1964-08-31 - Another night, another customer.
Summary: Luke and Gidget have drinks and chat
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Walking all the way from Hell's Kitchen isn't a long walk in terms of distance, but depending on the time of day and the heat it can make things a little unbearable. The bar isn't technically open just yet, since the owner and primary bartender was just returning with his escorted companion.

"So, scotch it is." Luke says as he opens the door with a key, flipping on the light and heading back behind the bar as he grabs a pair of glasses from under the counter. He starts to pour a couple fingers worth in each glass, and leans against the bar. "So, this is my place, for what it is. Don't mind the divot in the floor."

Sure enough, there is a divot in the ground by the front door, like something of great weight had impacted there.

She'd look around, bright eyed as she seemed to be taking in every detail. Licking her lips she would make her way to the bar and took her handbag off of her shoulder and sat it on the counter top. "I like it!" Gidget chuckled a bit as she watched him pour the drink and then picked up her own glass. Looking at the dent in the floor, her brow would raise as she slowly looked to him. "I take it some people got a bit rowdy." She'd raise her glass to him and nodded. "A votre sante….cheers!" That woman would then shoot about half of it before sitting the glass down, her eyes closing as she exhaled softly. "….I needed that."

"You could say that. Remember the 9 foot tall green guy I mentioned earlier." He motions to the divot before he takes a sip from his glass. "He could have used some indestructible clothing as well. He didn't start out 9 feet tall. His pants didn't agree with the size change, so…yeah."

Luke shrugs and tips back another sip from the glass, "Could be worse. I have the feeling he could have destroyed this place without a pause if he had wanted to. I'm just glad I was on his side."

She'd blink as she then nodded slowly. "Oooh…" She'd sigh a bit as she leaned on the bar, her hand ruffling her short hair. "….I've been watching this shit from a far. All of this….." Gidget just took another sip of her drink then looked at him. "I stayed away from. I'm squishy. I get in the line of fire of anything and I'm toast, dude." Laughing she would shrug a bit then as she whispered. "But sometimes….I wish I could do some of this. Make a difference, you know." There was a wistful look in her eyes as as she winked. "Instead…I'm just trying to expand my business, meet new people, and try to have some sort of excitement in my life for once. I think this custom commission was like….a sign or some crap."

Luke Cage is quiet for a while, sipping at is drink as he contemplates something. "Yeah, I just try to run my business here as well. I don't tend to get involved unless I really have to. I'm not squishy, as you put it. Not even close to. Truth is…i'm as far from squishy as you can get. As far as I know I'm unbreakable, but I also don't need that kind of attention, you know? I'm just a guy that wants to run a bar."

He puts the bottle of scotch onto the counter top between them, finishing the liquid in his glass and setting the glass onto the bar top. "Having…abilities or whatever you want to call it isn't all it is cracked up to be."

She'd stare at him then chuckled a bit. "Unbreakable?" Gidget would stay leaning on that bar as she looked him up and down for a moment, as if sizing him up. "I mean you're in shape but…." She'd smile then as she shrugged. "Then again….who even knows with the shit going on. So I'll take your word for it." That smile was still tugging at her lips as she listened for a moment then nodded. "….I'm sure there's a downside." Looking into her glass, she'd swirl the liquid around and sighed. "….but if my dad had some shit like that…..he wouldn't be in a chair. You know? He was a great soldier…but could have not got hurt." A frown was on her face now as she polished off the rest in that glass and playfully edge it to the bottle. "Maybe it's naive of me….or selfish but….." Looking up at him she'd seem serious now. "….if I had it, I'd try to use it to help people. But since I don't….I offer help the only way I know how. And if that means making free clothes for a man that's trying to get back on his feet and get a job….a dress for a woman who just wants a pick me up…..clothes for a couple of kids who's parents that can't afford it….then so be it. At least I think I'm making some sort of difference in this crazy ass world."

