1964-09-07 - Showing The Ropes
Summary: In which Johnny shows Mike the various hot-spots of villainous activity.
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It's evening, and Johnny has invited Mike to patrol with him— and to hang out after. Usually, Johnny patrols by flying around looking for trouble, but obviously that's not really in the picture here, so he's in his silver sportscar. He pulls it up to park near Central Park, and explains as he gets out, "For reasons I'm not entirely clear on, Central Park is like a magnet for trouble. So whenever I'm looking for a saving to be done, I stop by here first. If anything disastrous is going to happen it seems to have like a fifty percent chance of happening *here*."

Mike Matthews agreed to go out patrolling, to see what it was that Johnny patrolled and out of curiosity at what he might run into. He steps out of the car and strolls on over toward the park, having been here a few times before, but usually during the day. He looks around and then back over toward Johnny. "There are some places that just attract commotion. There was a square back home where there was this statue — it must have been rebuilt a dozen times. Something about that statue seemed to have been a magnet for trouble. Uprisings? Ship Crashes? Angry mob? That square more often than not got the bad end of that deal."

"Yep." Johnny laughs softly, "This park is the Big Apple's statue magnet. There's been … I don't even know where I'd begin to list the trouble that's showed up here. Don't get me wrong, trouble can show up anywhere, but.." He looks around as he steps into the park proper, walking casually but with a deep alertness on his features, "So, you busy this weekend? I'm going to invite you over to the mansion to meet Steve. I'm pretty sure he'll" And just then there's a scream though its far off— followed by a deep, loud roar and a crashing sound.

Mike Matthews strolls along, seeming relaxed and at ease despite the fact that they are going out looking for trouble, after all. He lets his thumbs hook into his belt loops idly as he takes in the park at night. It has a different atmosphere than it does during the day. He looks down the path in front of them, and across the grass and through the trees. He shakes his head when Johnny asks if he's busy this weekend and says, "Who is Steve?" But then there's the scream, and the roar and crash. "You weren't kdiding," he says, perhaps impressed with how quickly that happened.

"Steve Rogers. Captain America. He leads the Avengers." Johnny explains even as he begins jogging off in the direction of the yell. He sounds a little bit vexed: he was looking for trouble but didn't quite want it to come happen now. Soon enough they are in a clearing— where there wasn't a clearing before. Its made by the fact that three separate trees have been broken in half and lay fallen against other trees.

The source of the scream is obvious: a woman cowering behind a tree stump.

The source of the roar is equally obvious: a ten foot tall muscled giant, who is blue and hairy. And really furious.

Johnny erupts into flame, "Hey, buddy, calm down now…"

"Friend of yours, then?" Mike asks even as they begin to take off toward the sound of the screaming and the crashing. He moves quite a bit faster and his jogging takes him rapidly past Johnny and into the clearing where he comes to a stop, waiting for Johnny to catch up and staring at Tall Blue and Hairy.

He makes his way into the clearing area and glances over to Johnny as the man bursts into flames and addresses the large blue mountain. Wandering closer, Mike studies the giant with interest. He then looks over toward the cowering woman and says, "It seems like you could use some help. Would you like an escort out of the park? We can then leave this gentleman to his recreational arborial dominos game."

"Don't know him from Adam. Figure of speech." replies Johnny. As the blue monster suddenly stalks towards the woman, Johnny lifts a hand and a stream of fire lashes out to strike into him— the smell of burnt hair and a bit of inged flesh fills the air, but it doesn't exactly seem to have done much in the way of damage. But it does draw his fury, and the big guy turns and starts stalking towards the Torch now. "Look, big guy, calm down or this is going to get unpleasant."

"I meant Steve," Mike points out as he takes advantage of the large azure gentleman's distraction to zip right on over to the woman hiding behind the stump. "I would suggest that we vacate the premises while my friend over there keeps his attention, shall we?" The woman stares at him for a moment, glancing to his offered hand, and then toward the giant blue creature heading toward Johnny and nods mutely. Mike offers her a hand, helping her up and then begins to draw her away toward a path that leads in the opposite direction. He keeps an eye on Johnny and the giant as he goes, however.

"Oh! Right! Uhh, he's Captain America. I know that probably doesn't mean anything to you but he's more famous then me." Johnny chats a bit amicably as he zips back and throws another fireball at the guy. Suddenly, the blue beast, not to be confused with Beast, rushes Johnny— Johnny zips up, but not fast enough, and a blue hand slams into him with enough force to send him crashing back and to actually crack the tree. Johnny was just enflamed, then, not pure liquid flame as he sometimes is. There's some obvious pain, and the fire begins to spread up the tree— before Johnny pulls away and the fire is quenched by his will.

"Now, I'm a little pissed off. That kinda hurt." The fire around him goes from red to incandescant white.

