1964-09-09 - Skateboardlock
Summary: Doug rides 'Lock and 'Lock likes a new human, Speedball.
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It's a sunny afternoon on Coney Island! And Doug was of a mind to get himself a hot dog — and having gotten one, he's… skateboarding down the boardwalk. His skateboard, it needs must be said, looks very unusual — it's black and gold, vaguely shiny—and… does it have rocket jets on the back of it?

In any event, Doug and his amazing skateboard jump up and skid dooooown a railing, before they continue to head on their way; while he's doing a very good job of avoiding other people, that doesn't preclude an accident. Sometimes a good time runs away with you, after all~

Speedball was enjoying time off. It was a great day, and most importantly, classes were not on weekends and he wasn't needed at the lab. Honestly he felt he was unfairly winning at life. he was on his second hot dog already because like too many other energy based beings out there his metabolism moved at terminal velocity. Totally unfairly winning at life. There was something else to occupy his time that wasn't food or having a blast (in aliteral sense) saving the subway from molemen. There was a guy getting some sick stunts in on a skateboard? Way neat!. "Woah, guy where'd you learn how to do that? You were up on that railing for half the pier!"

Warlock is behaving. He wants to turn on the jet engines, maybe extrude a bit of anti-grav and go flyyyyyyyying, but that would draw attention. Warlock is attempting to be On The Down Low. At least for a little while. Not that Warlock On The Down Low isn't super noticible, but that notice mostly falls on Doug. Which satisfies Warlock for now.

Doug stops, in sudden surprise—he steps off the board, but he doesn't kick-flip it. Instead he reaches down to pick it up, tucking it under one arm. "Oh, uh." He blinks, and grins, before he looks down at the board. "You know how it is, it's all in the board." He gives it a friendly pat, and says, "It's a really cool board. The best ever." He adds. Then he gets… a sly little grin. "You're Speedball, right? …You wanna try it out?"

Robbie held his hands in the air and slowly clenched them into fists. "Fiiiiiinally, someone's heard of me!" He might be praising a deity for bestowing 'good taste' onto someone. He looked left, then right, and realized he might look a little ridiculous but took it in stride. "That'd be pretty swell of you. Ya mean it?" The smile was easy and infectious by nature as if willfully imparting an opportunity to have a better day onto others.

Warlock is a little heavier then one might expect, considering the dexterity and speed that he carried Doug— there's a *solidness* to skateboardlock. But its immediately obvious if one takes him that he's made out of metal, which is nuts. Who does that? Then again when wheels are in fact engine-powered, and in the worst case scenario there's little jet engines? Jet engines which, obviously, have to be fake embelishments. Just for show. Right? Right.

"Oh yeah, you're New Warriors, right?" Doug bounces on his heels, briefly, and then says, "Xavier's School." Which means… yeah. He holds out the skateboard. "Go ahead!" He says, brightly, "Take him for a spin." …Take him for a spin. Is there a design on this board that looks like a big grin? Was it there before?

There is totally a grinning face on the board. It's not moving at all. Honest.

Speedball gave the board a low whistle looking over it and then eyed Doug curiously, "Yeah I was with our outfit a few years til recently. How… How'd you know all that?" He paused as common sense kicked in though he was… out of the phone booth I guess heroes might say. Someone posted that list in publication already? Craaaaap. Ah well that meant he got to own that much. That was still taking some getting used to. Still he thought about the answer before putting the board down to check out if it fared any different to board from any other skateboard.

Skateboardlock at first is like any other board, though a bit sluggish. But if one rides him? They quickly discover they are in absolutely no way in control. There's no need to kick off to gain speed. Leaning this way and that does not turn. Its not that he doesn't turn, he does, and since Speedball is new? There's something like a grid framework that comes up out of the board and grabs hold of his feet to hold him in place. Zoom! The board races down through people, there's a leap— where'd the leap come from?— and a wild turn, and then its racing back. Once it returns, the framework dismantles itself and just folds back into the board, and… the board doesn't move anymore. "Happiness. Self offers greetings and contentment to have carried you." is a voice from a face on the board that.. is totally moving now.

Douglas sits on a bench, while Robbie gets the ride of a lifetime, and enjoys his hot dog. Mmmmm. Mustard.

Speedball is off like a bottle rocket. "Woooooooooooooooah! JANE, GET ME OFF THIS CRAZY THIIIIIIIIING!" Startlement gave way sharply to a grin and then surprise became glee. "WOOOOOOOOOOO! Heeeeey Look out, Ladywiththebaby!" His head turned and it was becoming apparent quickly that he wasn't driving, he was just along for the ride. Right, so more like when he tries to surf: he was pretty much along for the ride. Now he wasn't a great surfer, but this he was having fun with.

On return his hair was quickly blown back and was pretty satisfied with that. He grinned widely to Doug, "Man, I'll tell you what, short of Iwon Man? No one's got a ride that fun. Where did you come up with this? You got a name?"

"My name is Doug!" Doug picks up the skateboard, and holds it out to Speedball. "And THIS… is Warlock." Now that big grinny face is clearly visible. "He's trying to make new friends. I'm encouraging him, where I can."

In order to be incogneto, Warlock is not going to shift out of skateboard form. But the grin on his face for Speedball at Doug's introduction is real. The yellow eyes, flat and looking just like paintings but more…gold, visceral, real, focus. "Self-friend Doug credits himself insufficiently. Approval. He helps self in all things. Confirmation. self is designated Warlock. Self offers apologies if ride was not as expected: self attempts to take one where one wishes to go in a manner one wishes to be taken, but … self also likes fun."

Speedball seemed to take this in stride and offered with a bright grin that went ear to ear still zooming off that adreneline rush. "Wow, that was totally more fun than being eaten alive by a terresterial demon thing. Man I'll tell you those swallow you whole? You dunno where you'll end up, but this? This was a kick. Warlock, Methinks you've done this before. No apologizes needed, Warlock. I'd do that again in a heartbeat. Doug what outfit you with? Please tell me you're not with some evil alien race telling me I'm now endebted to a thing, or worse, withhte schoolboard."

"Oh, I'm not really WITH anybody." Doug says. "I guess—sorta." He shrugs his shoulders. "But, y'know. I guess Warlock and I are our own Special Team, you know?" He grins. "Oh, he can do all sorts of stuff. Hoverboard, helicopter, flying car, lamp…"

"Rumination. Self enjoyed being a lamp." The skateboard declares seriously, "It is good to be useful, to provide light so that self-friend can read when he has need and the power is malfunctioning." He hesitates, and adds, tone gravely, "Self assures you, designate Speedball? That self is not with the evil alien race that is self's origin. The Technarchy wishes to kill self as much as it wishes to kill everyone else." There's a pause, "Assurance. Self is with self-friend Doug, and sentients in general."

Speedball looked between boy and board taking in all that information culminating in a saddened look. "Awwww, man that's a major bummer drag. That's pretty cool being a lamp though. I mean if you can make toast, Doug, I think you're set for life. ANd yeah you can call me Speedball, though if i'm not suited up? I pretty much just go by Robbie." No hard feelings. "Hey if those Tex Nachoes guys come looking for you, you're groovy with me man. I got your back here."

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