1964-09-07 - Late Night Chinese
Summary: Gidget finally gets meet and hang out with the infamous Gwen Stacy
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Well her visitor had left and she would be beeming to say the least, her cheeks flushed from behing embarrassed. Sighing she would hop off that desk and look at her watch….geez it was late. Making her way over to that door, she'd make sure it was still locked after letting out her new….client? A slow lick of her lips and she would just look out the window then as she sighed. "…I should go home for once…." Then a smirk tugged at her lips as she closed the curtains on the salon. "….but then I'd never get done like I want….." Sigh shewould make her way to the window on the other side of the door and start to close it.

Gwen isn't going to show up as Widow tonight, but the costume IS handy. And she is planning on giving something back to the fashion maven who put up with her weirdness.
She checked her watch, an old Timex her father had given her on her 16th birthday, "just so you have no excuse for breaking curfew." God, she missed him a hundred times a day.
The food should be here in one minute, if the young woman was able to follow through on her promise.
She rapped lightly on the door.

She'd hear the knock as she was mid closing the curtain but stopped. Looking out, Gidget would see a figure but shut the curtain anyway as she then went to her door. Unlocking the door she would take a deep breath then sighed as she opened it but then smiled. "Oh! Hi, Ms. Stacy!" She'd step aside to let the girl and before shutting and locking the door. Taking a deep breath she would look over to her as she smiled. "And what do I owe this pleasure?" Cheerful as…most of the time she would motion for her to follow her over to the receptionist desk before hopping to sit upon it. "How did you know I'd be here this late?'

Erin…didn't have a car, so it was probably a good thing that she was travelling alone to keep her promise. That and the fashion house wasn't all that far away when one could take some assistance from the extraterrastrial. Of course, she didn't know she was being invided to the residence of a third party either. Having -very- carefully supported the containers of the assorted order from her family's restaurant with her abilities, the woman drops down unseen into a nearby alleyway and takes a few moments to arrange the floating food so she can carry them with her hands before heading to the door of the fashion house, herself dressed in rather plain jeans and a t-shirt (or rather in a symbiote playing the role of the articles) as she knocks on the door with her elbow.

Gwen smiled as she stepped inside, but unlocked the door Gidget locked. "I'm expecting someone. You must remember I was a cop's daughter. I expected you to be burning the midnight oil." She smiles. "So, I went ahead and ordered from this great place in Chinatown…" She pauses as the knock at the door comes, then chuckles. "And speak of the devil, here she is." She turned to open the door, smiling as she sees Erin. "Hey, there! You're right on time. Come on in!"

Gidget would furrow her brows in confusion as she heard that. "W-wait what…?" Hearing the the knock at the door she would watch Gwen open it then another young woman appeared. "Huh?" That tall young woman would look over at the two then and looked to the desk, clearing a space. "We can put it here." Moving over to her, she'd offer to take the food from her as she smiled brightly. "I wasn't expecting a late dinner….not like this. I've just been snacking is all." Smiling she would look to Gwen then."You didn't have to do this you know."

"Have to say," Erin comments as she squeezes through the door with her armful of food, smiling at Gwen. "This wasn't what I expected when we talked about your band practice." A wink at the blonde, the asian woman turns to nod at Gidget in greeting. "Hi, I'm Erin. Forgive me if I don't offer to shake your hand but mine are a little full."

Gwen looks to Gidget with a wry smile. "I don't HAVE to do a lot of things, Gidget. But it's not what you HAVE to do that defines you. It's what you WANT to do. And right now, I wanted to give you the best food Chinatown has to offer." She turned back to smile to Erin. "Erin Yu, I would like you to meet Gidget. The best fashion designer this sorry town ever saw. Gidge, this is Erin, the daughter of the greatest Chinese chef in existence." She reaches to help with the food. "Now, I wasn't sure what you liked, so I got a sampler of everything." She places two bags on the table, then takes out a leather wallet on a steel chain, pulling a $50 bill out and hands it to Erin. "Your tip, for putting up with delivering outside of the area and doing it well. Everything smells delicious."

Gidget would blink then as she look to Gwen. "Huh? Band….practice?" Now the brunette was confused for real. Smiling she'd look back to the woman and nodded. "Nice to meet you, Erin. A pleasure." She too would help with the food and sat it down before looking around then walking around the desk, digging in it. "I know my receptionist sneaks food so…." Some rustling around and then she pulled out some napkins and the like. "Aha!" Laughing she would bring them around then looked to Gwen. "Now come on. How would you know? I haven't even made you anything yet. For all you know I'm some newbie fumbling her way through it all…." Looking to the food she would grin then. "….man I'm going to have to work out extra after this….."

