1964-09-04 - Bundt Cake
Summary: Robbie comes to Matt for legal advice
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When one has an office people are supposed to show up and do business there. Why Robbie's heart rate was doing 150 mph. in his chest though was likely unrelated to feeling like he was intruding. One could suppose that generally two types of people hire lawyers: the angry who want something, or the people scared because they have something worth losing. He knocked first and let himself in. The kid put on a shirt and tie for this. Finally he just opened the stupid door and let himself in. It was a public office. Just let yourself in, Robbo. You jumped into the gaping maw of a demon, how can this be so bad? Well because he wouldn't be the one getting hurt if it all went wrong. He cleared his throat and said, "Hi, Um, I called last Thursday and left a message with someone about an appointment?" Success! Yeah. he could do this. this was happening.

"Hi," Matt Murdock says with a soft smile despite his gravelly low voice. A few days stubble has grown on his face, but he seems cheerful enough. A split second later it's evident why, the man, presumably checking something in the main office (the door to a deeper office is open) is carrying a cane. "That's right. Miss Page mentioned something last week about setting something up. Robbie, right?" Matt's head juts towards his office, "Come on in."

Speedball closed the door behind him, and walked in to teh office area offering a hand. It was only then he realized there was a cane and… awkward. This was sort of a first for him so he left the hand there in case the guy was holding the cane for someone else, aaand had himself a seat. There we go. Yeah.

He swallowed and took a adeep breath. Casual. He seemed like a nice guy where lawyers could be nice guys right? "Yeah. Robbie Baldwin, I, um, I appreciate you taking the time to speak to someone who's still in college. Your receptionist said that wouldn't be a problem." Because college students, also, tended to have shallow pockets. He did observe optimistically, "Really nice place you got here."

"Thanks," Matt says as he takes a seat behind his desk. "We had a pretty good year last year and this year so we were able to get some better furnishings." He pauses, "looking" around for effect. "Well, any furnishings really." He chuckles and turns his attention back on Robbie, "What can I help you with, Robbie?"

Speedball slouched in the chair and looked around at the things hung on the wall. There was the sound of his finger tracing the edge of the desk idly before he was finally out with it. His tone was casual, and seemed to keep that youthful vigor in it, but there was concern. "My, um, my parents are getting a divorce and it's kinda really ugly, and sort of complicated. To say my dad 'has a good lawyer' is an understatement." Vast understatement. "My mom's a good woman, like super duper lady, Mr. Murdock, but he's going after all of her assets and her studio's got this thing where they don't want to get their hands too 'dirty' helping her out because it's gonna hit the paper. So that's the overhead." There was regret, and absolutely there was disappointment.

"I see," Matt says quietly. "First, I'm sorry for your parents divorce. That can be tough." His mother, of course, left when he was just a baby so he doesn't really understand what Robbie is going through. But he sort of gets it. "Her studio? I don't understand."

Speedball clarified, "Viscount Productions. My mother is, Maddie Baldwin, the actress. My father's District Attorney in Heartfort, Ct. Sooooooo" He trailed off tapping his teeth thoughtfully. "He's going after her assets and if it gets really ugly could end her career because of that… inflammation of character or whatever it's called. Where they badmouth you and the studios look at you like a leper?"

"That is truly unfortunate Mr. Baldwin. I would very much like to help your mom be protected. Is there a reason that you came here instead of her? What is her opinion of all of this?"

Speedball pressed his lips together and was at least telling the truth. Circuitous path, but he was trying to be honest as he could. "She's trying to keep it quiet and reasonable to protect me. I told you she's a good mom. I respect her but if I don't help her out I really can't respect myself. Isthis all… ya know confidential or do you ahve to gt paid first I dunno how this part goes. By the time my dad got involved in stuff the State usually handles all that I suppose."

"This is confidential, yes," Matt explains, "But I won't really be able to act on your mother's behalf without her being a client. Right now I'm giving you legal advice, but when it gets specific to your mother it's different. Do you think she would be interested in meeting me?"

Speedball ventured his best guess, "Well if there are no cats in any bags than really her reason to not talk to you is shot out of the water." Oh yes, he seemed super proud of himself for being clever. "I think she would and a few of the folks in the area said you were the guy to talk to as far as being decent. Besides all the other lawyers I know all think my dad can do no wrong so…yeah." There was that. "You heard about her campaign at all out of curiosity?" Referring to her being outspoken on the rights and issues of powered persons as it were.

"I'm sorry," Matt says shaking his head. "I haven't ever heard of your father, and to be honest, I couldn't care less what happens in Connecticut with the exception of how it effects my clients. I am sure your father is a rather big deal, but not to me." Matt shakes his head, "I haven't caught up with her campaign, no. Tell me about it."

Speedball seemed honestly relieved by all of this. "So living in New York I'm sure you're familiar with things like people flying around, and giant dinos showing up out of nowhere like the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. There was this big monstery looking rock fella that showed up with a couple buddies in tights, capes, and all that. They looked really tacky too might I add. Anyhoo, apparently the idea was to attack a celeb so they can work on their stupid villain street cred." Fingers pinched the bridge of his nose as he glossed over the account, less cheerfully. "Tore up the park pretty bad. Her office too. She was only okay because a few very heroic and good lookin people in much better outfits bounced up in there and saved her. Baddies went bye-bye. But, because his opinions were forged in the bronze age, my dad's got it in his head that so called 'masked vigilantes' all need to be outlawed. I tried to change his mind on that aaaaand that decidedly went poorly. I like to call that point Ground Zero in case they ever write a book about this stuff. I think it sounds pretty good."