"Yeah, I know how it sounds." says Luke. "And maybe I am selfish for not putting on a pair of tights and going off to run around in the middle of the night fighting whatever comes my way, but I'm no hero. Never wanted to be one, didn't ask for this 'gift', but it is what it is."

Luke pours more scotch into Gidget's glass and smiles, "I try to help around here when I can. I try and clean up Harlem as best as I can, but sometimes I think it is a little futile. I stop one thugs, 3 more take their place."

She'd chuckle a bit and nodded. "Not everyone can rock those tights though…." Laughing she would lean and feign being scandalzied. "….as in it's not flattering as everyone thinks they are…." Gidget would snicker softly before she would look at her glass. Smiling, she would dig into her purse and then pulled out a twenty and set it on the bar. "For my drinks so far…." Picking up her now refilled glass, she'd take a sip then sighed. "And I get it….it's like the head of the Hydra in Greek and Roman mythology: chop off one head…..two more grow back." She'd sigh and then shake head. "Perhaps I'm just naive….and too much like my mother. But oh well….do what you can when you can I say…" Grinning she'd look at the glass and then laughed. "I guess…this isn't horrible since I'm off." Pulling out a small calendar from her bag, she'd start flipping through. "I wonder if I have projects….I should go out tonight finallly….."

Luke Cage smirks, letting out a little chuckle. "I can't say that I have really looked into the tights thing. I can imagine that they may not be the most flattering of outfits on certain individuals. Me? I'm just going to stick to wearing jeans. The world don't need to know my religion, if you get my drift." He glances down at the money and slides it over to the till, "And I do do what I can around here. But I ain't one to bring attention to myself. If I was going to do that, I should just open up an office and become a hero for hire or something. At least that way I could pay the bills."

He chuckles as she checks her calendar, "Should I put the scotch away? Got things you need to be doing?"

"I'm just saying….there's better outfits. And I freaking HATE capes!" Yes she said it. She'd tell that to their face too if she could. "I mean….what's the practical use? You could get caught in shit? How is that ergodynamic in any way, shape, or form?" She's obviously thought about this by the way she sounded, but her eyes never left that calendar. Hearing him, those brown eyes would look up at him and raised a brow. "Oh I'm just seeing if I /need/ to go back to the studio for any reason. I'm doing all this drinking and want to make sure I don't need to touch any dangerous machines while being inebriated." Letting out a laugh, she would look back down for a moment before sliding it back to her purse. "And nope! I am golden except my project that I can't move forward with yet." Grinning she would sip at that scotch but then she blinked. Looking around, she would then look back at him. "Oh hell am I taking up your time? You run a business after all. I can totally get up out of here if you need me to."

Luke Cage smirks, "I'm at work. It's not like I see a ton of other people in here waiting to be served, do you? You're good. If you weren't here i'd just be sitting here polishing the bar." He pours himself another drink and sips at the amber liquid. "Well, you don't have to worry about ever seeing me run around in capes. I think you would be lucky to get me into any type of costume type outfit at all. Just not my style."

He grab a towel from under the bar, makes sure it it clean and then starts to polish the bar in front of him, "Dangerous machines? I guess a sewing machine could be dangerous if you slip a finger somewhere it isn't supposed to be."

"True I just didn't know if you needed to be doing stuff to like…prep…or whatever….." Gidget would lick her lips as she then let out a giggle. "Oh you'd let me dress you up? I'm sure I could find something you'd like." Laughing then she'd shake her head as she sipped at her drink. Letting out a sigh, she would swirl that stuff around in her glass as she seemed to be deep in though for a moment. "And yes….ever see a sewing machine accident…? It's not pretty. Plus they're industrial one. Or sergers…..can take off a finger. Or the high powered clothing steamers….take off some skin with that thing."

"I'd have to take your word for it. I've never been around a industrial sewing thing-a-ma-jigger and I likely never will." laughs Luke. "If they are so dangerous, then yes..I would agree not to drink and sew."

