1964-09-07 - It fits!!
Summary: Final fitting of Luke's suit.
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Gidget was a busy, busy bee now that she was back in her office. She had taken a pitstop at the Met then moved on here to her office. It was obvious she was in full swing, her cutting tables littered with notes and fabric. There were several dressmaker's dummies around the office. On one….something that looks a bit archaic…..on another there was a put together suit in muslin…..another? A sheer white gown pinned together. Music was playing a bit more loud than normal as she was busy working at a table. She had a black fitted wrap dress that she had loosened to make a much more noticeable split up to her thight revealing that garter belt.

There is a knock on the door of Gidget's office, and it opens a crack as her assistant pops her head in. "You're five o'clock appointment is here." She opens the door fully, and Luke walks in dressed rather casually, but not his normal jeans and t-shirt combo. Black slacks adorn his lefts with a hunter green button up shirt covering his torso, the top few buttons left undone. On his feet, a pair of loafers missing the shiny penny. "Hey Gidge…" he says as he looks around the room, "…Is now still a good time, or did you want me to come back some other time?"

She'd hear the voice and waved them in. "Show them in!" She'd playing around with a piece of fabric. Wiping her brow she'd turn and lean back against the table to see Luke walking in, causing her to smile. "Well no…..you're an appointment." Chuckling she would wink playfully as she sashayed over to a clothing rack and sighed a bit. "And aww…did you get all dressed up for me….?" Snickering she would retrieve a hanging suitbag from her rack and motioned for him to step over by her desk. "Now…..off with the pants….."

"Yeah, but appointments can change." says Luke as he starts to unbutton his pants while he uses his feet to start slipping out of his shoes. "And I figured you would rather me show up looking somewhat presentable instead of sweats. Keep an air of professionalism to my appearance." He chuckles, unzipping and letting the pants fall to the floor, bending over at the waist to pick them up and fold them."

Licking her lips she would nod a bit. "But no one called you soooo….." Gidget would smirk as she slowly unzipped the bag and pulled out a dark grey suit that was nearly complete. Humming, she'd remove each item…one piece at a time. Sighing she would look at the pieces as she laid them out on the desk, slowly she'd run her fingers over it as she smiled. "….this came out perfect….it's going to look fantastic on you…." Shivering she would let out a sigh then laughed. "….I love a finished project…." Turning to him she would hold a pair of pants. "Now….start with these…." And in turn, she would hand him the vest….then the jacket until he was finished getting dressed.

Luke Cage slides into the suit as he is presented with each piece, standing there still once the jacket slides on over his shoulders. "It looks great, Gidge. I'm going to have to invest in a holster though…" He says as he moves this way and that getting a look at how the suit hangs. "…to hold the stick I am going to have to beat the women away with, ya know."

Moving behind him she would slowly adjust the jacket, her hand slowly running over the back before she sighed softly. "….damn I'm good…." Gidget would move around him, tugging here and there before she pulled pin from…her garter? Yup….she had fashioned herself a pincushion on one of her garter clips. "Now…flex for me…." She'd then laugh as she shook her head. "….I need to make myself something good…."

Luke Cage shrugs, flexing his arms so she can do her measurements. "You are going to make something for yourself? You going to wear it to this shindig in a few weeks?"

She'd pin a few spots and then looked up at him. "I think so….but I may just wear something I already own. I don't have a date so no reason to waste my time, you know?" Laughing she would nod over towards a full-length mirror and smiled. "Go check yourself out."

"Something tells me that if you wanted to get a date, you could land yourself a date, Gidge." says Luke as he moves over towards the mirror and starts to peer at himself in the suit. "Damn. I DO look fine, don't I?" He glances back at Gidget and grins, giving her a bit of a wink before turning back to the mirror. "It's perfect really. Not to tight, gives room to move. It's not constricting anything that shouldn't be constricted.."

She'd walk up behind him and sighed softly. "….you're welcome….." Grinning in the mirror she would smooth out the fabric then raised her brow a bit. "And that requires me meeting more people, you know…." Chuckling she would turn and walk over over to her bar cart, fixing herself a drink. "And guys don't like it when girls ask them out….makes us look like hussies…." Taking a sip of that scotch she would exhale then smiled as she looked him over. Hopping up on her desk she'd let her eyes roam over him in that suit then grinned. "….damn I really am good….I even made you look fine."

