1964-09-06 - Superfashion
Summary: In which Johnny meets up with Gidget and the White Widow to arrange for fashion statements.
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Gidget had made that phone call to Johnny and set up this specific time and place for the meeting he had requested per their descussion. So what did she do? She went ahead and spoke to her client about the arrangement. So there she was on the rooftop of her office building. Humming softly she, she looked much different from the office as she planned on at least going to a club or two after this to relax. Looking at her watch, she would see it was almost time and just adjusted that handbag on her shoulder then that matched her peach colored heels. The rest of her outfit? She was dressed in some 'retro' wear in some black fitted cigarette pants and peach colored crop top. Actually wearing a bit more than her day make up, she looked less like a young girl and more like a young woman with her slight baby face. Now….she just waited.

Gwen was whispering to herself, "Crap crap crap crap…" for the past five minutes.
One little bank robbery. ONE. And it had to be on the way to La Courturiere's!
She hoped to God she didn't smell like lead or cordite, because it got CRAZY in there.
Two minutes later, she landed on the roof of the building, slightly out of breath, and one minute late.
"Sorry I'm late!" she said quickly, before anyone could get a word out.

High in the sky a fireball streaks; it only vaguely looks at all like a human shape from a distance. But it roars down towards the rooftop, and at the last moment before it hits, the flame slows and extinguishes, and Johnny Storm lands deftly. He's wearing his Fantastic Four uniform, black and fitted with the F4 symbol over his heart. He flashes a grin to Gidget when he sees her, crossing his arms over his chest before his turns to regard the other woman with a curious expression on his face, "I'm Johnny." he introduces himself in a tone that says 'but of course you knew that'.

She'd look up and blinked as she heard that thump of a landing and laughed. "Widow….you're fine…." Walking over she give her a hug and nodded. "You're fine….he's just…." And just like that that bright flame in the sky comes by and stops right over and lands there. Those brown eyes would look him over in that uniform, smirking slightly before she would shake her head. "Well since he beat me to it…." She'd motion over to the girl with the mask. "And this….is White Widow…." Gidge would put a hand on her hip as she kicked it out, putting more weight on one leg. "I hope we didn't pull you from all of your adoring fans and girlfriends….."

Widow raised one eyebrow. Odd how the painted-on stylized eye reflected that. "Pleased to meet you. I understand this is regarding the current…project?…I asked La Couturierre to help with. it's a very unusual problem, and I hope it can get figured out."

"There's always time for the people." remarks Johnny idly, his grin lasting a moment before he shakes his head and gestures towards his chest, "I was patrolling for trouble, actually. Thus, the uniform. I don't spend *all* of my time flirting— I mean, the Future Foundation does expect me to save the world from time to time in return for the stipend they pay me." He nods his head towards the White Widow, looking her over frankly for a moment, "As I understand it, you have special needs. Reed's fabric is… patented and proprietary, so I wanted to meet you before I let it go."

She would wince when she heard her little nickname spilled out and sighed a bit. Well there goes that. She'd look to Johnny and chuckled a bit. "I mean I'm sure you of all people could figure out how to kill two birds with one stone…." Those brown eyes would then look to Widow with a smile. "Also…the Couturiere thing….that's between us…." A sigh then as she looked over at Johnny. "And now you. So if you could not call me that….ever….in public. That'd be super swell." That smile was on her lips still as she nodded. "And as she said, yes. It needs to be able to change and stuff as I said so…." She'd look to Widow with a smile. "I'm hoping I can get this done for her sooner than later….I like to get my clients finished as soon as I can."

Gwen inwardly groaned. Great. She's trying to to blow her own cover, and Stupid Mouth decides to just blurt it out. "Oh, JEEZ…I'm sorry." She face-palms before it was ever considered cool, looking down. "Please ignore the idiot spider-girl in the corner. I swear, sometimes it seems I only open my mouth to CHANGE FEET…"

"Honestly? I wouldn't have even noticed or remembered if you hadn't had made an issue of it… I don't speak french and couldn't remember a french word if my life depended on it." Johnny replies with an amused grin, shaking his head. He looks between the two of them, and answers Gidget first, "Getting the fabric wouldn't take that long— the extruders are in the lab. The question is if it would suit in this case. Can you give me an idea of what it is you need it for? Like, I need it so I don't end up naked everytime I flame out. I mean no one would mind but it would be distracting."