He rubs the bar down some more, polishing a particular spot to try and get out a mark of some sort. "Dress me up? Shit… What are you going to stick me in? Some kind of poofy yellow shirt and tiara combo? I don't think so. Besides, whatever you stuck me in would likely get ruined within a day knowing my luck."

Gidget would laugh then as she listened to him, shaking her head. "Yeah….I did it once on my smaller machines at him and lord did I mess up a dress with some expensive fabric. At least it was for me and not a client…" Giving a shrug then she'd sigh and tilted her head as she stared at him then. Those brown eyes wandered over him almost meticulously as she took in every detail. Tracing her finger around the rim of her glass, her eyes seemed to glaze over as she imagained it. "….no. In all seriousness…." She'd stare at him then with a smile. "I'm thinking a nice suit…." She'd trail down as she looked over his upper body, nodding as she continued. "Charcoal grey Milano woold….thin white pinstripe." As those eyes moved down more, she'd lean over the bar to look at his lower half. "…flat pleat….tailored to your body shape…." She'd sit back down as she tilted her head again. "You have nice broad shoulders so something like….skinny suit but not really. I'm thinking a three piece….."

"A suit? I'd probably look quite dapper, but as I said, I think it would get ruined in less than a do with my luck. I wasn't kidding about me being hard on clothes." He picks up his glass and sips at the drink, "Still, it does give some food for thought. How much would a tailored suit cost me? You know, in case I was ever interested or needed one for a special occasion."

Staring at him she would look him over again and nodded. "Very. Your height is impressive and you physique is near perfection. Hell I'd have you model my stuff if I ever got famous….." Laughing she would sit back and nodded a bit. "I don't know…..it depends I guess." Gidget would give a shrug then as she smiled. "I mean…I wouldn't give you the fashion house rates. It all depends on the fabric, my time, and all the stuff. Plus…." A grin would pull at her lips as she held up that glass. "If we're friends by the time you needed a suit, I'd give you the friend rate. So….anywhere between….$300 to a grand."

Luke Cage lets out a low whistle as she gets to the price. "I'm going for the friend rate, unless I start really raking in the dough..but if you want to use me for a model, maybe we can cut a deal on the price. After all, if I am the model you are going to have to tailor it to me anyway, right? Would seem pointless to make clothes for me to model, but trash them when the show was over." He pours himself another glass of scotch, leaning back against the back counter. "And what do you mean /near/ perfection? I'm a god damn Adonis."

Gidget laughed and nodded. "Well if you're the model…you'd get it for free. I mean….I can't sell off a custom suit, now can I? I'd totally be willing to let you keep whatever then if you don't mind walking a runaway and showing off my good." Chuckling she'd sip her drink but nearly choked when he made a comment about being an Adonis. Her cheeks flushed as she cleared her throat, muttering to herself in French before she closed her eyes and looked to him. "Hey now…" She'd lift those hands up like she was under arrest. "You said it, not me. I wasn't going to go there. I was assessing you as a potential client and model. I see sizing first and then….other stuff….when I'm not working." Smirking she'd just shake her head. "I need your confidience. I personally think I'm passable. There's a reason I went for behind the scenes and not a model…..I'd be cute if someone knew what they were doing to me….."

Luke Cage slams back the rest of his scotch, setting the glass onto the counter. "You want me to model for you? Why the fuck not. Maybe if I do a show I can promote the bar, and then I can get more customers in. I mean hell, if all I have to do is wear some clothes and walk down a runway, how hard can that be?"

He laughs as she nearly chokes. "I can't help it, the confidence thing comes with the territory. Put out an aura of confidence and people tend to not mess with you. A fight is won already if you intimidate the guy not to fight in the first place." He shrugs his shoulder. "I think you would do fine as a model yourself, but what do I know about fashion."

