1964-09-09 - Life Discussions, Part 1
Summary: Sharon and Luke the next day
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The sex is… good. A bit too fevered, too rough, desperate and strange, but good. Sharon's far too experienced to be bad in bed even if there is a strange level of almost violence to it all. They're both entirely strong enough to take it. Eventually, though, all good things must end. Sharon's collapsed down against his chest, now, staring into the room. The booze has long worn off with adrenaline and sleep is not something she does well. So, she lays there, staring, waiting for his breath to even out that she knows he's asleep. Then would be a good time to sneak out and pretend this never happened. But her body doesn't relax. For someone who just had a very good time, she's a tense, ridiculous mess now.

As for Luke, he doesn't fall asleep. He seems to be just as awake, and not as out of breath as one might expect after such vigorous activity. "Still not broken." he says in a joking manner, slipping an arm around her as she uses his chest as a head rest. "Not that you didn't give it a damn good college try."

His not falling asleep makes this sneaking out thing far more difficult. Sharon slightly tenses as his arm goes around her shoulders, though she relaxes into it a heart beat later, but it's still an odd reaction for someone who just did such things to the man. Her fingertips curl a bit against his side, almost experimentally, as if she was trying to be tender but wasn't really sure how it worked. "…You… are impressive, I'll admit that. I… don't think I've ever met a man that I could… well… Just let go with, entirely. But then, I'm normally doing such things under… far different motivations. So enjoyment is not really the goal." She admits quietly.

Luke shifts a bit, reaching over to grab an ashtray from the bedside table, passing it over to Sharon, "I'm full of surprises…" he says, as he leans over and grabs a pack of smokes, tapping one out and offering it to Sharon. "I hope you don't regret it. If that was the first time you really were able to let go…well, seems like you need to do that a little more often."

The offer of a cigarette never goes turned down. "Thanks…" Sharon huskily responds, her biting wit from before having mostly disappeared. She just stretches a long hand over, letting him light her cigarette for her before she takes a deep drag in and leans back a bit deeper into his arm, the back of her head cradled in the turn of his shoulder and bicep. She exhales quiety, staring at the ceiling instead of across his chest. "Regret? No… I just… I dunno, I was expecting you to fall asleep and I could sneak out and pretend this didn't really happen because fuck if I know how to… actually do this with someone.

Luke Cage chuckles. "Damn. That's cold." He shifts a bit so he can look at her better, propping himself up on one arm. "Well, I can help you with that part. It's really no different than from before, except we are naked and now know each other's bodies a little bit more than we did earlier. Conversation doesn't have to change, you know. Just because we fucked, doesn't mean I changed from the guy I was earlier." He smirks, "But if you want, I can make it easier on you and pretend to pass out."

Another deep drag of the cigarette, it's a good distraction and something to buy her time to think through things, organize thoughts so she doesn't sound like a total idiot. It's not helping enough. A faint smile flutters cross her lips as he offers to pretend to pass out, "I'll know if you're pretending. I can read bodies. Can't get that over on me, sadly, so… I guess we're stuck talking." She's only half joking with that. But now she's looking at him, at least, studying that handsome, dark face, that mouth she's now gotten to know far better. "There were nights in Vietnam that… this… this was the only thing in the world I wanted, you know? Desperately. I just…kept thinking I could go home, find a handsome man… and just lay in a bed. Not be alone."

"Well, better late than never?" says Luke with a shrug of his shoulder. "I got nothing I have to do today, so if you just want to chill here and live your dream for the day, I'm game. A lady deserves at least one day to herself, you know? Sounds like you have been through shit. A lot of it, and more than just once too. Take a fucking vacation. Sounds to me like you fucking deserve one." He pulls out his own cigarette and slides it between his lips, lighting it and taking a puff. "I get being through hell. I've been there."

"Yeah, but… enjoying it, fuck…That means maybe getting attached and that's dangerous. That's worse. Then they can take things from you. Or…not getting attached, because fuck, I don't even know if I *can* do that any more." Sharon admits quietly, head sinking back against him a bit closer. It still felt good. His warmth, the cigarette, the rumble of his voice in his chest. "…You went through hell? How?…why? You… willing to talk about it? You don't have to, but… I'm listening."

Luke Cage sighs, quiet for a moment as he contemplates. "I'm a con. I know everyone says this, but I was innocent. I was framed by someone, I never found out who. I was placed in a facility and to make a long story short, they had a underground fighting pit. I was a fighter in it for a long while, due to some serious manipulation from one of the guards. He was a sadistic fuck. Beat me just for the fun of beating me. I got hard. Didn't care about anything anymore except one person. There was a psychologist there that got to me. She got me to open up and to have something you should never have in a joint like that. Hope. When I finally esca…got out, well, we got married. And then she was hit by a bus." He takes a deep breath, "Maybe not as fucked up as being in a war zone, but when your inside it seems like a war zone."

The woman listens quietly, not daring to interrupt, not once. When Luke's words are over, she stretches her hand out to put the cigarette down in the tray and then actually just wrap her arm across his waist. It's not exactly a hug, but it's close. "…shit. I… am fucking sorry." Words seem pale, but she offers them instead. "…that's fucked. And… war zone is easy, really, compared. You just turn yourself off. Stop caring. Then it's easy. But to… pull yourself out of the shit then.. that?" Sharon sighs, sinking her cheek against his chest. Her arm tightens there a heartbeat or two, even if she has no clue how to actually offer comfort. She's trying.

Luke Cage shrugs his shoulder again, returning the awkward hug and accepting it for what it is. "Shit happens. I've been down a hard road, had shit done to me that nobody deserves, and I came out stronger on the other side. Literally." He shakes his head, "Reva bought me this bar, this building. It's all in her name, it's all I have left of her…so I keep it going as best as I can. But she's gone, and with all the weird shit that happens in these days still nothing is going to bring her back. Just have to live with that, best as I can. I didn't dig myself out just to give up, you know."

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