She'd chuckle a bit at Widow and smiled. "It's fine….." Looking back to Johnny she would shift weight on her feet as she smiled. "Same reason you need it: to not end up naked when someone uses their powers. I mean….." She'd look to Widow then with a grin and winked at her before looking back to him. "I'm sure anyone ending up naked would be a distraction when they're doing their thing." A simple shrug then as she looked to Widow then. "Anything you want to add? I'm just the hired tailor…."

Widow sighed. "It's for a costume for a friend of mine. She…she has the ability to grow and shrink. I think she can get as small as one inch and go up to…okay, 250 feet tall. Remember ATTACK OF THE 50-FOOT WOMAN? Potentially, her bigger sister." She looks around. "She's afraid she's going to get arrested for public indecency before she can help anyone."

"Oh, that's easy then. I'll just program the extruder to put out fabric suitable for Reed, since he does the whole bendy-stretchy thing." Johnny nods his head slowly, and he looks betweent he pair of them, "Just to be clear, if I find out that there's a super tall person rampaging and attacking innocent people and whose outfit strangely does not rip, I'm going to be annoyed. You can personally guarantee she's one of the good guys, Widow?" he asks of her.

Widow glances at him. "I will vouch for her personally. She is a conscientious woman who wants to do the right thing without worrying about flashing her unmentionables to the ENTIRE CITY. She has no intention of becoming a B-movie cliche."

Gidget would sigh softly as she let Widow to the talking then. It was all client confidentiality and was not her place to out a girl that hasn't even outted herself yet. Looking to between the two of them she would then put her hands behind her head as rocked on her heels. "I'm pretty sure she's fine if this one is taking her under her wing. I mean what are you going to do? Spank me?" She'd sigh as she then went back to being serious. "Also - what if I happen to continue making non normal stuff for kids like this? Is it even an option for me to have more to have access to?"

Johnny considers Widow for a long moment, then gives a nod, "Okay. I believe you." Then he looks to Gidget for another long moment, "I'll have to talk to Reed, but the Future Foundation is all about saving the world and making it a better place. I might be able to talk them into setting up a grant program to provide you with fabric, but there isn't an unlimited supply."

"Parfai!" Gidget seemed giddy at that then as she jumped up and down. "I know at least one other kid that needs help but I need get him situated in a better living situation." Smilng she would run over and give him a tight hug then. "And any help would be awesome! As for unlimited…." She'd pull off him and smirked. "I can get at least….six costumes out of ten yards. And I don't think I'm going to be running into /that/ many people with crazy wonky stuff." She'd look to Widow with a smile then. "So as soon as I can get it….we can get her her suit done. I'll bump it ahead of some other stuff and work on it anad get it done in a day."

Widow blinks and smiles, also visible under the mask. "Excellent! This is going to mean SO much to her. And me, too!" She pumps her fist, then looks to Gidget and Johnny. "Uhm…how much will this cost? I need to get a good idea of what we are looking here."

"Frankly? Something about 2500 a yard, I imagine." Johnny shakes his head slowly, "I checked with the Foundation before coming here, but in this case you don't have to worry about it. I'll cover the cost, and bill the Foundation. Then if we get a grant set up.." He shrugs, but he eyes Gidget a moment, "Why do you need six costumes? Isn't like one or two enough? I mean, I have whole wardrobes of the stuff because I'm public, so I flame on at the drop of the hat no matter who sees me."

