1964-09-05 - Breakfast at Luke's
Summary: Luke lets Gidget vent to get rid of some frustration.
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Groaning as the light hit her eyes she would slowly sit up and put a hand to her head. "…ugh…shit…." She knew she had a bit to drink but didn't think it was enough to give her a headache but who knows. Running her hands through her wild short hair she'd look down and then pulled that sheet up over her form. "….oh yeah…." Gidget would flop back down on the pillow as she put her arm across her eyes and exhaled softly as she let out a yawn. "….I thought I went back home….oops."

Being an early riser, Luke is already out of bed as Gidget awakens. He is over in the corner of the sparsely furnished room, using what limited room he has as a little area to do some pushups in. He doesn't really seem to be even breaking a sweat, casting his eyes up her way and chuckling. "Nope." He finishes his set, shifting to stand "I offered to walk you home, but…you were a little out of it. You decided to stay here instead and, how did you put it…work out your frustrations."

Hearing his voice she'd look over and then facepalmed as she sighed softly. "Let me get out of your hair…." Yes she knew the irony of the statement but it was still funny. Swinging her legs over the bed she would wrap that sheet around her nude body and looked around the room for her stuff. "Didn't think you'd want me crashing here like this after…..ya know. I already caused one shit show." Chuckling she'd finally start gathering up her things from around the room, though there was was an air of irritation about her…just like last night.

Luke Cage chuckles, shaking his head. "No need to leave, if you don't want to." He bends over and picks up stocking, holding it out for her so she can take it. "If I minded you being here, you wouldn't have been here, Gidget. Your little 'shit show' as you put it was nothing to worry about. If anything it's sparked some fire inside to do something about those kind of assholes."

He wanders over, bending over to pick up a pair of panties and holding them out as well, "So, ready to tell me what got you so worked up last night, not that I was complaining in the least. I don't ever think I had seen you that…agitated. Not even during that shit show the other night."

She'd blink as she looked up at him picking up her stuff and blushed as she took her items from him as they were presented. "….alright…." It was as if she was back to that reserved behavior but every so slightly as she dropped that sheet and pulled on her underwear. Looking around, she found her bra then quickly pulled it on as she looked over at him. "Heh….sorry about that. I just…" Trailing off she would slowly pull that stocking on but stopped before taking it off and setting it on the bed with her other gathered items. "Some things get me worked up and I tend to let loose…." Chuckling she would then lean back on her hands as she crossed her legs. "And….I had a meeting with someone about that shit I was telling you about. Unfortunately it won't help your problem but….it can help others. And he was the most arrogant son of a bitch I've ever met. And I've met some arrogant men in my field….."

Luke Cage moves over to flop down on the other side of the bed, placing his hands behind his head and just relaxing with a grin. "I"m all for letting loose. You should never have to apologize for that, nobody should. I mean, as long as it isn't hurting anyone. If it isn't, then express yourself as you see fit."

He shifts around so that he is laying on his side facing her, propping up his head with his hand and resting his elbow on the mattress. "Won't help me huh? Ah well, guess I shouldn't be surprised. It's not like they make bulletproof fabric. I'll just have to keep my clothing budget on the high end." He chuckles, "Maybe I can get rich by selling bullet riddled couture." Luke's brow arches, "He must have been a real winner to get you all worked up like that."

Looking back at him she'd laugh as she shook her head. "I'm a different person…in this situation…" And he would know exactly what she meant as he's seen a few times. Clearing her throat she would lay back then as she tilted her head to look back at him. "I thought it was….a bit more durable but it's not. So back to the drawing board for you. I'll get it figured out I'm sure…..one day." A lick of her lips as she closed her eyes then folded her arms over her chest. "I don't betray a trust….or confidentialities. He wants me to do something that I feel is….weird. But I get where he is coming from….just didn't have to be so….arrogant." A roll of her eyes then. "And then when I was measuring him….he was all 'I'm the best blah blah You'll never see a man like this again'. I could have punched him in his pretty little face….." Taking a deep breath she would relax as she felt herself getting worked up again.

"Wasn't asking you to." says Luke, grinning. "Don't need to know the fool's name to know he is a fool." Luke shrugs, lifting a shoulder then letting it fall. "If you don't feel right doing something, though…maybe you shouldn't do it? Instincts like that are there to try and keep us out of trouble." At the later, Luke guffaws. "Wait…wait. He really said that? Shit. Now I wonder if I should feel all inadequate. Should I worry about my masculinity now? Was he god's gift?"

