1964-09-04 - Gidge Meets The Storm
Summary: Gidget finally gets her meeting with THE Johnny Storm to work out a deal.
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Flopping down in her chair desk after her last new client left, she'd lean her head back and just closed her eyes. "….at this rate….I may as well just live here…." Chuckling softly to herself she would look to her door that was open, spying the receptionist who was staying late with her tonight. No getting tipsy and blasting music tonight while she did concept drawings. Instead she would pick up that glass of scotch she had been nursing for the past hour or so and stood to make her way back to one of her cutting tables. On her way by she'd turn up the volume on her record player that was playing some sort of French music and she'd hum along as she started to gather up a few sheets of paper with numbers on it and put them aside as she began to unroll a bolt of dark grey Milano wool. "Now then….."

Outside, there's a bright light— as a man shaped flame smashes into the fortunately empty sidewalk, and immediately bounces in its step to a handsome young man who is famous for his flames. Johnny is dressed in a fitted pair of jeans, and an even more fitted deep red t-shirt with what looks like a leather jacket over the top. He tugs open the door and heads within, and looks around, heading for the receptionist. His grin is easy and tends to get him into all kinds of trouble, but he says with a deep voice, "Hey. I'm Johnny Storm." Duh. "I understand someone around here is looking for me."

That receptionist was just stare as she blinked before nodding. Standing up she'd run into Gidget's office speaking rapidly in Italian which elicited a sigh from Gidget. "Oh come on….you know I only got half of that…." Putting down her shears she would ruffle her hair as she made her way towards her and followed her out. That tall young woman was still rocking that beige pencil dress…her second outfit of the day and not by choice. Her dark brown eyes would finally look around to spot him and blinked before smiling. "Oh! Evening!" She'd make her way over and held out her hand. "Well it's nice to see you got my messages. Gidget Boileau for Mr. Pucci……a pleasure to meet you face to face."

Johnny takes the offered hand— and though his grip is firm there's nothing macho challenging about it. Except the skin is fever-hot. He doesn't look sweaty or feverish but he's clearly running a temperature that one could guess is a couple degrees over a hundred. "It took awhile…" Johnny chuckles softly, "But 'Pucci' got through some layers of red tape that are a little more challenging to breach. You understand, I hope: there's so many people who try to get the Four's attention."

She'd raise her brow slightly but she's seen the tabloids and the news, though she was still curious. Taking a deep breath she would motion to that door she came from marked 'Private' and nodded. "Well would you like to come into my office and have a drink while we discuss things? I have water and other stuff." She'd turn to head back towards her office but stopped as she looked back to him with a smile. "Well….Mr. Pucci is persistent….and so am I. I've learned from the best." That hand would then motion to the door. "Apres vous….after you."

"Water?" Johnny gives the woman an amused if slightly incredulous look, "I hope you have something more like, I don't know, scotch. If I'm going to drink water I want it to be vodka. Scotch is my vice." Pause, "Well, one of several." The amusement stretches into his voice, and he follows the suggested room, and once there he heads over to visitors chair. Though Johnny isn't wearing anything especially unusual or fancy, the aura he exudes simply does *not* belong in a room like this, but the confidence that he bears might give one the impression that he expected nothing less. "So. What can I do for you?" There's a hint of a challenge on his features.

Gidget would laugh then as she shook her head. "I didn't take you as a water kind of guy but I figured I'd offer." And with that she made her way behind her desk to a bar car. Opening up that decanter, she'd fix him a two finger pour of scotch and walked over to him at that seat. "Here you go. Scotch is mainly what I drink….and red wine." Licking her lips she'd lean against her desk then as she crossed her legs at her ankles. Her arms would cross across her chest before she would look him over the nodded a bit. "Well there's a couple of things, Mr. Storm." Those brown eyes were intent then….time to be like her mentor taught her but she was probably going to have her flair. "First off, Mr. Pucci would like to offer a custom tailored suit or….whatever it is you would like that is your style…..compliments of him of course. Secondly….." Leaning back on her hands now she'd would smile over at him. "….I believe you might have some sort of….fabric…..material that I'm kind of interested in working with for a personal project."

"A lady after my own heart." Johnny accepts the glass with that lazy smile of his, lifting the glass for a small sip and a nod of approval, "I only drink wine when paired with food, but the scotch is appreciated." He waves a hand a moment, "Please, it's Johnny. Even when conducting business…" And since his business is racing and stunt-driving, when not working for whatever he does for the Future Foundation, "…its either Johnny Storm the brand, or Johnny, the man." He tilts his head, though, "And while I don't usually wear a suit, I do when appropriate. I usually prefer the suit to be just slightly below the decorum the event demands, enough to be a rebel without offering overt offense." But on this last part, he arches a brow, sips again, "Fireproof?" he wonders.