The fifty earns a suprised expression from Erin, but she doesn't refuse it. Instead the woman tucks it into her pocket and shrugs her shoulders lightly. Perhaps she'd get to use it on a night out, still it was a hell of a tip. "Don't go spending so much you don't decide to do this again now," Erin grins before nodding to Gidget lightly with that same smile. "Likewise. I hope you enjoy it. I got lucky with traffic so it should all still be pretty hot!" After all, there didn't tend to be all that much traffic on rooftops. The mention of fashion designing and Gidget's comments on her ability does have the asian woman shrugging. "Hey, you're working out of a building rather than a basement, that's a start right?"

Gwen nods as she takes out the rice and chow mein. "Yep. Going to put a band together. I have a lot to say and music seems the best way to say it. I play the drums, a friend named Mary Janewe're naming the band after herplays lead guitar and sings. We need a good bass player, but I think we lucked out with a woman who plays electric viola. Imagine that. It sounds like a resonant slide guitar."

She would smile then as she heard that. "Oh wow! That's awesome!" She'd start digging through the food but looked up at Erin. "And yeah….I haven't had a life for a good long bit to get here. I'm finally at the point I wanted to get to so….figured it's time to relax a little bit…." Giggling she would go back to look at the food and pulled out some szechuan shrimp and rice. Smellilng it, her eyes rolled into the back of her head then before sighing softly. "….god I should have eaten today…." Pulling out chopsticks, she'd click them together rather proficiently then smiled. "And that's awesome, Ms. Stacy……" Looking up then, she'd blink. "Would you mind if I called you Gwen? I'm normally not so….stickler but….I realized you're not a client and….a spoiled brat."

Gwen chuckles. "Sure. As long as you don't call me Gwendolyn. That…was a name for special occasions."
Like when she was in trouble. If her dad called her Gwendolyn, she was hip-deep in sheep dip.
She looked over to Erin as she heads for the bathroom, then back to Gidget. "Listen…I was thinking that maybe I need to add a little something to the expense account. Especially with the cost of the materials."

Gidget would tilt her head then and smiled. "Fair. It's like when I got called by my first and middle name….I know was in deep shit." Laughing as she was practically shoveling food in her mouth then she blinked a bit. "Huh?" Swalling her food she would look confused then. "Wait….what? Add what to what expense account? Materials?"

Gwen grins, then pulls out a manila envelope and puts it on the table, next to the kung pao sauce. "Another 5k. That should make it 10k total. Hopefully that will make getting that special fabric Widow told me about."

She almost choked on her food as she saw that. "Wait wait…" She'd look at the envelope but blinked. "What do I need this for?" Those eyebrows were furrowed as she tried to make heads or tails of this. "We'll be getting it in like….a week. I think we're good on the money part. This is too much, Gwen."

Gwen chuckles. "I'd like to open an account with you. I think you've got what it takes." She picks up a chicken egg roll, shaking it lightly at Gidget. "I think I'm going to get my money's worth, and expense money makes things easier."

What?! Her first account?! What is this world coming to?! Maybe she should have been stepped out of her bubble long time ago. "Oh…okay…well…." She'd look at the envelope and just slid it over closer to her then to her lap. Gidget felt uncomfortable, it was obvious, with that large amount of money then nodded. "Well…thanks for believing in me. I uh…" She'd put her hand on the back of her head as she ruffled her hair. "….well what would you like first?"

Gwen points to the chow mein. "That. And pass the soy sauce." She winks. "I'd like to see your designs. See what you have for dresses and such. I've been asked to the Policeman's Ball as the guest of the Commissioner."

She'd slide the food over as she then chuckled a bit. "Well…." Gidget would chuckle as she smiled then. "Um……" Now she was wracking her brain as she was trying to figure out 'who' should make this dress. Her or…..La Couturiere. Licking her lips as she plucked a shrimp in her mouth before finally speaking. "Well….I have some personal designs I've never done anything with. Or…there's a debut of a new European designer here at the salon. I have some of her stuff too….."

Gwen chuckles, chewing thoughtfully. "I don't want someone else's designs…I want yours." She winks. "After all, who wants to wear Designer X as interpreted by Designer Y when I could just have Y's?"

