1964-09-04 - The Poor Fruit Stand
Summary: The Rhino is up to his old tricks again, pounding Spidey, battling Shift, and sewing with Gidget? Huh?
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There's a term about being a bug on a windshield and Spider-Man is feeling that term right now. In his arm, in his neck, and in his back. The brick building behind him now has a Spidey shaped indent about one story up. The Bug Boy has just been thrown by Rhino and is wondering what in his body is broken, and whether or not he has homework for Biology.

He crumples out of the indent and drops unceremoniously onto the ground in a loud oof. Surely Aunt May said there'd be days like this.

Gidget was finally making her way out her buidling for work, groaning as she held her hand to her head then. Yup….it was her first hangover in /years/ and she was not a happy camper. Licking her lips adjust taht handbag on her shoulder as she was about to pull a pair of oversized sunglasses down over her eyes then heard a bang. Jumping, she'd look up and widened to see a man fall down on the ground then. That tall young woman made her way over, not really thinking as she yelled out. "Hey! Are you okay?!" Those platform heels of hers clicked as she ran over and knelt down.

"Oh, you know," Spider-Man replies as he pushes himself up off the pavement. "My spleen. I think it's my spleen." !*&#$ Spidey Sense-Tingling $#&! Rhino makes a bum rush for Spidey and Gidget looks caught in the mix. "Look alive, sugar!" Spidey exclaims as he leaps upward and fires a double shot of webbing at the villain's head. Just before the Russian is about to pierce them, Spidey is now standing on the wall and yanking Rhino's head away from Gidget, to where he bashes his head right through the brick. "That's going to leave a mark!"

Meanwhile, Kwabena comes running out of a bodega, bag under arm and a scowl on his face. Why? For there is a homeless man taking a piss on his cab's rear tires.

"No, no, no, no!" he cries, waving his free arm around. "What ah you doing??? Stop- stop pissing on taxi!"

And then there is a large man being smashed through the brick not far from him. Kwa ducks down, dropping his paper bag on the ground. "WHAT in de hell?"

"Dude you probably go see a-…." She'd then blink as he told her to look alive. Looking up she she would scream as she scrambled to get to her feet but just ended up launching herself out of the way and hitting the ground with an 'oof'. Groaning, Gidget slowly pushed herself up onto her feet. That poor handbag of hers had been left in the wake because well….when you see something like /that/ heading towards you, you get the hell out of the way. Panting she would stand as she widened her eyes. "What the hell is that?!" She's seen some stuff over the past couple of weeks but this was the first time one of the strange things almost tried to run her over. But then those brown eyes darted to the man with the webbing and pointed. "Holy snap you're just like that girl I met!"

"Just like that g—Let me tell you something, the sheer increase of Spider-Themed vigilantes in this town has gotten to the point of ridiculousness. You tell that spider-girl that she is infringing on my copyr-IiiiIiigiIIiigiiIiiIIght!" Rhino grabs Spider-Man by the middle and chucks him into a parked car.

For a moment or two, Kwabena absolutely stares at the creature and his big, gross and pointy head. "Holy shit!" the Ghanaian exclaims, and is now ignoring the egg yolk and milk that is seeping out of his brown bag.

Crouching down, his silver eyes dart from side to side. "Dis will not be de day third taxi is crushed," he mutters to himself.

Ironically, the car right next to him was just dented by a Spider-Man.

"Well, shit."

Kwabena's skin changes then, and whatever it's changed into, it isn't normal. You see, when he rights himself and goes running for Rhino, his now super-hardened feet are leaning dents in the pavement. He's aiming for the legs in a steadily quickening, dead on run.

Gidget just blinked as she heard him….and that personality peeked through for a second. "…..well with the way this city has been maybe you guys need all the help you can get….." But she'd widened her eyes as she saw that guy thrown into a car. Blinking she would look up to see the Rhino guy not far from and just stepped back. "….well crap." Gidget saw her purse was far off so that wasn't going to help until she heard another voice and looked over to see a…man running over. Really? Today of all days….she just figured she was going to be hella late to the office. The young woman would look to mouthy kid whowas still probably on the car then called out to Rhino to distract. "Hey!!! Horn face!!! You could use a freaking makeover with that thing on your face!" Nice one, Gidge….nice. But she just needed him to not worry about the smartass and just get him to stand still for the possible freight train heading for him.

"Whaaaat?" Rhino asks as he turns his attention from Spider-Man to Gidget now. "What did you say?" He begins to stomp towards her, and brings himself right into line with where Kwabena is heading, giving the man from Africa a chance to do what he wishes.

Spider-Man, meanwhile, is peeling himself out from the car. "They don't make cars like they used to," he mutters, still years away from the quip about Jaws of Life that he should make here.

Well, by now most of the block's passing pedestrians are scrambling to get out of dodge. That's at least a good thing, hopefully this rustle's collateral damage won't involve a lot of innocent people.


To be fair, slamming into Rhino's lower half does hurt. Kwabena skids around after the dirty deed is done, and scrambles to reach beneath his shirt and yank the gunmetal gray mask up and over his face. "Oops," he mutters, and hopes that nobody recognized him! Time to make quick work of the shirt. He rips that off and pulls the gloves over his hands. He really ought to consider doing this part in a phone booth, or something.

