1964-08-31 - The Power of Love
Summary: Amora returns to Thor with a gift in tow.
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Amora practically oozed into existence, shopping bags on her arms that materialized in boxes and bags of bright and frilly colors. Packed with tissue paper and smelling of various heady perfumes. She looked utterly pleased with herself as she dropped them from her arms and left them for the servants to pack away into her quarters. She made a bee-line for Thor's quarters, rapping lightly on the doorframe as she peered inside.

She was clad in a slink mortal styled dress, all covered in sequins and glitter. A white puff of fur dangling around her shoulders and her hair falling in curls around her features. She kicked off her high heels as she entered, hardly waiting for permission as she slunk inside with a swing of her hips.

"Thor, darling, I come bearing gifts." She called, dragging her hand through her golden locks as she looked for her beloved Thunderer.

Thor is halfway from his chair by the time Amora enters; he quirks a brow at her breezy entry, but makes no comment, grinning at the curvy blonde. He sets aside the runestone he was examining and pushes off the chair by the armrests, brushing his hands together and moving to intercept Amora as she saunters in.

"Gifts? 'tis not a holiday or celebration," he muses, glancing at the tissue-packed bags in Amora's hands. "What gifts did you obtain? Are they for me, I hope— or are you treating yourself?"

Amora laughed, a high chime of a melody as she came up to wrap her arms around the Thunder God as soon as he was near her. She winked, leaning in to steal a kiss and tilt her head back to peer up at him. "I merely thought of you as I shopped for myself, I spied an especially interesting piece of jewelery that the mortals had for sale across their little oceans." She had clearly been shopping all over the world and not just limiting herself to 5th Avenue.

With a wink she dug into her cleavage and pulled out a slivery chain, where a tiny little Thor's hammer swung from the pendant. "The mortals are worshipping you again." She held out the warm chain to him by a finger tip.

"I thought you would be most amused to see that the method has not changed."

Thor's fingers, blunter and less agile than Amora's wrap around the hammer; he rests his knuckles against her sternum and captures the chain in his palm, returning her kiss with quick ardor before examining the little pendant.

"Worship of the gods has returned? This is a boon for our people!" Thor exclaims, grining foolishly. "As Asgard stands a shining monument to excellence, Midgard will follow in our wake like dutiful children once more. Who knows? Instead of millennia, mayhaps 'twill be mere centuries until they stand alongside us as allies instead of our wards," he tells Amora. "This was most kind of you; I thank you," he tells the woman.

Amora returned the affection whole heartedly, smiling as he looked over the pendant and took hold of it. She wrapped her arms around his neck, leaning into him with a sigh of contentment. Her expression warm and kinder than it had possibly ever been in the centuries prior. "Well, you have made quite the splash saving mortals all about. Their news has traveled far quicker than it used to in days of old. And they have been willing in other places to return to the old ways." She tapped her fingers against him thoughtfully, tilting her head.

"Tis possible that they might find their path sooner rather than later. But I am certain it is due to thy influence, my beloved."

"I will not pretend otherwise; the mortals seem to appreciate the aid we grant them," Thor concedes, not even striving for modest humility. "But 'tis not fair that only I gain the credit for our return. Mortals might know us now in more profoudn and important ways; instead of praying to us for intercession, they may worship us as paragons," he suggests, loosely resting his palms around her narrow waist; his fingers can almost span the slender draw above her pelvis, fingers brushing the silk. "Amora, for instance, should return to her fame as well," he suggests slyly.

Amora exhaled a soft breath as his hands trailed around her. Her eyes fluttering briefly as she leaned against him. Her own fingers toyed with the loose golden locks around the nape of his neck. Her smile remained as her gaze lingered on him, even as she shifted her weight lightly from side to side, swaying slightly in his grip. "Hela shall be most pleased. All true worshippers shall go to her realm or Valhalla in the end." She murmured.

Then as he spoke of her name rising to prominence, she arched a brow. One of her hand dragged down his neck to rise and tap against his jawline. "Very few of the mortal realm knew my true name to summon mine attention. They knew me by other names. A great many that are lost or forgotten now. I played here and did not always choose the same role for myself, darling." She leaned in to peck him lightly on the lips.

"And I am more than content enough to require little of their worship these days."

"As you wish," Thor concedes. "But still, I should think that mortals would admire your beauty and skill," he tells Amora, gripping her lightly and flashing a grin.

"So, is there aught else new from Midgard?" he inquires, loosening his grip and moving to rest his hips against a low desk behind him. "News from the humans— or is all as it normally is, short-lived chaos and frenetic activity?" he inquires, lifting a brow at her.

