1964-09-06 - Meeting the Widow
Summary: Gidget shows up with Widow at Luke's place, and Jessica comes in later to make her presence known
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There could be a audible muted scream heard but then a laugh as a shadow could be seen outside of that door and set of windows. There was silence and then that door would open up to reveal Gidget. She was dressed in some 'retro' wear in some black fitted cigarette pants and peach colored crop top with a pair of peach colored heels. Licking her lips she would look around then stepped aside to let her friend inside. "Here we are!"

A few seconds later, a…PERSON walks in behind her, looking very unlike a normal person. Perhaps it is the costume. Either that, or a person with no mouth at all walked into a bar….
This has to be a joke of some kind.

It's a typical night at the Factory. The little dive bar is mostly empty save for a few regulars who are passed out at the tables in the back. Luke is at his regular spot behind the bar, polishing the bar top with a towel absently as he reads a book held in the other hand.

At the sudden noise outside, he glances up and arches a brow as he looks out the window, the towel being dropped and book set down just before Gidget wanders in the front door, and then her companion enters a few moments later. "Oh, hey Gidge…" he says with a smile on his face, before catching a glance at the new arrival "…and guest?" Luke looks over the newcomer with a brow raised, "Whose your friend?"

She'd shut the door after the girl and smiled brightly as she saw Luke. "Hey!" She'd wave and motioned for Widow to follow her. Humming softly she would make her way to the bar and sat down, sitting her handbag on the counter. "This is Widow….." She'd smile and then motioned to Luke as she looked to the other woman. "And this is Luke, the owner of the bar!"

Widow ponders something, but then decides against it. She sits down on a barstool, settling in almost primly. She nods to Luke, then says politely, "Evening, sir. White Widow, vigilante superheroine." She pauses. "Before you ask, yes, Black Widow and Spider-Woman were taken."

"Widow…right." Luke smirks, giving the costumed woman a once over before looking at Gidget and giggling. Yes, the big man giggles at Gidget before he looks back to Widow. "Do you shoot webs?" He gives Gidget another look and reaches under the bar, pulling out a couple of glasses and setting them on the bartop. "Well, Widow, I know what Gidget here drinks, what about you? You a wine or whiskey kind of girl?" As he waits for an answer, Luke reaches to the shelves behind him and retrieves a bottle of scotch, pouring a glass for Gidget.

Gidget would laugh at Widow's comment and just facepalmed then. That's when she remembered a comment that Luke had said earlier today and almost burst into laughter. Luke was /not/ helping at all as her kept asking these questions. "Oh my god just get me a scotch…." Laughing would put her arms up on the counter as she propped her head up. Now she was going to stay quiet.

Widow looked along the bar. "Well, I do shoot webs, but I don't want to just go firing off webs here…wait." She looks down the length of the bar and sees an empty glass next to the hand of a dozing patron. She hmms, then extends her arm, and suddenly there is a line leading from her wrist to the empty tumbler. She grasps the webline, then gives it a flick of the wrist and the tumbler glass JUMPS from the other end of the bar into the gloved hand. She tugs the webbing loose, then places the glass on the bartop in front of Luke.
"Virgin strawberry daquiri, please?"

"Already did, Gidge. I'm way ahead of you." Luke says as he points to the glass in front of her. He turns his attention back to Widow and watches the little demonstration, letting out a little laugh. "Shit…I guess I owe you a drink, Gidge. That one is on the house." He glances towards the fashionista and grins before taking the glass from Window and starting on making the drink. "A virgin daiquiri. Don't get much call for those here. So…how did you two meet?" He finishes making the drink, sliding the glass back in front of Widow.

"You're the best…" She'd laugh then as she heard that comment and pointed at him. "Ha!!" She'd look to Widown and shook her head. "I told him how I met Spider-Man and helped him knock out some rhino dude thing. Then he asked if he he shot webbing out of his ass….because you know…..spider." She'd smirk as she picked up that glass, taking a sip. Hearing the question she almost choked then cleared her throat as she looked over at him. "On a roof….." She'd grin then. "She's how I got here the past couple nights. She gave me a ride."

