle came up at the back of her throat that she muffled behind her hands. She only lowered her hands as he covered the phone and she nodded. "Yeah, that's fine. Tomorrow won't be that big a deal." A smile still hooked on her lips from being called a lead contractor.

Which, hey, she was moving steel pipes around with her powers. She might as well have that title.

Warren nods, uncovering the phone and slipping back into 'business' mode. "Jack? Yeah…tomorrow should be fine. First thing though, I don't want my guys just sitting around waiting for a shipment that was supposed to be there today. I'm already half tempted to take the money wasted today out of the bill." Pause. "No, I'm serious. Do you know I had to shift resources around to keep them from just sitting there idle? That costs time and money, Jack." Pause. "Ok..ok, that works. Ten percent is fair. Fifteen would be better, but i'll take ten." Pause. "Deal, but your buying the next round of drinks, and I am going to make fucking sure I order top shelf."

And then Warren hangs up the phone, leaning back against the desk and folding is arms over his chest. "Anything else you need me to take care of, Lorna?"

Once Warren had hung up the phone, Lorna let her hands fall, still snickering softly. "Well, a discount too. Lovely." She grinned, folding her arms and sitting back on the couch. "I think that just made my day, and you get a drink out of it too." She mused, gesturing toward Warren vaguely.

When he asked if she needed anything else she shook her head. "Nope, that was more or less it. I had planned to work on installing those pipes today, but since they're coming in tomorrow, I can just do that then. Everything else has been more or less fine. I mean," She paused, considering. "It's Mutant Town. There's always something. But at least there will be non-leaky pipes for people."

Warren nods, pushing of the desk with a laugh and heading back over towards the kitchen area to refill his coffee. "If I didn't push for something like a discount he would have wondered what the hell was up. First thing in business you learn is to always try to get a little more than what you actually need. That way when the bargaining starts you get to the point you actually want to be at. In this instance, since there was a fuck up to an already agreed price, if I didn't ask for some type of recompense it would have been weird. The drink I just threw in for fun."

Warren takes his cup of coffee over to the wet bar and pours in a bit of whisky, "If that is all it takes to make your day, you're remarkably easy to please." He chuckles, sipping at his coffee. "Somehow I don't think that is the reality though."

Lorna shrugged, "I guess that makes perfect sense then. I just wanted the pipes to get delivered. But I'm not in business. Or used to dealing with businessmen." She murmured and dragged her hand through her hair. Her gaze went thoughtful for a moment, before she leaned back on the sofa. "But still, thanks for doing that for me Warren. It's appreciated."

Then of couse, as he talked about her being easy to please she grinned. "Well, that's just one bump in the road, really. If all my problems could be as solved so simply, then my life would be a lot happier. Trust me." She murmured.

The door slowly opens as Jean peeks in briefly, then decidedly enters into the lofty spacious grandiose highly expensive apartment. Once the door closes behind her, her hands draw up to begin to quickly braid her hair down into place, just listening to the conversation for now. Open door policy, right? "Everything with Mutant Town is taken care of?"

Warren glances over as Jean reappears and nods with a smile, "As well as it can be, for now anyway. Did you get everything you needed taken care of over Wayne tower?"

Warren takes another sip of his coffee as he pushes off against the counter he is leaning on, "Did you want something to drink before your…lesson? Take an edge off maybe?" Can you really take the edge off jumping off of a 100+ story building?

He looks over to Lorna, "Of course. I told you I would help you if I could. Happy to do it, really. Do me a favor…run into my bedroom and look in the closet, left hand side. One of my old harnesses should be there. If we are going to do this crazy thing, we can at least slip this onto Jean and the metal buckles on it should give you enough purchase to help if needed."

Lorna got up, offering Jean a smile. "Perfect timing, yeah. Everything was taken care of. Warren put on his 'I'm a businessman voice and it worked out well." She nodded toward Warren as he spoke of the harnesses and went to his bedroom to find it. It didn't take too long, being able to search for the metal on the buckles rather than the physical object alone made her life so much easier.