"Ah," Mike says, but his focus at the moment is on getting the terrified woman to accmopany him away from the fighting. He sees her off down the path to a more well-lit and less giant-infested area. She gives him a hasty thank you and then seems content to hurry off on her way, running toward the outskirts of the park.

Mike turns around to look and see if there are any other bystanders who might need to clear the area just in time to watch Johnny crash into the tree. For a moment he pauses, and his attention is entirely on Johnny to make sure that he's okay. And then he's moving, but this time with an impressive speed that carries him straight up to the giant. "Time to settle down, or that is probably going to hurt, a lot," he warns as he notices Johnny going up in white light, "Besides, the smell of singed hair. Awful. So, do you speak? Or just beat up foliage?"

The blue guy looks between Mike and Johnny.

He roars.

That might right there answer the whole question of talking.

"I am not even a little bit in the mood, blueberry giant. Down." Johnny flies towards him and slams a burning fist against his chest, but sort of bounces off. Oh, he caused pain— singed flesh and hair— but clearly no serious injury. This does not seem to be a guy who anything short of being burned to dust is going to be stopped by the Torch. "Don't *make* me go nova on you." he warns the incoherent ball of blue fury. He glances over to Mike, "I think your whole punching him in the head thing is warrented."

"I am going to take that as a no," Mike says in answer to the roar. When Johnny flies at the giant and singes his chest but bounces off, Mike takes a running start and then just leaps. He can't fly, but this white boy can jump. Propelled through the air, he draws back a fist and brings it to bear with sufficient force against the not-so-jolly blue giant's jaw that a crack can be heard. That might have been a molar coming loose. It is one hell of a punch, and it does seem to cause not only some damage, but a sufficient degree of rage.

The giant reaches out and grabs Mike in one hand and tries to pry him loose, dragging him free of his shoulder and then throwing him through the air. Mike tucks and rolls as he hits the ground, dragging himself back up to his feet.

"Remind me not to piss you off, Mon-El." remarks Johnny with respect at the crack of that there punch. "… though mostly because you're not annoying like Ben, I don't really care when he punches me." Or tries to. Still, he zips around to the back as the blue rageball focuses on Mike. He holds his hands out and a steady stream of white-hot fire blasts into the back of the monster-man, actually doing some real damage this time, "Keep at him! I think he lost a tooth out of that last one, which is better then I did!"

"It takes a bit of effort," Mike grins over at Johnny for a moment, but his attention is mostly focused on the hulking brute that now really wants to eat him after that punch to the jaw. It comes lumbering toward him and then suddenly takes that blast of white hot fire and the smell of burning hair and skin fills the air. The great beast of a man lets out another roar, this time blood trickling from its mouth. One ham-fist swings at Mike, but he is fast, and dodges without too much trouble. This time he goes for a knee, ducking in under the arm and bringing a kick to bear right below what he hopes is a kneecap. Should be a kneecap. There's no crunch this time, but the thing goes down on one knee momentarily, off-balance.

Johnny rises up and lets the fire fall off as Mike brings the guy down, "He might not be all bad— he might be in a berserk— so I would rather not kill him unless he makes it nessecary." He explains, but he still burns incandescent white. "Hit him again and he might very well stay down, then… there's a certain room in the Baxter basement where we can put him until we figure out what needs to be done." But since his power is one that does nothing but cause serious injury, he holds off on applying more. Even if the big guy is a little more fireproof then the usual bad guy.

Mike Matthews doesn't seem to be aiming to kill the thing, just bring it to ground where they can get some control over it, his punches seem to be focused on knocking it off balance. There's some wild swinging from the large blue creature as it tries to swat Mike like a gnat and he manages to catch him in teh shoulder, which causes Mike to stagger backward a bit before he skids to a stop and grabs on to the thing's arm, using to once more leap up onto its shoulders and give another solid crack to the thing's jaw. This time, this time the tooth comes flying out and lands in the grass shortly before Big Blue, too beginsto topple. Mike rides the falling giant to the ground before he half-stumbles into the grass. He gives his shoulder a bit of a rub. The skin didn't break but that doesn't mean it didn't smart a bit. He watches the giant warily to make sure that he doesn't try to get up again, at least for the moment. "And stay down," he adds with a bit of a grumble. "Seriously, what was the purpose to this needless property damage? And where did something this large even come from that it just suddenly happened on the park?"

The blue guy, slowly, shifts. He shrinks down into a scrawny kid who can't possibly be older then 18— and wouldn't be a threat to a wet paper bag. Johnny lands, letting the fire lapse, landing deftly, and shakes his head slowly, "Might have been a control issue. I'm not an expert on mutants but a lot of them have difficutly with control early on— their power goes out of control. His seems clearly to include an anger component that has been tuned just a little into the level of crazy." Johnny snorts, "But you did good. No, Steve's not a friend, we don't know eachother well enough for that. But he's a leader in the Avengers— don't ask me to explain the name I'm not clear what they're avenging— and they save the world. He's a very… *good* guy." The way Johnny says 'good' might imply to anyone who knows him he means a bit of 'uptight'. "I'm pretty sure his shit smells of roses, frankly. But he's not a bad guy and doesn't judge it over us mere mortals who enjoy vices when appropriate."