Widow smiled, then looked down at the drink. She pulled the mask up, took a sip between pink undecorated lips, then pulled the mask down again. "She's doing a favor for a friend of mine. I challenged her to create a costume that changes size when the wearer does."

"Oh, so she is the one that you are dealing with the pompous asshole for." says Luke with recognition in his voice as he looks over to Gidget. He grabs another glass from under the bar and pours himself a drink, leaning on the bar top somewhat between the two. He looks to Gidget again, and grins. "On a roof? What the hell were you doing on a roof? " He looks to Widow, "Did she help you by dropping a sewing machine on someone as well?

She'd wince as she heard Luke and cleared her throat. "Sshhh…." She'd laugh as she looked to Widow and grinned. "Eehh….maybe asshole was a bit harsh…." Gidget would shoot Luke a look then. "And I met her….at the Empire State Building….." Licking her lips, she would then take a sip as she then murmured. "….now you're just making fun of me…."

Widow raises an eyebrow. "I stopped a convenience-store robbery one hour ago, and suddenly I'm not the most interesting person in this bar anymore." She grins as she lifts the mask to take another long sip, then lowers it again. "I think I *really* want to hear this story."

Luke Cage chuckles, taking a sip from the scotch and looking between the two. "What? Changed your mind about the guy?" He shrugs a shoulder and looks to Widow, "Apparently Gidge thinks I am going to make fun of her for something, which means she isn't going to give me the story straight. Maybe I should get the story about how you met from you instead." He grins, lifting his glass to his lips again for another sip. "So, whose going to spill the dirt first I wonder?"

Gidget would raise her brow at Widow then shook her head as she looked to Luke then. "I told you….on top of the Empire State Building. I answered an ad looking for a seamstress….and boom, doing a solid of her for her friend." A shrug as if it was really no big of a deal, finishing off that glass of scotch. Sighing she would look over to Widow and nodded a bit. "Spider-Man got in a scuffle outside my apartment. Fight was going on, he made a mention about a this big rhino looking guy's weak spot was his head so….." Gidge would just shrug then. "I ran upstairs to my apartment, opened a window and dropped my mother's old sewing machine on his head. Boom….out like a light."

Widow BLINKS. "Wow…that's actually pretty amazing, Gidge. You are a woman of many hidden talents. Good aim, too." She giggles softly. "I have a friend who wants to be a superheroine, but she grows and shrinks. So, good luck finding a costume off the rack."

"Right, right…" says Luke, reaching for the bottle to pour Gidget another glass. "I forgot you mentioned it was a want ad." He looks over at Gidget and cocks his head, "Sorry. I wasn't trying to make fun of you at all." He looks to Widow and nods, "Yeah..I could see how that might be a difficultly. One use of their power and it could get a bit em-bare-ass-ing." He smirks, "I think, though, if anyone can help out your friend, it would be Gidge here. She is remarkably talented." Luke looks back to Gidget, "So, did you make any more progress on the fabric? Sounds like you have a slightly higher opinion of whats-his-name than you used to."

She'd nod a bit. "Yeah. I normally don't answer want ads but I was curious. Plus I'm trying to branch out on my so I figured why not, right?" She'd look over to Widow and pointed over at her. "Plus it's been fun hanging out with this one. She's taken me jumping off of buildings….I'm slowly getting used to it." Gidget would then smile over at Widow. "I'm okay. Just a lot of practice you know….." Sighing she would then cut her eyes over at Luke as she blew him a kiss. "Thanks for the refill. But yeah….it'll be getting delivered soon I hope. As for opinion? Meh. He's just arrogant….but he's getting me the goods I need so I'll tolerate it for now."

Widow nods. "Yeah. I actually met the Spidey-Guy. Wanna know what he told me?" Mask up, sip, mask down again. "He said I should be sure that this is the sort of thing I want to do. Can you believe the nerve of that guy?" She shakes her head. "I'm not going to burden you with my problems. All I can say is that I have very good reasons."