"I know some publishers if you ever get to that point," Matt says with a short chuckle. "The truth is that I'm neutral on all this vigilante business. I love the law. That's why I do what I do. I believe the rule of law should always supercede. But I'm not naive enough to think that the law, as it stands, is enough."

Speedball chuckled and said "Hey, I appreciate that. The long and short of it is my mother feels strongly about not punishing the many for the few. It doesn't help that she is angry at him for wanting to arrest the guy that saved her either." Robbie rubbed his hands over his face. "I tell you nothing's ever gonna be good enough for that man until no lawn in America is longer than 3" tall and unstepped on by anyone in boots and tights. But he wants to run for office with the notion of getting anyone with any sort of cool skills tagged and registered and monitored closely and my Mama's not having any of that. I think maybe… I dunno why he's doing this. He wasn't like this before. He's certainly doing a nice job making it so she has the smallest voice possible or at least the tiniest apartment right now."

Matt nods sadly, "Divorce is hard. It sometimes makes people do things they would not otherwise do. I suspect that's the reason your father is threatening to ruin her career. It seems like he's upset at losing her, perhaps. And he's acting emotionally. When you combine that for a desire for his own political career to really take off, well, it's easy to see why he feels how he does, even if it is misplaced."

Speedball bit his lip and weighed his words very, very carefully. The truth was his father's council already knew this and it might very likely get really public. At the very least this guy was pretty chill about the whole things and the most ethical lawyer he could afford. Normally he's be super proud (ask him) of all he's accomplished, but in the end having your dad despise you for trying to do the right thing? Kinda a bummer. Pretty high up on the bummer scale. His words stayed as casual as they would right now, "Yeah. Prolly doesn't help when you find out your kid was the one in the tights either." His jaw set and he was, the faintest bit just angry. "His people already know. He tried to have me arrested. I know that… I know." He took a deep breath trying to keep things.. factual and that was really trying right now. But I can't just watch people like…be scared and get hurt. And it was waaaay un-groovy to see this jerk weasel try to hurt her. She doesn't … want other people to know for my safety, but like I tried to tell you, this is bigger than me. This is about making she she's okay. None of this was her fault."

"Luckily, you're out of his jurisdiction. He has no power here, regardless of how big he seems there. Unless he tries something underhanded. You're a vigilante? Anyone I have heard of?" Matt sits back, thinking. "That's pretty terrible that he would have you arrested."

Speedball chuckled and said "Maybe not his, but he's got friends. Might not be out of their jurisdiction. I mean he's… resourceful, but at least I can say my dad's never been a dirty D.A. Not like the kind you see in Cagney films." So many films. So good. He made a mental note to hit up his buddy's house on the way home and see about catching something. Or that one lady who- Focus, Baldwin! Right. He sat up in the chair and shrugged. "Well being he's got me totally profiled I supposed that's fair and heck yes you should have heard of me. I introduced myself when I showed up." Smart ass. "I usually go by Speedball. The paper calls me the 'Masked Marvel' I like that one. It's fun. It's not all scary like 'Iron Man' where it's like woah, best not mess with that guy. I think an approachable demeanor is important. Like Spider-Man. It's friendly. Like I feel safe and let's shoot some hoops with that guy." He paused and blinked at Matt. "I'm rambling. Sorry I do that. Kinda…nervous about all this."

"There's no reason to be nervous," Matt says, giving his hand a wave. "I haven't heard of Speedball, but I honestly don't keep up with superheroes that much." He tilts his head considering, "Let's do this: How about you, I, and your mother set up a meeting to see if she wants to be represented. In the meantime, you lay low and don't get hit by one of your dad's cronies."

Speedball chuckled and said, "Cronies? Makes it sound even more like a movie. Just not the kind someone generally wants to live out." Was he nervous? Oh yell yes. He was flippant, not stupid and he just laid out a lot of confidential information out on the table. Still, Murdock checked out and he's been building himself up for a couple of weeks to go do the adult thing. Right, breathing. "Wednesday or Thursday any good for you? As a fair warning there's a hiiiiigh likelihood she'll be bringing you a bunt cake."

"Bundt cake is something my partner Foggy and I have a particular affinity for," Matt says with a chuckle. "Hopefully we can all come to an understanding so that we can help protect her, and you. If you would like I would be happy to write a cease and desist letter to your father. That way if he does have you arrested, there's a paper trail of harassment."

Speedball blinked and was a bit floored at that. "Wow, you can really do that? That'd be… like two bundt cakes worth of amazing. Like super super helpful." He paused and furrowed his expression a bit, earnest, and grateful he offered "Hey, you ever need a hand in return, ask. Happy to help you out, the neighbourhood, whatever ya need." Was it over? No. Was he relieved? Yeah. At least his heart rate came back down and he seemed to be pretty forthcoming.

Matt can't help but chuckle, "Yeah, I'd be happy to do that. I'll whip something up and send it to his office, certified, later today. I don't know if it'll stop him, but it'll be clear that if he does anything illegal and is caught, it will probably ruin his political career." Matt smiles, "It was good to meet you, Robbie. Please do stay safe out there."

Speedball warned an infectious grin, "Awwww I'm not so worried about me. I've been atomized like twice. I'm just out to make sure no kids try to do that at home. It's unhealthy. Bad for the rug too. And gramma's dishes." He chuckled. The chair rubbed the floor when he stood and his knees pushed it back. "Hey, I really appreciate you helping her out. I'll talk to her and let her know and weather the mom look for all of a half hour and when she's done fretting we'll set up a time to come by. Thanks again."

Speedball goes home.

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