Amora grinned up at him, "I would adore such worship, my darling. It would be a boon to my powers. But, if it does not come to be, then I shall worry not over it. For I have the one that matters the most in my heart to worship my form and figure. And you are worth more than all the worlds of worship and adoration." She murmured as she followed after him. She settled down beside him, curling her figure up against him and settling her chin against his shoulder.

"I noticed naught else a miss. Nothing new that threatened Midgard at large. Nor aught that came from outside its borders. The veils are secure. The good Doctor Strange has kept his work well and there has not been any new incursion that I noted." She murmured, her gaze lifting up to him.

"All is as it should be. Peaceful." She smiled, and pressed a kiss to his shoulder. "I even saw your brother and his beloved at the beach. They were quite content."

"I hope Kai and Loki remain happy for an eternity," Thor says sincerely, shaking his head. There is no higher power for the Gods to look towards in supplication, else Thor's eyes would turn skywards.

"I shudder to think what mischief Loki would get to if his heart were to be broken. Delerious joy and a little playful mayhem is far preferable to the bitter antagonism he presents in the past," Thor tells Amora, letting her lean against his broad shoulder as she seats herself. "It seems a little joy goes a long way among our kin when it comes to checking malarky," Thor tells Amora, eyes twinkling at her.

Amora remained snuggled up against Thor, her eyes drifting shut briefly as she simply seemed pleased to be next to him. With the sunlight streaming in from the tall windows, the light reflecting a lazy afternoon warmth and a glow to both Thor's golden locks and her own, the picture they made was idyllic. As he continued to speak, her eyes fluttered open and her gaze shifted back to him.

Her lips twitched in amusement and she reached out with a hand toward his jaw when he looked her way. "Love is a power stronger than a great many in the universe, darling. And love returned is ever the more powerful for the ways it can change and warm even the coldest of places." She leaned in to press a kiss against his jawline.

"And I hope that such joy shall be mine for a great, long, while. For I would be most miserable without it."

Thor brushes his lips against Amora's high cheekbone. "Aye, 'tis a force even I cannot reckon with," Thor agrees, brushing an errant lock behind Amora's ear. "And more powerful than I, by far."

He wraps his arm around Amora's waist, resting his shoulders against the wall behind him lazily. The toes of his boots barely scrape the ground where they sit. "I have been enjoying my time here at the Embassy, among the humans," he remarks, after a companionable interlude of quiet. "They are so intemperate and short lived, but they seize each moment with such tenacity."

Amora preened slightly under Thor's affection. Her eyes fluttering shut again as he brushed a kiss to her cheekbone and a smile remained simply curved upon her ruby lips. She snuggled up against him as his arm settled around her waist, her legs drawing up to settle against his thigh. Idly, one of her arms settled over his, her fingers sliding to thread against his fingers while the other toyed with the hem of his tunic. "There are few things in all the realms that would wish to go up against such a powerful magic.." She murmured softly.

Then, as Thor brought up the mortals, she had to hold back a sigh. "They live such short lives.." She murmured, her brows furrowing. "I fear that I shall blink and Scarlett shall have passed on. And she shows such potential. I wish that I could keep her from such a fate.." She whispered.

"Aye. Friends I have made as well," Thor says, consolingly. "Allies and companions among them. Even the good Doctor Strange might not persist forever, long-lived as the Sorceror Supreme might be," he reminds her. "A few centuries for us is an eternity for them and a scarce fraction of our life. Long as we might keep the good doctor…"

He trails off and shakes his head, turning to kiss Amora. "Bah! Such maudlin meditations are no pleasure," he says, abandoning his grim mood with a lauigh. "Let us focus as the mortals do, on the moment, and what pleasures we might find here."

Amora's brows pinched as she looked up at Thor as he continued in the same vein of thought as she had. It was strangely sad to the Enchantress. And she had never considered feeling anything for mortals before. They had been such shortly lived, they were so small and obsecure. They were toys. Pets. Playthings at most.. and yet here she was fretting over the short fate of those that she actually bothered to remember had names.

Then of course, the mood changes with Thor's words and kiss. She smiled into the affection, wrapping her arms around him and pulling herself closer. She settled her hands against his collarbone, grinning faintly, her eyelashes fluttering. "We could … focus on a more cheering future. One with more joys. One of more than the simple pleasures of the moment." She murmured softly. Her eyes lowering faintly.

"We need not only think of a loss to come.. but possibly more of gifts and life instead..?"

"I think 'tis the proper consideration for our future," Thor agrees, with a grave tone belied by his easy grin. He watches the emotions and confusion playing across Amora's face, and gives her back a gentle pat then squeezes her shoulders once more when she leans against him.

"Gifts, life, love. And welcome company," he adds, tugging Amora close and kissing her again.

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