Mike Matthews watches as the giant suddenly deflates like a baloon that the air had been let out of and a scrawny kid remains in its place. Mike studies the boy with some curiosity and pokes at one foot with the toe of his shoe. "Well he seems out for the moment," Mike observes, apparently that being deamed a win condition for the time being. He continues to look the boy over for a moment or two more and then he looks back to Johnny, nodding, a brow arching just a little bit. "Yes, I've heard of Captain America, or at least I've heard the name if I haven't met the man. We will go and meet him, then. It would be good to meet the leader of the Avengers." Though he doesn't ask more about what they are avenging.

Gesturing, Johnny nods to the kid, "Grab him? We'll put him in a safe room. Reed can look into it and maybe we can help him manage his condition." But then he nods over to Mike and grins, "Cap is a hero from decades ago that, apparently, got made perfect-human and has a shield and got frozen. The weird going on there is not usual for earth, trust me. But during World War One, he was a symbol the country believed in. And now… well. He's thawed and the Avengers are a group of those skilled, and those powerful— not always both— who do what no one else can. This is your home now. And you could put the kid down where I could only have killed him." The tone of voice is clear: Johnny doesn't like killing, but he'd have done it if Mike wasn't there. "Drinks after we get the kid settled? I can play you a record or we can go visit, say, Lux?"

Mike Matthews reaches down and easily scoops the kid up and drapes him over his shoulder. At this size and in this shape, unconscious, he's dead weight, but nothing that he can't handle. Once he's got a hold of him, he nods and bgins the walk back across the park toward where they'd left the car. "I can run him back to the building if you want to meet me there." It's a little sportscar and well, if the kid goes blue again, at least he'd be out in the open where he wouldn't damage the upholstery. He looks over to Johny and raises his brows, "A frozen perfect human who has been thawed." He mulls this over for a moment and then says, "Interesting." Because, well, there are stranger things i the universe, even though that one is particularly strange. He then says, "If the boy could not have been stopped then it might have been necessary to take a lethal course. But this is better," he agrees. "Drinks sound good." He then considers and says, "I'd like to hear the record." Becuase he's curiousd what record Johnny might have to play for him.

Johnny is about to say something about flying, then he remembers the car. There's a visible pause, and he laughs, "This is weird because I'm used to not having a car to take. Okay, run him to the private garage." Mike already has been granted access there, and no Future Foundation employee will question anything as blase as a kid draped over his shoulder. "I'll meet you there in a couple minutes. If he stirs, be careful: unless he goes blue again you hitting him might break him." He leaves off the topic of the Captain, for when they meet, but he then grins, "Scotch and some music. Sounds like a plan."

Mike Matthews chuckles when Johnny remembers the car and says, "Alright, I will meet you there." He nods at the mention of being careful. "I'll make sure not to hit him again unless he goes blue," he grins, and then off he goes, taking off down the street with the kid over one shoulder, back toward the Baxter building and the garage. Fortunately, the kid seems to stay unconscious for the duration and so there are doesn't appear to be any sign of trouble when Johnny meets up with them there, just Mike standing over the kid, keeping watch over him.

Flying off to the car, landing, then driving oh so painfully slow to the Baxter Building, Johnny is a little annoyed. Its not at anyone: not at Mike, not the kid. But this is just… inconvenient. This having to drive a car. Johnny loves cars when he wants to drive them, but having to? Hmph. But, he heads into the private garage, parks, and goes to where he meets Mike. "Remind me to bombard you with cosmic radiation. Maybe you could fly then and that would be awesome." He laughs, "Or next time we go out I'm taking the Fantasticar." Which Mike may have heard of: the famous flying car of the Four. No one else has tech even close to that. Except maybe Stark. He punches a code into the elevator, heads in, and punches a code to go to the sub-basement. "We'll get him set and let him sleep this off. Uhh. Strictly speaking what we're doing right now is illegal. Kidnapping. False imprisonment. You know. But the world's legal system is not equipped to deal with the empowered."

When Johnny comes walking over, Mike chuckles a little bit and says, "I wouldn't mind being able to fly. So if you can manage that, I wouldn't say no." He hsa, in fact, heard tell of the Fantasticar a couple of times, but as yet has never seen it. When they go toward the elevator, he once more shoulders the boy and carries him into the elevator. There's a slight shrug of his shoulders and he says, "Cops here put people in the drunk tank when they are belligerent, yes? This is like that. But more secure." He happarently has no qualms with the illegal nature of the procedings. The kid needed a place to sleep it off in where he wasn't going to do harm to himself or others. "The guards at home would have thrown him in a cell until they were sure that he wouldn't turn blue again."

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