1964-09-02 - A Gidget, a Gadget
Summary: A trip around World's Faire opens opportunities for new ideas.
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The World's Faire held such wonders and innovations from art to technology, how people use energy, improving every day life, and even, apparently future concepts. There was a noticeable exhibit walking around like a real person only shaped like… no the creature from the Black Lagoon was moving. Gills, webbed hands, shorts (at least he had on shorts), a button up shirt and some nature of apparatus attached like a small scuba tank attached to a mask. The green fishman was presently looking at clockwork music boxes that would open and close like an egg and have a small zoo of critters skating around on the inside moved by magnets and gears intricately intertwined.

Gidget was back again to the fair for the first time!! It was her first time ever going to one and she wasn't able to get it all in one day obviously. Sighing she would lick her lips as she made her way around the fair, trying not to feel overwhelmed. Today that 5'10" tall drink of water was a pair of black linen wide leg pants that hid the shoes she was wearing, a black turnic top that was off the shoulder slightly and a pair of oversized sunglasses on her face. Running her fingers through her short dark hair she'd eventually make her way to those music boxes and smiled brightly, oblvious it seems to the creature standing next to her. Pulling off those sunglasses, she shove them into the black handbag and sighed. "….these are so cool…." She murmur while looking at them.

It was from under the mask Triton observed to Gidget, "How odd it must be for the mind to work connecting to so many things at once, maddening and yet strangely beautiful in its function." The voice had a true Mid-Atlantic accent. Quite literally. For what it was worth he seemed equally marveled by the strange automation. He pointed with one green finger, "Look here, if you wait a moment small rabbits come up and she starts dancing."

She'd chuckle a bit, not looking up quite yet as she sighed softly. "It's interesting, that's for sure." Her voice was neutral but there was a hint of something there, but what? A tilt of her head as she looked over and saw the green finger and just….blinked. Slowly she'd stand up straight to actually get a good look at him. Did she scream? No. Run away? Nope. Gidget seemed more fascinated than anything as she tilted her head. But she'd say nothing for now as she turn to look back at the machines before squeaking! "Oh my goodness it's so cute!" After seeing what's she's seen and met over the past few days….she can't even be shocked anymore. Looking back at him, she'd then speak up rather bodly then. "So are you like….a merman or something?"

Triton was at least polite. There was that. One eyebrow arched over glass black eye at her question. What followed was bit of an amused laugh, "Merman? Well I have been called worse." He stopped to consider the question from a science perspective and chuckled with a tilt of his head, "Not in the J.M. Barrie sense, but in a strict technical sense, I suppose that would be true. Of the French mer meaning sea and man from… modern English? You'd think the term would be merhomme and stick to one dialect, but…people seem more intent on the result these days than the means." He had no accent in French as if it were, naturally, one of many first languages as was the trait of his family, though he did stop himself from arguing etymology with a woman that asked a simple polite question. "I am called, Triton. A literary affectation, to be sure, but it is a pleasure to make your acquaintance, Madam."

Gidget would just blink as he spewed out that soliloquy about the word and just stared. After a moment, she would let out a giggle and shook her head. "Well I wasn't expecting a partial French lesson….that's one language I know intimately…." A playful wink then as she held out her hand politely then. "Nice to meet you, Triton. I'm Gidget but since you seem to know the technicality of my family's native tongue: Je m'appelle Gidget Boileau." Smiling brightly she would tilt her head a bit before continuing. "Have you been to these….fairs before? This is my first one ever."

Triton seemed intrigued by the revelation that she was French and not Belgian. Note to self, spend more time with people. He was getting rusty. He offered back to her in glad greeting and apology for any offense, "Ensuite, c'est un plaisir de vous rencontrer et j'espere que je n'ai pas offense." There might be a smile under the half mask. His tone was pleasant and his eyes wrinkled a bit. "You know I've been…" Well he wasn't one to give away an age over accuracy and settled for, "A few. When I am able to. The times are not always so kind, sadly. But I love seeing what people get up to when they put their minds to it. This is, as it was, a good example. Someone didn't have to spend this much time making something that only brings joy, but they did. Their time then was dedicated to teh craft of sharing that one feeling. In a way simply extraordinary. What brings you?"

Chuckling she would nod a bit. "A pleasure to meet you too. And no offense made….just was a bit funny is all." She'd smile at him and then nodded. "Well I'm trying to play catch up. I've been so focused on work for so long to get where I wanted….I kind of kept to myself. I'm getting too old to not have friends and stuff so….starting to focus on me more." Grinning, Gidget would then look back to the music box with a small smile. "It's nice to see things that aren't about war….or fighting….or just destruction…." Sighing softly she would look back to him and smirked. "And just to experience this for the first time. I wanted to do something different and got recommended this!"