"Okay…..Johnny." Smiling she would nod then tilted her head a bit as she would smirk slightly. "Well if it's a blazer or something like that….we'd be happy to outfit you for your next even." Winking she would push herself up off of the desk and made her way over to her cutting table to retrieve her own glass of scotch then walked back over to him. "Ehh….." She'd seeme to be in thought then before she locked her gaze back on him. "Client confidentiality and all…..sorry. But…I think the material I'm looking for can…." Gidget would tap her chin then before she would smile. "It can tailor to the person's…..personal style?" Smooth….real smooth girl.

"Like this?" Johnny lifts an arm, the one not holding the alcohol, and the entire earm bursts into flame. The heat isn't intense, but it does radiate through the room. And beneath, the leather-seeming jacket is just still a jacket. The flame vanishes and he lowers his hand, "Reed's unstable molecular fabric? Though calling it a 'fabric' is somewhat inaccurate as I understand it as they can be … configured … into various approximate base forms." That sounds almost…educated…for Johnny. It doesn't suit his branding to make a point of reminding people of the fact that he's got a mechanical engineering degree. "Would it offend your bosses sensibilities if the blazer were not… black? Or white?"

She'd blink a few times as she stopped in her tracks then as she watced that fire pop up. Gidget would take a sip of her drink then nodded as she made her way back to her desk. "Just don't set my office on fire, dude…." Hopping up on her desk now she would crossing her legs as she smiled brightly. "But….yes. That." Thinking on it intently she would smile softly. "But yes….I would love to acquire some for some commissions. They're not normal so I need it to be able to function in all states…." Now she'd hear his question and laughed then. "I doubt so. If you want something with more flare….that would go through me. He's not keen on doing that himself but that's where I come in. I am the 'new generation' that he thinks I can help him reach."

Johnny grins and shakes his head, "I am the master of fire; I don't set anything on fire that I do not intend to, and fire obeys my whim." He shakes his head, "It's not so simply to just acquire the fabric— it can be configured, like.." He lifts his hand up and gestures to the leather jacket, but then reaches down and tugs on the tight t-shirt and lift it up. "Its all made out of the fabric, configured in one case to be like leather, configured in another, cotton. What do you need and in what amounts and colors?" Then he sips his scotch again and grins, "If I am going to wear a suit, it needs to be a suit that just slightly is barely not inappropriate. Red to a black tie affair. Or leather." He shrugs, "I've no particular idea what would be best, I'm not especially creative outside of music."

"I would hope so….I don't doubt it. It was more of a joke…." Sighing she would then look at his clothing and sighed a bit as she closed her eyes. "Well….hmm." Gidget was deep in thought then before she hopped off and turned around to lean over her desk and grabbed a notebook. Humming softly to the music that was still playing softly before she turned around and started flipping. "As long as it's strong….can take a beating…..perhaps a leather style." Brown eyes were rapidly going over her notes as she murmured to herself softly in French then she looked up at him. "Red, black, and grey….ten yards each." It was matter of fact as she shut that book and sat it down. "The question is how much is this going to cost me…." Gidge then listened to him about the suit and nodded a bit. "You just need to wear a blaze with matching pants and a mandarin collar shirt that is white ombre into a red. Might as rock the fire brand…."

"Oh, the unstable fabric does not provide anything that is especially… armor-like. They adapt to their immediate environment. When I wear it, its immune to fire. When Reed wears it, it can stretch indeffinately. When my sister wears it, it turns invisible with her. When Ben wears it, it makes him look no less ugly then he already is." Johnny snorts a moment, "It keeps us from looking naked. That is largely the whole of its utility. They 'take a beating' in any configuration, in that the material will return to an equilibrium over time." He tilts his head, "I like the sound of his head." He laughs softly, about the outfit she describes. "Now the question is, why do you want it? This technology is patented by the Future Foundation and is incredibly expensive; the Foundation will either charge you its cost to us and a reasonable talent— which is, I assure you, more then you will ever imagine is reasonable to pay for a fabric— or the Foundation will donate this to you for… services rendered in the suit." He smiles, "I'm sure I can convince the accountants to either choice. The question is which I advise."

She'd nod then in understanding as she sipped her drink. "Well as long as it keep people from being naked when they do stuff…..that's all that really matters at this moment…." Gidget would then shake her head as she nibbled her bottom lip. "Yeah well….I figured it would cost me some serious dough. But I"m not really sure how much I have as disposable cash I have….." Closing her eyes she would then hop back on her desk and cross her legs before looking at him. "Well if I am honored and so….lucky to have it donated…..I may need a slight extra as backstock for repairs and replacements." She'd finally address his question and stared at him intently. "I'm squishy. Short and simple. And I have a chance to help people help other people. My hands are good at what they do….but I need the materials to do it. As much as I would love to go into details….I can't sell people out….even if you are on the same side."

