1964-08-30 - No Capes!
Summary: The White Widow tosses down the gauntlet for an aspiring fashion designer.
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Gwen took a deep breath. She looked down at the DAILY BUGLE clenched in her hand, then opened it again. She unfolded it to see the ad she had placed in the WANTED section.

Designer needed to handle the ultimate design challenge. Only serious designers need apply.

There had been a lot of replies, and Gwen had fielded them with the same question. "What can you do for a guy who can grow 50 feet tall?"
Most of them had given her the response of a dial tone.

Seeing that ad and she would grin as soon as she saw it. She didn't hesitate to call and see about it but as soon as she heard the question she nearly choked. Was it a joke? A test? Oh well, she didn't care….it was something that was going to test her. Her answer? Well probably not the most….tactful: "I mean….does he have a brother? Set a girl up and I'll do my damnedest…."Her voice held a slight accent to it, a hint of French so it may have came off more flirty than it should have.

But here she was making her way to the meeting spot, looking as if she stepped out of Vogue. Rocking a mod color block mini dress and matching heels, she was confident as she walked up the street. Gidget dug in her handbag, pulling out a notebook and a pen as she seemed to preparing already. She had told them who to look for but standing at 5'10", she wasn't easy to miss. Those brown eyes would look around now as she ran her fingers through her short dark hair.

The meeting place was odd—the observation post of the Empire State Building. At this time of day, Gidget found herself the only person there, apart from a couple of gawkers.

The phone response had been cryptic—"Observation deck, Empire State Building, 8 pm. Come alone."
The air was cool, the summer fading into fall, and as 8 pm clicked and the faraway church bells began to ring the time, the door closed and Gidget was alone.

Then the voice came from overhead. "You're a brassy one, aren't you? That's good."

Yeah it was probably dumb to go to you know….the tallest building ever to meet some stranger but fortune rewards the bold. Looking around, she would sigh before making her way out until that door shut. Letting out a gasp she'd spin around as she shut only to hear a voice. "….what?" Gidget looked around before she finally looked up and let out a stifled scream as she put her hand to mouth. Blinking, she would just stare before slowly backing up. "….I've been called worse…." Those brown eyes would roam over her then tilted her head. Not asking how….who…or what….she went straight to. "….holy crap how does that stay on? Is that….synthetic fabric?" Well she had a one track mind but then realized where she was with a…who knows what. "Um….so….." She'd pull up that notebook and pen as she clicked it open. "….am I correct in assuming you're the one with the strange request?"

The costumed woman smiles, then leaps down to somersault to land lightly on her feet in front of Gidget. "Lycra. Layered with something else." She bows. "You can call me the White Widow. Or just Widow." She straightens. "I am the one with the request. And it's a big one." She looks to the bench, then says, "Want to have a seat? I can give you the details, and it's out of the wind up here so it will be more comfortable."

When she flipped down she stepped back, blinking a bit then before clearing her throat. She stares a bit more then just seemed to murmur to herself. "….lycra…..I wonder…." She'd write something down then but was listening. "Widow….got it." She'd look back at her then with a smile and nodded. "Sure…." Though she was tall, she scurried over to that bench and sat down quickly. Gidget was obviously fascinated but was trying to be calm. But she just couldn't. "….are you one of those people? Like…." She didn't know how to say it. "Sorry! Never mind…." She'd look back to her notebook then took a deep breath. "So….grows to fifty feet tall….." The blush on her face was evident as she was nervous but excited at the same time about this possible project. "How tall does he start?"

Widow smiled. "She, actually. I had to obscure some facts. She starts at around…5'8" or thereabouts. She needs something…solid. I have to focus on flexibility, she doesn't. She needs to move around in it, and move well." She ponders for a moment. "And she needs something that needs to grow and shrink with her. It doesn't help anyone if the first thing she does after growing to 20 feet tall is get slapped for indecent exposure."

"Oh…." Now she blushed even more for that comment she made on the phone and just sighed. "….and here I thought I was going to meet a man finally." A low chuckle left her lips as she started sketching away. "So is that it? Goes from 5'8" to a max of fifty feet?" Well she was taking all of this in stride pretty well. The shock of what she was doing was outweighed by the possibility of a challenge. "Needs….to be solid." She'd look up from her notes then. "Solid how? Like…." A tilt of her head then. "We obviously don't want it to tear. So that's going to be my main challenge when I go on the hunt." Looking back to her notebook then, she'd continue writing. "So we need some serious stretch and can hold up, right?" Her brows would furrow then as she mumbled. "….how the hell am I going to test this?"

