1964-09-06 - Off to Find Trouble
Summary: Target acquired….and now post meeting web-slinging!
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Widow chuckles. "Trouble? Hey, finding trouble is one of the things I do very well. Want some help?"

Gidget would sigh as she watched him take off then rolled her eyes. Looking to Widow she would smile then as she nodded. "I don't need your type of trouble. I'm squishy…." She'd laugh as she nodded a bit. "But if it's boys…then yes."

Widow snerks. "I'm not sure I should be cultivating a relationship with some strange guy right now. I should probably head out, though. I hear word about some gangs starting trouble in Brooklyn." She fires a webline, then looks back to Gidget. "I could still drop you off someplace. I have that much time at least, and good luck getting a cab at this hour."

She'd laugh then as she winked and nodded. "Why? Because of secrets and all? Also….what about the Spider guy?" Gidget would wiggle her eyebrows and smirked. "You can both keep your masks on…." She's laugh as she walked over then and smiled as she walked over to her and out of habit, she would wrap her arms around her neck then as she nodded. "I guess I can go by my friend's place back in Harlem. You could come for a minute. You might like the place. Or I can bring Gwen by and take her for a drink."

Whoo, boy. Right now Harlem seems safer than navigating the Gwen/Widow thing.
"IIIII…don't think Gwen will be up to it. She's still dealing with a lot. I don't drink, but I can always got something without alcohol." She starts spinning up a sling for Gidget. "I'm kinda leery of what might happen if *I* get drunk." She looks around. "Sure…we can swing by Harlem."

Yep, she said it.

She would laugh as she nodded and adjusted that sling. "Fair enough…" Holding onto her tightly she would smile and shrugged. "Oh….do you get a bit wild?" Chuckling she would then nod her head. "Let's get to the Cigar Factory and go see if my friend is there….but I'm going to get a drink even if he's not."

Widow looked back at Gidget, and she can almost senses the eyes appraising her behind the mask. "Depends on who it's with."

And then she jumps from the ledge, and they are off on the White Widow Ride, the best rollercoaster in Manhattan.

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