She'd chuckle a bit. "He also said….you guys are infringing on his copyrights." Gidget would snicker softly as she sipped at her scotch quietly then. She found it funny he thought that but…he /is/ the only spider /man/. Looking over at her she'd smile. "Don't even stress. I get get it. I wouldn't even worry. I know everyone has a reason for doing this type of stuff."

Finishing off the scotch in his glass, Luke pours himself another. He tips his glass towards Gidget and grins, "Jumping off buildings?" He turns to Widow and grins, "That must be some thrill. I wonder what that would be like, to just jump off a building like that. I wonder…" He ponders for a moment, then shakes his head. "Nah…probably kill myself." He grins at Gidget, "Well good. I'm glad that is at least working out for you. " He turns to Widow, "Well, it's a big commitment to take on. Some people don't want to bring that much attention to abilities they may have, so it's a fair question." He shrugs a shoulder, "I'm sure your reasons are good. You have enough conviction to have made a costume and a name for yourself. I don't know that I would do that."

"Well, it just means that I am completely, totally committed." Widow pauses for a moment to lift her mask and take a sip before pulling it down again. "…or that I SHOULD be. Besides, I'm exactly meeting heroes at the local bar or anything."

"Well, it just means that I am completely, totally committed." Widow pauses for a moment to lift her mask and take a sip before pulling it down again. "…or that I SHOULD be. Besides, I'm not exactly meeting heroes at the local bar or anything."

"I won't lie….I screamed like a little girl the first time. Now I'm getting a bit used to it." Chuckling she would nudge Widow playfully then. "We're going to go over the city once….she's going to show it to me from a different perspective." Smiling she would then just shake her head a Luke at his comments and just sipped her drink. Listening to Widow she'd finish about half of her drink then. "Naw. As I've told Luke before, I envy people like you. But we've….had this talk haven't we?" A wink as she started to run her fingers around the rim of her glass.

Luke Cage chuckles. "Maybe that's what I should do. Maybe I should have a 'hero' night, and give a discount to folks who come in costume. Of course, I would get Joe over there in a pair of long johns and a towel for a cope just for the discount. At least it might keep away rifraff like the other night. Clean up the neighborhood some." He shrugs, taking another sip of his scotch, glancing to Widow. "Sure I can't offer you something with a little more omf? Don't usually serve too many virgin drinks in here. That's got to be mostly sugar."

Jessica Jones arrives at the bar looking almost put together for her, meaning she's not yet inebriated and doesn't appear to have just rolled out of bed. Ironically, that probably means she's in a worse mood than usual - drunk Jess at least tends to be a little bit more agreeable and likely to overlook things that annoy her. Sober Jess tends to hate the world and be more than free in letting the world know it. If it's any comfort, she probably hates herself even more.

"Luke, I'm gonna need just a line of shots, from nip to nip, lined up right here in front o' me," she says, plopping down. Then she turns her head and sees Widow there in her costume and just stares for a long moment. "What the flying fuck are you wearing?"

Widow chuckles. "Yeah, imagine ME intoxicated. Drunkenly spraying webs all over the place. Halloween a month early."
Widow is just about to expound on that concept when the mad witch Hell sent after her shows up. At least, it feels that way. She watches Jessica show up at the bar and make her request.
She looks down at herself when Jessica blurts out her question, then back at Jessica with a growing smirk. "Well, miss, when a threaded needle and a bolt of fabric love each other very, VEYR much…"

"Oooh! Do a Halloween party!! Get yourself a date for it dude, hire someone else to workd the bar and let me make you costume!" She would laugh then as she grinned. "Ooh! I can throw a party here for you! Or maybe that new designer! They should be in the country for a couple of months!" Gidge was all excited as she then laughed. "I asked her too but she said no." She'd then see the new person walk in then blinked as she heard her. Well then….making a hell of a first impression. Looking to her drink, she'd just murmur softly as she snickered at Widow's response. "Eh bien n'est-elle pas un rayon de soleil…" She'd clam up then as she just looked at her glass of scotch. Boy it was suddenly interesting. Yup!