Widow chuckled. "Actually, try taller. Maximum…250 feet." She smiles sympathetically. "Think like light body armor. And as for testing…I can bring her in to help with that if you have a material." She pauses. "And this is a paying gig. What's more…if you have a logo or a graphic, you can put it on the suit so your brand will show up on the 6 o'clock news."

"…well shit…." She'd smack her forehead then chuckled as she looked over at her then. "You know….some stuff you should /really/ disclose ahead of time…." Licking her lips she would then look back to her notebook and went back to writing. "…indestructible, stretchy…." She'd set her pen down and tilt head back then, her hand going to her mouth for a moment. Closing her eyes, she'd take a deep breath before sitting back up straight and looking to her. "….let me do some research….and poking around. For something to be able to stretch like that….and not tear….and take a beating…..I'll have to see if I can ask around." A shrug then as she started to put her stuff back into her bag but stopped and started to write something. "As for a logo…no. My mentor would kill me if I used his. I'm still technically an apprentice under him but…." She'd stop then and looked up at him. "….is this gonna get me killed if it ends up on the news? I'm rather enjoying being on this plane of existence….."

Widow is about to say something, but stops before she does. She ponders. "No. It won't. She's a decent girl, idealistic, earnest, but she's not in any trouble. I want to help her not GET in any trouble, if anything. She and I are gonna work together." She chuckles. "So i'm being a LITTLE protective. I hope that won't be a problem for you." She pauses. "And we cantoss your name around if we know anyone who needs work of this type."

A slight frown as she noticed that hesitation but said nothing as she just nodded. Licking her lips she would sit there for a moment then just idly drew in her note book. "I can….give you a nickname my father used to call me….if it comes to that. I don't know if using my real name would be wise on something this scale. My mentor might shit a brick…." Chuckling she'd shut that notebook then and put it up with her pen. "This is all really…weird but….I'm up for the challenge." Standing up now, she'd ruin her fingers through her hair and nodded. "We'll need to test the durability and stuff once I find something that stretches like you guys need….." Those brown eyes would look down now as she murmured to herself. "….I guess I can just…set it on fire or something…." Furrowing her brows she'd seem deep in thought then shook her head before finally looking back at her. "….so how do you want me to get in touch once I find something….or even if I don't. Same way?"

Widow stands up, then rummages in her backpack. "Sorry about all the cloak-and-dagger. I have a voice messaging service set up." She takes out a manila envelope, folded over once, one side of it thickened by the contents. "The number is on the envelope. Call it, leave a message, then call back in one hour if you need a response." She hands the envelope to Gidget. "This is $5,000. For expenses. If you need more, let me know."

She'd look at the envelope and took but then blinked. "Wait…." Those brown eyes would go wide as she almost choked on the air. "W-w-what?!" She'd said in a hushed voice and then looked around again. "…girl…wait…." It was obvious she was good natured as she seemed to hold that back out to her. "Five grand? Oh god…." She'd put a hand to her head as she took a deep breath. "…..I….I can't….this is a lot of money…." Even though she wanted to be this sought after designer the thought of carrying this much cash made her dizzy. "I…." She'd pull it to her tightly as if afraid to drop it. "…..I'll need her measurements." Gidget wasn't about to embarrass herself further as she seemed to be just in awe. "….can you get me those? I can do the math to expound upon her…..growing." Then she blinked and shook her head. "Oh my god I'm an idiot. Is there a color she wants? Or something?"

Widow chuckled. "I figured you weren't exactly going to the Yarn Barn. Her measurements are in the envelope. We were pondering red and black. Although, if we couldn't get the suit, color didn't matter that much, so it was a lower priority."

"Well….no….." She'd look down and then took a deep breath before putting that envelope in her handbag. Gidget…what were you getting yourself into? Licking her lips she would nod a bit. "I'll see if I can mentor would know of some crazy fabrics. Otherwise….I'm going to have to hit the streets and ask around. I'll say it's for my poodle or something…..that I don't even own….." Laughing she'd shrug as she rubbed the back of her head. "Hell if you know of any crazy suppliers throw it my way. I'm going to have to probably talk to some importers….." She'd shrug a bit then and blinked before she shook her head. "And I am rude as hell. I never actually freaking introduced myself….I just….got to work." Sticking out her hand she'd smile. "Gidget Boileau…."

The mask hides her look of surprise. "I'm…pleased to meet you, Gidget." She stifles a chuckle. "AND I am going to hold off on any surfing jokes, because I suspect you've heard them all." She looks around. "If I do hear of anything, I'll let you know." She looks around. "Did you take a cab here?"