She'd lick her lips as she nodded. "I mean….it's not just….." She'd stop and then laughed a bit. "We'll work on it. But yeah….that's pretty much it. And I'd be game to help you promote the bar. But just a warning….this is a ways off I am sure." She'd finish off her drink then slipped from that stool, licking her lips as she stood up straight and fixed her dress. "As for me….it's not about the clothes….it's about the model." Giggling she would raise her arms up and smiled as she spun around. "You have to be tall….and in perfect condition….." She'd frame her face with her hand as she made a mocking nasal voice. "And you have to have a perfectly symmetrical face….and blah blah blah…." A roll of her eyes as she leaned against the bar. "Long story short….I got told I look plain…."

"See, I don't know about all that model shit." Luke says with a shrug. "I mean, you look fine to me. But I guess to sell clothes you have to have a certain look, which makes no sense to me. Shouldn't they model clothes on people that actually are going to wear them? Nobody is that perfect, at least not without some type of divine intervention."

He nods about the timeframe, "Well, if I am still around, I'll be happy to help out. I still might buy a suit just to have one. I can't wear jeans all the time I guess."

It was obvious the scotch was starting to hit her as she snorted. "I never said that it was right. Just that's how that shit goes." A wave of her hand as she pushed that empty glass towards him and sighed a bit. "But I love my job. I get to make people look fantastic no matter what!" Gidget would lick her lips then sighed a bit as she closed her eyes. "Well deal! And let me know….I'll cut you a deal. A butt like that deserves to be in more than some jeans…" Her eyes shot open as she put her hands to her mouth as she looked down at the counter then back to him as she whispered. "….I am /so/ sorry….I think it's time for me to stop for now."

Luke Cage laughs, lifting the bottle and refilling the glass. "Shit, you think what you just said was bad? I had a group of ladies in here a few nights ago that were basically fucking me with their eyes, and weren't being subtle about the comments either. You want to stare at my ass and make a comment, you go right on ahead. You are not going to offend me one bit." He refills his own glass, tossing back the drink. "I won't hold it against you, promise."

"Yeah but….I'm…." Gidget just looked at that glass that was now refilled and blinked. Well she was going to cut herself off but she slowly slid that glass back over to her. "Look….I haven't said shit like that in like….six years…." She'd swirl that scotch around in the glass then took a sip as she laughed then. "Dude….I haven't even….even…." Stopping herself she would clear her throat as she pulled out a notebook now as she nursed that scotch. "Moving on….this list of mine…." She'd open the book and flipped through the pages before comingt to a stop. "Get smashed…." Raising that glass she would snicker a bit. "….working on it apparently. Dancing….well I can do that another night." Licking her lips she would skip a couple of things. "Um….." Her cheeks were flushed from the drink. "Some of these are gonna take time. 'Wear a little black dress….wear real heels…..go camping….' Some aren't exacltly polite convo…..so I'll spare you those silly ones."

Luke Cage lifts his hands in a surrender position. "I'm just saying, you don't have to censor yourself around me, Gidget. You won't offend me." He grins, sipping at his own drink. "Smashed I think you are doing pretty well on. Dancing, probably not the best option when you are smashed. Could hurt something."

He leans over the bar to try and half-heartedly peek at the list, "Silly? Nonsense, those are probably the best ones if they aren't for polite convo." he says with a laugh. "But if you truly want to stop, I will cut you off. I have to be the responsible one."

She'd laugh and nodded. "I know I know….I'm just used to dealing with all those hoity toity type….." Grinning she would lean over then. "I didn't even grow up in that environment….I had to learn how to deal with all those people…." Licking her lips she would then look back at her lips, taking a sip. "So…drunk….dancing…..wearing skimpier clothing…" Then she'd look around and murmured as she chcukled. "…getting with a man is like…right at the top of my list. I havent' gotten any in about six years….." A tilt of her head as she shook her head. "I worked too much….and I just…can't…." Laughing as she took another sip. "So if you know any single men that don't mind a 5'10" fashion designer….French….drinks like a man secretly."

