1964-09-01 - Suit Fitting pt 2
Summary: Continuation of Luke's custom suit measuring.
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Luke laughs a short little laugh when Gidget lets out the little 'holy crap' comment, all the while remaining still and letting her do her thing. "Cash it is then. I'll start saving up."

Luke remains still for a few moments longer, waiting until Gidget hops up and uses the seat as a desc. "So…can I get dressed yet?" He grins, "I assume your done since your sitting down now."

Gidget would be staring for a moment before she looked up at him then blinked. "Oh god sorry!" She'd hop down from that desk then picked up his clothes from that chair. "I'm sorry….I was in my own world." Stepping up to him, she'd drape those items over her arm. "Here you go…." She'd reach out her pants then, turning her head slightly as she cleared her throat. She was attempting to be modest but the struggle was real.

Luke Cage chuckles, not seeming flustered by standing there in his boxers at all. He shrugs a shoulder, the muscles in his back rolling under the skin at the slight movement. "Nothing to be sorry about. I'm sure you used to guys and gals hanging out in their underthings or less around you. Comes with the job, right? You probably weren't even thinking about it." He takes the shirt from her arm and slides it over his torso, starting to button it up slowly.

"Yeah well…." Her voice would trail off as she kept hold his pants as she looked off. "They don't look like you, that's for damn sure….." Gidget cleared her throat as she slowly looked over at him with a smile. "And yeah….I tend to go into work mode and space out. But you brought me back to reality and…." Licking her lips she would quickly look back to the side as she blushed a bit. "….here are your pants…."

Luke Cage chuckles again, reaching for his pants once his shirt is buttoned. He slides them over his legs, fastening the button a the fly before zipping up. "Ok, I think you woman'y virtue is safe now, Gidget." He smirks, sliding the belt through the loops and moving to fasten that as well. "I won't be a distraction to you anymore today, I don't think. Not unless I end up having a freak wardrobe malfunction."

"Pardon…..?" She'd look up at him then and raised her brow a bit now. "My….virtue?" A slight frown was on her brow as she stared at him for a moment. "I'll have you know mister….mister….I'm so indestructable….that I am not…." She'd stop there, not really knowing what to say before she would nod. "I'm not so….whatever it is you think I am. I am just trying to not be inappropriate…per se." Gidget stepped up to him and poked him in the chest…which she was sure would do something….maybe. "I am a grown woman and I just…." Her hand went to his chest then as she touched it and raised her brow. "….damn you do work out…." Clearing her through she'd look back at him now. "Anyway….I'm just…..I don't even know where I was going with this now." Smooth Gidget….real smooth.

Luke Cage blinks, raising his hands up in a motion of surrender. "Woah, Gidge…it was just a joke. I didn't mean anything by it." He glances down at her, her finger poking into his chest which doesn't even send an indentation into the skin. "I know you are, and I wasn't trying to imply anything about you one way or the other. Relax." He lowers his hands a bit, "I lift, sure. I have somewhat of a weight room back at the bar."

"Sorry…." She'd stare at him again as she seemed to be steadily poking him, but kept up that converstaion. "I'm a little bit on edge. My boss is on my ass about some stuff….still trying to find this material which I think I found but I have a feeling it's not going to be easy to acquire….and I'm just a little….twitchy." Gidget would laugh then as she finally stopped poking him then started to adjust his shirt, a frown on her face. She'd hold out that jacket now for him as she moved behind him to help him put it back on. "Twitchy is my way of saying….someone needs to handle business or I might scream…and not in the fun way."

"Need me to rough him up for you?" says Luke with a wink and a grin. As she stoped poking him, he starts to put the tie back on, "If there is anything I can do to help, let me know. I don't know all of what I could do, though." He sits down in the chair behind him and leans over to replace his shoes on his feet. "Don't work yourself to an early grave, though. Life's to short, take time for yourself."

"Oh goodness no. He's not even here….he's back in Italy." She'd roll her eyes then as she sighed, folding her arms. "As for the material…I just feel like I'm going to have to sweet talk my way to get what I need. But….alas…." Laughing she would walk over and then leaned over to look him in the eyes. "But that's a sweet offer. And I won't….that's why I'm finally getting out more instead of just living….here." She'd motion to the studio before looking back at him. "It's baby steps for sure. I should have done this long time ago….maybe I'd know how to interact better with people….and know how to actually hit on a guy instead of waiting for one to come to me." Gidget would let out a snort of a laugh before she gave him a kiss on the cheek. "But thanks before being so sweet." Standing up straight now, she'd sigh as she lazily looked over her shoulder at the fabrics that lined the wall. "….now I wonder if I have something here for a suit…."

Luke Cage grins. "I wasn't serious, Gidge." He chuckles, tying one shoe then the other, before leaning back into the chair and relaxing himself. "So, what is this elusive material and where do you get it? I assume it isn't something that you just order from the fabric district, or it wouldn't be such a pain in the ass."

