1964-09-06 - Homework
Summary: Kellan and Vic talk super heroes and survival.
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School and classes have started and all the aimlessness of summer seems to have gone from Kellan who has been, frankly, a little lost in all the goings on. Studying though, studying is something that is comforting and familiar, even if he cheats. There are four copies of Kellan in the bedroom. One is stretced out on the bed reading a book in front of him, head propped in his hands, feet swinging. Another is seated at the desk writing a paper, hand written, neatly. A third is seated cross-legged on the floor doing mathematical exercises on a bit of graph paper. The fourth is putting away laundry, folding the clothes and tucking it away into the dresser. This is how Kellan studies.

Vic studies more the old-fashioned way, just one Vic with a book on the bed next to one of the Kellans. He's reading history, specifically the recentish history of World War II. He's taken to history like a fish to water. Humanity is of interest to him, so it stands to reason he'd take an interest in what it's been up to. He looks up and around at the Kellans, grins to himself, and turns a page.

The Kellan on the bed next to Vic gives him a little shoulder-nudge, a quiet hello while they study. He gives Vic a little grin and asks, "How are you doing with it?" He glances over toward the page that Vic is reading to see if it's the same oen that he is, and then he glances back down at the book in front of him. The other reflections each one continue on their own tasks as though they weren't paying attention at all.

Vic nudges back affectionately. "I'm doing all right. The facts are kind of hard to swallow, thinking about what they did to my Opa, but it's important to know." He smiles thinly, a little sadly as he glances back at the page. "I have to wonder what it is in people that could let this happen, when so many individuals are fundamentally decent."

Kellan pushes his book away a little and folds his arms in front of him, resting his chin down on folded arms and frowning just a little bit. "I guess it's easier to be afraid, to hope that someone else will take care of the problem, than fight against it. Though I can't figure out where someone even gets the idea to be that horrible to other people, to hurt and torture and kill other people." He shakes his head with a frown and then glances over at Vic.

"I guess it's easy to justify it and look the other way when you're not the one who's got to pull the trigger," Vic says with a rueful twist of his lips. "And the one who does finds it easier if he's just following orders from the guy who doesn't have to see the results. Layers of shifting the torment and torture so it's all neat and tidy." He shakes his head. "It's not going to happen again, though. I was telling Kaleb the other day, I'll fight it, doesn't matter where or when."

Kellan tilts his head on his arms so that he can look over at Vic, listening and nodding a little bit in agreement on each point. "The more distance you can put between each step, the easier it makes it for people to do things that they never thought that they would do. It's a little bit scary." He nods though in agreement with Vic.

Vic nods and says, "It's pretty awful. I think that's why the world needs heroes. All of this? That was done here?" He taps the book with a knuckle. "All that was nice and legal. It's not like the German people were evil. They just didn't have anyone who stood up. Captain America, the Howling Commandos, guys like that? Thank goodness they were on our side."

Kellan nods his head in agreement and says, "Yeah, it's a good thing that we had some heroes on our side. And it's a good thing now that there are even more heroes." He grins a little lopsidedly at Vic and says, "You're my superhero." It's sappy and silly but also there's truth in it at the same time. The reflection sitting at the desk finishes up the paper and, once everything is piled up on the corner of the desk, it just dissipates, along with the reflection finishing the laundry once it is done.

Vic grins at Kellan dopily. "Nah, you're mine," he says. He glances toward the Kellan doing the paper. "Look at all the things you can do." He glances to the laundry one just in time for it to dissipate. "How does it feel, rejoining like that? Just like getting a bit of distracted focus back? It's kind of weird to see my boyfriend disappearing, but you're right here, so it doesn't distress me like it might if you were in the other room."

Kellan grins back at Vic and shakes his head a little bit with a grin. He desn't see himself that way, though he does glance over at himself sitting on the floor with his book in his lap. The copy on the floor looks up as well and grinsbefore going back to reading. "It feels like.. kind of like when your fingers go numb for a moment if you hit your funnybone? Like.. there's just a sensation of losing sensation then getting it back when things kind of .. rejoin.

Vic waves to the Kellan on the floor, then grins at the one on the bed. "Yeah? That's weird. But better than it hurting or something. Man, when did you first realize you could do it? Was it freaky? Did it just happen one day? I don't know much about mutations. I was just sort of made to be this way from the start."

"It's a little bit of a weird sensation but it doesn't hurt at all. It's all just me so it just feels like… I dunno, as if I had eight hands and then six, and then two, you know? No, I don't know.. it's hard to explain. But it just feels a little odd," Kellan grins a little lopsidedly. He says, "It started with the telepathy, and then one day I realized that I could split my mind and do two different things at once mentally, like watch TV and do my homework but I could only do one physical thing and multiple mental things. Then one day it just.. sort of happened. I was trying to do a bunch of different things at once and suddenly I realized that I was physically doing more than one thing at once. And I realized I'd made a copy. There was another me right there in front of me. Was the weirdest thing I'd ever seen. Then I figured out how to make it go away.. and then how to make more than one…" He grins. "Honestly at the very beginning I just realized that I was hearing things that people weren't saying out loud.. and that's how it started out for me."

Vic whistle slow. "You know what you could do well? Ops. That's a thing, right? The guy who keeps all the information during a mission. You could even have one of you with each group, as long as you didn't stress yourself out, but…" He sets his book aside and pushes himself up onto his side, gesturing with both hands. "One of you keeps an ear on the information coming and going, and the ones of you in the field relay it to us. DOes that make sense? Am I making sense?"