Seeing Jessica wander in, Luke is already moving to grab the bourbon from the shelf behind him. "Looking good tonight, Jess. Haven't had to hide in any dumpsters yet tonight?" Luke grins, moving to line up about 5 shots in a row for the PI, before leaving the bottle at the end of the row. "Shall I put this on your tab, or are we still working quid pro quo?" He glances between Jessica and Widow and lets out a laugh, turning his attention to the vigilante for a moment. "I doubt one drink would cause you to do any premature webbing around this place, though I may have Gidge call you next month for some decorations now that you mention it." He looks over to Gidge and smirks. "Me in a costume? What the hell would you put me in? A goofy yellow shirt and some type of tiara? I'd look a fool. Still, might be amusing if nothing else. What do you think, Jessica? Should I do a party here?"

Jessica Jones snorts, "Well, the needle and fabric may love each other, but they seem to hate themselves. But hey, you wanna get drunk dressed like a condom, don't let me stop ya, kiddo. You do you," she says. The stream of French just makes Jessica tilt her head and narrow her eyes, "If you wanna call me a bitch or whatever you just said, do it in English, at least. I'm a big girl, I can take it."

She hits her first two shots, one after the other, barely seeming to swallow as she takes the booze down. She raises a finger to Luke, "I can get you a little cash," she says. "And no, costumes are stupid. Superheroes are stupid. Don't be a stupid superhero. You can do good without dressing like a Macy's balloon."

Widow watches Jessica drink, which is impressive. The comment stings a little, but what of it? Like this alcohol-to-urine converter would know what she's talking about…

"Well, you are entitled to your…" Vitriolic, whiny-butt, alcohol-fueled. "…opinion."

Gidget would giggle at Luke then as she shook her head. "Maybe….a gladiator or….." But she was cut off as she heard the woman. Slowly she would turn her head and blinekd a few times. "Ma'am…I don't know you….but…." Now she'd turn to face her. "If I wanted to call you a bitch….I'd say the word bitch. As for what I said….I said 'well aren't you a ray of fucking sunshine'…." Gidget would frown a bit as she then looked to Widow and sighed a bit. "And on that note…." She'd pick up her glass and downed her scotch. "I stop drinking….or I turn into my father…." Sighing she would then look to Luke with a smile. "Water, please?" Looking back to her friend in the suit she'd smile. "Anywho….you should come to the big opening at the office. It's a party! Or….well maybe send Gwen! She might have fun."

Luke Cage snorts at Jessica. "I said nothing about being a superhero. I was talking a costume party for Halloween. That doesn't mean I am going to be running around in tights." He walks back over and picks up his own tumbler of scotch, taking a sip before moving over to get Gidget a glass of water, and slides it up onto the bar in front of her. He looks between Gidget and Jessica and chuckles with a shake of his head. "I'd make introductions, but it seems you two are quite on your way to becoming friends already." He looks to Window with a shrug. "If you change your mind, let me know. DO you want another virgin at least?"

Jessica Jones grins, "Oh yeah, I'm sugar and spice and everything nice, I am," she says, almost seeming to like Gidget better for talking back to her. Well, like might be a strong word, but less openly hostile is probably as close as Jessica gets.

"Costume party? Are you ten?" she snorts, "Bobbin' for apples and trick or treat and all that shit is what kids do to feel alive before they're old enough to drink," she says.

Widow nods as she pushes the empty glass to Luke, then reaches behind her into a thin backpack and pulls out a $20. "For the two drinks so far. Besides, considering what she's having…" She hooks a finger to Jessica, "Then you someone to offset her. Consider me like a photograph." She chuckles. "Because it looks like you already have the negative."