She'd blink and then sighed a bit. "Yeah….yeah……I know. Ugh….." She'd roll her eyes then as she folded her arms as she laughed. "Except I'm not some blonde beach bunny….so…..that ruled that out long time ago. I'm also about the same height as most men I meet so pfft." The young woman would then nod and sighed a bit. "Oh a cab? No. I walked. I need the exercise so I walked the six or seven or so blocks….I don't know. I lost count…" She'd start towards the door then. "Though it is late now….so I should probably catch one instead of walking again."

Widow smiles. "If you want, I can help with that." She pauses. "You are not…prone to vertigo, acrophobia, or motion sickness, are you? It can be something of a rollercoaster if I take you."

"Um….not that…I know of…." A few blinks then as she looked at her sideways then. "…..why?" Now she looked skeptical. "I mean….I've been boating and stuff…."

Widow smiles, and Gidget can see it even under the mask. "I can take you wherever you need to go. And we won't have to worry about traffic."

"Um……oookaaaay….." She'd keep that sideways glance as she nodded. "….if you think it'll be faster….." She'd motion to the door. "I mean…you have random plane or helicopter landed somewhere or hovering to pick you up?" She wouldn't put past her…she did just hand her five grand in cash after all. Clutching her purse, she'd look up then.

Widow moves towards Gidget, sliding an arm around her waist, and then lifting her up as if she weighted nothing at all. She jumps to the ledge overlooking the Manhattan skyline. "It starts like a rollercoaster, too. Hang on tight/"

She'd stiffen as she felt that arm but then realixed she was getting picked up a bit. "Huh?!" She'd watch as they went to the ledge and she widened her eyes. "Oh my god you're going to kill us!!!" She'd wrap her arms and to an extent her legs…which was probably comical seeing as Gidget was taller than her. "I knew it! This was some weird….oh my god!"

Widow looks to her. "Jeez, Gidge. Really…this is no way for an adult professional to carry on. If you're going to freak out, I'll just lower you to the curb."

She'd stare at her blankly as she heard then. "….you picked me up….and brought me to the ledge….of the Empire State Building….." It was deadpan as she looked at her. "….how did you expect me….to react?" Relaxing she'd at least unwrap her legs from around her then murmured. "….you can take me to my fashion house. It's closer….a few blocks….and that way I can at least start sketching and working on concepts for the morning….." Gidget was totally calm….yup. This wasn't shock….nope.

Widow snerks. "I *DID* warn you." She takes a deep breath, then says, "Hang on."
And then she jumps over the ledge, Gidget held in one arm.
For two seconds, it is a breezy freefall. Then Widow reaches out and a thin webline shoots from her inner wrist, and then they are a hundred feet above the street, swinging above the traffic lights, and the breeze is flowing past Gidget's face as they swing past the skyscrapers.

Doing as she was told, she held on for dear life…making sure that purse was tucked tightly to her. When they jumped, her mouth opened but no sound came out as she tried to scream. She closed her eyes and figured yup….this is how she goes. But then she felt a jerk of no longer falling and slowly opened her eyes as they swung over the city. "…holy shit!" Gidget looked over at the woman but back to building flying back. Is this what flying felt like? If so…it would take some getting used to. She kept that near death grip on her as she then realized…her dress. Anyone looking up would probably get an eye full. Oh well…..

Widow rises at the end of one swing, then fires a webline in midair and they are off again. This is like a rollercoaster, and it doesn't take long for Gidget to realize that they are above the streetlights and the traffic signs, which makes them invisible.
Especially when you realize how few people DO look up.
A few adrenaline-fueled minutes later, Widow lands lightly on the roof of Gidget's building, checking for andthankfully finding the roof access door. "Here we are," she says, and only then does her arm release Gidget's body.

Enjoying the ride now she would just relax as she looked around until their adventure was over. Licking her lips she would wait until she was set down and released, stumbling a few steps as her legs got their bearings again. Tilt her head she'd make sure she still had her bag and exhaled….thank goodness. Looking to Widow she would nod and smiled. "Well then….." She'd straighten out her dress and nodded. "….thanks for the….ride? I think…that's…oh whatever. Thanks." Laughing she would start towards that door and then pulled out a key. She'd unlock, as if knowing it would be locked then turned to look back at her. "I'll get to work on this asap for you guys….."

Widow nods and moves to the ledge of the building. "I look forward to see what you cook up." She giggles softly, then leans back…and falls off the building.
One muted "THWIPP!" later, and Gidget sees Widow swing away, doing a triple somersault between swings and making it look easy.

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