"Oh not you. I mean him. I just want my clients to feel comfortable is all….." Licking her lips she would tilt her head a bit then nodded. "I have a way around it….and know that the person who he's going to meet….isn't going to put up with his bullshit." A smirk tugged at her lips as she seemed to be just reveling in the thought. "Needless to say….he'll get his wish. He just didn't ask the right questions." For all of her airheadedness sometimes and goofiness, she was still a business woman and one that meant business at that. "And yes, Luke. But you're not funny…." Rolling over onto her stomach she'd look at him and shook her head. "I mean he's attractive but his arrogance ruined that."

"Ouch." says Luke, wincing playfully. "I guess it is a damn good thing I am not trying out to be a comedian then. I'll stuck to bartending, I promise." He shrugs, flopping back onto his back. "Fish used to say that you either you got it, or you don't. If you got it, you don't need to convince others you do." He shrugs, "I don't see the point in being arrogant. There is always someone bigger. Always."

He stares up at the ceiling for a moment, "I'm sure you will do what is best for your clients Gidge. Which includes this guy I suppose, if you were measuring him. But that doesn't mean you can't fulfill his 'requirements' creatively. It's a fine line, but I'm sure you got it handled."

Gidget would laugh as she shook her head a bit. "Bigger……" A snort as she put her face into the bed with a laugh. "Do guys really go into that 'I'm bigger' macho stuff….." Snorting she would look over at him then as she shook her head a bit. "And I'll get it done. I'm either going to pay out the ass for it or hope that he takes pity on a poor girl like me who's trying to help out people that are different." Sighing a bit she would shake her head and put a hand to her forehead. "I don't even know how I got wrapped up in this. I feel like I'm in over my head. I'm a single woman and a normal one at that. I don't have people to have my back if shit pops off…."

It's Luke's turn to roll his eyes with a snort. "Not a bigger dick, Gidge. Not even literally bigger. Bigger as in odds are there is always someone out there who is going to be better than you at what you are claiming to be the 'best' in. Take me for instance. So I say that I'm unbreakable as an adjective, sure. That doesn't mean there isn't something out there that might be able to do damage to me sometime. I don't claim that I am utterly invincible. I don't try to be an arrogant prick about it and thump my chest taking on challengers."

He sighs, shrugging his shoulders again before looking over. "How did you get involved in this, anyway? I mean, it's a niche market to be sure. If you don't feel it, you can just not do it you know. Far as I know, nobody is holding a gun to your head, right?"

"Oh…." Laughing she would shake her head then and nodded. "And true. I mean….you guys have some crazy shit going on. I feel like I need a chart of y'all to keep track of the different things y'all can do." Gidget would prop her head up then as she looked him over and smirked. "I can try to break you…." Winking playfully she would then push herself up and stretch as she looked around for her dress. "And how? I answered an ad…..wasn't what I thought it was." Laughing she would shake her head then loked to him with a smile. "And they're not. I just…..it's not that I don't want to. I just should have thought this through better…" Licking her lips she would shrug a bit. "I just may have to drop off the face of the earth for a bit if it pops off. I can't exactly fight so…."

Luke Cage chuckles, "You are more than welcome to try and break me anytime you feel the need."

He glances over, shifting around on the bed again to face her. "Must have been an interesting ad. Maybe I should go into business like that, put an ad in the paper for work that takes a unique skillset." He smirks, "My luck I would get offers for being a meat shield for a bank robber or something, though bodyguard work…hrm." He thinks for a moment, then shakes his head. "Nah, I like the bar. But if you ever need your body guarded, let me know."

"Well if that's the case…." Laughing she would shake her head a bit as she licked her lips before shaking her head. "But I know it won't happen. As for the ad….I don't recommend it. Might not be the smartest thing to be honest but…" A shrug then as she nodded. "If you're trying to stay low key…I'd stay at the bar. Plus girls ike a hot bartender. You should get ass with no problem…" Laughing she would tilt her head and then licked her lips as she shook her head. "…..I think you've done a pretty good job guarding my body the past few times we've….hung out."

