1964-08-31 - If I burned the world down
Summary: Remy checks in on Kaleb
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Kaleb was back in public and occasionally up to his old habits and one of those was looking like a million dollar class act sharking pool. He didn't need the money but there was something he did love about pitting his skill against the hubris of others. The earplugs were discretely, but notably in. All in all since his return from wherever he was drugged and dragged off to wherever he's kept a notably absent profile. The curious curmudgeon named Echo seemed to be working on his own pick up game of one making to double bank every shot for the practice of it. Because it was mutant town he didn't care much who noticed what and the subtlety of ability to keep the balls from making sound on collision was used liberally.

There's a puff of smoke, cigarettes by the smell, that will assault Kaleb's nose before Remy's presence does. But a split second later he's there in all of his Cajun glory, sitting on the pool table, and striking a deep look at the young man. "Evenin' kid. Glad I finally done caught up wit you." He takes a deep drag from the cigarette, but his black and red eyes never stop peering at the young man.

Kaleb had one eye squint. He was notably not a smoker. It still confused him how- Ooooh Remy and his ass gracing the railing of the pool table usurping bank shots. Well alright then. He stood up instead of taking the shot, instead opting to re-chalk the end of the cue with the tiny blue cube. His voice didn't raise over the din, but he did push the sound to where it needed to go vaguely around Remy's head so that he didn't have to do so. The greeting though left him guarded, though not in any way he seemed to be ready to use his cue in any brandished fashion. "Remy, yeah? We met at Macy's if I remember correctly." His eyes tracked Remy's tracking him. Those were messed up. Likely from a life of vices he thought to himself. Interesting. "You looking for a game?"

"Nah, kid, dun wanna embarrass ya none. Came her to check in wit ya 'bout dat whole debacle few weeks ago. Fi'in touch base with ya and see where yo' head was at." Remy doesn't appear to notice or to care about Kaleb's aversion to cigarettes.

Kaleb arched an eyebrow to Remy slowly as if being completely bait by that challenge. "It's okay. You can say that and I'll let ya keep your dignity in tact. I get it." He nodded slowly and would absolutely leave that gauntlet gift wrapped riiiiight there. The rest though That caused his eyes to drift from Remy to teh table, "You mean to see if I'm a danger to other people? I know, eeveryone's waiting for me to go on some insane tirade spouting gospel of war and genocide? That it?" He was taking a bash in teh dark at the usual faire of intents for keeping him out keeping an eye on him like an ant. Still he answered the question with a shrug. "Abilities have been coming back online slowly. Some… different. You hear about the others? Few kids, couple from Iceland… Congo. Congo was messed up man."

Remy puts the cigarette out right on the polished part of the rail before flicking the cigarette out onto the floor. He exhales as he talks, "Jus' wantin' t'make sure you was aligned still wit de Institute, mon frere. You been thru quite a bit an, havin' been thru some tough times too, wanna make sure you're head is one straight and you makin' good decisions."

Kaleb stood back on his heel and took a deep breath resigned to teh 'inquisition'. He thought about it and considered the many things he could say, scrapped them, and asked, "And what would be defined in the category of makin 'good decisions'? , Remy? To be fair to teh question I need to know where ground level is here."

"Jus' dun tink you should be leavin' Xavier's is all. Wanted t' make sure you was still gonna end up headin' dere. Ah thought I was tole you was gonna take classes dere an' all dat. Wanted to be sure dat still on." He sighs. "It's a good place, kid. Some of de folks is nerds and pencil necks, but we knew dat."

Kaleb pressed his lips together untill running his tongue along his lower lip thoughtfully. "Yeah I, um, I talked to Ms. Grey and she put me on a project. It's helped. I just wanted to draw buildings. The world doesn't want us here and it also won't let us mind our own damn business. Great compromise. Well done, world. If I can keep th e noise input cut it's not… so bad. I'm jsut going to stear clear of things that are damaging to me and try to get back on my feet. I mean I'm tryin."

