1964-09-05 - Web-slinging Heart-to-Heart
Summary: Gidget has a heart to heart with Widow after letting her know about meeting up with the Storm
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Gidget had run out of the bar she was in and realized she needed to catch up with her client. She had called Gwen and told her she needed to speak with Widow. The woman had been distracted all day so she ran in and hopped in the shower. After a bit, she'd walk out wrapped up in a towel as she dried her short hair with another. Gidge had promised her friends she'd be back so she figured she'd might as well get dressed to head back out.

It wasn't that long after the shower stopped running that the knock came.
Gidget could tell that the one knocking was the White Widow. There were some telltale signs.
First, the knocking didn't come at the door, but at the window. Second, the person outside rapped lightly with a white-gloved hand, even though she wasn't looking in through the window.

She'd blink a bit as she looked over to the window and tilted her head. "Well….I guess I wasn't quick enough…." Gidget would make her way over to the window and open it up then and stepped back a bit. Still drying her hair she'd laugh. "I thought I'd be done by now. Sorry….." She'd make her way behind that dressing screen that hid her bed but then made a stop by a clothing rack, pulling a few hangers as she talked. "Anyway!" She'd wait to hear her land. "So found a company that makes what I need. Dude is pompous as hell. He wouldn't even discuss money….he said he wants to meet my client….to make sure it's not going in the wrong hands or whatever…." It was clear by her tone she wasn't impressed with his bravado but she tolerated it.

Widow slid in through the open window. It was eerie to see that strange grace in her movements, everything flowing in perfect harmony. She nods as she listens to Gidget, then says, "Well, anything to make this work. You can give him the contact info for Stacy, and I'll settle up any meeting they want to put together." She stepped closer. "How is life treating you, Gidge?"

"Oh god…I'm so rude…" She'd poke her head out from behind that screen and laughed. "I'm alost work work work. I need to chill…" Grinning she would move back behind the screen as she clothes shuffling was heard. "And it's okay…..you know…same ol' same ol'….." She'd sigh a bit as she hesitated then laughed. "I met….a male version of you. Spider-Man….." A chuckle was heard. "He said there's too many spider themed hero….."

Gwen Stacy snorts. "The guy should be glad he's getting all the help. Like there should be a quota of heroes with a particular motif." She had met the guy. Guy asked her if she was going to take it seriously. Jerk.
"Yeah, he's got a little too much webbiing between the ears." She shrugged. "Well, where are you headed? I'd offer you a lift but I'm not sure whatever you plan to wear would be suitable for webslinging. And I wouldn't want to mess up any hairstyle you choose."

She'd laugh as she tossed a bra over that dressing screen and then a towel. "I told him that. I said it looks like you guys need the help…." Gidget would be steady getting dressed as she continued. "Yeah he was…interesting. As for the other stuff….I'll set it up for you guys. I want to be there anyway if I can….." Thre was a sound of disdain in her voice but she let it go. "It's my project and I intend to see it though. I'll message him and set something up. You just let me know when is good for you." She'd sigh a bit as there was silence then a grunt as she was fighting with something then continued. "I'm heading to….the Cigar Factory. I had left a couple of peeps there but I needed to see you for this. I'm going to go say hey then find some trouble." Finally she'd emerge from behind that screen looking much different than normal. Gidge had pulled on some highwaisted black and white argyle shorts that might as well been hot pants, a black fitted belt with a bow and a white cropped tank top; on her feet were some white ankle boots. "As for being suitable….I'm sure no one can look up my shorts. It's not a dress….and my hair I'm just letting curl up." Smiling she would make her way over to the costumed woman and nodded. "Also…how have you been?"

Widow smiles under the mask. "Oh, keeping busy. Catching bad guys. Traveling the city. Keeping my ear to the ground." She appraises Gidget with a slight tilt of the head. "Oh, yeah. you look ready for a jaunt over the rooftops. I was even able to put together a harness you can wear, so you don't have to white-knuckle it the entire trip. When you can dead-lift ten tons, you forget about stuff like that. Sorry."

She'd blink and then laughed as she ran her fingers through her damp short hair. "A harness? Sorry! I guess I was holding onto you too tightly……" Blushing she would make her way over to that coffee table, grabbing that handbag and pulling a strap from the inside. She'd sling it on across her body before turning to face her now. A smile as she walked up to her and tilted her head. "I need to call your friend next time to schedule our little date night over the city…." She'd chuckle as she quickly went to her door to make sure it was locked then hustled back over to her. "I figure tonight I'd just go dancing or something…."

Widow follows. "Well, I was worried you might lose your strength after awhile. Even with me holding you, you shouldn't have to worry about stuff like that," she says pleasantly, following behind Gidget as she moved around the room, getting ready to go out. "I know where the Cigar Factory is. Wouldn't be any trouble at all to take you there."

She'd smile as she went to the window and pushed it open a bit more. Looking down, she'd swallow hard before looking back at her. "….I don't know how you got used to this….." Smiling at her brightly she would wait then, wrapping her arms around her as she nodded. "And thanks….I mean it. I appreciate it….." Looking around she'd then smile. "Would it just be easier if I held onto you though? I don't want to be dead weight…."