"Fuck that." says Luke with a snort. "Hell, I appreciate a woman being able to speak out for what she wants, when she wants. But maybe I am in the minority there like I am in everything else." He shakes his head, before looking back at the mirror and buttoning the coat. "I say ask away, and if people don't like it….tell em to fuck right off." He turns around at the latter comment and grins, "I know. You took my ugly mug and made it look halfway respectable. Who thought that could ever happen. Thanks."

She would shrug a bit as she crossed her legs, sipping at her drink then. "Look….the point is to try and get a date….not turn people off." Laughing she would then grin as she stared at him. "….got any single friends?" Gidget would smirk at him over her glass then winked. "Height isn't a deal breaker…." Nodding back over to the hanger she'd yawn and used her free hand to point at it. "Alright….off with it. I need to do some small changes and it'll be done."

Luke Cage shrugs a shoulder and slowly starts to remove the suit carefully, starting with the jacket. "That's what I'm saying though. It shouldn't be a turn off. It isn't for me, anyway." He slips the jacket onto its hanger, then works on the vest, then pants. Once he has them all back on their hangers, he moves over and leans against the desk next to Gidget, not bothering to put his pants back on yet. "There are plenty of shy guys out there that would love for someone to ask them out. I'm not one of them, mind you, but I am sure they have to exist."

She'd chuckle a bit as she watched him put everything back in place, sipping at her drink. "Let me know when you run into one and point them my way…." She'd close her eyes and leaned her head back, letting out a soft sigh before a yawn ensued. "But its neither here nor there. I guess I'm realizing I shut myself off too long. But fuck it….I'm successful right?" A shrug as she then tugged at the pincushion that was magnetically attached to her garter. "I'll be busy running that damn thing until they decide to show up and then…..I'm out! I'll go ditch the party and then go to sleep. Lord knows I'd have earned it."

Luke Cage glances over, "What, you're not even going to be at that thing? So i'll be stuck guarding whoever-it-is and won't even have you to talk to? Damn. Guess I won't expect much in the way of small talk for the evening." Luke scratches at his arm, "If I come across any subtable guys, i'll be sure to let you know." he says with a smirk before reaching out and playfully punching at her shoulder. "Seriously though, I am sure you will be fine. You're just getting your feet wet again. Get used to the water before diving right in and trying to swim."

She'd blink as she looked over at him and laughed. "I'll be there for a bit…don't worry. Knowing them….they'll show up stupid late….like thirty minutes to an hour. I'm there to be nice and all that fun stuff." She'd raise her brow and then smirked a bit. "….I heard it's a chick. Chat her up." Licking her lips she'd finish the rest of her drink before setting it down on her desk. "Besides…..you don't have to be up their ass….just be aware. I'll be sure to tell them who to look for." Slipping from her desk she would walk in front of him then as she folded her arms. "Also…remind me if I ever let you….you know…." She'd motion to around the room. "….extra activities here….to pick up my desk after. I went home and my poor receptionist called me in the morning wanting to know if we had been broken into."

"Nah, I get it. You sucker me into doing this thing and then feed me to the wolves while you high-tail it out of there." says Luke with a wink, his tone obviously joking. He glances at Gidget, a smirk on his face as he opens his mouth to say something, but then just closes it again with a shake of his head and a wicked grin. "Right. Chat her up, let's just hope she speaks English." He casts his eyes around the room, then back to Gidget and grins wolfishly. "Oh? What did you tell her?" Luke mutters, "At least we didn't break the desk."

She'd tilt her head then before she would smirk. "Oh you were about to say something!" She'd poke him playfully then as she stayed in front of him, waiting. "And I hope they do too. I mean….." Gidget would then tap her chin as she seemed to be in thought. "….my mentor barely speaks English….oh dear…." Those brown eyes would look over at him and chuckled. "Just stand there and look handsome? I don't know….." Sighing she'd then shake her head. "I told her I had one of my meltdowns about a design again and trashed my desk…." But she would shake her head at him then as she sighed. "….that….would have been expensive. And if you broke this oak desk…I would have been pretty injured as well I am sure."

