1964-09-06 - Talks on the Scotch
Summary: Kwabena and Gidget discuss his plans to make right by a friend.
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To say something about Kwabena's ability to drive while intoxicated… one would never know he's had so much to drink. Either he's just really good at driving, or his tolerance is impressive! The drive isn't as crazy as it normally would be; past the witching hour, there isn't much traffic until they get to the Village… at which point there is some honking and general cabbie bickering (read: a friendly language, involving vulgarity, rude gestures, and a posture putting one at a lean outside the window) before he secures a bangin' parking space.

Leaving the door locked, Kwa circles the cab and opens the door for Gidget, making a grand gesture as if he were some kind of limo driver.

Gidget had changed since she left into those black and white argyle print high waisted shorts, black fitted belt with a bow and a white cropped fitted tank top paired with some white and black ankle boots. Sitting in the back while he was driving her back to her apartment…but she was hold on. Sighing to herself as she chuckled when he was driving. When they arrived, she started to dig in her purse for her keys. When the door opened, her brow would raise but she slipped from that cab with a laugh. "Thanks." She'd motion for him to follow her as she went to that front door. Once they were inside, she would start her way up some stairs to get to her apartment. "It's a bit sparce and plain so don't judget me…."

Really, Kwabena hadn't expected to be let inside. However, he doesn't mouth a word of complaint, instead choosing to follow, making sure that the door latches behind him. Of course, he's managed to find the time to grab a little satchel from the trunk of the old Checker, for what purpose he's yet to explain.

Kwabena says, "You joking?" he asks while climbing the stairs. "I wouldn't dare show you my place. You would think I am hobo."

Gidget would finally reach that second floor studio apartment and opened up the door. Stepping aside she would let him in but looked to see that she still had her window open. Exhaling she would wait for him to enter but then shut the door as soon as he came in. Walking over to that window, she'd drop that purse of her on the coffee table then shut that window. "Hobo? I don't know about that…." Gidge would laugh as she then made her way to her little kichenette. "So spill your guts….and I'm going to fix myself a drink. Want anything?"

"Yes," Kwabena answers, though he seems… distracted. Never in his life has he seen an apartment decorated in this manner, except perhaps in passing while thumbing through boring magazines in search of real reading material. Frankly, he thought places like this were a fairytale. "Ah, anything, really. Sahprise me. And, if you wouldn't mind, would you show me your shower?" He lifts the satchel indicatively. "I'd like to freshen up befah spilling dose guts."

She'd nod as she made her way over to the mini bar in her kitchen, pulling out a couple of rocks glasses and a bottle of scotch. Sighing she would look over to a door by the kitchen. "That door right there…." She'd smile as she went back to fixing their drinks. Sighing she would shake her head as she made her way over to her sofa and sat down. Crossing her legs she would have sat his drink on her coffee table.

It doesn't take long. The shower lasts, at most, two minutes, and when Kwabena is coming back out, he's dressed… not entirely differently. Different pair of trousers, and rather than a black tank top, he's wearing a lightly ribbed navy shirt.

He is, of course, still drying some of that wet mop atop his head, and pauses by the door to hang the towel up. At least he no longer reeks of… what he usually reeks of.

Emerging, he looks around at the apartment once more, before choosing to sit in the loveseat that is perpendicular to the one Gidget has chosen. "Is it… scotch?" he asks, and reaches for the rocks glass, eyebrow lifted. "You're going to spoil me off de cheap stuff."

When he emerges fromt he shower she would raise her brow as she watched him emerge. Gidget would lean back as she crossed her legs as she nodded. "Yes it's scotch….." Laughing she would shake her head a bit as she smiled. "Well then don't have anymore….." Giving him a playful wink she would nod a bit as she shrugged. "So….I'm waiting….."

With an expression of mock insult, Kwabena pulls the glass closer to himself, as if protecting it from some pickpocket. "Carl," he says, while lifting the glass to take a sniff. "Carl was de pahson who took taxi hostage, and tried to make me rob bank with him. Dat's where George Stacy was murdahed. Carl was… involved with some peopah I was involved in, months ago." He looks from the glass to Gidget, frowning. "Before I went straight."

She'd fold her arms over her chest then as she tilted her head and frowned slightly. "So….." Taking a long pull from her drink then she would hold up a finger to tell him to pause then looked back at him. "….some people you used to do criminal shit with…caught up to you…..but you're using them to find out who killed your friend?" That brow would raise then as she stared at him then. "So all of a sudden you decide to stop dealing with them?" She'd raise a hand up as if waiting for something to be placed in her hand. "….seriously?"

Kwabena takes a slow, long drink once he's done speaking. "Yes, dat is right," he confirms. However, when she questions him, he sets his glass down. "And yes, I just stopped dealing with dem. Dey tried to get me back, but, what could dey do? Dey can't hurt me, you know dis. Dey left well enough alone, largely. Sometimes tried to bring me back, but I'd… beat dem up, if dey didn't stop."