"I mean it'd….." She'd catch herself before she would exhale softly and laughed. "Okay….I have a few yes. A bunch of couture gowns I never had a reason to make…." She'd shovel some fried rice in her mouth before swallowing and continuing. "….I just need to get measurements….I actually have one in mind…." A tilt of her head then as she grinned. "And I'm sure you'll have fun! I haven't been to something like that since I was young."

Gwen Stacy nods. "I'm looking forward to what you've got. Most of the cops look at me like they expect to arrest me for something. I want to blow their DOORS off." She giggles. "And you are going to help me do it."

"Okay…well…." Gidget would lean in and smirk then. Now there was a gleam in her eye….she was speaking her language now. "Well…if you want them to wonder if they should be cuffing you to take you to jail or…." Trailing off she'd sit back as she stood up then. "…give me a second." Setting down her chop sticks she'd sashay into that private off and there was a sound of a filing cabinet opening and some rustling around.

Gwen Stacy continues to eat, but she is getting full, and she doesn't want to be too full to enjoy or at least appreciate what Gidget has to show her. She hated the idea of lying to her. The whole secret-identity thing sucked, but what choice did she have?

It wasn't long until Gidge made her way back with a large portfolio. Handing it over she would smile as she started to move the food out of the way for her to set it down. "It's all stuff I dreamed of making one day…..of course it's a bit….progressive. I wanted to wear them in the beginning but there's nowhere for me to wear them." A tilt of her head as she moved all the food to the other side of that desk. "Let me know what you think."4

Gwen smiles as she pages through the portfolio. She stops at the black dress with the open front and the intricate bodysuit. "Wow…" she whispers, awed by it. "That's…just wow."

She'd chuckle a bit as she smiled, leaning over to point at the bodysuit. "So this is all lace except for the solid parts. I'd do a ruffle at the bottom of the skirt out of…..a blend of chiffon and lace. In my world….I'd make the skirt detachable but…that might be a bit much for the ball."

Gwen nods. "Do you need to measure me? Can we do that now?" She seems intrigued by the design of it. Concealing, yet daring. "That lace part, it's not too see-through?"

"Sure!" Standing she would motion for her to follow her into her office then. "Come on in." Giggling she would start her way in but keep talking. "No….it's an illusion. I would find a fabric close to your skintone….line it underneath the lace."

Gwen begins removing her jacket. "Great. Do I have to undress completely, or can I still wear underclothing?"
Her willingness to expose herself is somewhat plain as she removes the jacket, exposing her arms as long, muscle making them firm and shapely, with slim fingers tipped with nails clipped short.

She'd turn and blink as she reached over and pulled her in the office. "Not out there!" Laughing she would shut the door a bit then pointed to the center of her large office/private sewing studio. A lick of her lips as she snatched a measuring tape off of her desk. "Just down to your underwear." Chuckling now, she was in work mode as she grabbed a notepad and a pencile as she hung that tape around her neck. "Let's do it."

Gwen removes her clothing.

Gwen has been keeping SECRETS.
Gwen stands in front of Gidget, and her body is…unexpected. There is skinny, then slender, then slim. Gwen's body is form and athletic, her body shapely and fit. Her cleavage is firm, the health of youth seeming to radiate from her. Her limbs are accented by the enhanced musculature, but not so much as to deform the body.

The clothes Gwen have been wearing were long, loose, hanging on her frame without suggesting what lay beneath.

When she would spin around, she would blink then as she stared at her. "Oh well shit…." Laughing she would make her way over to the girl and lifted her arms up out to her sides. "…..apparently I need to work out more….." Chuckling she would start to measure her from her neck then working her way down her body slowly as she stopped to make notes her and there. "Maybe the defensive lessons my friend is going to be teaching me will get me in shape….." She'd lean in and whisper playfully. "Seems some people don't like a pudgy girl….." PUlling back she'd go to measure the next spot. "I was chunky growing up so…I kind of have a stigma."

Gwen stands patiently as Gidget takes her measurements. "I used to be pretty skinny. I filled out recently." REAL recently. How I Spent My Summer Vacation.
"I developed in the chest as well. Guess I was a late bloomer."

Chuckling she would slowly move to her waist then as she smiled. "I filled out too early…..somewhere around high school graduation…..I thinned out." A shrug as she got on her knees then before measuring her hips. After so, she'd snatch that paper over and bend over to write it down. "But when your father is French….the cooking is pretty rich." A smile then as she looked over and up to her then. "You're going to grow into a beautiful young woman, Gwen…." She'd smile then slid back over as she started to measure around her thighs. "Going to break some hearts….."