Luke Cage acks as he is poked. "Yeah, well, it was uncouth! You're a lady." He bats playfully at the opposing finger and relents, "I was just going to say that i've heard about some of these Europeans. You said I didn't have to be up their ass…I was going to say maybe that was her thing!" He cackles, "I'll just stand there and keep my mouth shut. It's probably better for everyone involved if I am seen and not heard." He grins, looking down at the desk he is leaning against. "Depends on how it got broken."

She would just stare at him and then….facepalmed. Sighing she would just shake her head. "….now I'm a lady all of a sudden….." Looking up at him she would roll her eyes then leaned in, placing a hand on either side of him as she raised a brow. "Just make sure no fuckery pops off, d'accord? No on tries to kidnap them, steals a costume, all of that shit okay?" Gidget would stay there with her face in his before slowly pulling back and folding her arms. "Or else I'll have to smack you around. Also…." A tilt of her head then as she smiled. "Know of any decent gyms? Like….ones that'll teach a chick how to defend herself?"

Luke Cage laughs, "Hey, you are a lady.I know. I've checked." He winks, "Now being a lady and acting ladylike…that is two different things all together." He grins, pushing off the desk and moving to start to gather his clothes to put back on. "That's what you are paying me for…well, you know what I mean by paying me. The suit." He shrugs, slipping into his pants. "As for self defense, well, I don't know of any commercial gyms, no. But I can show you a few things. I have a gym at the Factory. I've been known to use my knuckles on occasion and would be willing to show you to at least throw a punch properly."

Gidget would laugh then as she shook her head and sighed. "Okay then…." Licking her lips she would move out of his way and picked up those hangers before putting them back in the suit bag. Humming she'd sashay her way over to where the rack was, hanging the pieces back up. Smoothing out the bag, she'd smile to herself over her handiwork before turning to look at him. "Would you really?" There was a look in her eyes as she grinned. "I figure if I keep hanging out with you…I may need to learn how to defend myself. I can't rely on other people all of the time."

"Sure." says Luke as he lets his shoulders raise and fall in a shrug. "I can even set up the gym to be a bit more 'non Luke Cage' friendly. Right now most of the workout equipment back there is just makeshift things like kegs bolted together on a steal rod for light reps and such…not something most people can use. But if you want to work out, i'll give you a work out. Do you have any other friends that might want a go? If we get to sparring, I wouldn't want to accidentally hurt you…so someone your own size should be the one hitting you."

She'd nod as he smiled then, bouncing up and down. "Thanks! I'm always walking around alone so it couldn't hurt, right?" Gidge would then go back to her desk to grab her glass and refilled it. Clearing her throat she would make her way back to table as she looked over some pieces cut out. "Um….no. It'd be just me…." Clearing he throat she would shrug and then turned to look at him. "If I think of anyone…I'll ask. Maybe my receptionist….I don't know." She'd look back to her stuff as she then glanced to the sheer white robe on the mannequin as if in thought but continued. "But for now…." She'd smirk as she walked over to him and put a hand on his back. "….you're a distraction buddy. Back to work for me!"

Luke Cage chuckles, finishing getting his shoes on and tying them up. "At the very least I can give you a good few ways to try to get away. I guess if it comes to sparing, i'll just have to be very, very, very careful if I end up being the one in the ring with you." He grins, standing up and stretching his arms over his head. "Ok, ok…I can take a hint." Luke says with a laugh as he heads for the door. "I'm sure I'll see you soon, if the regulars haven't scare you off yet." He winks, opening the door. "I promise they won't actually bite, unless you ask nicely."

Chuckling she would follow himto the door, holdin it open for him then. Smiling up at him she would part her lips to say something but cleared her throat when she saw prying eyes. She'd speak more softly then as she smiled. "….I guess that's your way of inviting me to the bar. But maybe one day you can actually come hear records…." A shrug then as she gave him a playful wink. "I'll deliver your suit in a day or so. Just some minor adjustments and you're good to go."

Luke Cage says, "I've got help at the bar now, so I can take a night off to come hear these records. You'll just have to let me know so I can schedule it. Good night, Gidge. I'll see you soon."

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