Luke Cage chuckles, reaching a hand over to playfully poke her in the shoulder. "Just be careful you don't end up breaking yourself." He says with a grin before arching an eyebrow playfully, "Only pretty good? Guess I'll have to try better next time. I must be loosing my touch." He winks, trying not to sound to serious. "You're likely right about the whole bartender thing. Low profile, plenty of ass. Who could ask for more, really? I'll never have the fancy car, or the lavish pad…but I don't need those things to be happy."

She'd laugh then. "If break….I will probably enjoy it…." Gidget would shake her head then as she then blinked as she listened to him. "I mean….I like someone who takes initiative….I won't tell you not to." Grinning she would then stand finally and stretched as she looked around a bit. "…where's your bathroom?" Looking back at him then she smiled. "Also….if you know anyone that wants to do some detail work….let me know. I have a…" She'd hesitate as she seemed to think but went back to the point. "There's a showing happening for a new designer at the salon. They're coming from overseas and my boss wants to make sure they're safe and all that fun shit."

Luke Cage laughs in good humor. "Over there, through the door. I'll grab you some towels so you can take a shower." He slides off the bed himself, moving towards a small little dresser and opening a drawer, removing a couple of towels. "Won't tell me not to what? Try better? I'll keep that in mind." He chuckles, offering over the towels. "If your serious, I could close the bar for a night and do that. I, uh, well…let's just say if I was to do that, i'd likely need a rush on that suit. I don't know if anything I have would be up to the level of standards your boss would expect."

"Cool…" She'd wait and then grabbed those towels as she made her way over to that door, opening it up she would start the shower. She'd undress but wrapped that large towel around her before walking back out. "Dude….your suit is cut out, pinned and even some parts sewn together….." Leaning her head against the frame she'd smirk then. "….you thought this was a joke? I may not be good a lot but this….I'm good at. I just need to get you in for a fitting is all…"

Luke Cage blinks, obviously not expecting that. "No shit? I guess I better get to making those tips." He chuckles, sitting back down on the bed, leaning back on his elbows. "I didn't think it was a joke, I just didn't expect it to be done so soon. I thought it would be a month at least, not a few days. Hell, i'm going to have to take the job just so I can pay you." He grins, "Not a bad way to advertise your own work either."

"Don't worry about it….." She'd turn around then and just left it at that as she dropped the towel and hopped in the shower. Gidget frowned a bit to herself as she seemed to be deep in her own thoughts now about the situation. Humming softly she would just clean up for now….at least she had taken an official day off…because she was hella late now.

Luke Cage cocks his head to the side, his smile faltering a bit as he looked through the door of the bathroom. He gets up from the bed and slips out of the little apartment while she is in the shower, returning shortly and wandering into the bathroom with a mug of coffee and glass of water that he places on the lip of the sink before retreating back into the apartment proper. Soon the smell of bacon permeates the air.

The hot shower was just what she needed after being a bit hungover. Sighing she would make her way out, shutting off the water before she dried off. Pulling her underwear back on she'd then loked to see the coffee and water. Raising her brow a bit she would pick them up and walk out to see….nothing. Gidget would blink but then smelled the food cooking as she then followed her nose wherever it goes. Finding him in the kitchen she would smile and nodded. "Thanks….." She'd tilt her head and exhaled as she leaned on the counter next to him. "And as I was saying. Don't stress. I'm not worried about it. Hell you can consider it a gift for saving my ass the other night…." A shrug then as she sipped at that coffee then smiled. "As for my work….don't put my name on it. We'll just say it's the designer's who's in town….."

Luke Cage flips some eggs in a pan and slides some bacon onto a plate. "How do you like your eggs? And if you say anything but scrambled we will have a problem." He grins, looking up with a wink. "Just kidding. How do you like your eggs?" He reaches over and sips at a glass of juice that he has on the counter next to him. He passes over the plate with he bacon on it, along with a napkin. "Naw, man. I'll pay you one way or the other. I don't back down on my commitments. That wouldn't be cool. You tell your bossman that you found yourself a guy to do the work for you. If he asks for qualifications, well i'm sure you can voice for me."

"Aw man….liking scrambled eggs are a deal breaker?" Laughing she would shake her head then smirked as she grinned. "Over easy would be great though." Taking a piece of bacon off of the plate and took a bite. "I mean….I can think of a way you can thank me…." Grinning she would then laugh as she then wrapped her arms around herself a bit. "And it wouldn't be backing down….it's called I changed the terms and called it a thank you." A smirk as she shrugged then shoved the rest of the bacon in her mouth before continuing. "And I'm in charge of it….so….I get say so."