Gidget would smile at him and nodded. "What do I….?" And Widow just beat her to it, sighing softly. Giving a shrug she'd nod. "What do I owe you for the second drink?" She'd pull her handbag over and opened it up as she sighed a bit. Looking over to Jessica, that brow would raise but she seemed to be talking more to Luke she'd chuckle. "Becoming friends with the one that acts like someone took a shit in her cereal this morning? Suuuuure." Gidge would eye the woman a bit and smirked. "So you're just what little girls are made of….when they're on the rag and have a stick up their ass. Got it." Rolling her eyes then she would pull out some cash and slid it over to Luke. "Yeah….time to cut me off…." She'd look to Widow with a smile then. "And here I thought I was pissy…." She'd frown and then looked to Jessica then. "Have you /ever/ been to any functions….that are costume based? A masque? A themed….anything?" Those dark eyebrows were raised then as she genuinely curious. "BEcause I for one….will not bob for anything with my make-up on and hair done…"

Luke Cage goes to work making another virign daiquiri for Widow, glancing over at Jessica. "Don't worry about her. I can handle Jessica, her attitude and her bar tab." he says with a grin, sliding the drink in front of Widow and taking the cash to put into the till. "She's a regular, even though she is a pain in my ass sometimes." He shakes his head, chuckling. "Well, I wasn't planing on having boobin' for apples or any kid games, Jess, but now you put the idea in my head. Maybe we will play a game of pin the tail on the PI. Besides, I know you…if I make the drinks half off for anyone in costume, at the very least you would show up in a bedsheet toga." He turns to Gidget and shrugs, taking the offered cash and making change which he places back on the bar. "Careful, Gidge. You're going to be besties if you keep that up. Jess' native tongue is insult and sarcasm. You're just speaking her language now."

Jessica Jones snorts, "Again, no, haven't been to anything costume based because I don't go to birthday parties for eight year olds," she says. "And I wouldn't worry too much about losing your make-up - people can tell you're a clown without it, I promise," she says.

She tosses a few shots down and lights up a smoke, "And if you wanna pin me ever again, Luke Cage, it's gonna take more than a little bit of liquor. It's gonna take a LOT of liquor."

The front door opens and a voice calls out, "Hey, buddy. I'm taking a table over here. Expecting someone."

Gwen stops.
*"It's a tough old world, Gwen."*
No. No. God, NO. It CAN'T BE.
She turns to look and finds herself twenty feet away from the man who murdered her father and Johnny.
As time seems to freeze, she finds herself comtemplating breaking every bone in his body. But she can't.
She turns back quickly to her drink, suppressing a suddenly-cold shiver.

She'd roll her eyes at Luke's comment and sighed. "The only thing it sounds like she speaks is bullshit, Luke…." Gidget would sip at her water but when she heard Jessica's comment she would stop and slammed that glass down. She'd slowly stare at her, those eyes narrowing but just looked her over before grabbing her handbag. She'd look at Widow and Luke and stood up from her stool. "And on that note…I'm going to make that walk home…." She'd look at the change in Widow's demeanor and blinkes but just watches before put a hand on her. "I'm going to go before this lingette de cul…." She'd look to Jessica and feign whispered. "….that means asswipe…." She'd look to Widow then. "…gets me riled up while I've been drinking. I have work in the morning…and need to not be out all night anyway." She'd give her friend a hug and then looked to Luke. "Come by my office tomorrow so I can get your stuff finished. Cool?"

Luke Cage laughs at Jessica, shaking his head and reaching under the bar for an ashtray. He walks it over to Jessica, sliding it onto the bar top. "Duly noted, Ms. Jones. I'd still place money on that you'd show, if only just to make snarky comments at other peoples expense." He winks at the PI, picking up the bottle of bourbon and refilling a couple of the empty shot glasses. "I wonder why I bother with the glasses with you?" He grins, turning back to Gidget and Widow. He gives Gidget a nod, "Sure thing. I'll call ahead to make sure you are not with another client." He gives Gidget a wave, and then looks to Widow curiously as his eyes move over to the other table. "Keep safe on the way home."

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