Gidget was already doing the math in her head, pulling out her notebook that she had grabbed from her office before coming up. Hearing that she would smile and just put a hand to her chest. "Oh my god you're like….the best….." She'd hop and down but then stopped as she head that. Rolling her eyes she would shake her head then. "I don't mean literally. I was commenting on how I don't need a lot….that most suits don't take more than two or three yards….because you said there's a limited supply?" Her brow would raise then. "….what the hell would I do with six of them. I don't even know that many people like that." She'd eye him and just stared at him. "…I take it you don't kid well when it comes to work…" She'd look at her notebook then as she sighed, going back to work mode. "I only need three yards of it. With the color scheme…it'd be two black and one red if those colors are available…."

Widow looks thoughtful. "Tell me…would this material rip, or stain, with the properties it has? and could you add stuff like some kind of storage container?"

"Oh, I was confused. I don't know anything about what goes into making clothes." Johnny laughs and shakes his head slowly, "Its not exactly that there's a limited supply but that the material is complex to produce and we don't just have it laying around. Reed invented the machine that makes it but since the fabric isn't used in general, there's only the one machine itself. There's just never been a need to mass produce it, and considering the cost… its one of the inventions that doesn't have a practical application outside of our special needs." He nods, "Color's programmable. Two black and one red. Gotcha." He looks back to Widow, "The material isn't stronger then any other, but it won't stain and if it is ripped it'll knit back together. Its… properties are .. variable. What od you mean, storage container? Do you mean like pockets?"

Widow nods. "Or even like a backpack sorts thing. Streamlined, though. I don't want someone to use it as a handle to jerk me around."

She'd chuckle a bit as she nodded to him and snapping that notebook shut. Gidget would tap her chin and then smiled as she looked to Widow then. A tilt of her head and chuckled. "….container? I mean….I can add pockets. Three yards is enough for any possible error, mask….all that fun stuff." Looking back to Johnny she would then nod. "Cost is the problem, hm?" She'd top her chin but dropped it as she smiled brightly. "So should I pick it up when it's ready or can I have it delivered? Preferably….without a pomp and cicrumstance." Looking back to Widow she would blinked. "Dude….I can make that out of something way less expensive….and durable. I just have to get it from….somewhere else."

"Why would you do that?" Johnny looks confused at Widow, shaking his head slowly, "The purpose of the material is to adapt to the special properties of the worn—I mean I could see why I'd maybe want a backpack that was fireproof, but if she can just get big or small, there's no reason a normal backpack wouldn't work." He nods over to Gidget, "Once its extruded, I'll have it messengered over. And I'll have your name added to the pass-through list with the Baxter receptionists."

Widow shuts up for now. She has some plans, but she wants to check out her budget first. AND figure out how to explain to the financial planner WHY she wants all of this money.

Gidget would nod then as she let out a slight yawn before smiling. "I guess just tell them to call my office before they head over so I now I'm there when it's delivered. It's something pricey so I prefer to handle it myself." She'd look over to Widow then, her brow raising slightly before she would smile. "I'm going to make a muslin copy of it for her to try on before I cut that stuff. I always measure twice and cut once but….I'm going to be extra careful with this stuff."

"The nature of the fabric makes sizing… unimportant. Just put it on her, have her get big then small again and it'll size itself." notes Johnny with a wry grin, "It has no baseline state, really. Its unstable, changing, adapting. But, yeah, I'll have them call first. Any other questions, ladies? I do have a date—"

Widow chuckles. "Far be it from me to EVER tell a professional how to do her job. You just get in touch with Gwen when you want her to test anything out, or you need more for expenses, okay?" She seems relived that this is actually going to happen.

She'd blink as she stared at him and then smirked. "Well…I think it does need a baseline you know….shape. Or I could just slap it on her…." Sighing she would look to Widow with a smile and nod. "Will do. I'll…." She looked to her watch with a frown then nodded. "I can push off my outting…at that done tonight…." She was mumbling more to herself before she looked up to Johnny. "Nope. I just expect to be in touch is all…." She'd shove that notebook back into her bag and folded her arms. "But on patrol, eh?" Smirking she'd looked ot Widow. "I'm done if you, missy. I was going to have you drop me at the Factory again but I'll stay up here to go find some trouble."

With that, Johnny lifts a hand, flashes a grin, and flings himself off the roof. He catches fire and blasts up into the sky.

Gidget dropped Fashionista.

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