He fold his hands into his lap, lifting a leg to cross the ankle over the knee. "As far as hitting on a guy, well…just be yourself. A guy will either appreciate you for who you are, or he won't. The rules don't get much more simple than that, really. Sure, there are all the subtexts and other bullshit, but that it what it ultimately breaks down to. You either like a guy or you don't, he either likes you or doesn't. If you both like each other, see what happens." He shrugs.

She'd rub the back of her head, blushing again as she laughed. "Oh I know…I'm just saying I might have taken you up on it if he wasn't all the way overseas. But I digress…." Smirking she would give him a a wink then as she leaned on that chair next to him. "Eh….some scientists have it or something. I had to like…fight my way to get an appointment with this guy so let's see if I was smooth talk him into giving me some." Chuckling she would just shake her head then as she smiled. "I'm not even looking for a boyfriend dude. But I'm just trying to learn how to be…" She'd put a hand on her forehead as she feigning fainting. "….a bombshell." Snickering she would then look at him with a grin. "….but until don't think I haven't forgotten about that offer."

Luke Cage chuckles, casting his eyes over to look into hers. "I hope everything works out for you with this fabric. I'm sure if you play your cards right you can get him to be generous. I am not advocating going to bed with the guy or anything, but a little flirt here and there might weaken his resolve. Men are suckers for a good looking woman." He winks, "And yes, you are. Even if 'they' told you otherwise."

He rolls his eyes, glancing around the room. "You got anything to drink in this joint?" He shrugs before he looks back. "A bombshell? What does that mean? To you, anyway? I mean, if you want my advice, you got the legs. With your height most average sized guys aren't going to be looking you in the eyes, if you know what I mean. Accentuate the positives. Add some heals, and they can't help but look you in the…'eyes'. I can pretty much tell you for certain that if all you are looking for is a god time, it is a seller's market. You can be choosy and if you put out the right signals, you shouldn't have a problem finding a healthy male to show you a good time." He chuckles, "See, you already had one offer already."

"Hell it might help…." She'd snort as she stooed up and walked behind that desk to a small bar cart. "I'm kidding…" She'd hold up that decanter and grinned. "Scotch?" Gidget would smirk then as she went ahead and grabbed two of the glasses on the cart, then proceeded to pour them both a drink. "And thanks…heh. I just need to get my confidence back is all…." Heading over with both glasses in hand, she'd reach one out to him before sitting on the edge of her desk. "Which I am much better at….when I've had a couple of drinks. My filter is gone out the window…." Taking a long sip of hers, she'd exhale softly then smiled. "Yes….you did offer. Hell I might take you up on that today….maybe it'll help me think straight instead of staring at everything as if I wanted to jump it and ask quesitons later." Crossing her legs she would let out a laugh then. "But I don't want you to be all weird after…..I am making your suit after all. And….don't want you to think I'm easy….." A playful wink then.

Luke Cage chuckles, taking the glass of scotch from her and raising it in a bit of a toast. "Here is to loosing filters." He takes a healthy sip from the scotch in his glass. "Half the time I find them a waste of time, but you already know that." He settles the glass in the palm of his hand, swirling it around and watching the amber liquid slosh inside it. He grins, "I already know you're not easy. You said no once already." He looks up and winks, "As for getting weird, it's not something you have to worry about. I'm not looking for any commitments either." He lifts the glass again, sipping at the scotch, "I'm not one to be tied down, not like that anyway."

Licking her lips she would nod as she raised her glass. "To no filters!" Chuckling she would lean back on one hand and then sighed softly. "Oh really?" A smirk as she heard that comment then with a tilt of her head. "…and how do you like to be tied down then?" A smirk tugged at her lips now as she watched him carefully as she swirled that drink around in her glass. Taking a deep breath, Gidget would clear her throat as she took a longer sip from her glass then sat it down on her leg. "So….want to meet up for a drink later tonight?" Balls to the wall….why the hell not?

Luke Cage chuckles reaching up to scratch as the subtle on his cheek before he takes another sip of the scotch. "I find silk scarves work pretty well. Tough, but smooth. You don't get rope burn." He winks, moving his eyes to find hers. "Sure, if you like. You just have to make sure you leave those filters and inhibitions at home."

"Oh!" She'd blink and then cleared her throat as she looked into her glass but then quickly looked back up at him. A smile tugged at her lips as she looked back at him then nodded. "….I have a really awesome record player back at my place. And a pretty decent collection….." Gidget would watch him for a moment then nodded. "And can do…." That's when a smirk slowly tugged at her lips. "….I have a lot of fabric rolls at my place….some silk scraps too that's remnants from a robe I made for myself."

