1964-09-03 - Never Again
Summary: Kaleb and Vic talk about death and history.
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Vic sits by the window in a chair he has come to favor. He nurses a glass of lemonade as he looks out the window with the wistful expression. he's dressed in jeans with a white T-shirt. On his lap is a textbook he's stopped reading, some kind of history book.

Kaleb came out of his room. His sleep was off, and his neck was stiff from falling asleep at his drafting table. The young man was married to his bouts of inspiration like anyone else. He was still rubbing his neck when he wandered outto get a glass of juice and join Vic at the table with a grunt. "Hey. What'choo reading?"

Vic stirs from his reverie. He smiles at Kaleb and says, "The history of Western Europe. It's for school." He smiles at Kaleb, the there is a tinge of worry in his eyes. "How are you feeling? You look like you had a rough night." He closes the book and sets it on the table then takes a drink of his lemonade.

Kaleb shrugged, and cracked a faint smile, "Yeah. Not for my favourite reasons. Couldn't sleep and was trying something in my draft that Jay thought of. Trying somehting sorta new with it. What time period and region you focused on right now?" He paused and looked at Vic with that look and actually felt… something. He didn't know but it compelled him to follow up with, "I'm fine, I swear. Just… tired."

Vic says, "The lots of second world war, it was pretty bad. I don't think bad actually covers it." He offers Kaleb a fond smile and says, "You can always come to me if you need help relaxing. I can make you sleepy." The poor innocent guy has no idea how that could be taken in the wrong context.

Kaleb tilted his head and drank his OJ. "Well, you know you can always ask your … what your grandfather I think it is? Anyways, Magneto will set you straight on anything you miss, I'm certain just, ya know… delicate subject. It got super ugly. Here's to hoping someone's not trying to do that stuff again to Mutants. All these people goin missing. Makes me nervous I guess."

Vic nods and says, "I'm trying to get a handle on it so that I can talk to my Opa without being that dumb kid who asks the wrong questions." He half-smiles and lowers his gaze. " I can't imagine what it was like for him, and I don't want to open any old wounds." He glances at the book and shakes his head. "I will do anything I can to keep something like that from ever happening again, to anyone." His jaw tightens, resolute.

Kaleb shook his headand offered gently, "Hey, Vic, we're never going to know. And if things go well? We learn what happened and what to look for? You're right, Vic. It doesn't have to happen ever again either. Not to Humans, not to Mutants, not to Inhumans or other… powered persons." He took a deep breath and looked out the window at New York. "The world… can be a decent place. I'd suggest in reading? Take breaks."

Vic smiles at Kaleb. "Yeah, that's good advice. It can get pretty heavy, you know? Hard to believe what people are capable of doing do each other." He shivers, then says, "But you're right about the world being decent. I think it's fundamentally good. It's just that it takes so little to tip that scale."

Kaleb seemed less convinced but he wasn't in teh mood to put pragmaticism in the mix. He offered, "Hope so." There was a lot that he wasn't saying. He looked at Vic though and finally opted to nod to him. Sometimes the best gift was just not saying what was on one's mind. "Small chunks."

"I'd like to think it takes just a little to tip things back," Vic says, ever hopeful. "It's just that, when trouble comes, so often people do nothing. That's the real problem. Otherwise good people sitting on their hands, like when a house is on fire and no one calls the fire department because surely someone else has already done that. So it burns to the ground because no one thinks that someone ought to be them."

Kaleb cracked a knowing smile. A long finger pointed back to Vic around his juice glass. "This… is why we work well together, Vic. There's hope for you yet. Evil didn't put them ahead, apathy did. But hey, gives the team direction or… something. You okay otherwise?"

Vic grins at Kaleb. "Was there ever not hope?" he asks. He takes up his lemonade to have a drink. "I'm actually doing pretty well. Kellan makes life excellent, if nothing else the ordeal of dying has proven unequivocally that I am loved and cherished, and if you think about it, I'm going to live forever. Which is pretty heavy, but someone's got to keep rock and roll alive into the ages."

Kaleb arched an eyebrow and blinked at Vic, "Woah that's… kinda terrifying." Being Kaleb his mind slid to all of the things that made that a bad plan, losing things you love to time and entropy, …the inevitable heat death of the world. Fun times. He suddenly became acutely aware of why he was generally not considered to be 'fun at parties'. His lips pressed together thoughtfull and said "Well for what it's worth we're glad it worked out. Let's not take that for granted though, yeah?"

Oh, Vic's had time to think of those, too, but he's Vic. He's got a brave face for his loved ones, and he's not blind to the upsides, even if they'll come at such a cost. Nodding quickly, he says, "Yeah, it was awful. Dying wasn't so bad, but coming back hurt, and I didn't really get a choice. I mean I would have come back if I did have a choice, just that the pain was unavoidable. I'll be looking both ways before I cross the street from now on, literally and figuratively."

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