She returned without issue, holding out the contraption to Jean. "I'll go head down for the bottom of the building just incase you need me. I can act like a magnetic buffer for you on the ground. A little safety net to keep you from going splat. I mean.. it'll still hurt a lot to get yanked out of the air by the straps.. but better than totally dead, right?"

Jean nods. "Oh yeah. Got everything I needed." Though what she needed? It would possibly be secretive, even to the X-Men. Either way, she gives a shake of her head almost immediately. "Oh no. I don't drink. I can just easily turn off the fear cent—.. nevermind. I just don't drink." Explaining that would make her sound a bit crazy, but then again.. look who she's sharing a body with!

She watches Lorna briefly as she disappears into the bedroom, then shrugs her shoulder faintly. "I don't need the straps. Trust me, I'll be okay for the most part. I literally can't die. I mean I can, but.. I won't get splattered against the ground or anything.. bad.." Her voice trails off as her eyes grow distant, yet she perks up again once Lorna hands her the harness. It takes her a minute.. but she finally slips her arms through the loops to try her best to fit it correctly. "I think we should do this at the back of the building, people don't need to see this." She couldn't cloud -all- of those minds, she wasn't like Charles.

Warren stares at Jean for a few moments as she goes on about not being able to die. Well, stranger things have happened. Whose to say Jean really can't die?

Warren finally just shrugs and sets his coffee down, pulling his shirt back over his head and tossing it onto the couch. "Well, if all goes to plan you won't have to worry about it at all. I don't intend to let you fall that far, so I think the harness is purely a last resort type of thing. In fact, what I will do is carry you up a few hundred feet from here, and then drop you. That way Lorna can catch you, if you need it, before you start falling past people's windows."

Another shrug followed. "My range is a few hundred yards at most. So really, if you need me at that point you're already in trouble.." She mumbled, reaching forward to tap on the metal buckles. "And Warren should've caught you by that time anyways." She grinned and glanced back towards the shirtless man.

"Nah, I'll go to the ground all the way down. In the back. Better to give Jean more space to try this. What's the point in my staying this far up in the sky if she wants the deep end of the pool?"

There was a moment when she considered the entire idea. Her lips curl into the other as she bites down upon the inward flesh, finally finishing the fitting of the harness with a light tug upon the buckles there. Maybe.. maybe she should have done this alone..

She just might catch fire on the way down, who'd grab her then?

Things she didn't really think about but will find out about on the way down, cause right then and there, when Warren offers to fly her up she just gives a shake of her head. "No no. From the roof." It -had- to be that way. Maybe it -had- to feel like suicide. Morbid, right? But once things were all done and settled, she gestures towards the door. "To the roof then?" Talk about deep end. This is going to be nuts!

Warren shrugs, moving over towards the balcony and opening the door to the outside. "If you say so, Jean. But you know I am not going to let you hit the ground, right? I will only wait so long before I come after you."

He steps outside, lettings wings unfurl out from his back as he does, moving to the edge of the balcony and perching up on the rail like he does this all the time, because he probably does. He looks down, into the alley hundreds of feet below. "At least there isn't anyone down there."

Jean follows Warren out to the balcony, then gives a slow nod of her head. "I know that. I'm not too worried. If I knew of any other flyer or someone with a really strong sense of telekinesis, I probably wouldn't have bothered you with this." Once there, her hands are placed upon the railing as she looks down, then up again, and then down. There were a lot of instances that lead to this, even thinking about it just wanted her to -try-.

Her hand reaches up to press against her temple as her eyes close, feeling out the minds within the general area. It was like a trap. Those who were not Lorna would at least be compelled to look the other way no matter -what- they heard. Hopefully she can multitask and keep it all in place.

"Alright. Do you want to take all your anger out on me and push? Or should I just fall into the void.. literally?"

Warren smirks, "I'm glad you asked me. It's never a bother, Red, and you know it. Even if it was, you know I would be there for you.

Her next question causes him to blink in surprise. That was a question that he was not expecting at all. He turns his head to look at Jean, cocking his head quizzically at her as she suggests pushing her. "Jean, I have absolutely no desire to take my anger out on you. Why would I?" He shakes his head, "No, I don't want to take my anger out on you at all."