For the first time since he entered the bar, Remy smiles. "Dats what I was hopin' y'might say." He plops down upon his feet and motions to the bartender for two beers. "Ah been in some tight spots, Kale. Not sayin' who y'gotta talk to iffen ya need some help. Dat be your business. Jus' sayin ah been dere."

Kaleb tilted his ehad and cut teh pretense, "Look I'm an asshole, I'm not a fuckin asshole. If I burned the world down where would I keep all my stuff, ya know? I talked to Magneto and he had some good insight on like, hmmm, anger management?" He was pretty certain that might fit. Maybe he was looking for the phrase 'rage maintenance' but so far this choice would do. He lined up his next shot because it was easier to talk if one was doing something. "Thought about it a lot actually.

"I guess I don't need the world to hurt, I just need us to not be. I didn't think much before flying out to the Congo, but… that was good." He actually cracked a wry grin, "Kinda a rush breaking into a place of awful people to help a kid out. Been thinking maybe someday work on putting the Capstone resources to use and design rehab facilities for us. Halfway houses. I dunno."

"Magneto a pretty good resource," Remy says as he pulls out a cigarette. It's just then that the beers arrive and Remy digs in his pockets to pay. Once that's taken care of, he's back to focusing on the topic. "Dat man been thur a lot of de shit. If anyone knows how to live in dis world as a mutant, den it's him."

Kaleb mused thoughtfully "Well he is the greatest hero of mutants. He definitely didn't get that for no reason." Kaleb went banking the cue ball off the back tow corners before coming to bury the 7 in the close corner pocket. Alsirght so the kid had merit on his own with the game. "Just rough with him being at odds with friend of mine. but if I didn't constantly find a way to disappoint the people I look up to? Well where would my drive go?" He smirked in stride not seeming to dwell on that too long. That was what it was.

Remy throws his head back with a chuckle. "Oh yeah? Who de friend of yours unwise enough to cross Magneto?" The eyebrow goes up as the end of the cigarette glows orange. Apparently Remy is getting a kick out of the idea, especially after he was told about how important it was to get on Erik's good side.

Kaleb cracked a grin, "Maximus Bolatagon. Weirdly the person who is responsible both for my being free of that five star prison I was in and likewise teh reason I can step outside without passing out from all teh waves of pure noise that is New York." Being a Sonic he was glad he could control the conversation from leaving the pool table. Neither Erik nor Max's business was that of the general public and he was content to keep it that way as a courtesy. "How's that for a knee to the ghoulies?"

Remy ahs and nods, "Dat make sense. Sound like a family issue to me, regardin' Magnetah and his daughter. Can see why dat would make 'im a lil pissed off."

Kaleb arched an eyebrow and tilted his head, "Two sides to all stories. Being caught on teh bottom side of the coin recently? I can confirm that much is truth. but yeah. I have to do right by the people who do right by me or what the hell kinda man am I?" He took a deep breath. "Maybe that's what Ms. Grey was gettin at; gotta respect yourself first."

"Dun know her well," Remy says as he downs the beer in three gulps. "But she sound as tho she talkin de truth." The Cajun shrugs his shoulders. "All we can do is keep on keepin on, kid. Ahm headed back to the Institute. You wanna ride or you hangin' round dis place?"

Kaleb considered that and nodded with a faint look of gratitude. "Naw, I appreciate that. Just waitin for Jay and VIc to get off shift before headin home. Thanks though. Really man. When you're ready to grab a cue and get a couple rounds in though, call me. I'm willin to make it interesting if you are." There was a wry grin keeling wondering if he could, in point, shark the shark.

Remy gives a wink, "Sound' good, kid. Take care of y'self. An' if you need an ear, lemme know." Le Beau gives a wave toward the bartender, who he seems to know well and heads toward the exit briskly, looking to get back before it gets too late.

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