1964-09-04 - War And Peace
Summary: After the clam bake, Triton and Chloe linger to talk.
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Triton wasn't really in a hurry to get back to Attilan. He was but he wasn't. He wanted to be there, he liked being around his sister, his family, but it was never really able to be his home. He was, by all theory, sitting in the surf, on his porch really. There was a lot to think about: the Kree returning, finding the things they've been looking in, possible human war in the drop zone. Fun stuff. All in all thought while it was much to dwell on Triton remained at peace. He shucked another clam, breaking it in half, and flung the bit inside up for the bird to dive at. "Your friend is very good at this. Took me a while." Both inner and outer eyelids blinked and his tone was apologetic, "You've come out of warzone to walk into another. I cannot… imagine how that is for you. I wish it could be a better respite, but no plane is perfect."

The beach is peaceful, and Chloe has lingered too, watching her merlin turn and weave in the air, hassling sea gulls and fleeing from bullying crows. The Inhuman woman is lucky in a way. Her memories of her upbringing are vague enough she only barely remembers what she was taught about the Kree, and it gave her a blessed naivete that wouldn't last. However, in this moment, she has so few cares. She cracks another shell open, and she glances at Morganna, who is on the pylon again, queen of the world. "She's highly motivated by food," Chloe says wryly. Then she shrugs a shoulder. "War is all I know. I will walk into it, and I will walk out of it at the end."

Triton turned his head and asked her, "But where will you sit? When do we just rest? Those too are important questions. Few and far between. Still, it's fortunate for us that we found you at this time. I do… feel strongly that you will be a good asset on this, so long as that's what you want. You are not in the guard to be ordered to a task. In that you do have choice." His attention lift back up to the bird watching. "Did you meet her here or in the Hell Plane?" The bird was a curiosity.

Chloe shakes her head slowly and says, "All rest is temporary. That's what makes it so precious." She looks up at him from where she sits and offers him a brittle smile. "It's all right, though. This time I'm fighting for more than just myself. Even stuck over there, I knew alone isn't the way our kind is meant to be." She looks to the pylon and her features soften. That bird. Who is still perching imperiously. "She was trapped in the Hell Plane," Chloe says. "We found each other. She's from here, but she says she'll follow me anywhere."

Triton watched the bird perch and preed. There was a rueful smile, "No, I don't think our people were." Thoughts shifted and he chuckled, "But I did promise you people. And you have people and fighting so there's that. I will have to thank Scarlett, Crystal, and my sister for keeping us all honest there. Still, what's a tiny bird doing in Hell? Maybe it's the contrast to make things more bleak? Something only stands out if there is something to contrast it from. Yellow fleck on a black canvas is found faster than in a pale sky. To remind you of where you are… It's sort of cruel and poetic in a weird way. I'm glad you were able to help her out- or, maybe she you. I don't know."

"She chased a smaller bird that went through a rift, as near as I can tell," Chloe says. "She thinks like a bird, so the details are birdlike. Smaller bird, sudden change of place outside her territory. She was confused and scared, but then she adapted." Chloe shakes her head. "That's the way she tells it." Morganna seems to have recovered from her trauma. She cries out a warning to a seagull that thinks it's going to land on her pylon. "We helped each other." Her attention turns to Triton. She smoothes the yellow skirt of her dress with one hand. "It will be all right, Triton. Even if I fall in the coming battle, it's better to die for something meaningful than just failing to survive another onslaught."

Triton nodded slowly and offered to her "You know this is, in a way I suppose, why I've worked to be a diplomat. They are my people, but it is not my home. It is home for the people I care about so if I can ablat the need for anyone to get hurt really. I mean, it's not always feasible, but I'd like people to have the opportunity to enjoy what they have before they have to give it up. Just feels terribly unfair. For some though war is real and they do not care to know anything else. It is… unfortunate. Time will tell what the Kree want with us I suppose if anyhitng."

"I would like to know something else," Chloe says haltingly. She clasps her hands together and bows her head to regardt hem through lowered lashes. "I would like to know peace, and my family, and my history. I don't fight gladly, but I'll fight until the battle's won. When you start to enjoy it too much, that's when you start to become like them, and that's another way to be defeated."