"The one problem with it right now is that.. the more of me there are, the easier it is to actually kill me, because if one of me gets hurt — all of me gets hurt, and if one of me dies.." Kellan says with a little shake of his head. "I can do a lot of mental stuff. Like, I could man a radio and do research and study a map and provide intelligence from multiple sources, but if I go out.. it's better if there's less of me in danger than otherwise." He nods and grins "You're making sense. It's just a little dangerous right now.. until I figure some way that I can detach them, so that if something happens, I don't get myself killed.."

Vic grimaces and says, "Never mind that, then." He chews his lower lip as he thinks. "Manning a radio would be better. I want you to stay nice and safe." Hypocrite. Though he is harder to kill. "I still it would be upsetting to see one of you die, even if I knew it wasn't you-you, because it would be. I mean we'd do what we had to do for the cause, and I'll never tell you what you can and can't do, but it would be a hard pill to swallow."

"I wouldn't want to watch you die either," Kellan points out, rolling over onto his side and propping his head up with one hand as he regards Vic, "But I'm not going to die, and I'm hoping that as I keep practicing, this.. separation, that maybe I can figure out how to make each one completely separate, just tied mentally instead of physically. Then it would at least be easier. I would dissipate them before they died, but in the event that there was an accident and I couldn't…"

Vic smiles faintly and says, "I guess there's just going to be one of the occupational hazards." He strokes a lock of Kellan's hair back from his brow. "But at least when you can separate, I know you'll still be with me when we go home." He sighs, shuddering. "We'd better not risk it with you til we're super sure, babe. We couldn't handle it without you, Kaleb or me."

Kellan leans over and rests his temple against Vic's and says, "I'm not going to risk it right now, no. I'm going to be careful. I told Billy that I'd be careful, and I'm telling you, and I will tell Kaleb. There's a lot of things I can do for stuff that we are prepared for, lots of research and organization and stuff that doesnt' involve directly being in the line of fire."

"Lots of things you can do I can't even wrap my mind around," he says wistfully. "And you can do it safely." He lets out a long breath. "So yeah, be careful." He toys with Kellan's hair again. "Kaleb and I are really getting along, because we got this one big thing in common and it's loving you."

Kellan grins a little lopsidedly and says, "There are things you can do that I can't even begin to do. I mean I can do a lot of things with my mind but I can't move things or make them float, and I can't die and come back, and I can't do some of the other things that you can do." He reaches out and brushes his fingertips along Vic's jaw. "You are pretty amazing." Then he ducks his head and grins, "Kaleb's a good egg. I don't think people realize how good he tries to be."

Vic leans into the touch along his jaw. "We make quite a team," he say. Brains and brawn. We're the whole package." He smiles crookedly. Then he says, "Kaleb's good. Even if he doesn't believe it, or no matter what anyone else thinks. You have to look at results, and they speak for themselves."

Kellan rolls over then and flops onto his back, grinning. "We do," he agrees. Then he says, "Oh, Billy came over and attuned me to the wardrobe so that I can go through it now. I went and saw the lair and put in some requests for the kitchen stuff and big fridge and other things that you mentioned. I think it's going to be cool once we get it all fixed up."

Vic has completely forgotten about homework in favor of gazing down at Kellan with his heart in his eyes, just like the ight before and how he will tomorrow. "I'll have to talk to him," he says. "I hope I'm supposed to be able to get in, too. And it won't matter if we move the wardrobe with us? It'd be kind of a pity if he had to do it over once we move."

"Yep. He was going to set you up too when he came by but you were working. He'll come by and get you all set up as soon as he can and then we'll all be able to go in and out and get to our own apartments," Kellan says, "And I didn't even manage to lose my pants this time." This seems to be the bar for interdimensional travel for him — returning with all the clothes he started out with. He grins up at Vic, staring into those pale blue eyes with his own darker ones. He reaches out then and lightly boops his nose. Boop.

"I still haven't told him about what happened," Vic says. "That's a sign it's been too long since I've seen my brother." He laughs, then admits, "It wouldn't be the worst thing to happen to me if you lost your pants, but I can see how you might need them." The boop causes him to wrinkle his nose. Then he gives Kellan a kiss. "We should go to Coney Island soon," he murmurs, "I'll win you something nice."

"Yeah, I think it will be cool once we can all hang out there. I think it'll let us all hang out more to have that one place that we can go that isn't one another's homes," Kellan says thoughtfully. Then he grins at the kiss, leaning up and returning it before he tucks an arm beneath his head and grins broadly, "Sure. We should do that before it starts to get cold and places start boarding up."

"How about tomorrow night?" Vic asks. "We'll eat early, do our homework after, maybe? I want to ride the Cyclone, and the Ferris Wheel. Then you'd better make some space in this room because you're going home with every stuffed animal they got." He winks, then his brow furrows. "Gosh, I hope I don't break any of the games." There was that pin in bowling he snapped in half with a toss.

"Tomorrow night sounds good. I don't think I'll have much to do in the way of homework considering I got caught up with most verything tonight. "I think we'll be able to fit the stuffed animals in ehre somewhere," he adds quietly with a little grin. Then he laughs at the thought of Vic inadvertantly wrecking the game.s "I think itwill be okay."

Vic clucks his tongue and says, "That's right, you can spread it out. That's all right, I do a lot of my homework at work." He tries not to look too abashed as he remembers the bowling alley. He also put a chip in the ball, but he didn't notice that til later. "I think I'll start soft and work up from there instead of the other way around," he says.

Kellan grins and leans up and presses another kiss to Vic's lips before he rolls back onto his stomach and closes up the book that he had been reading from. "You will do just fine," he grins, "And I will try and win something for you, too. Though I'm not too good at carnival games. We'll see. It may be a tiny bear." He grins sidelong.

Vic says, "I know you could win me something, but you don't have to unless you want to." He gathers Kellan's hand, fingers intertwined, and he kisses the back of it. "Besides, baby, I already got the best prize there is right here."

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