That being said he takes a deep breath, reaches out and grabs her by the harness, and shoves. "Charles is going to kill me…"

|ROLL| Jean Grey +rolls 1d50 for: 1

|ROLL| Jean Grey +rolls 1d50 for: 39

|ROLL| Jean Grey +rolls 1d50 for: 28

Lorna hadn't bothered with an elevator down. When all was said and done, this was about flying lessons after all. So the green haired woman and glided down to the back lot from the balcony ahead of Jean. For her it was a simple, light, float. Easy compared to what her father put her through.

Lorna was already down on the ground when Jean started talking about being pushed off. Her hands angled face up, and she was already pushing upwards on her magnetic field. Ready to catch Warren or Jean if needed.

"Well, I don't know. People do things for certa—EEK!"

Well, that one caught her off guard. Shockingly enough, it was easy to lift her, quite possibly due to her penchant for not eating a single thing for days! But, the wind catches her as she tries to quickly invoke her TK, bouncing her within the air UPWARDS at first, then down again, then towards the left. Free falling like this threw her off completely, but even as she struggles and tries, it looks as if someone were tugging her left and right.

Endurance gives out in the end, and now she was freefalling, her hands immediately drawn up to shield her face as a high pitched squeal echoes through the alleyway..

..someone attempts to look, but finds themselves going in circles before they wander down the street..

Watching Jean as she starts to plummet, Warren waits… "Come on, Jean….come on….come on…" The moment he can tell she isn't going to actually do it, he dives off the balcony himself with a loud utterance of "FUCK!" and goes streamline, pushing himself slower than the speed of sound, but fast enough so he can try to catch her before something fatal happens. "I'm coming…."

Lorna watched, squinting as best she could to try to see upwards. But it was hard to gauge what was going on. So she merely kept up the magnetic push she had. She poured her focus into that, creating a magnetic bubble above her for several hundred yards to try to cushion whoever came flying out of the sky.

Perhaps it was the thunder of her heartbeat that strikes out the first few flickering flames. It was trying, her entire being attempting to 'halt and catch fire' as she plummets downward. It was damn near like a spiral, weird ass free fall, with limbs a flailing and an after thought of 'Thank god I was wearing pants' that would be shared over dinner.

That's.. if Jean survives..

Warren pushes himself to dive faster down, contrails coming off his wings showing just how close he is to breaking the sound barrier as he reaches a hand out to grab at Jean, hoping he has enough time to grab her and pull up slowly so as not to hurt her with a sudden ascent or stop. "Jean!" he cries, "Come on!"

Its funny how powers work. Jean could easily tell, and see that she was within Lorna's range by the tug slightly upwards of the loose metals upon the harness. Hearing her name helped as well, for her arm immediately snatches up to clasp hands with Warren by the wrist, and her own 'gifts' angling her in such away that would pull her feet downwards.

Funny to note, she even felt pressure within her shoes, there must be a few bits of metal there!

The sudden stop wasn't all that jarring, what -was- jarring was the experience! For once she was halted in the air, there was a faint hint of a laugh, and then a.. 'HURG', and a clasp of her hand over her mouth. She nearly, very very narrowly tossed her cookies. But goddamn, that was fun!

Lorna felt more than saw as Jean came into range, a few hundred yards in the air. Slowly, the green haired mutant lowered the magnetic field that she'd pushed to the limits of her range, slowly lessening the push lower and lower. Until it shifted around so that Jean was less being pushed mid-air and more of being supported. There was little point in shouting a few hundred yards away, not if she didn't want to draw attention.

So Lorna merely held firm, keeping her senses alert in-case something else went wrong.

As soon as he has a grip on Jean he arches his back and slowly starts to ascend back towards the balcony. He pulls Jean up, wrapping an arm around her waist and holding her close to his body as he lets out a breath that he had likely been holding for the last 30 seconds. "Holy shit, Jean.." he says, breathing hard. "You nearly gave me a heart attack."