Widow chuckled. "You can hold on…but just because you WANT to." She stepped closer, and that aura of something…powerful…can be felt at such close proximity. "Okay. Now, hold on the way you want to. You won't be dead weight, I assure you."

She'd laugh and then took a deep breath as she felt her get closer. Looking at that masked face she'd smile then blushed as she cleared her throat and stepped up to her. Gidget got to her side and wrapped her arms around her neck, one going under an arm as she pressed against her. "Okay….ready when you are."

Widow raised one hand, and then there was that THWIPPING sound, as Gidget felt something settle around her body like gossamer, settling and firming as the seconds tick by. Then the White Widow straightens and Gidget feels her feet leave the ground, Widow not showing the slightest sign of effort.
The sling is around her waist, crossing over her back, holding her torso to Widow's while leaving her hands and legs free.

The climb up along the wall is strange. There is the sense of gravity, but the sling is secure and feels very strong, in spite of its silky feel.
Widow turns to face out into the night, then turns her head slightly to look to Gidget. "Ready for the rollercoaster ride?"

She'd blink as she felt that and looked down as she saw the webbing. Her first thought: will this mess up her clothes? Priorities you know? She'd look over at her then as she made her way out the window then and up the building. Closing her eyes, she'd hold onto her tightly but didn't say anything this go around. As she got to the top she would take a deep breath as she put her face in her neck and nodded. "Yeah….still gotta get used to this if this is going to keep happening…." She'd laugh then as she slowly looked out, trying to brave her fear.

Widow smiles. "Relax. This will be fun."
And then she turns and starts RUNNING towards the ledge. It's almost like the acceleration of a car, and they are doing better than 30 MPH by the time she reaches the ledge and swan-dives off of it.
That feeling of weightlessness, and then the tug as the webline grows taut, and they are off, the wind blowing past her face. It is cool, not cold, like being in a convertible.

Widow doesn't do any of the extreme gymnastics she usually does, but she can help the occasional slow somersault as she arcs upward from the last webline swing, turning over and over, the city lights pinwheeling, and then she fires another webline and the rolercoaster continues, and Gidget can sense every little motor in Widow's body humming along, and they are cruising, without worry or effort or care.

As she heard that, she tried her best to relax but hey…..she's being flown around in the air above the city without a parachute. Looking over at her she would just laugh and nod. "Easy for you to saaAAAAAYYYY!!" And that slight yell was let out as they were thrust off the buidling. Holding on she would laugh as she felt that sensation but then finally started to….relax. Her eyes had closed when they went off the building but slowly they opened. Breathing heavily she would look around then smiled as she finally looked at the city. Those brown eyes went wide with wonder as she saw the skyline. "…..this is great….." It was almost a whisper as she seemed to be talking to herself. Looking to Widow she would smile then. "I envy you guys! So cool and get to see the world through a different set of eyes."

Widow lands lightly on the side of an office building, resting on the plate glass window. She looks inside and sees a cleaning lady stare at her and Gidget. She gives the lady a little wave, then looks to Gidget.
She doesn't want to lay any kind of guilt trip on her. How savage would it be to tell her of exploding bombs, the smell of over-roasted pork?
"My father once told me you can't envy only the good stuff. Like what you do. I can't envy your eye for detail and your skill at fashion without also having to be envious of all the work and the time and the headache and the heartache that carried you to where you are now. So to speak." She smiles wryly. "There's a serious responsibility to having powers. I'm not going to be some super-powered debutante, Gidge. I want to be down in the street, helping people. These powers carry an obligation, much like your skills carry the weight of your reputation."

She would blink as they landed and exhaled a bit. Licking her lips she would see the lady then hesitantly waved as she chuckled nervously. She'd smile as she listened to her then sighed a bit. "You have a point….." Licking her lips she would look up to the sky and then smiled a bit. "Still….I feel like I want to actually do something worthwhile…." Looking over at her she would smile a bit as she nodded. "But I understand. There's down sides to everything thing. As the saying goes: the grass is greener on the other side….." Taking a deep breath she would shrug a bit. "I guess I just want this life to have meaning is all. My father fought in the war…did some damn good stuff. My mother was a nurse during the war…that's how they met…." She'd trail off and then shrugged. "Don't mind me. I'm getting old and realizing I've never truly lived until lately. Worked so hard to get where I am and now I'm realizing being alone isn't worth it."

Widow touched Gidget's cheek. "My father used to say something about that saying. Pardon my language, but he said when people see how green the grass is, they can't smell the bullcrap spread around to make it look that green." She chuckles. "What you do matters. How you use your gifts. You may not be able to lift cars or fly, but you are making something for a young heroine who needs special help. You are, in a very real sense, making it POSSIBLE for her to be a heroine. So use those talents to the best of your ability, Gidge, and you can walk around with your head held high."