He shakes his head and reaches for the rocks glass again, swirling the amber liquid around a bit. "You don't believe me. Eidah dat, or you don't undahstand why I'm doing dis."

She'd stare at him intently as she listened to him and then tilted her head. "And why….all of a sudden?" Gidget was trying to understand and put allthe pieces together. A slow lick of her lips and she would take another sip of her drink before looking back at him. "I just don't get it…." She'd lean on the arm of her seat now as she looked at him. "….I….I get it. I don't really think you're lying….but this is just….I don't know." Sighing she would close here eyes and leaned her head back as she just waited for him to make his next move. "….look if I help you and you turn out to do some dirty shit…I'm putting my ass on the line…."

Kwabena allows for a deep sigh. He does not like speaking of his past, even with it being relatively recent. "Look, is like dis, Gidget. I did not grow up in de best place. Getting caught up with dem was sort of… how to say." He gestures around, looking for the right word in English. "Inevitable. But, dey learned what I could do, and… it stopped being moving dope, or bashing in windows. It became… beat up dis one, beat up dat one, break dis cop's legs…" He shakes his head. "I do not like hurting peopah. Did not like it den, do not enjoy it now. All I wanted was to get honest work, but now?" He motions around. "Dis damn city is to go crazy. I realized, only some few weeks ago, I could not… just sit around and let dese big threats tear down dis city. I grew up here, you know? I like it here."

He turns away from her then, his body language suggesting that this has delved into areas he's even more uncomfortable talking about. He doesn't go so far as to edge away from the edge of the sofa, but he does lean the other way a bit. "I may be de only pahson who can find dis killer. And… I'm not sure, whoever it is, dat dey are a normah pahson."

She would look at him and frowned a bit as she listened to him. Gidget would look him over and then stood up. She'd put her hand on her hip as she held that glass out. "Well first off….you shouldn't feel you should be put in a box because of how or where you grew up. Background be damned!" She'd roll her eyes up as she made her way over to the kitchen to retrieve that bottle and walked back over. "Secondly good for you….but this sounds dangerous. I get it…I really do. But invincible or not there may always be someone bigger and badder as someone told me." Gidge would sit back down as she refilled her glass. "Just….be careful and don't do anything stupid. You're cool…I like you. Don't get killed."

"I am being careful," Kwabena counters. For a moment, his temper flares, but he quickly silences it. Closing his eyes, he settles back into the couch for a moment, then raises the glass and gulps the rest back. "What I'm trying to do," he explains, but pauses. He sets the glass down on the table, then turns toward Gidget, leaning forward, hands gesturing. "What I'm trying to do is… is use dese old contacts to find dis phantom pahson. All I have is a name, but, I can't go off spouting that name until I feel it might be worth something. And, I don't know how long I can put up dis ruse. But… if I have to smash some few windows, or beat up some rival gang membah… if it keeps dis pahson from killing again, wouldn't you agree, is worth it?"

She would frown as she heard his town and leaned forward. "One….watch your tone. If you want to see a temper….I can show you a temper….." Taking a long pull from her drink as she tilted her head a bit. "Two….I get it. It is worth it. Just…don't get caught up…" Sighing she would shake her head a bit as she sat back and crossed her legs. "Alright fine. I understand. Just…." She'd stop then and shook her head. "Just be smart about how you go about it. You can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar."

He certainly hadn't anticipated or sought out that kind of response. Kwabena's head draws back, as if stung for a moment. When the moment passes, he glances down to the floor, then back to his empty glass. Finally he looks back up at her advice, and his brow furrows. "Dat… is… very intahresting theory." He leans upon the armrest of his couch now, reaching that same hand up to rub at his chin.

She'd stand up and then sighed as she put her hand on the back of the sofa, leaning over him to refill his glass then. "Look….sorry. I've had a rough couple of days. All I'm saying is….don't bring attention to yourself as you do it." She'd smile a bit then nodded as she stood up straight and took a sip from the bottle itself then looked at him as he sat down on the coffee table across from him. "If you need anything let me know….I don't know what I can do but….I can at least offer."

When the glass is refilled, Kwabena smirks a bit. He turns to watch as she pours, then lifts the glass once more. "No, is… is good advice, Gidge," he agrees. A sip is taken, the glass left to sit on his knee. A quiet laugh comes when she drinks right from the bottle; the woman would probably be able to keep pace with him!

He considers her for a few moments after she's perched upon the coffee table. Then, a rueful grin forms on his face and he lifts the glass again. "I don't know. Want to rob a bank with me?" He tries to hold a poker face, but the edges of his lips are curling in a dead giveaway to his jest.