Grinning, Luke says, "Naw, it was more a comment on my lack of cooking skills. As if you wanted them any other way but scrambled…but I think I managed to flip this one ok." Luke forgots to use potholders, and just grips the cast iron with his bare hands. He picks up the skillet and slides the egg off the pan, and onto the plate in front of Gidget. "You want any salt, pepper, hot sauce?"

He glances up, "Oh? What did you have in mind as a thank you? Are you going to make me walk the runway in designer boxers or something?" He grins, going to work on another egg. "Alright, alright…we will call it even. But I really didn't do much. Nothing worth hundreds if not thousands of dollars worth anyway. All I did was ruin a shirt."

Gidget would laugh a bit then and shook her head. "Look….you don't have to try and impress me dude. As long as it's edible. Hell you didn't even have to cook me food…." Grinning she would tilt her had a bit and then looked to the food. Exhaling she would pick up a fork and start to eat like she was starving because….well….she hadn't eaten since yesterday. Looking at him deadpan then she would raise her brow. "….if you didn't catch that innuendo….then you don't deserve it." A smirk then as she would sigh as she heard him then. "….dude if they would have shot me…." A shrug then as she went back to eating. "You did a lot for me. I don't bounce bullets…..so wouldn't have ended so well for me. Or I should say….it would have ended."

"Oh, I caught it. I just wanted to hear you say it." says Luke with a wink and flash of a smile.

He flips the next egg, and the yolk breaks so he just starts to scramble it with a fork instead. "I'm not sure they would have gone that far if I hadn't have stepped in, but I wasn't going to take the chance. Punks like that usually are all talk and bravado, but once someone stands up to their shit they tend to back down eventually. Had I not stepped forward, they probably would have mouthed off to you a bit more, then gotten bored and wandered off." He shrugs, "I wasn't going to take a chance though, so I did what I did. I would have done it for anyone in my place." He puts some salt and pepper on his scrambled eggs, grabs a couple slices of bacon from the plate and starts to eat himself.

Gidget gave him an eyeroll as she just continued to eat her food. "…..of course you did…." Listening to him intently she would just stare at her plate and chuckled. "Look dude…." Setting her fork down, she'd take a sip of her coffee before looking up at him intently. "You didn't have to do anything. Not the first time I was harassed per se. Probably won't be the last if people that don't like my kind find out what I am….." A shrug then as she smiled softly. "I'm used to trying to stick up for myself….keyword is try. So when someone actually does….I take it seriously." Looking back at her coffee she'd swirl it around a bit. "Also…." A smirk would tug at her lips then as she watched him. "….want to go for round two as thanks? Or we can just call it even."

Luke Cage takes another forkful of eggs and slides them into his mouth with a smug grin on his face. He swallows, the mouthful of food, "Yeah, I know I didn't. But if I didn't what kind of shithead would that make me? I couldn't just stand by and watch them harass you like that. I see enough harassment of my kind that I am not going to sit there and watch someone else get treated like that." He sighs, taking another mouthful of food into his mouth, swallowing again. He grins. "Round two, huh? Got some of your energy back?" He sets the plate down, grabbing a slice of bacon from it and popping it into his mouth. "Let's see if I can rate better than 'pretty good' this time…"

She'd sigh a bit and nodded. "I know. I get that. And I think all this….race shit is bullshit. We have another going on in the world without fighting each other…" She'd set that coffee down as she ran her fingers through her damp hair and then looked at the clock. "Well…..it's too late for me to go into the office. Good thing I had already taken the day off technically…." She'd walk over to him and stared up at him then smirked. "It was never about energy….it was about being hungover but…" Leaning in she'd then whisper softly against his lips. "….I expect you to do your damndest…." And with that she'd move away and stretched her arms above her head as she headed right back to where they were earlier.

Luke Cage nods, "It is. We are all human, shouldn't fucking matter what color our skin is." He lets out a little sigh as Gidget pulls away from that almost-kiss, taking a sip of his juice before setting the cup down and following behind her with a grin. "My damnedest? Be careful what you wish for, because you might just get it. Just remember, you asked for this."

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