Luke Cage laughs, "Six years? Damn girl…Why in hell have you waited that long? I can't imagine that you couldn't get any attention." He pours himself another shot and, lifts his glass to his lips. "Well my place is right upstairs." says Luke with a grin. "I mean, I don't know exactly what you are looking for, but if you are just looking for a good time without strings, I can get the job done." He shoots back the scotch, "But don't rush into that. Don't want you to regret anything when you sober up, ya know."

"I was very focused on my work…." Licking her lips she would continue to sip at her stuff. "I had a goal and I intended on reaching it by a certain point. Didn't exactly leave time for romance, if you know what I mean…." Tossing back that drink she would exhale then shook her head as she pushed the glass away. Hearing him she'd blink as she stared at him and then burse into laughter. "Oh god…." She'd put hand to her mouth as she stifled herself. "You're so quick to offer up help. I mean…." Waving her hand she'd laugh then. "I'm not even drunk…." Her voice would even out then as she seemed fine. "I'm silly….and slightly tipsy…not drunk." A smile would tug at her lips as she leaned over. "You always so quick to hop in the sack?" She'd tilt her head then nodded. "I'll remember that offer though….personally I like….a little bit romance with it. I'm not looking to get married but hell…at least rev a girl's engines…."

Luke Cage shrugs a shoulder with a smile, "I'm coming off my own 'lack of romance' stint, though mine was a little shorter but a lot less self imposed." He picks up the towel from across his shoulder and wipes down the area where his glass had been, picking it up and moving it to the dishwashing rack. "I'm pretty blunt, yeah. When it comes down to it I prefer to push past some of the usual ritualistic methods. If person a and person b want the same thing, just don't see a reason to delay things. I get that isn't for everyone, and that's cool." He grins, "No hard feelings and I hope I didn't offend ya at all." He picks up the bottle of scotch and slides it across the bar towards her as he moves to clean the glass he was drinking out of.

"Ahh…." She'd give him a smile and nodded. Gidget was far from offended and just stared at him then. "….I need this type of bravado…but you know how women like that are viewed." STanding up now, she'd pull that handbag on her shoulder as she smiled. "I'm not saying no either…." Giving him a wink she'd then pull a card from her purse and slid it on the counter. "That's my office. Feel free to stop by to hang out whenver. I pretty much live there more than my damn apartment. Just call me old fashioned….but we did just meet…" Laughing she'd hold her arms out then as if expecting a hug. "But I should go if I want to go dancing. I need to shower and change and all that fun stuff. Maybe next time you can come to my office for a dirnk instead."

When she offers a hug, Luke walks around the bar and will give her a hug, "I told you I didn't lack any confidence." Luke says with a grin. "And guys that view women like that are hypocrites, trust me." He picks up the card from the bar and slips it into is front pocket, "Well, you know where to find me." he says with a little chuckle. "I'm usually here, so sounds like we have the same problem. Tell you what, though, I will make it a goal to come visit you. You need me to call you a cab? Harlem isn't the Kitchen, but it isn't 5th avenue either."

Giving him a hug, she'd then exhaled softly as she felt him against her but just looked at him at him with a grin. "Well you're right about that. You just came out with it." Chuckling she would let go so that he could grab that card and nodded. "And now you know where to find me. I'm there pretty late at night too." A wink then as she turned to make her way but stopped. "…yeah…a cab would be smart." She'd turn and face him completely then. "I'd appreciate it. These shoes are cute and a bit comfortable but…only for so long."

Luke Cage nods, smiling. "Of course." Once the hug is over, Luke leans over the bar and grabs for the phone. He dials in a memorized number and has a short conversation with someone on the other end. Hanging up, he turns back "Cab should be out front in 5 minutes. You stay safe, Gidget. I'm sure we will see each other again soon."

"Thanks!" She'd blow him a kiss and then made her way out the front door. "I will be! You be safe too! Don't be a stranger and feel free to pop on by!" Licking her lips, she had a bring in her step from that scotch as she stepped outside to meet her cab home….or to work. Who knows….sometimes they're the same in her mind.

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