Warren slowly flew back up towards the balcony, giving his heart rate time to slow and try to get to a more normal pulse. Lightly touching down on the balcony, he looks down at Jean, "Are you ok?" He asks, slowly removing his arm from around her waist.

It takes a few moments for Jean to compose herself, but she does take note of the surroundings. The way the wind blew in the area, remembering how fast she fell, attemping to come up with a proper formula so that whatever she did wrong the first time, she could correct. It was actually a blessing that she felt metal in her shoes, she had even more support. In fact, now she was thinking of fun activities for the kids in some sort of real life ping-pong action between a few mutants. Fun!

Adrenaline aside, once they were back up at the top, she steps away from Warren with a slight huff. A huff that followed by a smile, a smile that was actually a shit eating grin. Maybe.. just maybe she's gotten it all figured out! The shoes! It was the shoes! Think of the feet!

"Yeah! I think I got it! Lorna helped, actually! I didn't know that I had metal in my shoes but I could literally feel it when we were in range. So.. the feet. I gotta think about the feet." Guh.. "There was this one time I actually levitated in the woods. And when I am out alone.." Doing gods know what.. "I can actually leap from building to building.." She was nodding her head then. "I think I got it. Take a break or no? You okay?" Her words were rushed, someone was -obviously- hyped!

Concerned, Lorna floated back up to the balcony, touching down lightly once Jean and Warren had settled in themselves. "Is everything okay? What happened?" She stepped off the reailing and onto the floor, she came up toward Jean and Warren.

"Because uhm.. Jean that was less of a flying.. and more of a uhm.. a falling.." She glanced toward Warren. "You both okay?"

Warren eyes Jean, "Red, you almost just fell to your death there. No, worse. I almost pushed you to your death! I don't think this was such a good idea after all. Maybe, you know, you should rethink this whole thing though." He glances over at Lorna and nods, "Fine…other than almost having a heart attack."

"Yeah, I'm fine!" Jean says cheerily towards Lorna. The adrenaline or the shock of it all wasn't wearing off, or the fact that she was breathing air and her heart still beat and she had no broken bones. "I mean, I'm all good here! Almost lost my lunch but I'm still good!" Though, as to what happened, "I don't know, maybe I wasn't prepared.." She moves off to give Lorna and Warren a bit of room, her head bobbing briefly as she wiggles her toes within her shoes.

"What? I'm telling you, I wasn't going to die." Or she could have.. "To be quite honest, this is as sure as its eer going to get. We'll be good. Let's just get some water and go again, I am pretty thirsty.." She doesn't wander off, yet she looks back over the edge, kind of tempted. All she has to do is get the timing right, think of her feet.. push like she does when doing a jump.. maybe.. just maybe..

Warren shakes his head with a sigh, "Water. I'll get you some water, but then we are going to talk about this some more."

Warren folds his wings into his back, and turns around to head inside to get some water for the ladies.

Lorna blinked, and made her way over toward Jean, nodding distractedly in Warren's direction as the man went to get her some water. Lorna, settled with her back against the railings, a hand on her hip as she hooked an eyebrow upwardsin the redhead's direction. "Uhm. Jean. I'm happy to hear you're okay and all.. but you had me really concerned there." She paused, biting her lower lip.

"Have you been able fly at all when you're not jumping off high buildings? Like right now? Have you been able to get off the ground?" She tilted her head to the side and without a second thought lifted up a few inches herself.

"My powers work differently and all.. but wouldn't it be easier to do baby steps first?"

Jean raises her brows as she watches after Warren's back, her head shaking as the smile fades from her face. She lets out a 'tss', then turns to lean upon the balcony with her forearms, looking over the edge and towards the opposite side of the building. She almost wanted to dismiss Lorna out of the irritation she felt, but she doesn't. She could tell Lorna was just concerned. "Flying, no. Levitating, yes. I can jump building to building with no problems. Sort of like a propelling push. Sometimes I feel like I can weave telekinesis through my muscles and give myself a little bit of an added boost. But flying? No. If I can levitate, the next step of evolution is flying. Makes sense, right?"