Luke Cage finishes the scotch and sets the glass down onto the desk next to Gidget, brushing his fingers lightly across her leg as he withdraws his hand back to his lap. "What kind of music do you like? You a fan of Mowtown? Or is it those lads from Liverpool that are all the rage now?" He grins, "I'll warn you, if you are planning on tying me down, you might want to make sure you don't use anything you want to keep. Fair warning." He cocks his head to the side, "You made a silk rope? What for?"

She'd shiver slightly but didn't flinch from him. Clearing her throat, and her head, she'd take the last bit of scotch from her glass and tossed it back before setting it on her desk next to him. "I listen to everything from classical….to Motown….to those 'lads' the Beatles. I have a rather eclectic taste in music. I'll give everything a shot at least once. Hearing him talking about being tied up she'd chuckle softly as she murmured. "….I wasn't planning on you being the one tied up….." Those brown eyes would look at him then shook her head. "Not rope….a robe. I wanted one of those Chanel stype robes but I don't make Chanel money….so I made one. Pink silk with a pink fur edget to the sleeves and hem…..even made the silk tie to keep it shut with mink pom poms. Needless to say….one of a kind…."

Luke Cage ahs quietly… "Now that makes a hell of a lot more sense. Not sure how I heard rope. Must have been Freudian. The robe sounds nice, though. Must feel great against your skin." Luke shakes head with a chuckle as he leans back, interlacing his hand behind his head as he gets comfortable, "I like that. You never know what you are going to like until you try something. If people didn't try new shit, everything would always remain the same and things would just get boring."

"I guess I know where your head is. Thinking about someone trying to tie you up….." Laughing she would lean back on her hands and shrugged then. "Exactly. My mom has a rather broad taste in music….so I'm sure that's where I get it from. I'm willing to try something at least once…." Gidget would chuckle softly as she exhaled then yawned a bit. Looking at the watch on her wrist, she'd blink and shook her head. "I didn't realize how much time has passed. No wonder it's so quiet out there….they all took their ass home. And I'm here…again as always…..after hours alone." Snickering she would roll her eyes. "Maybe for once I'll get out of here before nightfall."

"Well, I wouldn't say you were alone…" says Luke with a smirk. "Last I checked I still rated as a someone."

He stands, taking a step and leaning over Gidget slightly to lift up the bottle of scotch. He uncaps it and pours a bit more into his glass, giving her a smile and a shrug. "I've been chained up before. Usually not in situations so pleasant. Can't say it is something I was truly thinking of, but I guess maybe I was somewhere in the back of my mind."

He looks back towards the door, "So, how long are you planning on sticking around here tonight?"

"Oh I didn't mean it like that….." She'd laugh as she shook her head then leaned over a little so he could get the scotch. When he was finished fixing his, she'd playfully snatch it for him and refilled her own glass. "And I meant in the fun way….not the not fun way." Laughing she'd sip at her drink now before looking at her watch. Exhaling she'd shrug. "It's about…5:30 now…..normally I'm here until nine or ten….depending. But I'm sure you'll be working then so…." Trailing off she'd furrow her brow in thought then. "….well then this won't work. We'd have to hang out now if you have to go to your bar or…" Slipping from her desk, he'd turn around and leaned over to reach that giant calendar that had several things on it it different colors. "….I can….push off some stuff for tonight….to another for sure…..and just go home now….."

Luke shrugs a shoulder as she bends over the desk to look at her calendar. He decides to take a chance, setting the glass down on the desk next to her as he places a hand lightly on the middle of her back as he leans in to speak quietly in her ear. "Or….we just lock the door. It does have a lock, doesn't it?"

Humming softly to herself as she looked at her datebook, she'd start to speak. "I mean we could always do something to-….." She'd stop as soon she felt his hand on her back and she would just sit there. Taking a deep breath, she would stay that way as she rapidly thought about how to handle this. Gidget would slowly turn her head then to look at him after he whispered in her ear. "….it does have a lock, yes….." A smile tugged at her lips as she turned around full now slipped from his closeness as she stared at him. Gidget was thinking intently now….wondering…..before she would simple made her way to that door and opened it up. All the lights were off and not a sound was heard….just she thought, they had all left. She'd shut the door back and locked it with a simple click before turning around to look at him as she leaned against the door. "….you made a mention about if it's stuff I like….to not use it or something…..don't mess up this dress….."

Luke Cage smiles, reaching up to slowly undo the tie from around his neck. He leaves the fabric of the tie loose across his neck as he starts to slide the jacket back off of his shoulders, draping it across the chair he was sitting on as he crosses the distance from the desk to the door. Placing one hand on the wall next to her, he slowly leans forward, gently brushing his lips against her ear as he speaks. "I promise. I won't mess up your dress."

Leaning against the door, she pressed her back against the door as he made his way over to her. Essentially being pinned between him and the door, her cheeks were flushed as she took a deep breath but felt his lips on ears ever so lightly. Those brown eyes would close as she chuckled a bit, shaking her head playfully. "I'll hold you to that, Luke."

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