Triton admitted, "The truth is hate comes part and parcel with love. As people feel passionate about something in defense of that thing or person or ideal there will always people willing to go as far in the other direction to defend what they are passionate about. I think I'd rather see these things that focus on bringing everyone to middle though. I'd rather not see war to be more efficient as much as seeing it more…unnecessary. So you are looking for you then, and what for you did you find so far?"

"You do have a point…." She'd tap her chin then as she tilted her head a bit then. "Emotions are a crazy thing. Pride I feel is a lot of the problem too but…..I digress." Looking to him with a smile she'd chuckle. "Not a lot. I went by the STARK pavillion…..that as interesting. Saw a couple of new cars. This is my second day exploring so….still a lot to see."

Triton gestured along the pavilion, "Well depending on what your interest is there's something for everyone. I have one cousin that is an electrician, another that is an engineer, and one that is quite an accomplished gardener. All manner of things are apparently getting improvements these days. What is it that you do, Chloe? Aside from having very excellent and most expensive taste in cars?" He looked over at the Stark Pavilion yon which was the thing at night one could not miss. In matter of grandeur it was Moon, then the Stark Pavilion, then other lesser parts of the globe where presentation was concerned.

"Oh! Chloe?" She'd blink a bit then laughed. "Gidget….like that silly show…." Gidget would giggle a bit more before she would then hear him asking what it is she does. "Me? Oh….I'm a seamstress…" Trailing off the young woman would shrug a bit. "Well….apprentice fashion designer. I run my mentor's local fashion house here…..but I make clothing…costumes…that kind of stuff." Ruffling her short dark hair she would close her eyes a bit then as she looked up. "My dad likes cars….I guess I got that from him. I know how to drive but I don't get to much in the city. I usually just walk or take the transit system….."

Triton paused and held up a hand, "Apologies, you started sounding like a friend of mine. Not at all a bad thing. But a seamstress sounds quite interesting. Have you seen what PymTech is working on? They want to send men into space. SO many dangers to it too. Heat, decompression, the need for air and heat? All while being able to move. It is a big big time for the wonders of textiles. Jacques Cousteau has made more new strides to come speak with us on occasion as well. I never fail to be amazed as his dedication to discovery and adaptation. The question is wat, in this age of war and wonder, do you wish to do with your gifts?"

"It's okay!" That ever cheerful smile was on her lips as she nodded then looked ahead, looking around a second before looking back to him. A tilt of her head as she seemed to be in thought and then fiddled with the hem of her blouse. "I…I don't know….." Truth be told, now that she was essentially one step from her childhood goal and with the way the world is now….she didn't know what was to become of her now. Licking her lips, Gidget would be silent then looked up at him with those intense brown eyes. "….I want to help people." It was said so matter of factly, as if that's all she needed to say. "….I've been secretly making clothes for people that can't afford a new suit or anything to try and get a job. Clothes for kids who's parents can't afford it…." Laughing she would rub the back of her head. "I'm hoping I can just…figure out how to help more. I see all these…..special people…unique people doing good that I wish I could do more." Gidget just shrugged and then reached into her bag, pulling out her sunglasses. "My father says I'm too much like my mother….so hopefull and trusting…..but I feel maybe I'll be useful for something one day."

Triton listened with endless patience letting her talk through the stream of consciousness in her aspirations. Finally the masked fishman offered, "Helping people is never as easy as it seems and then still is remarkably simple. First find out what people think they want. Then figure out what they need, and then why they need what they need. If you can learn that skill? Weather you are building or listening? You can go much further than most. I will say there are many persons out there of varied physiology that would truly appreciate such insights from a fresh perspective." His orbed eyes squint and offered one final insight, "It's always good to know what the motivations are of those you are helping. Still, all things start with a kindness. Do not let others scare you off that path, Gidget."

"Well…." She'd laugh as she shook her head and nodded a bit. "Vous sonnez si facile…." Chuckling she would look up at him and tilted her head. "Well…maybe the universe will show me my path. But for now….I'll take these odd jobs on the help people and try to make a difference. If I can find…what I'm currently looking for fabric…material wise….I think it'll be a start." Grinning she'd pull her shades down as she wiggled her eyebrows at him. "But my little project will have to wait I'm sure….for now." Looking down in her handbag, she'd dig out a small case and pulled a pink business card: Gidget Boileau, Casa di Pucci….underneath the address to her office in Midtown. "But I should get back to work….I've been out of the office a good bit today playing hooky. If you ever need anything made….or know if anyone needs anything….feel free to point them my way. I've been taking on my own stuff outside of my mentor's work."

Triton took the card and dipped his head in a polite gesture being shy on ability to use facial expressions at present. "And it was a pleasure speaking with you as well. Don't let the limits of their imagination limit you. You tell them what you want to see. Scientists aren't too terribly creative sometimes until given a directive and then they just do wonders. But I will let you go to work and see what you come up with later." And with that the inhuman stuck the card into a small waterproof box and tucked it away with his things. Oh the hazards of a life aquatic.

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