She'd sigh a bit as she sat that bottle on her lap and smiled. "I try to give some sort of good advice sometimes." Grinning she would then tilt her head as she kicked her leg back and forth as she sat there. Gidget would tilt her head a bit as she smirked. "Sure let me just….design a catsuit so I can at least be cute when I get arrested…." She'd shake her head then smiled. "And no….I really don't need a record…"

At the answer, Kwabena laughs out loud. "You don't need a criminal excuse to design a catsuit!" he exclaims, before lifting his glass to take another drink. Then he leans forward again, silver eyes dancing with mirth. He curls his mouth in a really funny way, and then… yes, he actually takes a stab at doing that typical, silver screen mobster accent. "Ya only get a record when you get caught, sugah." A beat. "Come aaaan, you said you wanted a good time!"

She would blink as she looked at him before raising her brow. "There is no reason for my behind to be in a catsuit…" Gidget would laugh loudly then as she took another pull from the bottle. Shaking her head, she'd wipe her mouth with the back of hand before she continued. "My luck….I'd get caught. Second….I like my current job. Third…well…." She'd grin before she would then give him a playful wink. "I wasn't thinking of the criminal kind. I also said I should probably treat my body like a temple last night. I'm sure doing criminal activity is not on that list of treating my body right."

Kwabena breaks character with a laugh. "Don't worry," he says, lifting the glass to drink the rest of that scotch with a hungry gulp. "Am not suckering you into criminal activity, Gidge." He makes to set the glass down, then considers asking for a refill. Instead, he does just that; he sets the glass down, then reaches out his hand and makes a gesture for the bottle. "Come on, I've given you free rides all day," he barters. "Plus, you ah probably doing more damage to yah temple with dis shit dan with anything else."

She'd laugh then as she nodded. "I know….I don't think I'd be a good fit anyway. I would just be running around like a chicken with it's head cut off." Seeing that motion she would reach that bottle out to him then leaned back on her hands on that coffee table still wiggling that leg. "And I was going to just give you a bottle to say thanks. I have like….four more of these here alone."

"Mmm, no. Headless chicken is good for one thing. Roasting." He nods knowingly, then reaches out and accepts that bottle with a hearty grin. As he does, he eyes her leg for a moment, and completely fails to stifle a slight change to his grin. "Is okay," he says, then lifts the bottle to take a big pull. "I have my own secret stash as - whoa!" He reaches out with his free hand then, moving around Gidget to try and prevent her arm from knocking one of those magazines over. As he does, he balances the bottle with his other hand, but it tips dangerously. Caught between protecting magazines or the bottle, he defaults to the bottle, and leans back quickly in an effort to steady it.

"Roast…..chicken…." Her eyes would close as she licked her lips then laughed. "Secret? Naw….it's not that secret. But I can at least give you some good stuff…." But then she almost knocked over her mags but he tried to catch them but he went for the bottle. "Save the booze!" Giggling she rolled to try and get her stuff but slipped right off the table. Sighing she would stay right there on there as she laughed, put her face on the carpet. "….okay….I need to stop if I want to go out." Slowly she would push herself up on all fours then climbed back on her table to sit. "Well, Kwabena….we're good. Just don't….you know….." She'd wave her hand around before leaning over to reach for that bottle. "….drink all my stuff."

Laughing, Kwabena holds the booze with both hands, but is too slow to catch her from falling. "Oh!" he calls out, then offers a hand to help her up if needed. "No, no. Ah you okay? Here." He offers the bottle back. "Is bettah den Aspirin." He studies her oddly for a moment, considering why she's perching on the coffee table when there's perfectly good furniture to sit on. What an odd girl.

"Wait, you ah going out? Again? Aftah all dis?" He seems… incredulous. Kwabena apparently isn't used to the New York party lifestyle.

Gidget would take that bottle and laughed as she took a sip. Licking her lips she would smile as she tilted her head then nodded. "I'm good I'm good." A slow lick of her lips as she stood up then and nodded. "Um….yeah!" She'd laugh as she put a hand on her hip then, smirking. "Well how else am I going to find trouble to get into. I'm a single hard working woman that's finally letting loose after six years….how else am I going to meet people?"

Well, Kwabena has no argument for that. He begrudgingly stands up from his seat, grinning. "By getting into troubah." He studies her for another moment, then turns and crosses back over to the bathroom, where he can reclaim his satchel. Inside are his dirty clothes, and a few other important things he likes to keep on him. Back out into the main room he says, "Well, do not let Kwabena get in yah hair. Thank you for de scotch, will spoil me." He turns and makes for the door, but then stops, hesitating. "Unless you, ah, want someone to make sure dis 'troubah' you are looking for stays, you know. Undah control."

She would chuckle a bit as she walked into the kitchen and retrieved another bottle of scotch. Holding it out to him she would smile brightly and nodded. "Here. For all the free rides." Giving him a wink she would then walk back to the coffee table to retrieve her handbag. She'd make her way to the door as well then grinned. "I don't think you want to be involved in the type of trouble I'm looking for. Two's a party….three's a crowd." Smirking she would go to open her door and looked back at him. "And secretly….I like a little bit of out of control…."

At this, Kwabena laughs openly. He stuffs the bottle of scotch into his satchel, then tips his fingers in salute to her. "Well," he says, while stepping out of the apartment and into the hall. "Don't be safe."

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