"The fabric does not, generally, require repairs. It is… unstable. Its almost better to think of it as a liquid that coats a surface and mimics, vaguely, properties of fabric." Johnny notes, though there's a little uncertainty to his voice. He hears it himself, and explains, "I am not a scientist and nothing like the mind that invented this material." He looks to Gidget for a long moment, considering, "I'm not asking you for someone's real identity; I realize that most people who have special needs have them without the fame— and notoriety— of the Four. But I can't simply hand over the Four's technology on a simple ask. What assurance do I have this won't go to ill end? How do *I* know we are on the same side? The one thing *you* can be certain of in this transaction is *my* side — because its public. It's so very, very public. The other side of this transaction, from my point of view, is not."

Now she's getting all of the information she's needing….not trying to be too invasive but play dingy. Licking her lips she would lips she would sigh a bit as she sat that glass down as she watched him the nodded. "Okay….fair…" Gidget would seem to be a bit more….aggressive in this transaction now and less playing dumb. "What do you need or want from me to give you that peace of mind. Anything I tell you would be kind of a dead give away….so that can't really happen. I know that you're public and we know where you stand of course. But I do not like to betray a trust so….." She was deep in thought then as she seemed to be trying to figure out how to word this. "If it goes tits up you can totally….come to me and I'll out them if they go bad or something. But I'm being their personal designer to make sure they don't end up naked on the five o'clock news. Plus…." Frowning to herself she would then look to him then laughed. "I'm kind of at a loss of what else to offer you. I'm squishy….not speical at all like you guys. Only thing I have is resources. My clients? They're treated like shit even when they do help….and I don't want to risk them further ridicule for being different."

"My first thought?" Johnny suggests with a shrug, "Don't betray a trust. Introduce me— this person can wear a mask, even. The one thing we all know is where I stand. You're worried about betraying a trust— I respect that. But that doesn't mean that what you *think* about this person is *true*." He shakes his head and finishes his scotch, lifting it up in the universal sign of 'more please?', "If this person does not want to meet me, I understand. Its not required, but its easiest. If someone doesn't trust me its a long ask for me to trust them, you must understand." He looks a little pained at that, "But I am inclined to help, because I do understand the plight of the… different. Believe me when I tell you for every party invitation I get, someone spits in my face. Literally. I can handle it, I have a support system; and I have no desire to expose anyone else to scrutiny they don't ask for. Is arranging a meeting with a client asking too much? If it is, its not a deal-breaker."

"Eh…." She'd frown a bit and shrugged as she downed her scotch and set that glass down. Folding her arms she would watch him then as if in thought before moving around as she grabbed that decanter and returned to him, refiling his glass. Gidget would refill her own glass as well as she finally responded. "Is it asking too much….?" She'd pick up her glass and looked at him intently then. "Let's say you weren't public….and you came to me somehow to get something made to keep your face hidden….." Taking a sip she would continue then. "Would you want me to try to introduce you to random people that you too…may not sure if there's some hidden agenda? Not saying you guys have one of course. I like to say I have a pretty good judge of character….." Gidge would then nod then. "I'd rather try to do this without making them uncomfortable and possibly worried." It was obvious she was concerned then. "I'm sorry….but if I have to pull some cash out of my ass and give you my first born…then I will. But I won't have these kids running around trying to do good and putting their loved ones in the line of fire becuase they're out in the open. I will do what I have to…to help then."

"I'm not a random person." is Johnny's simple, direct response, "I'm Johnny Storm, the Human Torch, of the Future Foundation. If I weren't public, would I meet with some random person? No. But that's the entire point, isn't it." He nods appreciation for the drink and sips it again, "There's nothing about me that is random. I am a known quantity. I save people. I do so and for that some people hate me. And for that reason some people want to fuck me. But what everyone knows is, at least, what side I am on. I'm nothing random. I party, I race. I love thrill and the danger of life and embrace it — except when it matters and someone needs me, then I save them. I'm not saying you have to introduce someone to me, these clients of yours. BUt if you could introduce *one* to me— its not a betrayal. Its not exposing them. Ask them. Tell them who I am— if they don't already know. If they say no, we can try to work something else out. But what I'm suggesting isn't you betraying anyone. I'm suggesting you play match-maker. They'll get two things out of it. One, if I believe them, you get a donation. Two, they walk away with my private number that means if they are ever in need they can contact me— without any buffers between. And believe me, Miss Boileu. I am a man that *anyone* wants on their side in an emergency."