Triton sat half in the water taking an occasional break to submerge and escape the Long Island air for a moment. He sat back up and nodded soberly, "Do what you must, but never forget who you are. Those connections, and one's history? Community. I have spoken at length with my cousin on this during the time of exiles. Soldiering, leading, reading, researching? Like plants without light they wither."

Chloe rises to her feet and comes down to the water, wading in. Past her calves, further in, and she sits beside Triton, soaking her pretty yellow dress. "I'll never forget who I am again," she says. "I don't recall my name, but I know that I'm an Inhuman, that I come from Attilan, and that I have stood at the palace doors looking out over the city, and I've called it home. No demon can take that away from me. Not anymore."

Triton watched her come over and sit in the water. It was cold, but there was worse. There was the Jersey Shore and this was not that. A smile welcomed the company and her situation was oddly one he could commiserate. "I don't honestly remember mine either. I wasn't born Triton. I was only just past my first year when I went through terrigensys. My mother was holding me when one of the crystals broke before someone's ceremony. It did not go well for me needless to say." He laughed in spite of it admitting, "I actually almost died. But I didn't. I did, however pick up the affectation 'Triton' after the lore. So much so I honestly don't remember another name. In the end whether we are using the name we are given or a name we have chosen in the end is it still we who define it." The smile warmed, "As for the demons? Well I don't think I'd enjoy you needing to spell it out for them, but it could be highly entertaining watching you tell them no, go find someone else to bother."

Chloe smiles wryly and says, "Maybe someday you'll have the honor, and I'll show you how it's done." Meanwhile, Morganna has taken to the air again, getting a broader view of what she has decided is her beach. Its denizens are lucky she's full of clams or they might be in trouble. Chloe trails his fingertips in the water and sea foam. "Chloe sounded familiar," she says. "So I think maybe my name was close to that. For the longest time I was only known as Wylde. I'll answer to either. If I learn of another, I'll add it to the list."

Triton laughed and slowly nodded, "Well let's hope it doesn't have to come to that. I mean they have Hell. It's apparently the way they like it. Why come here?" It was a satire that seemed to speak volumes of 'oh, were it only that easy to do.' "Sadly a shame there's something nice people fight over it inherently ruining it. On the upside of all of that? Well, at least there's something nice. Certainly beats being trapped in the Mojave desert. " All things considered though Chloe seemed at least content for a change of scenery. This was a certifiable bonus in his book. "I'm glad you liked Attilan. Though you knooooow…we can always use the help finding others. Being someone Earth-fluent. Not a bad role to fall into and I hear it beats construction."

"I don't know if I'd say I'm Earth-fluent all the time," Chloe says with a quiet laugh. She tilts her head and studies Triton curiously. "There are others in need of rescue? I wouldn't mind helping find them. That seems more peaceful, and as long as I'm not cut off from Attilan entirely, I don't mind coming back here." She gestures around. "It's Morganna's home. It only seems fair she get to spend some time in it, too."

Triton wobbled his head a bit with agreement, but was happy to encourage the possibility for her. "You have good recon skills, and I think if nothing else your scope of experiences seem to grant you a familiar appreciation for the difficulties of others. Plus we can't just let our prodigal people run amok. That's… frightening. For them. For us too. That's our family on a greater scale. No Inhuman should have to stand alone. Even the ones I want to slap in teh back of the head from time to time for doing something incredibly stupid." He cracked a grin of amusement admitting, "Even I have patience. It takes a really really special skill to push me that far. I think there's an award for it. I don't think it's one anyone wants, least of which is me." He wasn't a pacifist, but it presented to be an absolutely last resort tactic.

"Are there many of those kind?" Chloe asks, and she arches a brow, adding, "I didn't realize so much of diplomacy was resisting slapping people in the back of the head, though I suppose it makes sense." She lowers her hand to the water and coaxes little brown fish to dart around her palm. "You must tell me if I ever come close to winning such a prize," she says, "It will never be my intention to upset you, Triton."

Triton held up two fingers connected by a thin webbing. The grin was effortless, "Only two, Don't worry. I havent' gotten there yet. I have a fundamental belief that reason will win out. And when it does not? There is Karnak. She is a very persuasive woman turns out. It is, sadly, time we head back. The council will need my report." He slid back into the water once more beofore standing up and offering her a hand as a courtesy before heading to shore and his water circulator that he could survive the trip back to Attilan. Irony at its finest.

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