Feeling that touch she'd blush as she cleared her throat and looked away. "That's not language, girl….the shit that comes out of my mouth is language…." Laughing softly she would look over at her and smiled. Hearing those words she'd seem to be deep in thought. "….La Couturiere…." She'd murmur as she then nodded. "….our little secret. I'm going to be creating….as another person. My mentor is letting me hide behind my nickname as person from another country coming to do a showing. I'm just 'running' the show…." A shrug then as she looked down to the ground then chuckled. "I figured….it'll seem more cool it was some foreigner….and when you tell people who did your friend's suit….it'll keep me a little out of the limelight."

Widow tilts her head, then chuckles. "My, my…your very own Secret Identity. I like it. La Couturiere. A Maven of Mystery." She thinks for a moment. "Maybe you should wear a mask of your own, an ornate one, to conceal your identity in public."

Gidget would laugh as she shook her head and chuckled. "I think that might be a bit much….." Rugging her now dry hair from flying around she would smile. "I'll just play like I'm the mediator between 'them' and the public. I don't now if I'm a mask type of girl…..unless it's for a masque." She'd poke her playfully then nodded. "I better get there to see if my friends are still there. If not….time to go get drunk!"

Widow nods. "Yes, we've hung around here long enough. Deep breath!"
And then she springs forward, shooting a line and swinging in a wide arc.

A few minutes later, she lands on the roof of the building across from the Cigar Factory, making her way down the side of the brick wall. She hops to the ground, then looks askance at Gidget, hoping she doesn't look ill. That last quadruple backflip HAD been a touch much…

She would nod as she heard that. "Okay!" She'd then let out a scream but quickly stifled it as she didn't want to draw attention. It was….a hell of her ride to say the least. When they landed, she would be holding on for dear life then smiled as she slowly looked up. Breathing heavily she would go to move but then blinked as she realized she was still strapped to her. "Well then…." Breathing heaviliy she would just look at her and laughed. "I need to get off of you if I'm going to go in there. I doubt you want to go int here."

Widow chuckled. "Why? You think there might be trouble for a little slip of a girl like me?" Nevertheless, she begins pulling at the webbing, sliding it up and over her head and slipping out of it. It hangs loosely on Gidget before Widow unwraps it from around Gidget's body, hefting the spidersilk sling before tossing it in a trash can. "Another hour or so, it begins to degrade. 99 minutes, that's as long as it lasts. I've timed it." She sighs. "Pity. I wonder how a dress made of spidersilk would look and feel."

"No….more like you want to walk in there like that? They might tease…." Laughing she would shake her head and then smiled a bit. AS she felt it loosening and then it was gone off of her. Licking her lips she would then smile brightly. "Oh my god….." Gidget would widen her eyes as she got that look. "That…would be….so cool! A limited time dress….literally. We need to figure this out…." She'd bounce a bit, giddy as she seemed to be planning already. "But I digress….." She'd walk over and gave her a hug then. "Thanks for the ride."

Widow returns the embrace, then says, "Listen…seriously. What you are doing for Stature, if you had any idea how much this means to her, to me…" She rests a hand on Gidget's shoulder. "If that isn't a superpower, it SHOULD be."

"Well I'm happy to help! We don't need her butt naked on tv now do we?" Laughing she would put a hand on her's that was on her shoulder than slowly pulled away. "Stay out of trouble….and I'll set up a meeting with Storm…." A grin then as she nodded. "Just be ready…..to meet and for his…..confidence."

Widow grins. "Stay out of trouble? MOI?" She pirouettes, then says, "Don't worry about me. I'll be ready for the guy. Storm, eh? I think I won't have any trouble." She steps back and curtseys. "I hope to see you again soon. And I would love to see all of your designs, not just the costume ones." She winks. "And you have to let me know how much this will all cost."

"Yes….you. I've met a few of you guys and you guys seem to be a magnet." Laughing she would shake her head then nodded. "Yeah….Johnny Storm…fire boy himself." She'd smirk then shrugged. "I think he thinks he's god's gift to women but….meh." Gidget would ruffle her short hair and nodded. "Yeah…totally. Just let me know….you'll have to come by the office one day. Bring your friend Gwen too. We can play dress up with her since you think she needs it." Chuckling she would wave her hands then nodded. "Hell once he lets me know how much this resource is going to cost….I"ll be able to let you know, trust me."

Widow nods, then looks around. The entrance to the breezeway between the buildings is still empty. "Well…Gidget. La Couturiere." She leans closer. "Do your best. That is all I will ever ask of you."

She'd smile then as she blushed at her new little nickname….though it wasn't really new per se. "Well of course….I always put in a hundred and ten percent….." Smiling she would nod then as she sighed softly. "Have a good night! I'm going to go find some trouble….the fun kind."

Widow chuckles. "What a coinkydink. I'm off to find some trouble. My own kind of fun. I hear the 58th Street Stompers are setting up a little rumble with the Bowery Bulls, and I can't miss a party like that."

Shaking her head she'd wave as she make her way inside then, looking around to see if her peeps were still about. Gidget was all smiles now….feeling as if she was making some progress finally.

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