1964-09-07 - Opportunity Taps on the Glass
Summary: Robbie pays Gidget a surprise visit at the shop to give her good news
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Speedball showed up looking like the clean cut kid that he was, long hair withstanding. There was a knock on the glass and hands cupped around his face to peer in. He was the worst, most obvious burglar ever or he was looking for someone. Either way that glass had smudges. The public, man, you need them to keep going.

She'd heard a knock and blinked as she currently bent over digging in the receptionist's desk. Slowly she'd stand up to see someone looking and just tilted her head a bit. Making her way over she'd slowly peek out and recognize the guy from when she got lost…and slowly unlocked it. Opening it up she would tilt her head. "Hey….." She'd frown as she was in thought and looked back to her office. "…d-did I have an appointment with you I forgot about…..?"

Speedball tapped on the glass like an idiot with a fish tank. His grin widened seeing signs of like *tap tap tap tap tap tap* went the glass. His grin was infectious which happened when one thought highly of themselves and loved the whole world at once. The question got a laugh and a shake of his head, "Naw, I'm- we talked before? Robbie Baldwin? Guy with bouncy cat? No appointment but I was crossing the street and recognized the show from the card. There was a light and you know how it goes. Crazy New York with medieval dinosaurs, light on in closed shop. Coulda been trouble. Gidget right?"

Gidget would blink at the tapping but just laughed then as she opened the door. "I know….we've met that day with the cat but….you never told me your name." Chuckling she would shake her head a bit and stepped aside to let him inside. Of course when he was, she would shut the door and lock it behind him then. "And I was just making sure my receptionist didn't set an appointment and didn't tell me…sometimes she's good for that." Moving to that desk, she'd sit back upon it and crossed her legs. "Well how can I help you, Mr. Baldwin?"

Speedball brightened a grin standing up a bit straighter, "Weeeeeell you should know it cause the name Robbie Baldwin belongs, so I'm told, to a pretty super fella." Nope, no shyness at all with this one. He stepped inside and took a long look around "Woooah nice place. You doin what managing? Running all the alterations?" he paused and held up both hands as if to calm the concern that was not there but was addressed anyways, "Don't worry, I left Neils at home." Because everyone had a super hu-…superfeline cat? Robbie now needed a word for that. Huh. It really didn't break his stride in the slighted. "Look you were really nice and there's no way to make this sound not super creepy but I did speak with my mum and Maddie Baldwin would like to do lunch with you. Seems she's going to have a speaking…thing. Some State Rep for Virginia named Howard Smith or something is trying to pass some legislature to add a prohibition on gender discrimination into the Civil Rights Act." He took a deep breath. Really that much serious discussion made his head spin a bit, but, he was a proud mama's boy and this was important to her.

Gidget would blush slightly at his comment, her hand going up to push some of that short dark hair behind her ear. "Well….you ran off before I could catch it…." Laughing she would lean back on her hands a bit as she rocked that top leg then. "As for here….I run it for my mentor. We have a team that does all of the simple stuff and core construction. I handle almost all custom and more intricate detail work on there here." A smile tugged at her lips as she seemed to be proud of her position; it took a lot of nonstop work and long hours to get here at such a young age. "And even if you did….we'd confine him in my office away from a lot of the expensive stuff." Giggling a bit then she'd exhale then widened her eyes. "W-wait wh-what?" That blush grew deeper on her cheeks then as she heard him. "L-lunch with me? For what?" She was caught off guard for sure….and nervous to be sure. "I mean….yay! Thank you!" She'd slip off that desk and walked over, giving him a hug. "I don't know how I can thank you!"

Speedball looked genuinely impressed, but she wasn't reading a math book at him so he was far more likely to stay focused. Then she smiled and he lost focus. "Hrmm? Oh that cat's… um Kinetic." he couldn't even hide that part. "He'd destroy your office if he got bored. He did that to the boss' office so he just had me take em home." Bummer that he can't being a cat to the lab anymore, "Hey though, free super cat. How many guys can say that?" He dropped into a seat across the desk unceremoniously, though she was moving around and drying her nails and giving him a hug which he was totally groovy with. "Wow awwww, hey it's no big thing really. She's way groovy and I like being able to help her out too and you seemed really cool and" He stopped not wanting to be an ass so replied honestly, "I like seeing good things happen to good people. Aaaaand maybe then you'd consider maybe going out to lunch or something. I mean you did want to see the lab where they're making fabric to withstand space, hmm?" Space fabric was now a pick up angle for a lunch outing. Way to leverage your nerd science there, Baldwin.

Gidget would then let go as she chuckled. "Oh sorry! Heh….I tend to get excited. I usually have to keep it in check when I'm working…..gotta be professional and all…." Smiling she would sit back on that desk and smiled. "But thank you….for real." Those brown eyes would look to the ground, chuckling but then she would look up at him as he asked her to lunch…or something. Those cheeks rosied again as she kicked her legs a bit and chuckled. "Oh…you mean us?" She'd clear her throat a bit then looked up to him with a bright smile. "Sure! Sounds fun! And seeing the lab would be fun too." Her smile was still tugging at lips before she turned around and reached over that desk to grab a small piece of paper and a pen. She'd scribble soemthing down and then reached it over to him. "That's um…..that's my personal number too. That's for the off chance I'm actually not here…."

Speedball took the paper and pulled out the small address book he hand in his back pocket to tuck it into. Who didn't have a little black book in the day of no cell phones to remember things for you? His grin was a little lopsided. So far he wasn't slapped and sent flying through a wall or eaten by an extra-dimensional being. So far so good! He made a mental note to yell 'woo' later. He slouched back in his chair and chuckled admitting, "I will tell you now my Friend is teeeerrible. I feel I need to leave that as a warning up front but the good news is in the lab everything's generally in Latin anyways so we lucked out. It's pretty neat though. I will honestly day, I get you on the intership thing. Growing up I always dreamed of having a cool but sacky mad scientist to pal around with. Like Mickey Mouse and that sorcerer. Turns out? The lab is nothing like that. No dungeon. No cauldron. Come to think of it they're really slacking, but the tech is cool and you mentioned doing something different. I'm curious what you could do with stuff had you the materials for it."

Giggling she would shake her head a bit. "Well….good to know. I suppose that that is a good heads up. Need to know what I'm walking into I suppose…." Well this was a first…..someone actually asking her to lunch and stuff. Needless to say she was pleasantly surprised….but then again he was taller than her so he wasn't freaking about her 5'10" frame. Letting out a sigh she would lean back and cross her legs again now. "I'm really excited what I could do. I had a client looking for some really….particular requirements. Lucky me finally got the materials I needed. I just think if I were some….rocket science type I could be able to do all that stuff myself. But instead…..I have to beg and hope they take pity on the people I want to help." There was a slight frown on her face but she looked back to him with a smile. "So many people doing amazing things and risking their lives for mankind, you know?"

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