Maybe for a crazy person. "Baby steps?" She was close to mentioning the Phoenix, but she keeps it under wraps. "Baby steps don't work for me."

Warren emerges from the apartment with a glass of water for Jean, offering it out to her. "Ok. Let's think this through. We tried it your way, Jean, and it didn't work. I don't know how in hell I would explain what happened to you if I hadn't have caught you, or Lorna hadn't have been able to stop you. I literally pushed you off the balcony…and somehow I don't think 'She told me to' would be a valid excuse.

Lorna mimicked Jean's posture by leaning against the railing. "Huh. Okay. That's fair. Do you take a running jump when you're doing those?" She arched a brow, turning her gaze to the view beyond briefly and back. "Do you think about anything differently? What's your range like?" She propped her chin up with a hand. Lorna wasn't likely to comment about mental instability about one's life choices. Much less judge them for leaps in logic for powers. Not after what she'd been through.

Then her focus shifted toward Warren and she blinked, "Wait she told you to push her off?" She hesitated, her mouth falling open before she shut it and shook her head. "I'm not saying a word about that. Nope." She glanced back to Jean.

"Would it help maybe if you took a running jump? What if you pushed off yourself like you were aiming for a building but.. didn't have one to go for?"

As Warren returns from the apartment, Jean reaches for the glass of water to take a few sips, her head shaking. "See, I got confidence in you Warren. I may not see you in action, but your capacity to care is.." Blah blah blah Charles Xavier talk. She didn't finish the sentence, just taking a bigger swallow of the water, then adding in a bit of a lackluster shrug towards Warren. Hell, he had a point. She couldn't argue that.

But it was Lorna's words that catch her attention, and as she pulls the glass of water away from her lips, she focuses on the remainder as it draws away from the cup. Large globulets of water floating within the air with just a thought, her mind toward inward for a little nudge and a quiet offering of help.

Yes. Said the girl. You can come out to play just for a tiny bit.

"I don't know what my range is.." Jean muttered quietly, both eyes looking up towards the sky as one slowly begins to flicker into a reddish hue. "But.. maybe the shock and surprise won't work. Probably deliberate action?" And, she'll show them what she means! It was a quick motion, her feet lifting from the ground which puts her but against the railing, her back soon arching hard so that she topples right off the top!

Warren shrugs, "I don't need to be analyzed here, Jean. I'm not the one jumping off of buildings with only a vague idea that I can fly." He sighs, "Look, I know you think you can, and you probably can. Hell, if I had thought for one second that you wouldn't have succeeded the firs time, I probably wouldn't have let you. I'm shocked you didn't, to be perfectly honest."

And then she jumps.


Warren dives right off after her, wings snapping out as he launches over the balcony

Lorna glanced side long at the redhead as she took the water and trailed off. "You might want to learn what your range between buildings—" And as Jean rose to her feet and then purposefully went jumping off the railing she swore. A jump and Lorna was darting over the side railing along side Warren. Of course, with her powers, if she just pulled on whatever was below her.. she'd yank Warren up too if she wasn't careful.

She pushed herself downwards, using the building's steel as a track, she creened downwards, her hand out stretched before her as she squinted into the wind. Her powers trying to find purchase around the metal on Jean's person, not halting her, not yet. After all Jean was trying to fly.

But more of a keeping her in range incase the same falling rather than flying occurred.

Yup, she was over the edge, falling down headfirst, there wasn't a bit of panic, but she does see the other two falling after her. She fixes her mind to focus on the idea she had earlier. It was in the feet. It was all in the feet, focus on the feet! And she does!


In fact, the telekinesis pulled her upright, almost as if she bungie jumped off the side of the building. Bouncing her up and down briefly, then up again, passing Lorna and Warren -upwards- as she hung -upside down-! But she was doing it! "I'm doing it!" Wrongly, of course. "I'm flying!" Pretty badly, naturally.

In fact, it was a batshit crazy way to fly, for her excitement carried her this way and that, swaying and swinging from side to side, all while she was -upside down-, and straying not too far from the balcony. At least she was wise in that sense to stay close. "I'm totally fuckin' flying!"

Yes. Jean swore.

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