Breaking hearts, maybe. Breaking a few skulls, oh yes indeedy.
"The house is just a house without the right paint and accessories, right?" She chuckled. "My dad used to tell me that a woman with a little mystery was prettier than one that was simply nekkid. That's how he said it. 'Nekkid.' This was after we saw AND GOD CREATED WOMAN."

She'd laugh a bit as she smiled up at her. "A person's body is just a canvas…..yes. But there's more to a canvas than just the paint and accessories. If there's no substance……they are nothing but an empty shell and all they can do is look pretty." Her voice went soft then as she went back to measuring. "But hey….some people like that. An empty airheaded blonde bimbo of a shell…." Gidget would take a deep breath and just sighed softly. "But mystery? Well shit I better work on that then."

Gwen looked thoughtful. "How are you at makeup? If I'm going to look good for the upper crust, I should probably avoid spoiling the look of the dress with the face of a raccoon." She turns slightly, displaying more of the curves that would spark a healthy interest in geometry.
"Would I have to wear a bra, or does it provide its own support. I don't want to have bra straps showing."

Gidget would blink as she looked up at her then. "Makeup…? Oh…no not me. I'm very basic. I know a girl though in one of the department stores that can do wonders…." Smiling she'd chuckle a bit as she tilted her head. The girl was good at keeping professional around naked people that was for sure. Unless she was distracted….as someone had proved once. Sighing she would then put a hand up. "This is where I'll stop you….and you let me do my job." A smirk would tug at her lips then as she tilted her head. "Only think you're going to need are some panties. Everything else is sculpted and built into the ensemble."

Gwen inhales deeply, giving a melodramatic sigh. "FINE, fine." She held out her hands. "And this can allow for freedom of movement, right? Without showing too much?" She giggles. "Maybe you should work on Widow's costume."

"Yes yes…." She'd roll her eyes a bit as she then sighed. "If you're going to a ball….you want to be able to dance….breathe." Chuckling,she would finish taking the last measurement and then leaned over to right it down. Finally she would stand up to her full height and raised her brow. "Widow's costume? The one she commissioned me for?"

Gwen blinked, lowering her hands. "You ARE doing it? Oh. Okay, then, she listened to me after all. Whaddaya know…" She smirks. "I'd say she's daring, but that's the understatement of the decade."

A tilt of her head then as she stared at her. "You mean….the one I need the fabric for?" Gidget would stare at her. "Unless….there's something I don't know about yet…." Laughing she would bend over and pick up her notebad and pencil before walking back over to her desk. "I mean I have to wait for the fabric and then it's just a matter of construction."

Gwen looks puzzled. "OH…sorry. No, not the one for her friend. One for HER. That lycra thing may look pretty, but she needs something a little more substantial. One bullet graze, and there goes the neighborhood." Yeah, that sort of thing can be a problem for her.

She'd blink as she shook her head slowly. "….she didn't ask me to make her one….." Chuckling she'd shake her head then. "I doubt she'd let me too. I mean I'd have to measure her just like this and that mask will have to go." Gidget went back her notebad, leaning over as she made some notes still talking. "Plus I'd have to find her something that can take a beating. I'll have to see what I can find for that. The other stuff….well….ugh."

Gwen sighed. "Well, I'm sure she will have to deal with it." She smiles to Gidget. "How about the concept of fashion for a garage band? We're still getting the act together, but after that…how are you at clothing that sees a lot of moving around…?"

"Yeah we'll see….not everyone wants to be found out I've been learning." Licking her lips she'd finally around around and lean back on that desk. Letting out a yawn she would tilt her head a bit. "I mean I'm sure that's something I can do. Give you a lot of breathable fabric….flowy…." A confident nod as she stretched her arms above her head then. "Just let me know if y'all want pants or what……"

Gwen hmms and begins to dress, starting with her bra. "Thanks. We will probably go with pants, being on an elevated stage above most of the audience." She looks over at Gidget, then says, "Want me to clean up the food?"

"Sounds smart…." She'd sigh a bit then closed her eyes as she leaned her head back. "Nah…..you don't have to. I'll be here for a bit longer and can do it."

Gwen nods and smiles to Gidget. "Then I will leave you to your work, then. Thank you for doing all this. Putting up with me being a pain in the part you sit on."

Licking her lips she'd look over at her and laughed as she shook her head. "Thanks. And you're not a pain in the ass. Far from it." Standing up she'd walk over to her and nod. "I'll be in touch about your dress. Just call my office tomorrow and give me a due date and stuff. I'll get to work on drawing up the patter and stuff."

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