She'd sigh softly as she would listen to him quietly and politely, sipping her drink. "Johnny…." She'd think a bit then nodded. "First off…it's Gidget. I get called that day in and day out….and I was over it years ago." Taking that glass and finishing it quickly she would nod then as she sat that glass down. "Secondly….I've never said you were random. I was just saying hypothetical….but….I get it." She'd take a deep breath as she seemed to keep her composure as best as she could right now….her anxiety was slowly rising but she would just let the scotch do it's work. "I will talk to them and ask them. If they agree….awesome. If not…then I guess I'm back to the drawing board." She'd run her fingers through her short dark hair then as she contineud. "At least someone will be getting something out of this for sure. If they get help….awesome. I just feel like after this…I'm going to need a drink and some…." Catching herself she would stop as she realized she wasn't hanging out with the one person she's used to being her normal….crass self with. "So I'll do my damndest to set up something. Is it going to be another thirty miles of red tape for me to get this done?" Yup….the reason she gets called ballsy and brassy was starting to peek through but she was keeping it in check.

With a gulp, Johnny finishes his drink and rises, setting the empty glas sdown on a table. "I'm not even asking they need show me their face, while I will stand before them in my own face, Gidget. But if Foundation Technology is to be released, its my responsibility to see its released to good use. Here." He looks over the desk, grabs a pen and a paper that might have other uses, and scribbles something on it. "Call this number and you have only one layer between you and I; which is no layer at all as I am simply not always home. This." Johnny taps the paper firmly as he looks over to Gidget, "Is a number no one gets. Don't share it, don't abuse it. You say they are trusting you with their identities? I respect that. This is me trusting you with my *access*. In my world, that is as important as any identity. Don't misuse it. I don't change it until someone does: so someone will be getting something out of this no matter what, even if none of your clients agree to meet. You now have a number almost no one else has."

"I get that. I'll be sure they know that. And trust me….I understand. I'm not trying to give you shit but….just want you to understand that I am serious about keeping people as safe as I can." Things were getting a bit further down the rabbit hole than she was expecting but screw it. Hell today she just dropped a forty pound sewing machine on a dude who looked like a rhino. Taking a deep breath she would look at the paper then picked it up. Murmuring to herself she would then hand it back to him. "You can burn it. I have it up here." Tapping her temple with a smile, she'd nod then tilted her head. "I don't write down certain stuff….." Smiling she would chuckle a bit as she grinned. "….makes it easier on other people that way. Now if you can just introduce me to someone taller than me or someone not intimidated by my height….I'll call it even." Laughing she would shake her head a bit. "I'll send them a message and then I'll be in touch. Until then…." She'd lean over on her desk and pulled over a measuring tape then held it up. "….measurements?"

"Believe me, I understand keeping people safe. If anyone threatened my sister…" The Invisible Woman. "…there is absolutely nothing I would not do. All this nonsense with phones and buffers? Its bullshit." Johnny snorts, "I know it is, but it is what it is: its about protecting the Four. The last person someone wishing to do good needs protecting from is me — but I understand your instinct to protect, anyways." When she says he can burn it, Johnny lifts the page and his hand is so white-hot that the ash that falls is barely more then dust on the wind. Johnny grins, "I shall keep that in mind, someone tall." he says, voice light and teasing, "But for measurements? I have no fucking idea." So he spreads his arms and takes a widened stance, "I can't be bothered to remember this shit between suits."

"I don't have any crazy powers but I'm loyal to a fault. So trust me…I get it. And I won't go giving your number to fangirls….don't worry." Laughing now she would then tilt her herad and smiled. "I mean it's not a deal breaker if they aren't but when you're five foot ten….dudes tend to keep walking." A shrug as she watched him stand up and 'assume the position' before she would shake her head. "No dear….." She'd point to his clothes and nod. "I need exact measurements. So off with your clothes." She'd raise up her hand then before her could even make a smart comment. "And no…..I'm not shy. Yes….everyone gets down to their underwear."

"Honey, do you have any idea how many conversations I have don't end with 'off with your clothes'?" Johnny laughs, "I maybe can count them on one hand. Shy is not a problem I have." And so he pulls off his jacket and the rest that is needed to his underwear, "For the rest, we'll work it out or we won't."

Making her way over, she'd pick up a pencil and pad from her desk first then dropped it on the floor next to him. Picking up his clothes, she would fold them neatly and place them on the chair he was sitting in before moving back to him. She'd reach around him then as she started to measure his upper body before she speak up. "I'm sure the times that it's ended with that phrase….it was a lot more fun. However….." Grinning she would quickly take that first measurement then chuckled. "….I'm working….right now you're just a man with no clothes on that I have to design for and work with. Professionlism is key in my work…no matter how charming people think they are."

"I will allow you that fiction." remarks Johnny as he is measured, his grin just…knowing. "You see what you see, I am what I am. You will measure and find no metric of anyon else doesn't add up." Johnny laughs and shakes his head, "That just is. No, my dear. Right now I am the man and no man you ever have before you without clothes will ever add up again. But take your measurements. I expect the best suit you will ever make out of this deal: remember— I want it to shock but just, just barely, not offend."

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