She'd wince as she took a step back. "I said…what I said." Then she'd cut those eyes over to the man as she saw him heading straight for him. "But….you might want to worry about…." And then the guy is tackled by the man and she would just fold her arms. "….that instead of me." She'd kick off those shoes then as she ran for her bag only to get out of the way. Looking to the who was now pulling a mask over her face she'd just shake her head as she ran over to Spider-Man. Grabbing him by his arm, she pulled as hard as she could to help pull him up out of what was once a car. "Get…up…." She'd grunt as she pulled as hard as she could. Gidget really should learn self-preservation one day….but she was too nice for her own good sometimes. "Seems like you have back up though!" Chuckling she would then look behind her.

As Gidget tells him to get up, Spider-Man first double, then triple takes. "I feel like a teacher right now. No one realizes how hard my job is. But he does get up. Even as Rhino is tumbling into a fruit stand on the corner and destroying it. "If we don't hit him in the face we knock him out," Spidey calls to Kwa. "He's pretty much invulnerable everywhere else."

Kwabena, well, now officially 'Shift' - he's new at this - rises to his feet. Thank goodness for anonymity, even if it does feel a bit funny wearing tights on your upper half. He looks to Spidey and Gidget, then back to Rhino. "Right," he answers. "Well, is good thing so am I!"

Of course, Rhino probably knows of his invulnerability.

The Ghanaian cracks his neck, and it sounds pretty ugly. Some really nasty and harsh sounding pops there. Then, the pounding resumes and he's crossing the way, trying to get to Rhino before he gets back up. Unlikely, but he doesn't have another play just yet!

Blinking she would listen but then looked to the other man. Sighing she would just look around then to her building for a second. "….the face…." Gidget would then nod as she ran off into her building that she had just come out of, running up those steps to her second floor apartment. Once inside, she'd toss that purse and started to open up all of her windows, looking just for the one that overlooked the scene below. Gidget would start to look around that studio furiously as if looking for something.

Shift slams into Rhino and begins an epic fisticuffs with Rhino. The cagey Russian is a pro at this and might have the upper hand as they battle back and forth, but Spider-Man is up on the wall and webbing the horn, the wrists, the arms, and the back of the head of the Rhino at solid times in order to give the man from Ghana the upperhand!

As luck would have it, Gidget finds a window of this epic battle. As luck wouldn't, Spider-Man is standing right between her and the battle about a floor down from where she stands.

Oh it is epic. It's worth noting that Shift, at least, is trying to keep the fighting from destroying more innocent fruit carts, not to mention storefronts, and he does so by trying to keep the fight in the middle of the street. The blows are exchanged time and time again, but every time he tries to make a move for Rhino's face, the big guy protects himself.

Spotting the webbing, Shift takes a brief moment to break away from the fight. "I want to say could dance all day!" he calls to Spider-Man, then ducks to avoid one of Rhino's sweeping fists. "But I can't dance all day!"

Another sweeping fist connects, which sends Kwabena flying across the street only to dent into the brick wall of a cafe. "Ow."

He lands on the ground in a sprawl, then grabs a brick and tries throwing it at the Russian's face!

Opening up a cabinet she spotted what she was looking for but looked sad. "Sorry mom…." Gidget reached in and pulled out….an old solid iron Singer sewing machine. Grunting she would struggle slightly to pick it up and moved to that window. Looking down she would wince as she watched the other guy go flying then but looked down to see the kid. "…screw this….." It was mumbled but she looked down at Rhino and grinned. "Hey!! Horn face!!! Catch this, asshole!" Oh but yes she did; as soon as she finished yelling to get his attention with a loud grunt she shoved that almost fort pound hunk of metal down towards the head of the guy…thing. Crossing her fingers, she'd lean out the window to see just how well her aim was. It hurt her soul to toss her baby out the window but…it was already broke so oh well.

Shift knocks Rhino's face upward in pain as he recoils because getting hit in the face with a brick is a painful thing. As the Russian villain looks upward it's clear the tooth is broken straight in half. It's only noticeable for a split second before the sewing machine collides and knocks Rhino out cold.

Spider-Man hits the ground and looks up at the window, giving Gidget a thumbs up. "Nice work guys."

Authorities are coming. You can tell because of the sirens.

"Well….they're playin' my song. All's well that ends well, right?"

"Yah!" Shift calls out, and pumps a fist into the air. He reaches for another brick, when…


Darting his head upward, he spies Spidey and Gidget leaning out the window. With a big grin on the exposed lower half of his face, he shoots them a thumbs up. Then comes a crackling and popping sound, like that of ice rapidly freezing, and his body reverts to normal flesh and blood.

"No kidding," he murmurs, and darts out into the street to reclaim his shirt and find the quickest way outta here. He can come back for the taxi later.

Assuming it doesn't end up towed.

Wincing as she spotted that sewing machine smack him dead in the face and hit the ground she'd frown. "….well….maybe I can get the pieces back…." Sighing, she would lean on the window sill and let her eyes scan and saw her shoes still where she left them. "….those too." Gidget would then looked down at Spidey and Shift as she spoke up more loudly. "Well…you said in the face so….." Laughing she would nod a bit and then disappeared out of that window only to reappear a few moments later back outside as she walked back to the scene of the fight. Making her way over to her shoes, she sigh as she watched the one guy scramble out of there as if lightning struck him in the butt. Running her fingers through her hair she would snatch up those shoes and waved to the one left. "Yeah I guess! Now I need to go clean back and try this again…" A shake of her head as she looked down at her dirty clothes from falling over but shrugged it off.

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